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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 202

It was a strange, yet familiar sound at the same time.


Vera and Renee froze.

The twins and Jenny also stopped and turned to the direction the sound was coming from.


There stood a shabby passerby.

A strange performer scattering black alone in the all-white scene of the Great Hall.

If there was one distinctive feature, it would be the large pocket watch hanging from his neck.

[Orgus… .]

Annielis said.

The moment the party’s lips licked their lips, who woke up late, he turned and started walking slowly.

“Vera… ?”

Dry saliva ran down the back of Vera’s neck.

“I will follow you.”

He took Renee’s hand and said so.

This is the third time.

Vera had a hunch that he, who had shone another time between him and Renee, was about to show him something again.


Vera followed Orgus.

Walking slowly so that they could follow, he headed towards the back hallway of Daeshinjeon.

It was Trevor’s lab.

‘Why… .’

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Orgus did not give an answer.

He just opened the door to the room and gestured towards the scroll that filled one wall of the laboratory.

At the gesture as if drawing a picture, the scroll floated into the air, revealing the passage.

Vera’s eyes widened.

This is because even the person who has already entered this room several times did not realize that such a space existed.

How could you not know?

While such doubts were slowly filling up, Orgus turned to the party.

hands stretched forward

He spread out his five fingers and then folded all of them except for the index and middle fingers.


immediately after.


The world turned upside down.


With a brief tinnitus and a headache, there was a sensation as if another world was superimposed on top of my vision.

What was then revealed was the translucent human figure.

Vera swallowed his nausea, and looked at the figures exposed.

“… This is Trevo. And I see Rohan, Marie-sama and Theresa-sama.”

Vera sang so to speak to Renee, and Renee’s expression hardened along with it.

Meanwhile, Rohan said.

“Did you hide it here? .”

It was a word that came out with an awkwardly contorted face.

The expression on his face was a mixture of sadness and anger.

Theresa turned her head with a confused look.

Marie looked at Trevor with her mouth shut.

Trevor laughed.

“Come on. If it is too late, even the profit margin may become meaningless.”

After saying that, I entered the passage.

It was a brief conversation, but there was one thing that could be learned from it.

“… It seems to show why the Great Hall was empty.”

Trevor seemed to be trying to activate the margin.

However, there was a question that came to Vera’s mind, and that was ‘Why are their faces so dark?’

In fact, this was also a question stemming from the lack of information.

That was the margin Vera knew.

Among the barriers on this land, it is the only Jin that has been assigned a transcendental level.

The truth is that it exists somewhere in the Great Hall, and management is the role played by the Apostle of Wisdom from generation to generation.

And that the effect is to protect the castle from all external harm.

So Vera did not pay much attention to short margins.

So in this scene, I couldn’t understand why only Trevor was smiling so calmly.

“… Follow me.”

However, Renee was different.

Rene, who always understood human beings through the warmth of the voice, not the expression, felt that Trevor’s smile had an infinitely sad look.


hit the ground with a stick

Then Vera, the twins, and Jenny moved on.

In the long passageway that was impossible to distinguish by sight, only the candles placed on the candlesticks were illuminating the front with a weak light.

Trevor said as he entered the aisle.

“Sorry for hiding it.”

Theresa replied.

“You are not sorry.”

“Weren’t Marie-sama and Rohan-sama surprised? And the twins outside.”

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“It’s a shame.”

An unfamiliar discourse continues.

In the meantime, Marie and Rohan were looking at Trevor’s back with wretched faces.

A situation in which it is impossible to ascertain the causality just by looking at it immediately.

Should I call this a misfortune, or should I call it luck?

The party was able to obtain information about this situation through the words of Rohan that followed.

“… That was the body.”

Vera and Renee stopped for a moment.

It was so unexpected, if you think about it for a little bit, the reason was because I heard words that were easily understandable.

Trevo’s body is a body.

It is a body made and processed.

“Yeah, it’s like a thorn, isn’t it?”

“What are you laughing at? This asshole… .”

Rohan exhaled a long breath.

and then says

“… Now I understand. The saint was particularly startled by not being able to feel your popularity.”

“Haha, I was very upset too.”

Vera realized one more thing from that conversation.

‘therefore… .’

It must have been that he could not feel Trevor’s presence.

Vera has always been puzzled by the situation.

Isn’t that right, once he was alive, he had a hard time only feeling his presence, as he could catch even things moving over the mountain pass.

In addition, the taste of the hand that Trevor felt while punching whenever he did something harsh was too foreign to be considered human.

Until now, I thought it was because of the power he had as an apostle, but… .

“… Do something that doesn’t even sound like a word.”

it was a body

It happened because he was not really a human who had been living together until now.

As the thoughts continued, something came to mind.

Right at the end of the place they are heading.

Vera’s gaze turned to the far end of the passageway.

We headed to the place where the margins are expected to be.

… I headed towards the place where Trevo’s body would be.

[This rotten man… !]

Anilees made a harsh voice.

Their heads turned to her.

Belatedly, Vera and Renee were able to recall why she was angry.

[If you ran away, you would be fine!]

In the past, before receiving the stigma, Trevor was her disciple.

He was one of the promising prospects who were pointed out as Oriak’s next horseman, and he was the wizard who would come closest to providence, according to Anilis.

I haven’t done much in the past, but once in a while, when I told Jenny the story of Seongguk, she had a reaction.

When a story about Trevor comes up, that’s the question in the air.

[Hey! Why aren’t you walking fast?!]

Annielis brushed up on Jenny.

Jenny made a face that was confused about what to do, and made her walk faster.

The illusions had already gone far away while Vera and Renee paused.

The group moved on again.

faster than before, and hastily.

A very thick iron gate caught my eye only when I reached the end of the passage.

Vera opened it and stepped inside.


There wasn’t anything grand about it.

A shabby stone room that is neither too big nor too small.

In the middle of the room, where only the three-dimensional gin carved on the rock was shining blue, Vera took a breath.

“ah… .”

Everything that has dried up breathes out.

A man who was so crooked that he could barely realize that it was a living human, that it was impossible to tell whether he was a young man, a middle-aged man, or an old man, raised his head.

“this… Did you come?”

raise the corners of your lips

Slowly the eyes open

The exposed eyes were bright red.

Those eyes, Vera knew.

“… Trevo.”

Trevor was there.

In front of the stone engraved with gin, Trevor, who was sitting on a chair, was facing them with the jin attached over his body.

It wasn’t just that.

Vera’s acquaintances were also the figures of Seth, kneeling in front of the rock and closing their eyes.

“Rohan, Marie-sama, Theresa-sama… .”

It looked as if it were praying, but it was in a different state from just praying.

There was no movement during the conversation.

Breathing was felt, but there was no other movement.

It’s like being in a state where you can say that someone who has lost consciousness would be just like that.

“What is this… .”

Vera uttered these words in a situation where he couldn’t understand the English language, and Trevor answered.

“… He looked ashamed.”

Vera felt his stomach grow cramped at the empty laugh.


“Oh yeah. You must have just come here and be very startled.”

Trevor smiled a little at the sight of the group, who were still stiff, and continued.

“Is that child an Apostle of Sabbath? I can’t say hello properly because of this kind of place. sorry.”

Trevor bowed his head slightly towards Jenny.

Then he looked at Vera and said.

“There was an invasion. Exactly what you saw in the Empire. Fortunately, we were able to suppress it in the early stages, so there was no damage, but we evacuated the clergy and villagers of the castle to the holy place, thinking it was too dangerous to hold on as it is.”

His shoulders shaking every time he uttered the words, instead, it was a reminder that he was putting a lot of effort into uttering these words.

“ah… Still, we must protect the kingdom. So here it is. Elia was sealed by activating the Bon Margin. Then, until the Holy Father returns, this Elijah will be safe.”

Trevor’s eyes began to half-close.

“I’m glad you came back safely. Others… I can’t say hello to you because you’re quieting your consciousness to keep Jin. Don’t be too upset… .”

The voice was getting cut off.

“Your Majesty, can you go help Your Majesty? It must have been three days, but the Holy Spirit has not yet returned. You must be fighting a tough battle. Sir Vera would be of great help. The Holy Father knows how to stop this camp, so until then, I will somehow hold on to it… .”

Vera’s fists clenched at the fading voice.

Blood began to form in his eyes.

Now there was a causal fit.

It was true that the Seongguk in the last episode could no longer function.

At that time, all the apostles who remained in the Seongguk must have stopped the ceremony by flocking to Bongmajin here.

Just in case, only twins guarded the gates.

The period Trevo said is until Vargo returns.

With the death of Hana Bargo, there would be no one left to wake them up again, so the only ones left to help Ren at the last moment are the heroes.

Trevor smiled at Vera’s grim expression.

“sorry. Show me like this.”

Trevoron said that Vera thought he was angry with himself for failing to protect Elia.

However, the reason Vera is now angry was something else.

“You’re not asking that.”

Vera’s gaze pierced the Trevor in the form of a withered and dying man again.

There is nothing that can be called body hair, and the skin is completely wrinkled and ruined.

A body that is so slender that the priest’s uniform he is wearing feels loose.

And even breathing is difficult.

“… Explain why you are doing that.”

Vera also did not know the exact cause.

But I’m so angry that I feel like I’ll have to listen to the reason for this appearance.

With that in mind, at Vera’s words, Trevor responded with a small smile.

“It is a body that should have died immediately. The disease was so deep that he could not continue his life. Therefore, he is living his life by using the magic to ward off the evil engraved on Jin. As far as it goes, that’s it. I am a parasite that lives on Jean because I want to survive.”

didn’t know

Even though they lived together for so many years, they didn’t even know that they had talked to each other a lot.

Vera said again, thinking he would be angry with it.

“Then why not live like that? What are you doing to die like that? .”

Are you squeezing the divinity?

At that thought, Vera’s impression was terribly distorted.

“… Foolish bastard.”

It wasn’t just Trevor.

Behind them, the three apostles who continued to pray with their consciousness turned off, the twins who kept the gates until the end even though they were all asleep, and Bargo who left alone to face the ancient servants, everything in this nation called Elia only fueled Vera’s anger.

Trevor’s half-closed eyes stared straight at Vera.

Trevo, who was slowly examining those eyes, smiled a little and answered.

“Do you not know the words for such foolishness?”

Vera’s movement stopped.

Renee also stopped moving.

Trevo took a long breath and added words to the appearance of two people acting similarly.

“Why don’t we protect the place where our family will come back? Also, as the master of this power, shouldn’t we fulfill our responsibilities? Shouldn’t we be protecting this only land where God’s voice can reach us?”

He raised the corners of his lips laboriously and added one more word.

“So, aren’t we supposed to be apostles?”

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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