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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 187

The very next day after all preparations were completed, the party without hesitation headed to the dragon’s nest northwest of Oben.

There was no time for hesitation or any reason to do so, so it was natural.

So, the first thing the party encountered at the nest they arrived after traveling for about four days was the cold that seemed to tear their skin apart.

“crazy… .”

It was Miller.

Miller complained, shaking his body from the intense cold that seemed to be unable to take even a single step.

“What’s with all these towns… !”

His voice was also trembling with a chill.

It was crazy cold that made Ernena Oben’s weather feel like a spring day.

I mean, the weather is such that you wonder if life can really exist in such a place.

No matter how many layers of his coat he looked at, the cold did not subside.

At that, Miller turned his head to check the condition of the other party.

“Oh, it’s ice.”

He frowned.

Jenny’s… No, to be precise, the people who had gathered around Anilles that Jenny was holding were doing things such as stretching as if they couldn’t feel the cold at all.

[Hey, little boy. Divinity is disturbed there. Rewrite the third line.]

“yes… .”

Annielis says something, and Jenny sweeps the air.

Miller wasn’t stupid enough to know what the act was.

It will be a drink to drive away the cold.

Annielis must have taught Jenny that.

‘this… !’

Miller grumbled over the party enjoying the warmth, leaving only him alone, and then approached him.

It’s a resentment for drinking alcohol, something I did with the intention of living and seeing.

However, it didn’t go any further.

[Hey, there is no way to drive away the cold in witchcraft, right?]

Annielys’ words, full of ridicule, touched Miller’s pride.

There was blood in Miller’s eyes.

It bumped into each other.

Behavior out of anger, not cold.

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about… ?”

Faced with the cold face to face, Miller stretched his back.

Annielis snorted and responded to Miller like that.

[Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know about magic, so I thought it didn’t exist.]

It was a fight for pride, with nothing to gain, but at the same time, it was the most important fight for Miller.

Miller decides to fight the cold head-on if he has to bend his pride. and turned his head.

Annie shook her head and smiled, then leaned the back of her head on Jenny’s chest and said.

[Come on, let’s go and find something to see. It’s so barren here, there’s nothing to see.]

It was like an old man who went out for a vacation all the time.

Miller felt his backbone tighten and his body heat up.

‘Be sick… I make it because I am dirty.’

While I was thinking in my head, the first thing I would do when I go back is to make a magic about temperature control.

At the same time, while having refreshments in Miller’s lab, assistants Levin and Henry had to shiver with chills.


“It’s not as pure white as Oben. Rather, it would be more accurate to describe it as a land of blue light. It seems to be happening because everything that appears is frozen and reflects the light of the sky, whether the cold is so severe.”

Vera’s explanation.

At that, Renee nodded to show that he understood.

“Well, it’s definitely too cold for anything to live on.”

Jenny’s weaving method took the cold, but she was able to feel the strength of the wind blowing.

Really unbelievable cold.

And the frozen ground too slippery to walk with a cane.

Renee put more strength in his arms around Vera, and then spit out the question as he staggered away.



“Didn’t you obviously say that dragonians go around with their tops open…? ?”

It was a question I could ask because I had heard Vera one day about their appearance.

The question I asked because I couldn’t understand how they were walking around naked in such cold weather.

It was Annielys who gave the answer.

[I’m wearing the dragon’s protection, but the cold can’t be bothered me.]

The group’s heads turned to Annielys at the words uttered in a ticklish tone.

Annielis said ‘Heh!’ to those gazes, snorted and buried her head in Jenny’s arms, then continued.

[You are a dragon who can see all the providences that make up the world. It’s no wonder those with dragon blood like that are affected by the weather.]

The group thought at the same time.

Anilees seems to be a very unknown grandmother.

In the meantime, only Jenny, who tilted her head at the sight of the group, swept Annielys’ hair and said,


[You guys are stupid.]

“bad words.”

Renee’s head shook.

“Well, if you say that, you are right again.”

While Renee, who had nothing to say about Annielis’ cooperative appearance in a very strange corner, was concentrating on keeping her center, Hegrion opened her mouth.

“It’s slowly appearing.”

He tightened the white mane he was wearing and looked ahead with his submerged green eyes.

“It’s a nest.”

The group’s eyes turned to the direction Hegrion was looking.

what is visible.


It was a huge ice wall that stretched high enough to reach the sky.

Hegrion glanced at the group with a puzzled face and added an explanation.

“The half-dragons make their living by digging a hole in that ice wall. If you follow that cave all the way inside, you’ll find a real dragon, not a half-dragon, a Rare where the immediate descendants of Lokrion live.”

“then… .”

“Yes, we need to meet with Lochrion’s immediate family and ask them. I have come to see your father, so please guide me.”

There was a cold anger in Hegreon’s voice as he spoke.

“Sir… .”

Renee called him in a worried voice.

Because I don’t know why he shows this sign.

“it’s okay. Don’t worry, I’m not stupid enough to mess things up with personal feelings.”

His white mane fluttered in the wind.


Hegrion walked ahead, and the party followed.


Mana is swirling.

The raw, unrefined flesh pierces the body.

The entrance to the ice wall.

In front of the largest caves facing inward, Vera raised their divinity by facing them head on.

A holy sword made from the purest winter was held in his hand.

“Stand out.”

The dragonians were startled by the appearance and withdrew their bodies.

Meanwhile, the old dragonian standing in the center of them spoke.

“… With what confidence did you come here?”

White hair stretching out like a mane.

Yellow eyes rolling back and forth.

Vertically torn eyes in the middle.

As Vera faced it, he suddenly felt a rush of irritation.

why not

Aren’t they enemies of the past that we have been facing for a long time?

An evil species that dares not even know the subject.

A race to tear and kill Renee.

The Dragonian race in front of him means that to Vera.

“Vicky said. I didn’t come here because I had something to do with you guys.”

I wanted to swing the sword right away, but Renee was behind my back to swing the sword with such personal emotions.

Renee shouldn’t have done anything dangerous.

So Vera simply blew up his energy and continued with a semi-threatening remark.

“I’m going to visit Lochreon’s direct line.”

“Do you think I would allow it?”

“Should I even take the hybrids’ permission?”

The transmitted life became more intense.

The old dragonian, who seemed to be the leader of them, had a harsh expression on his face.

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Of course, they didn’t add other actions.

That is why there was such an overwhelming disparity between Vera and them.

Since the fragment of Providence is a Dragonian flowing through his body, he already knew it, so he could not attack Vera prematurely.

The picture expected by Vera as well.

They were opponents that could have been easily killed even before they reached the level of uinyeom.

No matter how many such things are grouped together, they cannot harm themselves, who have become incomparably stronger than they were back then.

Vera observed carefully what he was now beginning to see.

‘… indeed.’

A flow that has begun to show as we reach a point of conscious awareness.

The flow of things called ‘providence’ in magic.

It was being observed.

You can see the power engraved in the blood of those dragonians.

‘Long life, mana control, rigid body.’

There are basically three things that flow.

In addition, each individual had different additional powers.

It was probably given to me by my direct descendants behind me.

Vera sharpened the divinity, loaded it onto his holy sword, and shot it by the old dragonian’s ear.


The dragonian’s horn was cut off.

The reaction of the Dragonians followed a step later.

Busy movements and an overheated atmosphere that seems to explode at any moment.

An old dragonian staring at Vera with his eyes wide open.


Vera said, dismissing it all.

“this… !”

A dragonian with a face resembling an old dragonian stepped forward.

The old dragonian stopped it.

“… Let me see how far you can be so arrogant.”

“Things you don’t really need to see talk like that.”

“… .”

As the old dragonian wiggled his teeth and waved his hand, the dragonians split in two.

Vera looked at them for a moment, then turned to Renee and said,

“Go. Lady.”

Renee’s shoulders shook.

His head shook slightly up and down.

Vera’s ferocious attitude once in a while is a reaction he hasn’t gotten used to yet.

Rene folded her arms around Vera’s arm as she approached, and slowly pierced through the flesh and headed inside the ice wall.


The inside of the ice wall is dazzling even though there is no material that emits light.

As he walked into it, Hegrion opened his mouth.


It was to Vera.

Vera’s gaze turned to Hegreon.

Hegrion continued to speak, looking into Vera’s gaze.

“Isn’t it just the momentum that bit the half-dragons?”

The words you spit out with a small smile are about the previous situation.

Vera made an ‘ah’, then nodded in reply.

“It was something they could do because they had no reason to fight. They have already dealt with me once, and the Holy Father has already done it, so they wouldn’t want to fight a battle that didn’t win.”

“That’s great.”

Hegrion’s gaze turned to the depths of the ice wall.

“… Isn’t that the deterrent of overwhelming force? This is the best way to save the suffering Oben.”

As he spoke, Hegrion’s fists were clenched so tightly that the tendons on the back of his hand bulged out.

His voice is also full of cool signs.

Vera lifted up a little bit of regret at the sight.

It was an emotion that came to mind because he had anticipated to some extent what he wanted and why he wanted such a will.

That’s right, it didn’t seem like he was being too explicit during the conversation.

He could feel how much he loved his country in that brief bird.

“… It cannot be completed with complex interests in mind.”

So Vera gave a word that could be called Ojirea.

Hegrion raised his eyes slightly at that, and then answered with a smile.

“Keep in mind.”

After the conversation was over, Miller, who had been silent until then, opened his mouth.

“Uh, uh, do I have to go more Eulma? .”

He was still trembling because he couldn’t bend his pride.

The twins tried to say something to Miller’s sight, but gave up and kept their mouths shut.

However, it is rude to say to someone who is still shivering in the cold, ‘It’s like a d*ck to death.’

It was an act that showed consideration for the twin theme.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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