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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 21

EP.21 – 20. The disciple seriously thinks

“crime. sorry.”

“divination. it’s okay. ha ha ha.”

I laughed awkwardly. Fortunately, no tragedy happened. It was really dangerous, but I managed to suppress it somehow. It preserves human dignity. Even when I think about it, I can’t help but think that it was a really fierce battle… .

Is there any problem with that?

that wasn’t it again

‘Now it looks cute.’

The way she blushed and straightened her hair looked so cute. Until recently, it felt far away because of the sense of distance, but in an instant, it felt so close that the sense of distance was not controlled at all.

‘Calm down. The opponent is a being close to God. There is nothing good about being strangely intertwined.’

The most important thing for a mercenary is not to forget your subject. When you work as a mercenary, all sorts of temptations will come your way. The idiot mercenaries, who thought they were something, caught the hand of the temptation and then died. It’s like losing all energy and dying after being tempted by a succubus.

‘Calm down, Jade. Remember what happens when you forget your subject. You shouldn’t be like that. You are obliged to wait for the disciple to return. If you can’t even do that, do you deserve to live? Wake!’

Fortunately, it worked.

The dizzying things finally calmed down.

As expected, the lessons learned in life were always helpful if they were not forgotten. I don’t know anything else, but the lessons I’ve accumulated in my life haven’t betrayed me.


The world tree was amazed.

‘I made a mistake… . Fortunately, there seems to be no problem?’

Meeting in the dream world was, after all, a contact between souls. And it was only natural that the quality of the spirit of the World Tree was different from that of ordinary humans. No matter how brilliant Jade’s soul was, as long as the soul belonged to a human, if she came into direct contact with the spirit of the World Tree, she would be affected by that enormous spirit. And there were bound to be some side effects. Either you’re dancing around like you’re drunk, or the desire hidden deep in your soul is stimulated… . The desire for the opposite sex could come out explosively or something.

Since the world tree had the appearance of an attractive elf woman, it would not be strange at all if such desire for the opposite sex exploded. But Jade seemed perfectly okay (not okay at all). The World Tree nodded, thinking that brilliant souls are special.

‘Hmm? Why did I feel ‘a bit disappointed’?’

If Jade is not harmed and is fine (though not fine), isn’t it fortunate for herself? If Jade’s desire for the opposite sex exploded here, she would be in trouble… .

‘yes? Is that a troubling problem? what?’

This is obviously a difficult problem… … Why don’t you feel uncomfortable?

The world tree fell into chaos.

It’s definitely a problem that should be difficult, but no matter how you think about it, it’s a difficult problem. Why am I now?

“World Tree?”

“ah! Yes?! Why?”

“I think we should come back to the main topic.”

“ah. Yes. Yes.”

I’m sure I prepared this forum to give Jade a blessing… . But why did he cry in Jade’s arms? The World Tree blushed again. It hadn’t calmed down since before. My heart still can’t calm down, but it’s the first time I’ve felt like this.

It was completely different from fear and fear. The World Tree is an all-knowing being, of course it knows nothing. Therefore, she also knew what was happening to her as knowledge. I only knew it as knowledge, but since I had never felt it myself, it was only knowledge I knew… . At this moment, the world tree couldn’t help realizing that he was not only aware of knowledge, but was experiencing ‘experience’.

‘That. can’t you? to? what? Isn’t it strange? No, I also have feelings, so it wouldn’t be strange to say that such a phenomenon would happen to me, but… . That. Have I lived a very long time? I’ve never had it before, but now I’m suddenly? Something doesn’t make sense?’

Because the battery always knows everything, the World Tree, who had never experienced ‘wandering’, was experiencing the first time that he panicked because he did not know the answer for the first time. However, in this case, it was not because they did not know the answer, but it was a phenomenon that occurred because they knew the answer but could not accept it.

“World Tree?”

“divination. it’s okay I have no problems.”

‘I don’t think there are people who say they’re okay, but they’re okay.’

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Jade had such thoughts, but in front of the world tree, she was fully aware that she was Eul, so she decided to keep her mouth shut.

“Hmmm. Anyway, it’s time to give Jade what she needs.”

‘yes? Mr. Did you decide to call me without it?’

I was naturally interested in calling the World Tree by my first name, which I had definitely called Jade earlier, but Jade calmly kept my mouth shut because I thought the story would get further from the main topic if I asked about this.

“What about the fruit of the World Tree?”

“… I’ve only ever heard the story. Wasn’t that very precious?”

“You have to be precious. Because in my long life, there have only been about 5 fruits. So, in the old days when there were dragons, there were times when they attacked me because they were curious about the taste and effect of my fruit. In the end, I failed because I couldn’t break through my barrier.”

“… … .”

Should we be surprised by the barriers of the World Tree that cannot be penetrated by dragons? Should we be surprised by the demon lord’s power to break through the barriers of such a world tree? Or should I be surprised by the great heart of the World Tree, who said that he would give the precious thing he couldn’t get even though he tried to get a dragon?

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Jade couldn’t find the answer to that in the end. Because I realized along the way that the wisest thing would be to just stop thinking.

“Anyway, isn’t it very precious?”

“But it is the most precious elixir in the world.”


A very valuable treasure that any warrior or wizard will turn their eyes toward. Of course, there was a time when Jade thought that if she looked at the elixir, she would not have a wish, so the elixir was a very precious treasure itself. The value of the elixir was so precious that it would not be an exaggeration to say that if the elixir was discovered during the war, from then on, it would be impossible to distinguish between the enemy and the ally. Even if the effect was evaluated as inferior, it was enough to earn a lot of gold coins by selling it. Of course, that’s why you have to watch your neck the moment rumors spread that you obtained the elixir… .

In any case, it was natural that the elixir and the ‘fruit of the World Tree’, which was said to be the most precious elixir in the world, were very precious. To the extent that it wouldn’t be strange to hear that the emperor even tried to save the hidden wealth. But… .

“But in my current condition, the elixir is too wasteful.”

“… … ? There’s nothing wrong with entering Jade’s body. You can just eat it.”

“No, no. it’s okay. It’s really fine.”

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Just because she was Jade didn’t mean she didn’t like the elixir, of course. However, there was no point in taking the elixir now. You need an aura to eat the elixir and completely own the efficacy of the elixir… . Jade didn’t have an aura that could do that. It could be replaced with ‘Nature Mana’, but… . It was obvious that most of the power would be blown away as a result, as the amount it could handle was very small. If you eat, your body should become a little more healthy as much as you eat, but it was a serious problem that you get too little compared to the cost.

‘In addition, if too much energy comes in at once, it may cause a reverse flow… .’

There were countless cases of underachievers who had not properly mastered either aura or magic power and consumed elixirs without knowing anything and ruined their bodies, and it was no wonder that Jade was added to them.

If it was a low-level elixir, even the current Jade would be able to withstand it, but if it was the best elixir in the world, he had no confidence to endure it. In other words, it was rejected based on realistic judgment.

“… Then there is nothing you can do.”

Fortunately, the world tree gave up.

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Jade let out a sigh of relief, thinking that it was fortunate that she could communicate with her.

“Then what about my thousand-year-old branch?”

“… At first glance, it seems very precious, but… .”

“Whoops. It’s not that valuable.”

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Jade was not fooled.

And it was really valuable.

It was such a precious treasure that even the archmages said they would not have a wish just by looking at it once.

‘… I just need to bless you… .’

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Jade couldn’t understand how this happened.

… That is, that’s it.

He was a sinful man. And sinful men don’t know that they have a lot of sins. That included Jade.


“… … .”

“… Lord, it will be over soon, so don’t worry too much.”

“… … .”

Archmage William was dying. His master is blowing cold air worse than the cold wind of the north, and he has no choice but to die. It was a law that there was no subordinate who could feel good next to him while the boss was giving off a lot of bad mood, and that was a very equal rule that could not be an exception just because he was a great wizard.


Unlike the hero who exudes cold air and the archmage who is ready to die while watching, the elf Riel is chewing on the fruit he doesn’t know where he got it.

“Yum Yum.”

“… Elf, does that go over your mouth?”

“Is it delicious?”

“… Is that so?”

It was an attack in its own way, but the opponent didn’t know it was an attack and sent innocent eyes, so William had no choice but to just decide not to pay attention.

“I’m having a little conversation with my mother, but why is she radiating such a cold air?”

“… … .”

Elf, it’s a world tree that he worships like his own parents, so his trust level is skyrocketing, so there shouldn’t be any concerns… .

‘I’m also saying ‘no way’… . How heartbroken the lord must be… .’

Could it be that the World Tree falls in love with humans?

There’s no way that something that could only come out of an old myth could happen in reality, right? I want to move on with that thought, but… .

‘I don’t know if it’s Master… .’

At a glance, even his master was absolutely not the kind of person who would give his heart to others. Perhaps, he was the one who was farther away from love than anyone else and seemed to never give that feeling to anyone. However, it was Jade who made him feel the emotion of love and stole his heart very firmly. … I don’t know… . In any case, it was the conclusion that William, who had a brilliant past, came to the conclusion that Jade had a demonic charm that he didn’t know about.

That demonic charm… . perhaps… . no way… . Possibility of affecting even the World Tree… . It was scary because it was not zero.

It was then.

“It breaks.”

Sarah said so

Soon the world tree’s barrier was broken.

Sarah’s body disappeared in an instant, and she was busy examining it as she reached in front of Jade and laid her down.

‘No matter how impatient you are… . You use a huge aura and perform a skill that is almost like leaping into space… .’

William had no choice but to be fed up with the momentary action of his lord’s amazing deed.

And soon, the world tree in the form of a soul appeared again.

-Did it take a while? sorry. The conversation got a little long.

“I bet you didn’t do anything that would harm Master’s body, right?”

-Of course, he even gave me a present.

Sarah immediately saw the wooden ring on Jade’s finger. Sera was able to read the energy from the ring without difficulty.

“He gave you a blessing.”

-Because that will definitely help Jade more than a blessing.

Protection of the World Tree

It was a must-appear in various legends and myths related to the World Tree. It’s like the world tree bestowed blessings on a hero who went out to save the world. I’ve received it a few times. It was just the right thing for Jade now.

It was just a good thing… .

“You originally made it a necklace, right?”

The World Tree always bestowed blessings with necklaces, but never once with rings!

– Because you feel like giving it to me with a ring?

“And why are you calling someone else’s teacher’s name?

-Because I said you can call me by my first name.

“And why is the ring on this finger… .”

But Sarah couldn’t speak any further.


Because I saw a scene I shouldn’t have seen.

-If it’s possible, wouldn’t it be nice to give a blessing too? Whoops.

“… Why would you stain someone else’s forehead with your lips when it could just be holding hands?”

– Mmm. secret♥

At the end of those words, the world tree smiled strangely and disappeared with the wind.


“… … .”

William heard something great, but pretended not to hear. It was because pretending to hear it would be very bad for my mental health for some reason.

“… William”

“… Yes, lord.”

“… Shall I lock you up?”

“… … .”

There was no subject.

But ‘Who?’ William couldn’t bear to ask.

She just looked at Jade, who was hugged tightly by Sera, with eyes that contained complex meanings. And in that moment, Sera changed the ring the world tree had put on Jade’s finger to the other finger and put it on. It was to the point that William couldn’t even notice the movement, no matter how much he used the aura.

… The lord was in a lot of hurry.

William decided to think about that.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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