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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 188

There are two words that stick together when describing dragons.

That was arrogance and cruelty.

I am arrogant to dismiss all living things in the world as under my feet.

He hardly knows how to persevere and is so violent that he wields his power.

It is a word that expresses the identity of dragons and at the same time refers to their greatest weakness.

[…] And, it is known to the public.]

“So isn’t it?”

[No. No, not exactly from their point of view.]

Aniles shook her head.

[In the narrow view of humans, their actions may appear arrogant and brutal, but their actions have a completely different meaning. It is safe to say that it is a kind of rationality.]

“Reason… .”

[Of all living things, what do you think is the longest living thing?]

“… your majesty?”

[…] Yes, nine ancient species, including that Maleus. So what’s next?]

“… .”

Jenny’s forehead narrowed.

As if thinking about it, a sound came out of his mouth.

wait for a while

“… dragon?”

Since the previous conversation was about dragons, this must also be about dragons.

When Jenny, who had made such a judgment, answered, Annielis nodded her head with a look of satisfaction.

[Yes, it is a dragon. A living history book that has been watching over many eras. To say that they are arrogant and vicious is a judgment based on human folly not taking into account the years they have lived.]

“… I do not know.”

[Change your point of view. Wouldn’t all living things feel insignificant in their eyes? The things I couldn’t buy as much as my toenails keep getting better, so the wind blows there.]

“… Five.”

Jenny nodded her head.

“Yeah, you have to clean the dust well.”

[…] What can I say?]

Anilys lowered her head as if exhausted, and shut her mouth.

Jenny tilted her head, stroking Annielys’ hair, and said.


[…] .]

Vera, who had been silently listening to their conversation right in front of him, focused all his attention on the question that came to mind more clearly the more he spoke.

‘… Your Holy Spirit.’

He caught such a dragon 50 years ago, at the same age as him.

then himself.

Now that he has set his feet on the level of skepticism, is that impossible?

Have you not yet surpassed the Bargo of 50 years ago?

Vera’s gaze turned forward.

The huge flow of mana felt was definitely that of a dragon.


What I feel is a hostile hostility that is as blatant as it is blatant.

Vera looked down at the entrance to the communal far away with his subdued eyes, then shook off his thoughts and gripped the holy sword.

‘… You’ll find out if you face each other.’

It had been several hours since I had walked into the ice wall.

Vera was preparing to face the dragon with a question in his mind.


Even saying that he was the size of a house, he had a huge body that felt disrespectful.

The red scales that covered the whole body were like flaming dreads, and the head resting at the tip had the shape of a triangular point.

In the middle of the head, what would be called the brow in human terms opened up, revealing triangular eyes.

[Miscellaneous things have arrived.]

The revealed pupil turned towards the group.

A strange sensation as if a voice was being stabbed in the head struck the party.


As the dragon spread its wings, there was a noise that seemed to shake the cavity.

[It’s unpleasant. I mean, it’s really unpleasant. How is it that short-lived species can’t even be discerned?]

As if the hostility he felt as he reached this point was not false, the dragon’s tone was filled with deep displeasure and liveliness.

Vera went to Renee’s face and took the life as his body.

“I came to see Lokrion.”

[…] What?]

“For the father. He said he had come to see him.”

As he spoke, Vera was convinced.

This dragon will never comply with their request.

The only thing that goes back and forth between them and that dragon is violence.

So, Vera prepared.

While his hand was already facing the handle of the holy sword, the divine was also wrapped around his whole body so that he could carry out a battle at any time.

The dragon stared at Vera.

Vera faced such a dragon and took the thought he had held before him deeper.

I opened up the world of mysticism and saw the reality of the dragon.

The purest fire.

The providence that made up the concept was forming that dragon.

[How many other humans do not know the subject?]

said the dragon.

The dreaded shoes that flew over the dazzling ice wall began to reflect.

“Lady, back a little bit.”

Vera pushed Renee back.

drew the holy sword.

predicted the win.

Assessing the weapons he has and the power of that dragon, he continues his thinking for a long time.

remembered at the same time.

‘Did the Holy Father say I took it by number of days?’

It was said that the battle with the Demon Dragon ended with the Demon Dragon’s head crushed in Bargo’s days.

‘Would you like to… .’

number of days.

It didn’t seem very impossible.

“The dragon won’t be the only one there.”

dragon’s nest

It is an ice wall that stretches to the sky where all the dragons in the world reside.

Just catching one doesn’t mean the guide disappears.

In addition, there was no need to buy Lokrion’s resentment.

If it was Lokrion who was angry that he had killed a dragon, he would have woken up on the day that Bargo killed the demon dragon 50 years ago, so there was no doubt about this part.

“If you fix your burjang hair, it will be easier for you later.”


The dragon bursts fire

As Hegrion spread his white mane, pure white feathers wrapped around the party.

“Sir Vera!”

“It will be over soon.”

Vera took a step forward.

I started pulling out all the weapons I had.

“I declare.”

The red-hot space turned gray in an instant.

“From now on, all magical practices within this realm are prohibited. Because of that, the caster is promised physical power equal to the magical power he has.”

As if the dragon’s fire was stuffed into the air, it stopped and disappeared.

The dragon cried out.

An arm sprouted from the dragon’s shoulder.

“Also, we promise the power to transcend our own limits to those who fight over something to protect behind their backs.”

Vera gripped the holy sword.

Divinity shed to add weight to the promise.

The oath engraved on the soul once again strengthened its weight.

“If you break the rules, you will pay the price with the annihilation of your heart and soul.”


“All these rules are enforced under the name of Lushan.”

In the gray space, a golden rule emerged.

The dragon swung his protruding arm.

It was to wield simple physical power, but that was enough.

Excluding ancient species, it is a creature that has lived the longest and has been promised the most powerful power, and the confidence in the power it has accumulated over the years.

Because of that, the dragon did not remember defeat.

Vera contemplated its movement through the world of will.

He contemplated the act of wielding, the intention in it, and himself.

The holy sword cried.

A golden brilliance overlaid the winter.

He saw the people standing behind his back, the one in the middle that he really needed to protect.

and swung his sword.

The concept of the purest fire was superimposed on the concept of Benda.

There is only one bell point, and a long, thick neck that connects the head and the body.


With a very light cutting sound, a solid line was drawn on the dragon’s neck.

In an instant, Vera realized one thing through the sense of being at his fingertips.

‘It has arrived.’


That he has now reached the level that Bargo reached 50 years ago.


There was an earthquake in the cavity.

The shock caused by the fall of the dragon.

Hegrion, who had endured the vibrations that seemed to shake the whole world once, looked at the scene in front of him with a shocked face.

A dragon with a separate head and body was spread across the floor.

The dragon’s pupil was piercing through a place with a grim sign, as if he had not recognized his own death in the end.

“I think we should go inside. If you search, you will find a dragon to guide you.”

Vera’s words continue as if insignificant.

Hegrion’s gaze turned to him.

‘what… .’

Hegryon couldn’t understand.

The previous number, the meaning contained in that number.

The only thing he could know was that this number of days was the level of the will that Vera had reached.

The flat-headed Vera turned.

He approached Renee, who had been dazed until then, and held his hand.

“There was a commotion.”

Renee belatedly awakened the accident at Vera’s words, then asked, bewildered.

“It’s okay, are you okay?”

Vera took a moment to think about Renee’s question.

Then he answered.

“… I am not satisfied.”


“I realized once again that I have a long way to go.”

Now, I just arrived at Bargo from 50 years ago.

I mean, that’s not enough.

The accident that will eventually lead to Bargo’s death, and the disaster that will happen in the future.

It was only then that he realized that he could not stop it with this kind of power.

“I should put more effort into training.”

As Vera encouraged himself, René, unable to comprehend the meaning of the words, simply tilted her head, then nodded up and down.

“Well… yes.”

It’s just a feeling of relief to feel that Vera is in good shape.

[Are you going to take that dragon corpse?]

Annielis asked.

Miller also swallowed his saliva and looked at the dragon’s corpse.

“It is. It’s bulky, so I can’t take it all, but even if I take only a few essentials… .”

It was a natural reaction.

It’s none other than the corpse of a dragon.

It is the body of a higher species that has lived with the power of Lokrion inscribed on its body.

Aside from the financial aspect, the magical and magical value of that corpse is astronomical.

Annielis and Miller rarely met.

[Your heart must be big enough to be about the size of a human head, so take care of it. Let’s see, and the wrinkle and the optic nerve… .]

“string! strength! That and the molar roots. And with the genitals… .”

“Professor, I covet the dragon cock.”

“A cock that covets a cock.”

“You shut up.”

The twins were terribly surprised to see Miller not saying ‘f*ck you’.

Vera frowned at Aniles fluttering in Jenny’s arms and Miller panting as if he was about to run away, then said.

“… I’m not going to help you, so do it yourself.”


[Little boy! You run too! heart! Even if you don’t know anything else, you have to take care of your heart!]

Miller ran.

Jenny tilted her head and ran.

After that, Aisha slowly moved toward the dragon’s corpse.

“Master’s gift… !”

I was muttering things like that.

Laughter escaped Vera’s mouth in a series of commotion.

“I thought it was the corpse of a dragon. I was thinking about fighting, so I forgot.”

“… Were you planning to fight from the beginning?”


Vera’s body trembled.

Renee’s eyes narrowed.


“… I felt hostility even before I came.”

“Are you sorry?”


“Apologizes very quickly. right?”

“… .”

Annoyance flashed across Vera’s face.

Hegrion, who had been standing blankly until then, remembered the past when he saw Vera like that.

-… love.


– That’s my opinion.

I remembered the answer I was saying with a blush in my face that didn’t suit me as if I was embarrassed.

‘… What you really want.’

I engraved that question in my mind.

I also replayed it endlessly.


“Wow, that’s a neat cut.”

An unfamiliar voice rang out in the space.

A clean and clear voice.

And a sudden feeling.

The group’s movements stopped at that.

The head turned to the source of the voice.

“what… !”

That sound came from Vera’s mouth.

“Is it you? Hey, I’ll buy it again this time.”

there was a woman

A woman with her five-colored hair long enough to be dragged to the floor and wrapped around her body in a piece of cloth that would even be called a dress.

The woman’s multicolored eyes turned to Vera.

Vera raised his tension and met the gaze.


It was a thought that came to mind in surprise at the sudden approach, but it soon subsided.


I didn’t feel the strange intimidation that the ancient species I had ever met exuded.

‘then… .’

Vera, who continued to think about the woman in front of him in a rigid atmosphere, was able to come up with a very plausible answer.

“… Seldeen.”

Lokrion’s first daughter.

The leader of all dragons, the five-colored dragon Seldin.

When I said that name, the woman laughed.


The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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