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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 209

Three days have passed since the meeting.

The field where the interests of each country collided head-on was progressing sluggishly without reaching an agreement yet.

“I think there should be restrictions on the entry of troops. Think of the anxiety the people will feel when troops from other countries are roaming around.”

“What are the people… No stab in the back.”

“What? stabbed? What did you say now!”

“Hey, I was talking to myself, did you hear me?”

… No, you are right to say it is getting worse day by day.

It is a place where people who have the brightest eyes than anyone else in terms of understanding and gain gather.

As such, it is natural that there are people who pursue the reality in front of them rather than the dignity to be protected.

The venue is gradually approaching five minutes before the opening.

Bargo, who was watching the situation in full swing, couldn’t contain his anger any longer and smashed the round table.


There was silence.

Those who had been arguing and shouting until just before, those who watched it and rolled their heads, and those who stood in the position of complete bystanders.

“I want you to keep your dignity.”

At Bargo’s cold warning, he kept his mouth shut.

Bargo glanced at the chairman.

And he added in a low voice.

“I don’t want you to test my patience any longer.”

There was a clear sign of intimidation, but there was no objection.

The name of St. Lore, who was full of prosperity, the energy flowing out of his body was what suppressed it.

There was only one person who could ventilate the subdued atmosphere.

“Come on, everyone is so excited, shall we take a little break?”

People nodded from all over the place at Renee’s laugh and uttered words, and Bargo saw it and said.

“… Take a break for an hour or so. Everyone, please clean up.”

Bargo got up and left the venue.

Renee and Vera followed.

However, no one got up from their seats.

There was no other reason.

The reason is that all the strength of his whole body has been released because of Bargo’s life.

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On the third day of the talks, an agreement has not yet been reached.


“There are only a lot of bastards. Draw.”

Bargo’s sigh.

Renee replied with a smile.

“Still, there are people who are cooperative.”

“You mean the fairies and those empires?”

“And the Oben ones too.”

Suddenly, a look of trouble appeared on Bargo’s face.

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One reason is that there were two pairs of eyes that immediately came to mind when the word “Oben” came to mind.

Crazy muscle devotees who made me feel embarrassed even when I was wearing it.

For the past three days, Bargo, who had suffered as much as he had suffered from them, wrinkled his face, vomiting out his exhausted emotions.

“Okay, thanks for the help… .”

An awkward smile appeared on Renee’s lips.

‘It was serious… .’

There was something Renee also watched because he had a lot of time with Bargo over the past few days related to the meeting.

-Sungha, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. do you remember me

-Ummm… ? Oh, is this Caldern of Oben? huh… How did a person who was so wretched when he was young became so strong?

– Do you remember? This Caldern, I am so sorry that I do not know how to respond… .

-… ?

– No, it’s not like this. His Holiness, when I came to this Elijah, what I really wanted to tell you was… .

– Your Majesty, here you are.

– Oh, thank you. grandson!

Caldern shouted passionately as soon as he met Bargo.

And next to him, Hagrion, who was receiving the words in a crying voice.

Hearing himself was dizzy, but what about Bargo, who had to deal with them directly?

Still, you will be completely immersed in the crazy car with the talks.

“… They are still good people.”

“Yes. And the drink that the king gave as a gift was really good. It would be great if you could just kill a little bit of emotion… .”

A sigh escaped from Bargo’s mouth again.

Vera, who was right next to Renee, said, feeling refreshed by myself at the sight of Bargo shaking his head.

“He’s a strong ally.”

Bargo’s eyes lit up at the words that seemed to be in good shape.

“Hoo… .”

Vera didn’t lose and met their gaze, and a strange air flowed between the two of them.

“By the way, today is Dalian Day.”

“Did you?”

“I’ll see you in the evening.”

“Yeah, what.”

A cold sweat ran down the back of Renee’s neck.

It feels like Jin’s speeding up when we’re among the people who are so eager to eat each other.

‘… very the same Same.’

As a third person, Renee, there was something that I could feel.

If there’s something they don’t like, it’s very similar to punching in the name of a match or class.

That was the thought of being the disciple to the master.


the same evening.


The sound of clashes of iron and fists echoed in the dance hall of the Great Hall of Fame.

The surroundings had already become a mess, and the two Inyoungs standing in the middle stood upright, staring at each other.

“Are you holding out?”

“Your teaching was very good.”

“It’s natural.”

Bargo laughed.

Vera let out a breath and drew the holy sword.

Now it was Vera, who had grown to the point where he could stand on two feet and finish the match.

Vera, who had continued to grow steeply enough for a short period of time, clearly felt it, suppressed the feeling of pride and asked Bargo.

“Are you going to keep the meeting going?”

“By the way, if you keep getting that tangled, you just have to squeeze it and drive it.”

“The backlash… .”

“What are you going to do with these things?”

Vera’s lips twitched.

I wanted to refute it, but knowing that Bargo was never going to break my will, what came out in the end was another stubborn expression.

“… Shouldn’t you be concerned about the external view as well?”

“The bastard.”

A shrill laugh escaped from Bargo’s mouth.

“Isn’t this how it was made with care?”

“Are you talking about an impression like a walpa?”

“As for the horseshoe… Well, that’s not entirely wrong.”


As Vargo straightened his back, the sound of bones resounded.

elevated eye level.

Bargo said looking down at Vera.

“We are apostles. They are the gods of this land. Isn’t it right for us to look at them like that?”

“… In reality, we are not the same person.”

“Do you not know that the facts are not important to them?”

Vera’s gaze pierced Vargo.

His slap on the back was truly that of an old man, but in the midst of that, his majestic physique gave him a strange reflection.

“You know? They are choosing you as the next successful candidate.”

Vera’s mouth shut at the words spoken.

Affirmation in the form of silence.

couldn’t know

It is said that it is now gone, but in the last episode, it was Vera, who crossed the gutter and integrated all the back world of the continent and rolled it.

It’s only natural that you already know how to understand the secret flow of information and the words that come out of it.

The only reason he had not acted consciously of it until now was that the position Vera wanted was not something like prosperity.

“… It’s too much for me.”

I will live for Renee.

I will become her shadow and protect her for the rest of my life.

Vera’s life was the life he swore so much, and the life he built for it.

“What the world knows so much, even if you don’t want it.”

“Should I follow you?”

“Are you going to run away?”

Vera stared right at Bargo.

He acted to understand the meaning of what he was saying now.

Not a short time passed, and Vera was able to think of a guess as Bargo looked at him with a calm face.

“… Do you want me to solve this situation?”

The reason why Bargo is watching their actions now.

It was speculated that the reason why he was only mediating was because he wanted him to come forward.

Bargo’s lips bulged up.

His long beard twitched accordingly.

“You are very quick to notice.”

Vera’s brow wrinkled.

“Could it be said that you really want me to succeed in His lord’s footsteps?”

“Look at what you are doing.”

“why… .”

“Isn’t there a decent one?”

Vera’s mouth shut.

A look of absurdity filled his face.

However, it didn’t make any sense when you think about it, so what came out of Vera’s mouth was a laugh.

A debilitating silence followed.

In it, Vargo looked straight at Vera and added:

“It’s just very heartbreaking. It’s really deplorable that you’re the only one worth using.”

As always, it was a harsh word for Vera, but there was a hint of warmth in his tone.

Vera avoided Bargo’s gaze for nothing.

The expression on his face from time to time seemed really unfamiliar to him, and his expectations for him just felt heavy and he couldn’t face it.

Vargo turned around.

“Think slowly. There are four more days left for the meeting.”

He left the gym with those words.

The gym at sunset.

Vera, who was left alone, continued to think, staring blankly at the sunset.


Two more days passed, and the fifth day of the meeting.

Vera continued his thoughts as he looked at the overheated ones, and Bargo, who sat sullenly and stared at them.

‘… .’

I understood Bargo’s intentions.

How to mediate them, Vera already knew.

Still, the reason I didn’t do it was because I knew the impact this action would have.

The moment they actively intervene in the meeting, their position in their heads changes.

From ‘a strong candidate for success’ to ‘a sure success for the next generation’.

It will no longer be the escort of the saint, but the ‘Sword of the Oath, Vera’.

Vera’s gaze turned to Renee.

life for her.

I swear for it.

and cherished heart.

They tried to find the justification for this act by looking back, but it was still far from over.

Although much had been learned, the only rule Vera knew was rule.

He knew only fear as a way to stand on top of others.

Is this the right place for you?

Why is Bargo trying to hand over that position to himself?

A troubled mind comes to mind

As a result, there was a breath that came out without me knowing.



Renee whispered.

A white hand reached under the round table and fumbled toward Vera’s hand.

Soon the hands touched.

Renee, who brought it to me, wrote on Vera’s palm.

The words written in short sentences meant that.

– I do what I want.

Vera’s eyelids lifted.

His eyes turned to Renee.

Renee covered her mouth with one hand and spoke in a very low voice.

“Do you have any concerns? It was all dirty.”

Speech-stricken situation.

Vera’s thought, ‘Have you been so outspoken’, quickly concluded that it was wrong.

Since it was Renee who always turned to himself, and Renee who was sensitive to even small changes, he must have penetrated this way.

Also, she was very smart, so she must know what kind of trouble this is.

Vera bit his lip.

While holding Renee’s hand in that state, he quickly made up his mind.

It was so easy that I could laugh out loud, and I felt that my head was clearing at the words of her.

Maybe the words Rohan and the twins were referring to were not so wrong.

He said that he might really be a human with a leash on her.

The gaze is directed towards the round table.

I turn to the growling beasts to get my teeth.

And I remembered it again.

Life for Renee.

I swear for it.

and mind.

‘… It’s up to you to judge.’

There was no need to stand behind her and become a shadow.

There were infinitely many ways to protect her and also to glorify her.

It is something that becomes a fence on its own.

It would be enough if it became a huge fence that would protect not only Renee, but everything Renee loved.

Even knowing only domination through fear was not a big deal in retrospect.

‘I never said that… .’

Elia who rules and strikes with a straight fist.

Also, to beat the apostles, they were in front of Renee but behind them, but they were doing the same thing.

With a light step, Vera took a step forward.

Bargo’s eyebrows were raised.

The fact that the corners of his mouth are slightly raised under the beard is something Vera, who is looking ahead, does not know.

Vera, who had been standing behind René, stepped forward, and the chairman suddenly became silent.

Vera looked around the round table and spoke softly.

“Thinking about it… .”

An outdoor round table.

At the southernmost tip, where the mild climate of Elia settled down, a long, gloomy man’s voice resounded.

“… There is a way for me to not have to agree.”

What followed was a declaration to end this long and tedious meeting.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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