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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 22

EP.22 – 21. The disciple is solving unpleasant things

Mr. Ras took the elf Riel and left.

‘But he looked like he had a lot to say, right?’

He seemed to have a lot to say, but Riel left without saying anything. He looked as if he had been threatened by someone… . It’s a scary being that can intimidate the elves of the world… . Wouldn’t there be only the Demon King? In the end, it was just my delusion because there was no way that there could be an existence capable of threatening the current elves. I just had a lot of things I wanted to say, but I didn’t know what to say, so I must have made that face. Thinking that I should do better next time, I went back to my normal routine.

According to Mr. Lars, the World Tree blessed me with the protection of the World Tree. The effect was so great that the uncomfortable feeling in the body completely disappeared. In addition, the amount of ‘natural mana’ that can be placed in the body has also increased. At this level, it seemed that he could fight to some extent.

‘At this level, I can easily deal with a B-class mercenary.’

It was to the point where I wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Ras and the elf Riel.

… But I decided not to.

To be honest, after the attack method called ‘natural mana’ was created, it continued to flicker in one side of my mind. Wouldn’t I be able to fight by Sera’s side? That kind of heart kept trying to find a place in me. However, knowing that it was excessive greed, I always brushed it off, and now I have completely abandoned that mindset.

I am here waiting for the disciple to return. That is the role I have to take on.

I didn’t want to leave everything to the little boy and stay behind like an old man in the back room, but… .

Now I wasn’t very helpful to the disciple. Rather, I did not know if I would become a hostage or what adverse effects my death would have on the child. It was clear that it would be more helpful for him to stay like this. Knowing when to be rude and when not to be rude, was a must have as a mercenary.

“By the way, come with Mr. Lars and show me his face… . There must be a reason.”

For a moment, I reflected on my lack of maturity.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that another name for the turbulent times was the ‘age of prenatal’. It’s because even if you get rid of it as if it were a bug or a weed, it will continue to appear and make the world a mess. The knights in the strongest system in the empire are not interested in what is happening on the border, and the lords in the provinces do not actively move because they are afraid that they will give up their heads after consuming their forces to wipe out bandits.

Rather, this is a cute level.

It was because there were many cases where they pretended not to know because they were fascinated by the sacrifices offered by the bandits. Clever bandits offer sacrifices to the lord and do the work without touching anything related to the lord, so as a local lord, the return is greater than the damage done to him, so he pretends not to know. Of course, merchants and commoners would have to live in pain, but if the lord cared about that, he wouldn’t have taken bribes from the bandits in the first place, so it could be said that expecting too much from trash that was less than filth was a waste of mental energy.

The Velk Bandit, who occupied Mount Yorca and were operating, was one such case. Just looking at Velk’s size, he looked like he was fighting for strength without turning his head, but unlike his appearance, he had the aspect of a fox. With the strength of a bear and the head of a fox, he had just the right abilities to succeed as a bandit, and as a result, he started with nothing and rose to the rank of leader of a bandit, commanding bandits under his own name.

He dutifully paid bribes to the lords around him, avoided things related to the lords as much as possible, and thoroughly confided in merchants and commoners. However, the fate of the Velk bandits was not long. Soon, all of the bandits who are called bandits are beheaded in order to gain fame in order to be recognized as warriors by candidates who have completed training under countless superhumans and masters. It was because the Velk Bandit was one of them.

so that

The Velk bandits shouldn’t have ended yet.

Unless you got caught by some hero candidate who was in a very bad mood and was looking for something to vent his anger on somehow.

“There is only one enemy! That’s one! Don’t be afraid!”

The boss, Belk, who was shouting out not to be scared, looked the most frightened. That’s also why a little girl appears, swinging her blade and destroying wild plants, and is committing a massacre… . If you didn’t feel the fear here, you shouldn’t be banditry in the countryside like this, but you should have gone to Jedo and taken the knight test. But even if you try to run away, you can’t run away… .


“buy! save… ! Queueek!”

It was because the speed of the warrior candidate’s advance was so fast that he didn’t even have time to ask for help.

In the end, all the bandits were turned into corpses, except for the leader, Velk.

“… I want to surrender… .”

“… … .”

Soon, the boss, Velk, was able to watch his own torso fall.

Originally, he gave the inexperienced warrior candidate all kinds of hardships to gain practical experience, and from his point of view, he died unfortunately, but in this life, it ended in vain.

Sera, a candidate for the warrior who changed another future, called William, who was busy organizing behind the scenes.

“Is there anyone else around here?”

“… Yes, no.”

The lack of strength in William’s voice was a natural result. It was because no matter how great a wizard was, as long as he was a wizard, there were bound to be problems with lack of stamina. More than anything else, Sera said that she would relieve her mood, and since she is catching all the bad guys in this area… . It was because moving with teleport magic and following it became quite difficult and extreme labor.

“Hey! Hate! I hate to work! I can’t even rest since dawn! tiring! It’s hard!”

Riel, who suddenly joined as a colleague, shouted as if screaming. But let Sera watch quietly… .

“… … .”

quietly shut his mouth.

She was uncomfortable with Sarah. It was so young that a young human girl fought with the burden of being a candidate for the hero, so she joined her side, but no matter how much she looked at Sera… .

‘A teacher is special as a teacher, and a disciple is special as a disciple.’

But it was completely different. If the teacher showed something precious like a treasure, the disciple showed himself the bottom even more than the bottom. If possible, they were so terrible that I would like to erase them from my memory. But I had already seen it, and it bothered me that such a young human girl had it, so I had no choice but to stand by it. Although her tone and atmosphere seemed infinitely young, she was a kind-hearted elf.

“But why are you hiding it like that, saying you’re a teacher?”

He stayed by Jade’s side while he was sleeping, worried about what was wrong with Jade, but since Jade seemed to be recovering soon, he suddenly disappeared, forcing him to keep a secret about himself, so he had no choice but to tell Jade that he and William Although I said that I took care of it by my side… . It was because Riel couldn’t understand it at all.

“… … .”

Even though her gender is female, Sera, who had no confidence to explain properly to Riel, who had lived a life without any ties to love or anything like that, just kept her mouth shut.

In the end, William stepped in and went into a moderately evasive operation.

“Ugh! Do not doubt your lord’s will, elf.”

“Just call me Riel, Archmage. You could definitely reveal to your master that you’re a great wizard and you’re lying!”

“This is also the will of the lord.”

“… … .”

When Sera told her to do it, Riel kept her mouth shut. If I say more here, wouldn’t it be that he was challenging Sera’s will? I hated it because it was scary. I was worried about Sera, so I left her by her side, but… . The hard was hard, and the scary was scary.

“So there is no place to rob people around anymore?”

At Riel’s point, William nodded.

“… Whoa.”

Sarah let out a breath.

Still a lot of bad things haven’t been resolved… .

It seemed that it was not a good idea to force William and Riel any further because of himself, so he decided to stop.

“I will stop.”

“Oh yea!!!!!!”

Riel hurrahed.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s a bit lacking, but I can’t help it.”

“… … .”

William couldn’t help but be horrified that there was still something left to solve after all the stress he had dealt with with so many villains. I’m glad I live a good life. I’m really glad that the lord is on my side. William couldn’t help but think so with pure heart.

“The time has come for the warrior candidates to go around.”

“You mean already?”

“Am I going around too?”

“… … .”

Do you have a conscience? What’s wrong with them to see you and them as equals now?

He almost spit out such words at the moment, but he did not make such a mistake as he served the lord Sera and reached the level of a master in terms of social life.

“Hey! Are they like you?!”

It was a story that did not apply at all to the elf Riel, who lived without knowing anything about social life.

“Anyway, I think I’ll have to unpack what I’ve prepared.”

“You mean already?”

“Movement is important in battle, and the simplest way to get momentum is to move first.”

This is what William admires most about his lord. His master isn’t just strong. It’s wise, yet incredibly strong. Wisdom and strength, acquiring them at the same time is never an easy task. It’s something you can only learn by spending a really long time. The master handled it naturally as if he had it from the moment he was born.

‘As expected, the lord… .’

William came up with a certain possibility in the conversation between his lord and the world tree, but he did not make the mistake of mentioning it. If it’s something you need to know, the lord will tell you first, and if you need to know something, it’s your role to not know it until the end.

He just did his best in his role.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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