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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 8

EP.8 – 7. The disciple’s suspicious colleague (?) came to visit

If you ask Sera what kind of woman Madame Lane is, she will answer poison flower. Attracted by the sweet scent, they approached, and were drawn to the scent, eventually touching the flower and dying from poison as soon as they were picked. And even the flower will die.

A woman willing to risk her own life to achieve her goal, literally headed for ruin.

There were times when I wanted to stop her.

There were times when I wanted to change.


The hero only stimulated her, but the hero couldn’t change her.

It can’t be a funny story.

Saving the world is a warrior, and if you are a warrior, shouldn’t you be able to do everything? Isn’t that what a warrior is? But it can’t be. He cannot change her or save her.

Sera had to accept that fact after repeated failures.

That’s why she distanced herself. I had no choice but to keep my distance because it was precious. I found a way to save her by keeping my distance.

Even so, it was bound to fail.

I know why.

It is because there is no way in this world that there is a way to save someone who does not want salvation.


For her, this world is hell.

Even if the demon king disappears and the demon king army disappears

It doesn’t change the fact that this world is hell for her.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if she is destroyed to achieve her goal, and it doesn’t matter if she is destroyed even after achieving it. Therefore, even if she fails to achieve her goal, even if she achieves her goal, she will eventually reach the end of destruction.

As if it’s a natural fate for flowers to wither in winter

As if it was also a natural fate for her to meet her fate of destruction

Her ending doesn’t change.


“Are you sure you want to go?”

“Isn’t it overflowing worth checking?”

Madame Lane was not wearing the flashy dresses and veils she always wore, but rather tight-fitting clothes that showed off her body line. [Darkmoon] She was the most powerful person, so if necessary, she would step out herself.

Alfredo, her closest aide and old butler, looked at his master with concern.

“I am the master of that hero. He will not be an ordinary person.”

“oh. are you worried about me You know my skills, right?”

“But I am anxious.”

“Hmm. Alfredo’s intuition is correct. But that’s why I think I need to go further.”

They say I’m anxious

They say it might be dangerous

But it was not a problem for Lane to avoid.

On the contrary, it only made me want more.

Alfredo knew too.

It means that the desire to destroy is as great as the mind that its owner achieves its purpose. That’s why she was able to live with the momentum of burning her soul and become ashes, and was able to rise to her current position. But no matter how much power she acquired, she was still headed for ruin.

Alfredo, the old butler, wanted to change that. She hoped that her owner would fall in love with passion befitting her age, get married, have children, and live a normal, ordinary life. I had already fully realized that it was a fleeting hope, standing by his side, but Alfredo still wanted to appear.

I hope that a miraculous relationship that can change the owner’s life will appear.

It was praying and praying.


It wasn’t that Rain didn’t know that the hero was a very dangerous person.

It was clear that if he found out that he was carrying out an activity to obtain information about his teacher, he would attack right away. Nonetheless, Lane is taking a risk. This is because it is only natural in this industry that the more valuable the information, the more risky it is.

More than anything

We do not sell information.

Because this act is by no means light.

It was because the information guild’s refusal to sell certain information was an act no different from making its customers its enemies. I don’t know if I’d rather offer a very high price and it’s too expensive to buy the information, but declaring that I won’t sell the information at all without even such a process is because it offends customers. And [Dark Moon]’s customers were all people with considerable power in the empire. It is bound to be quite a burden to change such people from customers to enemies.

Of course, it is not that there is no way. Lane had many ways to solve the situation smoothly. It’s a problem that can be solved, but for that, you have to take out the saved cards. Even though it was a part of what she had prepared for use at a very important moment, it was not comfortable for her to have to take it out and use it.

In other words, she needs to make sure that it is enough to spend what she has been saving.

For that, she headed to Jade’s hideout.

It wasn’t specific, but I already knew the approximate location information, so it wasn’t difficult to find the mountain where Jade lives.

the problem is… .

‘… It took too much time than I thought.’

He had to suffer through all kinds of sabotage. To the extent that she had to give up and go back halfway if she was not at the ‘level of transcendence’. No, even if it was a ‘transcendant state’, if this experience was not enough, I should have given up.

‘It’s not just the skill of an A-class mercenary… .’

Even an S-class mercenary would not be able to perform such a skill.

This is because it is something that can only be used by veterans who have learned and built up experience in these specialties.

There would be no more than five people in this world who could perform this level of skill. And one of them was Lane.

‘If I had a student with genius talent, wouldn’t I have been able to do this much?’

Even if you worry about it, it would be meaningless. To her, ‘There is no such thing as a disciple.’

That was when I was thinking about it.


I heard the wind blowing.

It was not difficult for Lane to figure out that it was an arrow.

She responded calmly.

Whether it was an arrow with an aura or not, neither the speed nor the destructive power felt so threatening. That’s why she decided that it was better to solve it with an artifact rather than revealing her skills.

That’s why I tried to defend it using shield magic, an artifact bracelet effect.


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“… … !”

She soon had to witness an unbelievable phenomenon.

Obviously an arrow without an aura

It was because an arrow with an aura caused an incredible phenomenon that was impossible.

‘An arrow that didn’t contain an aura penetrated the shield magic, so you’re trying to pierce it because it’s not enough?!’

Even though she had lived a life where she had no choice but to experience all kinds of things, this was the first time she had seen it.


In the end, she had no choice but to pull out her dagger and cut it with an aura.

‘This arrow was shot so that it would barely hit me.’

Since it was flying towards me, I judged it to be an attack and responded.

After experiencing it myself, I knew that the arrow was not aimed directly at me.

It seemed that the arrow was shot for threat.

It felt more shocking because it meant that the shield magic had been pierced with an arrow shot for threat.

An unknown enemy that shoots arrows containing unknown power.

Even if she was a transcendentalist, she couldn’t help but be nervous, so she had no choice but to take a posture and keep it in check. It was because if she made a hasty move, the arrow containing that unknown power could be aimed at her.

That was the moment.


The arrow flew again from a completely different direction.


Lane responded quickly.

‘This time, it’s not an arrow that was shot to hit me.’

This time, I thought it was for the purpose of making myself fit.

‘The elf I’ve only heard of?’

Even though she was the master of [Darkmoon], the best information guild that boasted various experiences and various personal connections, she had never met an elf in person. I wanted to check the elves myself, even if I had to pierce the barrier of the world tree… . That was literally impossible, so even for her, the information about the elves was only word of mouth. And that information matched the current situation exactly.

It is said that the arrows shot by the elves contain unknown power, causing a phenomenon that neutralizes human magic or aura. Of course, it wasn’t definitive information. Elves did not come out of the world tree’s barrier, and there were many cases where fearless children approached the forest of elves to make a lot of money by enslaving elves, and then disappeared from this world forever. So, no one considered this information to be true. I couldn’t believe it.

However, at this moment, Lane couldn’t help thinking that it was necessary to seriously check the information.

It was then.

“Don’t move.”

“… … .”

Did I say that elves move so swiftly that you can’t follow them with your own two eyes?

It was real, Lane couldn’t help thinking.

It was so accurate to aim for the gap created in the short time between shooting an arrow and concentrating on it.

Even though I was experiencing it in person, I couldn’t even think of it as real.

“What is your true identity?”

Regarding this, Lane brought out the words he had prepared for the time being.

“I am a colleague of Sera-nim, a candidate for the hero.”

It was a lie.

Maybe because the other person was a transcendental person, there was a chance that he would have a special ability to distinguish between truth and lies, but even so, Rain was confident that he could resolve any crisis. Although caught behind, she is also clearly on the level of a transcendentalist. It’s just that the opponent didn’t respond because he seemed to be Sera’s teacher. It was because the current situation could not be seen as a crisis at all for her.

“Sera’s east… .”


“… … ?”

Lane looked back with a ‘??????’ expression.

A human male with gray hair was lying down.

It was a moment when even Lane, who had seen and suffered all sorts of bizarre things, could not help but be paralyzed for a moment.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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