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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 9

EP.9 – 8. I made the disciple’s suspicious colleague (?) return.

I was convinced that my apprentice was a candidate for the hero. It was because the child’s talent was truly a gift from heaven to the extent that it could not be explained unless it belonged to a warrior. And I was that warrior’s teacher. In other words, for my disciple, the thing that could be the weakest was me now, in a weak state.

If I really want to be for my disciples, it wasn’t the time when I was only praying for them.

I had to be able to protect myself somehow.

And I have the means to do that.

It was the ‘natural mana’ obtained through the breathing of the elves.

The problem was that the amount was too small.

In the first place, it was something like residual energy and waste, so it would be natural if less was natural. Even so, it could not be used as a weapon.

All I could do was practice.

I had to faint from time to time.

It was not enough to simply use the ‘natural mana’ remaining in me, so I wanted more than that, and as a side effect of it, I fainted. In a way, it was natural. ‘Nature’s mana’ was what made me somehow maintain my crumbling body. However, when I tried to use it excessively, it was only natural that there would be a reaction.

However, that did not mean that the ignorant way of training was simply meaningless.

‘… It’s very little, but it’s increased.’

There was an effect of training (though it was exactly like a fainting show). If that’s the case, you just train harder. Thanks to that, the sense of time no longer exists for me. Sometimes it’s night, sometimes it’s morning, and nothing has been set.

Thanks to this, he was able to shoot three arrows a day containing ‘natural mana’. I had to push myself a bit, but… . It was very meaningful to me that I did not pass out even after firing three shots.

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Just increase it little by little. It was time to try to think in such a good direction.

An intruder appeared.

Like Mr. Lars (pseudonym of Archmage William), there is a possibility that he is Sarah’s colleague… .

‘You’re too cautious about moving for something like that. Like an assassin or a thief.’

Is it because of the continuous training of ‘Nature Mana’? Like the days when I had an aura heart, I can sense people’s presence as sensitively. Unfortunately, I still didn’t have the ability to read the opponent’s strength or state like I did when I had the Aura Heart. But it can be solved with experience.

‘A footstep that doesn’t make a sound even though it’s clearly walking, that level is more than the ranks of masters… . Maybe it’s a transcendental person.’

It is difficult to decorate what is lacking so that it overflows, but conversely, it is also difficult to decorate what is lacking. That’s why anyone with a lot of experience could accurately capture that sense of incongruity, and that much was possible for me as well.

Opponent is strong

It’s nice to have someone with good intentions

If not, it’s the worst.

So I had no choice but to be vigilant.

Fired an arrow filled with nature’s mana. It could be Sera’s acquaintance, so I didn’t forget to adjust it so that it didn’t fit close.

If he had come with malicious intent, even with this one shot, he could have shown some change.

It seemed like they were trying to defend themselves with artifacts.

At that moment, an amazing thing happened.

The arrow containing ‘nature’s mana’ penetrated the shield as it was. It was an irregularity that I also did not expect. In a way, it was natural. Expensive things like artifacts, everything he had was given to Sera. There was nothing left, and since there was nothing left, I couldn’t experiment with the artifact. After all, it was the first time I used an arrow containing ‘natural mana’ against shield magic, so I had no choice but to know what would happen.

Accordingly, the opponent swiftly swung his dagger and hit my arrow. In that moment I knew Even in an emergency situation, I had no choice but to know through the way he handled the aura perfectly without the slightest error. It means that the opponent is the state of transcendence. If the opponent was a transcendentalist, he had no choice but to be more vigilant, so he had no choice but to shoot an arrow containing the second ‘natural mana’ immediately.

Sara has a prudent and cautious personality. As in the case of Mr. Lars, arrangements must have been made to avoid creating a situation like this in any way. Even if a person at the level of a transcendental person was surprised, he did not immediately counterattack or show any hostile intention, so the possibility that the opponent was certainly not malicious could not be ignored… . Even so, the possibility that that person was an uninvited guest with some intention could not be denied.

If so, it was my duty as a teacher to somehow confirm it. Even if it means losing your own life.

shoot the second arrow

Immediately, using all the ‘natural mana’, he moved at high speed and aimed at the uninvited guest’s back.

At that moment, I was already at my limit.

Considering that high-speed movement using ‘natural mana’ consumes more energy than arrows containing ‘natural mana’, it was a natural result.

But this could be confirmed.

If there is no problem when I come to my senses, the other person is not malicious, and if there is a problem, the other person is definitely malicious.

The answer will be known with certainty.

With that thought, I lost consciousness.


Lane was dumbfounded.

“her. I even prepared poison in my mouth.”

If he had come to his senses, he would have looked at the situation and tried to use this poison in the worst case. Should I be serious about this? Should I say that I don’t value myself enough to have no answer? Or else… .

“’I will end my own life rather than catch my disciple’s ankles’… ?”

Lane has a lot of information. It didn’t just mean having information. It was said that he learned everything with his own body if he could learn it. It was also the sound that he had learned medicine. Applying that knowledge to Aura to accurately analyze the opponent’s body was also one of the many tricks that Lane could do.

“Ah, no heart… . Instead, the disintegration of the body is somehow prevented by an alien force. Considering how my senses made me think I was dealing with an elf… . How Elves Breathe? A mercenary had this superlative information by chance? Rather than that, it would be more realistic to say that the ignorant hero gave it to his master who lost his heart.”

If so

Where did Jade’s Aura Heart disappear?

It was not difficult for Rain to recall the heterogeneous Aura Blade wielded by the hero. Jade’s Aura Heart is inside the hero. And it won’t be forced.

There were many crazy people in this world. There were plenty of madmen who tried to forcibly take other people’s Aura Hearts to fill their lack of talent. And none of them succeeded in doing that. If you take it forcibly, it is inevitable that the Aura Heart will eventually be damaged, and absorbing the damaged Aura Heart is no different from an act of suicide. This is because the wounded Auror Heart continues to rot and never heals. As a result, those who forcibly take another person’s aura heart are no different from absorbing living poison into their own bodies.

That’s why I have no choice but to know.

In other words, Jade’s Aura Heart took its place in the hero with pure self-will.

For the sake of his disciple, he dedicated his Aura Heart, which could be said to be his life he had accumulated throughout his life. Even so, he is willing to risk his life, saying that he does not want to hold on to his disciple’s ankle.

A fool with no answer to the extent that there is no solution

There is no other way to explain it.

He’s such an ignorant fool that he can’t see a way to save him.

Even Rain, who had gathered all sorts of information and seen all sorts of human groups, could affirm that he had never seen such an idiot.

“… I think I know why the hero cherishes it so much.”


Lane is back

I couldn’t put a fainting person on the floor, so I laid him down well in his hiding place and covered him with a blanket. I would have liked to have a conversation with you, but… . I saw that it would be difficult. Jade seemed to be a person with good eyesight. There was a high possibility that even a plausible lie would be noticed at once. Rather, at this time, she judged that it was reasonable to quietly withdraw, and returned as it was.

And what was waiting for her

“You came earlier than expected.”

… A warrior was also waiting.

Alfredo, his closest aide, had collapsed.

Lane wasn’t thrilled.

I did it because I thought that this situation might happen.

“Master, did you think you could ignore my words not to touch you?”

“As you know, warrior, not selling information in this industry is not that simple. Of course, there are risks associated with it. So, I need to accurately analyze whether I should take that risk.”

That was the moment.



“… … !”

Lane couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

Although his escort suffered

The escort was to hide their power to an extent. Transcendentalists did not have escorts, and it was to target the prejudice that a person with multiple escorts could not be a transcendentalist. That’s why she was also able to defeat her escorts as much as she wanted.

In other words, she also had pride as a transcendent.

That’s why he believed that no matter how strong a hero is, he will not be easily defeated because he is also strong.

I had no choice but to confirm at this moment how baseless confidence that was.

“… This is very expensive.”

Her favorite dagger was cut exactly in half. It was proof that he had been completely defeated in terms of aura, strength, and skill, and it showed that the current hero’s level had surpassed that of a transcendent.

“You’d better think there’s no next.”

“… Yes, I will engrave it deep in my heart.”

“That would be good.”

Saying so, the hero inserted his sword.

“It’s a pretty good sword, but it seems like it’s not enough for a warrior to use. Will you prepare a good sword as an apology?”

“I refuse. For me, there is no better sword than this one.”

It wasn’t difficult for Lane to recognize at once that the sword was the one Jade gave to Sera as a gift. It wasn’t a difficult task because women are good at reading a woman’s mind.

‘… There is no Archmage William.’

There is no Archmage William, who has always been by his side.

It was not difficult for Lane to realize that there was a third party when he and Jade confronted each other. Maybe at that moment if Rain used a water cannon or did something to harm Jade… .

It was not difficult to recognize how terrifying the magic of the Archmage must have been.

“It’s a teacher and a disciple, so it’s hard to be cautious.”

Lane said that and smiled strangely.

It was then.


“Are you okay, Alfredo?”

“ah. miss. Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Although the dagger I used to use isn’t like that. But is Alfredo really okay?”

“Yes? hmm? Are you healthy because you’re not okay?”


“… It’s so good that even the bad waist feels very cool, right?”

“… … .”

Of course

The fact that Lane was a precious person to Sera

Alfredo, who always stood by her side,

It meant that he was a precious person to her.

In many ways, he was truly the master and his disciple.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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