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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 201

Such was the weight of the word judgment.

It was a matter of setting the weight of someone’s sin, and at the same time, it was a word that shook the leash.

It happened because I overlooked it.

It was a crime committed by not understanding the life that had to resist the greedy rulers, and thus had no choice but to add karma.

But he swung his mace because he knew that only what he could see was the truth.

The arrogance of making the right choice for yourself added sin to the mace.

There were moments of bitter regret, so Bargo did not escape the swamp that swallowed me.

just laughed

‘… Was it just like this?’

Bargo laughed at the fact that the test that malice in the form of that woman had put on him was only this small.

“It is already in the past. You ugly girl.”

stretched out his hand

After gripping the air, he swung his old companion.


The scene was ruined.

The swamp that engulfed him also collapsed.

An empty void comes to mind.

Another scene comes to mind.

There was one who was in agony, and there was one who cried.

Finally, there was a person who wept after realizing that he was living a life of a sinner.

Painted it and erased it.

“This cannot bring me down.”

The scene changes again.

The stupid man finally took his sword in reverse to judge himself, the only man in the world capable of judging with his own hands.

This, too, was wiped off after applying.

“You don’t know humans.”

I erased the person who was screaming at the body that didn’t hold a knife.

I just stopped and erased the one I wanted to dry out.

And, finally, I erased myself that I could face.

“You don’t know life.”

As I said earlier, Bargo was the one who had already finished all the tasks that had been given to me.

He was the one who saw the end of all the difficulties he had been walking on and the road he had been walking on.

He was still a stupid and stubborn human being, but there was one thing he realized over the years.

That was one of the qualities of being alive.

“Life is about moving forward.”

Bargo knew that life was not just a fragmentary piece.

By analogy, it could be a piece of a very large and complex puzzle.

He called life a piece of a huge puzzle that is created by the harmony of countless lives and that will never be completed, and he clearly knew what he had to do.

“That’s how we lead each other.”

If life is all about deciding what piece of this puzzle he’ll be, he’s the one who wants to be the roughest piece.

Because he didn’t know how to turn back time, he didn’t know how to make up for his mistakes, so he just wanted to live the way he was and become a teacher.

As the roughest piece, he was the one who defined his life so that those who were more straight than himself could put their bumpy side to him and only show his straightness to the world.

That was the answer Bargo found.

“I am the club of Ragal.”

The world said he was the hero of the north, the guillotine of the beasts, and the mace of the gods.

In addition, he was the father of all paladins and the most holy emperor, and he was the most powerful superman on this continent.

“Nevertheless, Ragal’s club is Bargoda.”

Countless false names were covering my body, but the name he thought of was still one.

“I am a wimp. There is only one purpose in life, and to enjoy is to fight with Ragal’s stick.”

He raised the mace high above his head.

“So avoid me, don’t try to be like me. I am nothing more than a vicious scoundrel, so use me as a teacher and just live a faithful life.”

For one thing, he smashed the thick and dark veil that surrounded him.


Alaysia looked at Bargo, regenerating slowly with her whole body crushed.

His face was so wrinkled that he couldn’t get any worse.

“It’s not… .”

It was when he realized that something was wrong when he was in a hallucination and started wielding a mace.

He approached and tried to cut his neck, but even he was blocked by the divine being shot in all directions, so it was not easy, so he endured it and ended up like this.

“… You can’t get out of there.”

this wasn’t it

Not even once had he ever been so out of a hallucination on his own.

“What is it?”

When he said those words to a cause and effect that he couldn’t understand, Bargo finally replied with a grin.

“Whatever, four years have failed.”

His gaze, which had been blankly looking into the air, pierced Alaysia.

“You are using special tricks to suit your shape.”

Bloody Divinity has been added.

The fiercely burning divinity opened its snout as if it was about to tear the enemy it faced.

Bargo said while looking at Alaysia while holding the mace with both hands.

“One, only that much.”

Bargo laughed even louder.

“Go away.”

swung the mace

Alaysia clenched her right fist and responded to the divine being shot at her.


The place where the flags collided disappeared.

Meanwhile, Alaysia’s arm, unable to withstand Bargo’s power, exploded.

If we were to judge the superiority, it was safe to say that Alaysia was inferior.

“What really is… . How did you get out of there… .”

Alaysia just repeated the same words as if it was okay to do something like that.

He put it on and replied.

“Did you think such nonsense would work?”

“It should have worked. You should have hanged yourself and died.”

“It’s nonsense.”

Bargo snorted.

“I still have so much work to do, how can I die?”

Literally, Bargo still had a lot of work to do.

He had to normalize Elia, who was confused by his own foreign affairs, and finish the delayed work.

How about the flower garden?

It is not a place where there are few people to take care of if it is not you.

It is clear that tomorrow there will be children who die wither.

Above all else, Bargo had a reason to live, even after putting aside all of that.

“Even if it’s embarrassing to see a guy with the same skinny face, I have to live.”

There was one guy with no frills.

There was a mother who said that the only words he could say were that he still lacked.

I would have been able to fall asleep peacefully by seeing how he wasn’t lacking any more, seeing how he acted as a human being.

“How much more will he look down on me if I lie on the coffin?”

“… annoying.”

“Is that so? don’t worry I’m going to blow your head off with that annoyance soon.”

The expression on Alaysia’s face disappeared.

The corners of his mouth were torn long, and his chin began to widen downwards.

“Yes, you.”

An indescribable ominous feeling began to engulf her body.

“Are you very carefree?”

“Are you trying to bluff?”

“Hey. Don’t you wonder what I did before you got here?”

With a smile on his face, he vomited swear words inside.

‘A rotten year.’

Apparently, he wrote the numbers on Elia’s side.

Could it be said that it is fortunate that Bong Margin was mentioned?

‘I have to go back… .’

it would be a mess

I’m bluffing here, but Bargo knew it.

No matter how he fights, he has no way to kill an immortal.

That all he could do was stop her way, fighting endlessly until this body collapsed.

‘It’s hard because I’m old… .’

A mischievous laugh erupted out.

However, that did not mean admitting defeat.

Because there were so many things to protect behind his back, there were so many things that didn’t bloom.

“Come. this prostitute You’re not old enough to stop me while my children run away.”

If it goes down like this, it will be a life of great regret.

Bargo picked up the mace again.


The completely silent landscape of Elia and the facts she had learned so far turned into a single piece of information, raising a question in Vera’s head.

‘… Seongguk of the last round was silent.’

Some of the apostles went on a journey with the heroes to face the demon king, but if you think back, it means that more than half of the apostles remained in Elia and remained silent.

It wasn’t just that.

Even in those days when René, who awakened himself to death after everything was over, continued his life in a gutter, there was no intervention from the Holy Kingdom.

Why the hell?

Why was Seongguk silent?

Why didn’t he participate in defeating the Demon King, and why couldn’t he help Renee at the last moment?

There was a possibility I didn’t want to think about.

Vera’s gaze turned to the twins who stared blankly at the gates.

‘It was only the twins who stopped the army.’

Clearly, if there were many paladins in Elia, if there were Teresa, Rohan, and Trevor, they were the only ones who stopped Elia on the day of the invasion.

A series of thoughts began to come to mind as a family.

‘what if… .’

It’s not that I didn’t do it, it’s that I couldn’t.

If no one was left except the twins.

At the time of Bargo’s death.

If it wasn’t just for Bargo, but for this Elia itself.

It was something Vera could not understand at the moment.

There were still parts of the memory that were warped, and even with that aside, Elia was an extremely closed country, so it was right to say that there was no place to get information.

My heart was pounding and pounding.

A sticky anxiety began to fill Vera’s mind.

Vera walked slowly and entered Elia to answer this question.

There was a whole white city.

However, the temperature was unbearably cold.

There were no priests in priest’s uniforms, no paladins in white armor, and no apprentice children running around and doing chores.

“what… .”

Vera wasn’t the only one who felt the surprise.

Renee had deep doubts about Elia, who didn’t feel any signs of popularity.

“Vera, what is this?”

Vera continued his thoughts, unable to come up with an answer right away.

so answered

“… There is no one. Judging by the traces, it is probably right to evacuate in a hurry.”

“refuge… ?”

“Let’s go to Daeshinjeon for now. There might be someone left there.”

Renee felt a deep uneasiness in Vera’s voice as he spoke.

It was rare indeed.

Wasn’t he the one who rarely showed these feelings if it wasn’t related to him?

Wasn’t he the one who started thinking about fighting against adversity?

Renee felt her stomach churn.

said, holding Vera’s hand tighter.

“… It’ll be fine. It wouldn’t be too late. So, go quickly.”

Vera’s lips twitched.

Suppressing what he was about to say, he nodded his head and gave a different answer.

“… Yes, let’s go.”

“We’ll take a look around. There might be some left, so I’ll have to find them and ask them something.”

Miller’s words.

At that, Hagrion and Aisha turned towards Miller.

It was Jenny, the twins, and the apostles who followed them into the Great Temple.

After seeing the split, Barra nodded and told Miller.


After saying that, Vera, holding Renee, started running towards the Great Hall.


It’s an undesirable case, but it was still a possibility to keep in mind.

Perhaps the Holy Kingdom was already empty.

And to protect the empty holy country, the apostles who were silent in the last episode may have used some kind of tactic.

Vera, who had been running all the time with uncontrollable anxiety, entered the Great Hall and looked around, grinding his teeth.

‘Not here either.’

There was no sense of popularity.

Even the apostles would not have been absent, but nothing was felt.

Maybe it’s already too late

Did something happen while you weren’t there?

My heart was beating so loudly with such anxiety.

The faces of those who followed were also wrinkled.

Causality falls into a labyrinth.

A cliff suddenly appeared along the way.



The clock hand moved.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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