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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 189

The five-colored dragon Seldin.

There was an anecdote related to her that was so famous that no one on this continent knew it.

It was none other than the founding flag of the Empire’s founding emperor, Verdan de Albrecht.

The great prophet who planned Verdan’s journey.

The guardian dragon of the empire who was with him throughout the process until he consolidated dozens of small kingdoms into one and built the empire.

Finally, the craftsman who made the master piece [Pure Blood].

She was now standing in front of the group.

“Hmm… .”

Seldin’s five-colored eyes were folded into a half-moon shape.

“… I mean, it’s amazing.”

Her smooth legs protruded from between the shards of cloth, and she took a step forward.

His five-colored hair fluttered like silk and followed him.

So, Seldeen, who arrived in front of Vera’s nose, continued with a voice full of laughter.

“I mean human. If you just forget it like this, a funny mutation will appear, right? How could this be… And even if I only worry about cancer, I don’t know this much.”

He tilted his head forward.

He raised his claws and thrust his face in front of Vera’s nose.

slow down.

Vera’s body took a step back.


Vera tilted his head and frowned at Seldin’s smiling face, opening up a world of suspicion.

Raising the boundaries as the enemy is in a state where there is no distinction.

Seldin replied with a giggled chuckle.

“It’s embarrassing to look at you with such a piercing gaze.”


The sword was drawn.

It wasn’t Vera, it was Renee.

“… Lady?”


The sword entered again.

“Ah, I didn’t know.”

I felt bad about something, so I pulled it out.

Rene coughed with such an idea, and Seldin tilted her head.

Seldeen’s gaze shifted between Renee and Vera.

Immediately after, he let out an ‘ah’ sound and spit those words out.

“Is that yours? What did you say, mating? I remember what Verdan said. Humans only mate with one person. That’s why they say they’re wary of the opposite s*x that flirts with their partner.”

“Mating… !”

Renee turned red.

“Ah, not yet… .”

“yes? Oh, then, just a promise?”

“promise… did you?”

Renee’s head tilted.

Vera tensed as he saw René covering his blushing face with his hands! As he recalled the feeling of being released, he let out the words.

“… Lady.”

“He, um, hmm! Beh, Vera? We promised… .”

“Lady… .”


Renee, who woke up belatedly at Vera’s earnest tone, shook her shoulders.

I shut my lips tightly.

It was an act of shame.

Seldin watched the conversation between the two with a smile on their face, and then suddenly spoke out.

“It’s fun.”

Vera thought, glaring at Seldeen, narrowing his brow.

‘… What.’

It was weird.

The fact that I didn’t feel a presence until I got this close, and the fact that I continued the conversation casually now.

More than anything else… .

‘They don’t even pay attention to the bodies of their own people.’

That was the weirdest.

It was not at the level to say that it was simply because there was no kinship.

It’s just like seeing rocks rolling down the roadside.

That’s what Seldeen feels.

Amman must have been brothers who have been together for a long time, but they must have been brothers and sisters in the same space.

Now, as if she had no value for the dragon, she was focusing all her attention on herself and Renee, and only a gloomy feeling came to mind.

While the atmosphere was stiff, Seldin said, reading Vera’s expression.

“yes? Oh, is it because of that?”


It was a term referring to a dead dragon.

“Well, it would be ugly if I left it like that. wait.”

Seldeen drew the air with a small smile on his face.

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The body was broken down finely.

“If you need anything, take it. Do humans like this?”

By the time those words came out, the other party also felt strange in Seldin.

Renee asked.

“… Are you okay?”


“Aren’t you kin?”

Seldin’s gaze turned to Renee.

Seldin looked at Renee for a moment as if trying to read something, then turned to the dragon’s body and made a ‘hmm’ sound.

“cognation… .”

cock. cock.

Seldin, who continued to think by tapping my lip with her index finger, answered with a smile.

“Yeah, he was a fellow. But not now, is it?”


“Now it’s just a piece of meat.”

An answer that casually spit out as if something was wrong.

Renee’s expression hardened.

“what’s the matter? Oh, have people’s customs changed during that time? Are corpses also related? If so, I’m sorry. When I was in the midst of walking around, all the bodies were buried. They despised moving things because they were undead.”

In the words of the apology that followed, Renee could realize one thing.

‘… I’m trying to conform to human common sense.’

Now this vague sense of separation was coming from it.

It is the sense of disparity that comes from a creature that does not understand human beings trying to imitate humans.

“They think of us as guests. Can I judge that?”

A question that seeks an answer to the conjecture that came to mind.

“yes? right?”

What came back was a refreshing affirmation.

Seldin walked over to Renee, standing straight in the direction Renee’s head was facing, and continued speaking.

“Well, you can’t see. I must be where your head is pointing.”

Renee swallowed dry saliva and nodded.

And so I thought.

‘… not bad.’

I don’t understand how she behaves, but it wouldn’t hurt if she came out so sympathetic.

They didn’t come here to fight, they came to meet Lokrion.

And you really need a guide for that.

Renee made up her mind and opened her mouth.

“Hey, Cell… .”

“Did you come to see your father?”


Renee’s body trembled.

Seldin took Renee’s hand and swept the back of her hand and said.

“Let’s go, Daddy is waiting for you.”


“I knew you were coming. He told me to bring him.”

The next words are also full of laughter.

“Your hand is so soft.”

Rene nodded again, trying to suppress the reluctance that filled Seldin’s actions, which she couldn’t understand.

“… Yes, let’s go.”

Lokrion knew they were coming.

It’s the only thing that’s important right now, so I decided to put aside these feelings.

“Oh, I’ll take that with you before you go.”

Miller, Jenny, and Aisha looked startled at the words addressed to the other party who were standing in front of the corpse, and immediately took the corpse.

[Hey, little boy. There is a heart.]

The words of Anilis, who were carefree by myself, were echoing for a long time.


After recovering the body, Seldin led the party to the depths of the ice wall.

The passages are getting wider, the chill is increasing, and the ice statues are erected everywhere.

It was Seldin’s chatter that resonated along the road that felt only bizarre.

“… So, I named Verdan’s first child. Yes, it was said that he was a child under the protection of a dragon, but he fell into the lake and died. What? After that, all kinds of rumors circulated saying, ‘The dragon was angry’. I didn’t do anything.”

The story that continues with a giggle is mostly about the founding period of the empire in which she was active.

There was no one to respond, but Seldin continued the conversation, perhaps just wanting to chat.

“Oh, it happened again. Verdan’s fourth child proposed to me. I got married and accepted him, but the first night the child died. Because of this, the saying ‘those who seek dragons are cursed’ arose. The truth is, he just died as a sergeant. I think humans are very imaginative.”

Vera kept his mouth shut, glaring at the back of Seldeen’s head, contemplating.

‘I don’t think I’ll lose… .’

If you thought you would win, it wasn’t.

It’s not saying “I don’t know”, but the answer is ‘I don’t know’.

It was so weird.

You can see all of Seldin’s powerlessness, the density of mana he has, and what kind of repulsion he has, but as a result, he feels like he’s in a foggy mist.

‘… It must be the power.’

The power engraved in Seldin’s blood would be that kind.

It’s not that she isn’t, she’s hiding herself with a fog of five colors, looking at her with a sense of urgency.

There are enough clues that her powers are of the delusional series.

‘If you turn to the enemy, it will be difficult.’

Among the events that will happen in the future, there was definitely a war between Lokrion and Nertania.

It would be nice to be able to prevent it through this meeting, but now that we do not know the detailed cause and effect of the incident, it is necessary to grasp the power in case of an emergency.

As Vera’s thoughts continued, Seldin said, who suddenly stopped chatting.


The group’s steps stopped.

Vera pushed away all thoughts and looked forward.

Perhaps it was the way out, the light that colored the whole world white was pouring down through the hole.

“… Do you think?”

“Yeah, this is the end of the ice wall. land at the edge of the continent. Come to think of it, you are the first human to come this far.”

moved again.

There was an endless sea of glaciers at the end of the passage that stretched out like a cave.

It was a relentless land where empty air froze, crumbled again, and turned into light.

Vera stood on the edge of the land, staring at the landscape, and uttered words.

“Lokrion… .”

It’s a wonderful landscape, but it’s not something like this, but it’s a question I asked because I came to see Lokrion.

Seldeen replied to that.

“Are you watching?”

“… Yes?”

“You are here. father.”

Seldin pointed to the glacial sea.

Vera looked at the sea again to it.

“… !”

I felt my breath stop.

Vera wasn’t the only one.

Except for Renee, everyone in the party who could receive visual information lost their breath.

[…] You came.]

It wasn’t the sea.

What I thought was the sea, the constantly flowing waves were none other than ‘scales’.


The glaciers are shaking.

They bumped into each other, crushed, and then re-freezes to form a single glacier, repeating an infinite cycle.

The scales fluttering like waves soared into the sky and became a dragon oreum.

At the end of Yongoreum, the glacier and waves intertwined to form the shape of a ‘dragon’s head’.

[Your parent’s child.]

far-fetched size.

A sense of oppression that weighs down on existence itself.

The moment it fills your entire field of vision.

[You have only just reached me.]

Suddenly, Vera’s mind went out of control and began to run rampant.


Like a small ferry being swept away by a whirlpool, the half-opened will is forcibly opened because it cannot resist the existence in front of it.

Color is a concept, shape is an idea.

Vera’s body staggered as all the information that made up the world returned to its most essential form and engulfed him.

“Wow… !”

I was nauseous.

I felt like my accident was being ripped to pieces by a flow I had never felt before and the huge rules in it.


My whole body trembled.

‘What is this… .’


How am I supposed to explain this?

No other ancient species I’ve ever met has caused this phenomenon, so why come… .

‘… not.’

Vera realized.

He just hadn’t seen it.

Although he had seen Terdan, Aedrin, Orgus, and Maleus, he had not seen them.

first life.

first soul.

A creature created by the gods themselves.

He did not understand the true meaning of it.

The reason why this phenomenon has only appeared now is probably because he woke up to his ideology late.

‘… how.’

How are you supposed to deal with this?

How do we protect this land from these things?

The moment my soul was about to shake at the thoughts that came to my mind.


said Lokrion.

The world of conscience has collapsed.

What used to be thought and concept was lumped together in color and form.

breathing returned.

The tremors subsided.

Lokrion’s massive body became hazy.

[…] Haven’t seen it yet.]

As if trying to hide himself, he began to turn into a sea of glaciers again.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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