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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 203

Tranquility was a feeling that, depending on how it looked, had a really mean side.

Standing alone in the midst of all kinds of torrents rushing in all directions, looking at me from the torrent, looks really disgusting.

That’s exactly how Vera felt for Trevor now.

The way he speaks of sacrifice so naturally, and the way he speaks of love, made Vera feel frustrated.

Vera’s teeth clenched tight.

A short breath escaped.

Vera said, glaring at Trevo.

“… Don’t be rude.”

Vera was unacceptable.

These sacrifices and the future in which they must die.

Nothing could convince Vera.

Born greedy and selfish Vera.

It was Vera, who had to do everything he wanted to be free.

Being such an Vera, it was also unacceptable for him to let go of what he already had.

This was not the end of this life that Vera wished for.

“If you are like that, who will manage the Great Hall?”

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On the day he finally finished all his work and returned to Seongguk, Trevor still had to be the custodian of the Great Temple.

“Who guards the gates?”

The twins also had to guard the gates with stupid expressions.

“Who teaches the priests, who grows the grass, and who goes out?”

The other apostles also had to be in their seats.

And above all one thing.

“… Who rules the kingdom?”

Bargo had to be where he returned.

He had to give him the answer he had finally found.

Now I had to tell him that I was no longer short-sighted.

Vera said.

“Don’t be shy and take good care of your body. Please restore the strength to stand upright while I bring the Holy Father.”

Vera, who continued to shoot, spoke to Renee.

“Lady, I will go.”

Renee’s head turned to Vera.

With an expression on his face that was truly satisfied with the emotions and words he vomited, he blessed him and gave the answer.

“When you come, come together.”

“Yes, twins, follow me.”

“All right.”

“Marek, we are going to guard the gates.”

Three footsteps go away.

The sound of the door closing is heard.

Renee listened to the distant sound for a moment, then told Trevor.

“Has it changed a lot?”

It was a question leading up to Vera.

A question that Vera, who had only known for being hard and arrogant, was proud to have changed.

Trevo stared at the closed stone door for a moment, then answered.

“… Yes, you have changed a lot.”

It was Vera who was hung up on discipline.

It was also Vera, who always seemed repressed.

It was surprising that Vera was able to show such blatant emotions.

However, that wasn’t the only surprise.

Trevor’s red eyes turned to Renee.

“You’ve grown a lot again.”

Renee has also grown so much, that she can no longer be seen as just a young girl.

As someone who had previously been in charge of her education, Trevor recalled a willing heart.

A smile crept across Trevor’s lips.

At that moment, Annielis opened her mouth.

[…] You are doing very naughty things.]

It was a mixture of emotions, indescribable, mixed with anger and sadness.

[Did you laugh even with that little ponytail?]

Annielys remembered the thought that there was no moment when she was more angry at being trapped in a doll than she is now.

It is so upsetting that the disciple, who he loved so much, who was willing to hand over even the seat he had won all his life, was not able to eat a honey night in the car while he was doing this.

“You have turned out to be really cute, Master.”

[Is it okay with you? Where did you become older than me?]

“Is that so? It’s been a long time since I haven’t looked in the mirror.”

At the words that gently let out anger, Anilis asked with a popping sound.

[If you had known that you would become that little kid, you would have stayed by my side. If it’s me… .]

I would have saved you at any cost.

I couldn’t finish it.

This is because the expression on Trevor’s face was already telling the answer.

Trevo, who raised a sad expression somewhere, spit out the words.

“… So he ran away. I knew that Master would do that.”

These were the words that made Anilis feel sorry for him.

“I ran away, knowing that he would be more than capable of sacrificing hundreds or thousands of people to save my life.”

Sadness shot at her in the form of a smile.

“I hoped Master wouldn’t do that. But… .”

Aniles couldn’t say anything.

I just felt a tingling sensation in my stomach.

“… It is unfortunate.”

Annielys knew that Trevor was a bright and affectionate person by nature.

I found out that he was a child who had a hard time even cutting a frog’s belly for an experiment.

I knew that he was a child who was stubborn on such a subject and did not break his intentions.

[…] A sick bastard.]

There is no such thing as a sick person.

Anilys felt a piercing feeling in her stomach, and said to Jenny.

[Little boy, let’s go.]

“… Where?”

[Are you telling me to leave for now!]

Jenny looked at Trevo at the sound of exclamation.

And after looking at Anilys again, he nodded and turned around.

Renee was quietly listening to the conversation that followed, but only after Jenny left did she tell Trevo.

“It’s really dirty.”

“You seem like a fiery person.”

Renee thought alone.

It was a relationship that we started together unexpectedly, and if there was one thing that I learned about Anilles, it was that she also had love.

But there was something precious, and for that, I could do anything.

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Of course, her sins were not forgiven.

She was the owner of the tower built by her evil deeds, so she deserved to pay for her sins.

‘… still.’

It was not his job to carry out the judgment.

He was not the victim, nor their family, nor the judge of sin.

His role is to weave fate and erase the tragedy, but he must remember this and prevent it from ever happening again.

Renee erased the thoughts that came to mind.

And he said to Trevor.



“If I add strength to Bon Majin, other people will wake up, right?”

“… I don’t know. As far as the margins are, it’s not something I can control.”

“okay? Then you should do it.”

“Lady… ?”

Renee raised a divinity.

A pure white miracle fills the stone chamber.

Trevor’s eyes widened.

It was because the power in him was speaking.

‘what… .’

It was Trevor, the first time he had actually seen René exercising his powers.

was astonished

Trevor’s mind was filled with the thought that he would not be able to tell without seeing how absurd Renee is now.

Providence is twisted

The rules that make up space and the world are dismantled.

And it begins to assemble into different shapes.

Trevor’s pupils trembled slightly.

Tears suddenly flowed out of my dried up body.

Just like that, a very beautiful miracle illuminates the stone chamber, and Trevor’s tears fall down his chin.

The three opened their eyes.


In front of Elia’s gate.

The twins recalled Vera’s last words as they moved away.

– Whatever happens, stop it.

Just one word.

No other explanation was added, but the twins heard the halberds.

block and keep

Because that was their role, it was an extension of what they had always done, so the twins were not worried.

the sun goes down

It’s time for the moonlight to reveal its existence.

The twins looked at the human figures protruding through the dirt floor.

“It looks like a plant is growing.”

“right. I feel like a farmer.”

Clones in the shape of Alaysia were springing up from the sights the twins looked at while talking nonsense.

The twins had something unknown.

The first is that clones that could not break through the margins have been here all along, and the second is that they have been waiting for only twins to be left in front of this from the beginning.

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Of course, finding out would not have surprised the twins.

“Too much pink. It’s dizzy.”

“right. Still, Marek likes pink.”

This is because, once you have a job to do, your brain is full just by doing it for stupid twins.

“If you break it, you will be scolded by Vera.”

“Vera honey night hurts. If you are bruised, women will see you and run away. It must not be pierced.”

The twins radiated divinity.

In it, Craig asked.

“Marek, do you think?”

“I don’t.”

“Neither do I. But you have to.”

Craig, who was smarter than Marek, thought.

Trevor said he was definitely an apostle.

He said it was his calling to protect this place.

Therefore, they too had to accept the revelation as apostles.

“You have to think. you have to realize And you have to keep it.”

It was three sentences that I memorized to make my head cramp.

It was the homework given by the heavens who set them up here.

Before entering the battle with it, Marek said while Krek had been contemplating for a long time.


Marek, who was so simple, corrected Krek’s words.

“Our God has reversed the order. God is stupid.”

“I don’t know the order.”

“It’s not about thinking, realizing, and keeping.”


Marek hit the floor with a halberd.

“After protecting it, you will think and realize.”

Marek didn’t like difficult thoughts.

I didn’t like complicated things.

So, I wanted to focus all my attention on what was right in front of me.

There was such a word.

It is said that truth sometimes shows its meaning in connection with the simplest thoughts.

I must say it’s an amazing coincidence.

Marek’s nonsensical excuses, which he hated to think about, pierced the heart of the revelation.

Craig’s eyes lit up.

Exclamations broke out from his mouth.

“Marek, you are smart. From today, Marek is the older brother.”

“i get it. From today on, I’m Marek’s hyung.”

divinity has grown

The two began to weave possibilities as their bodies, minds, and providence became one.

As with all stigmas and powers, they instinctively learned how to use this power.

“This is not difficult. You just have to hold on.”

“Marek is good at holding out. Both at night and during the day.”

In an instant, a wave of humans came crashing down.

Countless corpses in the form of Alaysia began to reach out towards the two of them.

Two halberds whirled in the air.

Craig laughed, Marek said.

“Marek, you have become a popular man.”

Marek didn’t think.


Vera ran.

To a place where the senses just lead me, to a place where people are wondering why I haven’t felt this before, to a place where my flesh is so thick that I can’t help but wonder.

Emotions were boiling more than ever.

The wind inside was also more desperate than ever.

‘… It’s not over yet.’

I could feel the energy of Bargo.

There was also an indescribable muddy energy.

Perhaps this is Alaysia’s.

Vera thought as he ran.

Even if he joined, there was no way to beat Alaysia right away.

A hasty charge can lead to bad news.

worries continued.

Vera was confident that he had made the best choice in any situation, so he began to think of everything he could use.

The end of the trouble that was not short.

Vera remembered one thing he had forgotten.

His gaze was directed forward.

I headed to the place where I felt alive, the large mountain range beyond it.

The place where Bargo laid Terdan down 4 years ago.

The sleeping Terdan was there.

‘Mediator of the Gods.’

The one who blocked Alaysia the most.

Looking at the records of the gods now, there was no reliable corner, but nonetheless, that was the only thing I could bet on.

Vera drew his holy sword.

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Opened the world of conscience.

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On top of the world revealed through vision, the world of Providence overlapped.

The overwhelming rules of that mountain range weighed on Vera’s existence.

Vera sharpened his ‘cracked’ teeth and raised his sword, withstanding all that weighed him down.

added an oath.

added the idea.

And the desire to keep, and the will to protect, it was shot.

Neither the physical distance nor the level of existence lost their meaning for this moment.

A golden divinity shot from an unreachable distance reaches the mountain range.

The mountain range awakened the existence of Terdan.

immediately after.


The ground shook.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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