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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 7

EP.7 – 6. 4 months have passed since the disciple left

Four months have passed since Sarah left.

As he continued to practice the elf’s breathing method and drank the potions that Sera’s fellow wizards gave him, he could no longer cough. Even so, it is still far from regaining its former strength. Even if it was me, it wasn’t that I was standing still.

If you don’t have an aura heart, just create a new one.

I thought it was that simple and almost died.

It seemed that only one blessing from God, called Aura Heart, was given to each person.

With this, it was clearly confirmed that he was wrong to be of help to his disciple. I thought that if I could recreate an aura heart, that young fellow might not have to fight on that hellish battlefield alone… . It seems that it was too greedy.

‘If you used the grace you gave to God for the sake of a disciple, is it too much to ask for more? .’

That was when I was thinking about it.

‘… You’re here.’

A sound was heard.

cutting through the bush

The sound made by moving while hiding the presence as much as possible because it is sleek and light

I specialized in swords. But that didn’t mean only using a sword. As a mercenary, it was natural that the more talents there were, the better. Above all, it is basic for mercenaries to have their weapons damaged while fighting on the battlefield. Therefore, picking up weapons rolling around on the battlefield and fighting is the most basic and necessary skill to survive. That’s why, starting with a sword, you need to learn the basic skills of handling weapons that are likely to be used well on the battlefield, such as spears and axes.

After that, if you want to expand your field of activity, you need to learn the bow. And I was a conscientious mercenary who didn’t consider such an investment a waste of time at all. That is, I… .

What a profit!

Archery was also quite good.


The red-haired fox was hit with an arrow I shot and fell down.

“I shot it, but it’s amazing.”

The red fur of this fox is very special. That’s because mana was flowing. Just as humans absorb nature’s mana and turn it into aura or magical power, there are cases in which animals living in nature can also create certain results through the nature’s mana. In the case of this fox, it is this red fur. Like the hair flowing with mana, it is not normal hair. It has the property of becoming hard like metal when attacked.

That’s why the average hunter’s arrow doesn’t do any damage. Rather, it was something that could become a fox’s daily food if it was touched without knowing anything. Therefore, it was correct to give up catching this fox unless it was an arrow containing an aura. The problem was that the arrows with the Aura enough to hit the fox were so destructive that they damaged the skin too much. In other words, even if you hold it hard, the damage is severe, making it difficult to get the right price. This red-haired fox was a specialty of the North that made money, but somehow made me feel like I had a lot to lose.

… However, it seemed that I was an exception. And that’s because my arrows cut off the fox’s throat without damaging its skin.

“… I never thought the elves’ breathing techniques would make this possible.”

As he continued to use the elf’s breathing method, at some point, a strange power developed within him. It was so insignificant that it was there for a short time and then disappeared in an instant, so I didn’t even know it was there at first… . I noticed it when I tried to recreate the Aura Heart and failed and experienced great pain. That there is something inside of you.

After various experiments, I found out that it was ‘natural mana’. Elf breathing is a skill that absorbs nature’s mana as it is and activates the body. But my body does not belong to the elves. In other words, even if you use the elven breathing method, you cannot use 100% of the elven breathing method. And as a result, I couldn’t completely absorb 100% of the natural mana I received through the elf’s breathing method, and the unabsorbed natural mana stayed in my body and returned to nature.

Anyway, it turns out that I have natural mana in me.

So I couldn’t help but gamble on it.

The result was that the red-haired fox could be neatly killed with a single arrow.

“Your wallet will be thick again today.”

Anyway, thanks to selling red foxes at a high price, my wallet, which had been empty, started to feel good again.

“You should save a lot.”

I think my student is a real hero, but I’m worried because he is. A warrior, a warrior! Is there a job that makes ‘money?????’ as much as a job called a warrior? Sounds like you’re making a lot, but don’t you think you won’t be able to properly put it in your own wallet? In addition, in the case of our students, it is unlikely that they would even care about such money issues.

“Is it the teacher’s role to fill in what the disciple lacks?”

I was dutifully filling my wallet so that if my student returned with a light wallet, there would be no problem.

“Where is it that you don’t get bullied?”

He was a disciple, not one or two things to worry about.

But I’m relieved that I’m going to eat well… .


“It doesn’t taste good.”

“Huh, it can’t be. It was the skill of a chef who worked in the imperial family.”

“A tasteless thing is just a tasteless thing.”

On the other hand, Bob was Sarah who was lightly betraying the heart of the teacher who believed that he would eat well. William, the great wizard, shook his head, thinking that he was a really helpless master, and unfolded the fruit lunch he had brought. William couldn’t help but ponder more and more seriously whether Sarah’s ancestors had elves.

“I can’t believe it when I see it with my own eyes. To think that someone like the Archmage is taking care of a girl much younger than herself… .”

“Did you ever think that the day would come when this place would be like this?”

“… With that said, I have nothing to say.”

The master of the empire’s best information guild [Darkmoon] and one of the three people who rule the underworld, a giant in the underworld.

madame lane

Ever since she sat in a position so high that she was called the ruler of the underworld, she had lived without knowing what suffering was. The other two who were mentioned as rulers of the underworld were busy fighting like crazy, saying that they would become the kings of the underworld, but she was not particularly interested in being the king of the underworld. To be more precise, it was because he had the confidence to sit in the throne of the king of the underworld at any time. Even if one of the two lost, won, or became a strong candidate for the king, she had the confidence to turn against her, slit his head, and sit on the throne of the blood-stained underworld. It’s not just about being confident. It was true that she had the ability to do so.

The weapon of information was just as powerful.

That’s why she was sure that her territory would not be polluted.

She could never have imagined that the day would come when such a fleeting and insignificant thought would be proved. But that was her reality at this moment.

“Cool! Cool!”

“Turn it off!”

The best escorts she trusted were all on the floor, unable to get up, and everything she had decorated beautifully was a mess. And to the girl who ruined her daily life, there was nothing she could do except treat her as a guest.

There is only one law that exists in the underworld.

weak meat

The weak must thoroughly bow their heads to the strong.

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Just because she uses information as a weapon doesn’t stop her from being an underworld person. If it is clear that the opponent is strong, even if it is a younger girl, she should bow her head.

Because that’s the only law of the underworld.

More than anything

‘On my own without the help of the Archmage… .’

The person who became a great wizard in the first place wouldn’t act like he was such a subordinate for nothing. Strong enough to make even the archmage so loyal… . If you put your mind to it, you can cut off your own throat as much as you want… .

‘Where is this absurdly strong man… .’

together with young Silver hair there… . If you have such a special appearance and such strong power, how can you hide it even if you want to hide it… .

At that moment, Madame was able to recall some information.

“A candidate for a hero… .”

“As expected, you must have already had all the information about the candidate for the hero?”

“… … .”

It was as if he had been confirmed that what he had said was true.

Although she obviously has talent, she didn’t feel motivated, so she had to hear the information that there was a candidate for a silver-haired girl who was sent to an A-class mercenary, but… . didn’t pay much attention. It was because it was unlikely that he would become a great candidate even if he was a candidate for a warrior who had learned under an A-class mercenary. But it seems that it was a huge misunderstanding.

They are not the ones he chose as an escort for nothing. It was an escort made up of the best masters to the extent that even the candidates who had entered the level of superhumans could easily win. However, he defeated all of them so easily by himself. And without killing anyone… . Even if you are not uninitiated, you can tell. It can be seen that it is easier to kill an opponent than to subdue them without killing them. In particular, subduing the strong enough to rise to the ranks of masters alive without killing them… . It is impossible if it is not ‘the realm of transcendence’.

‘Is the girl in front of me ‘a state of transcendence’?’

I couldn’t believe it.

But it’s a reality.

There are countless cases like this when doing information business. It is bound to come at the moment of ‘Is this for real?’. But in the end, what you see with your own two eyes always remains the same.

I can’t believe it

More than I could see with my own two eyes

This is reality.

“It seems like you learned who the real hero is before the imperial family.”

“I don’t really want to be a hero, but if the one who kills the demon king is a hero, then I am the hero.”

“Who else could be a real hero if not you? Then can someone like that ask me what’s going on?”

“I’m here to get an appointment.”

“A promise?”


“What kind of promise?”

“How much information you can sell about me. But never sell any information about Master.”

“… I’ve been doing this a lot, but this is the first time.”

Although there are people who come to tell me not to sell my information, it is the first time that I am allowed to sell my information, but not to sell information about people related to me.

“I know that asking you not to sell information about me is an impossible request. But isn’t it possible enough not to sell information about my master?”

“But just because I don’t sell doesn’t mean other information guilds don’t sell… .”

“I know that all information guilds are in your hands.”

“… … !”

Madam couldn’t help but be surprised. It was one of the secrets known only to her closest aides that she secretly took control of all information guilds in the underworld without even the shadows of the imperial family knowing. It was information that no one had heard. As much as he worked with information, he also perfectly knew how to hide information most perfectly. That’s why she could be sure even at this moment. No information was disclosed. But the girl in front of him figured it out. It’s like looking into the future.

It was a crazy idea, but… .

If he had such ability, it was also understandable that he had reached the level of a transcendent at that age.

“I don’t bring up stories that I can’t tell in the first place. You can do it, so I’m bringing up the story.”

“… First of all, I want to apologize for telling lies.”

“It’s fine. Isn’t it more natural for people from the underworld to lie than to tell the truth?”

It may sound like a huge discriminatory statement, but that was true. It is not an exaggeration to say that among the people living in the underworld, there is no one who values the truth more familiarly than lies. Yesterday, people from the back world overflowed with people who extorted alcohol money saying that my parents, who had raised me for a long time but were not filial, died, and the next day, that my parents abandoned me a long time ago.

“You speak as if you ever lived in the underworld?”


Sarah had lived many lives.

Among them, of course, there was also the experience of living as a resident of the underworld.

and once

the woman in front

I have also served as a teacher

There was also a time when we called her unnie and had a closer relationship than anyone else.

It is a reality that no longer exists for Madame, but it may be the future.

There were times when it felt sad for Sara, but

Now, she no longer felt sad.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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