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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 20

EP.20 – 19. Master said to the World Tree

Anyway, I had a tea time with the World Tree.

What came out of the body of the world tree, we tea… . Even if the identity of the World Tree is a tree, and even if there are leaves that can be grown from that tree, we will use it… . For me, the world tree is a woman in the shape of an elf… . It felt like something was spinning in my head. Still, the taste was good, so I kept drinking it.

But it’s a world in a dream, so you can taste it. It’s interesting, but… . It wasn’t a very strange feeling. It was so overwhelming that ‘I’m having tea time with the World Tree, who is close to a god!’ Should I say that moderately spicy after eating something too spicy is similar to not feeling spicy?

than that… .

‘I, who was busy running away when superhumans appeared on the battlefield, now have tea time with the World Tree, which I can’t meet even if I want to meet superhumans. Jade, you’ve become a huge mogul. It wasn’t because I wanted to, but… .’

There had to be times when I had to risk my life to take my time against a superman. However, no mercenary does mercenary work because he wants to die. Foolish people don’t even know they’re dying and then die, but even those people are foolish, not because they want to die. It was a natural choice for me to avoid fighting superhumans as well. In any case, it was truly surprising that I, who was only a master who was infinitely lacking compared to a superman, was spending tea time with a being close to a god.

… It couldn’t have been, but… .

‘… I don’t want to be involved with elves or world trees.’

Networking that does not fit the topic often leads to death rather than profit. You can think that inmaek is unconditionally good, but that is an illusion. There are hyenas everywhere who are trying to benefit from networking in the first place. Of course, the higher the person who can exert power as a personal connection, the more hyenas overflow, and it was also natural that such hyenas were fighting a fierce bloody invisible war among themselves.

As a veteran mercenary, I was able to see many cases where a mercenary who did not know what he was trying to connect with a big player, saying he had a relationship, was quickly left with only bones by the hyenas around him. But is it related to a being close to God? Just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. I was sure that if this hadn’t been a dream, it would have been really painful.

“Phew. It’s a bit quiet outside.”

Could it be that Mr. Lars ran amok? There was nothing I could do now except that much of a guess. Still, I didn’t say anything, so I opened my mouth and looked at it.

“… Can’t you just let me go?”

“oh. such a sad sound. It’s fate that we met like this, but it’s not too soon to break up.”

“ah… . Yes… .”

If the thing in front of me was a rural aristocrat, I would say goodbye with a loud voice saying, ‘It’s okay!’ Above all, since there was a possibility that being close to a god might be of some help to Sera, he had no choice but to pay more attention to it.

If it’s for their children, shouldn’t they be able to notice things that parents don’t do, say ‘yes~yes~can’ and say ‘yes~yes~can’ as if they were treacherous, and even bow down? In my case, he was a disciple, but since he was precious, I was able to do that.

When I think about this, I think the days when I was alone were definitely comfortable. Back then, even if I just lived my own way, it would be enough if I took responsibility for what I did… . I couldn’t do that because my body was no longer alone. I live as I please and leave as I wish. Isn’t it really free and good? There were certainly good things about those days.

But… .

What I can be desperate for at this moment is possible because I am not alone. I was not desperate at all when I was alone and lonely. There was no reason to be desperate. That’s why the time was definitely comfortable, but it was empty. I was free, but I was just free. I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing most in it.

So what now? There is no such thing. Desperately, just desperately, I am living this moment for someone. In that sense, I feel fortunate that I am not alone. Even if I am not free, I can definitely feel that I have something more important than anything else.

“So Jade… Is there anything you want to ask me, sir?”

“… … ? Can I call you Jade?”

“Um… . Shall we do that later? Whoops.”

“… … ?”

I had a very strong feeling that he was hiding something… .

But since I wasn’t in a position to question the World Tree, I decided to just skip it. Rather, it may be that what you don’t know is medicine. It was one of the maxims in the mercenary industry that you should stick to your head. Of course, it was normal for mercenaries like Hanryang to live without such a precious maxim stuck in their heads and then search through it… .

“So, is there anything you want to ask?”

“… … .”

Of course there was.

“Can the World Tree help you in this war against the Demon King?”

“Ugh. Of course, I expected that they would ask who the hero was among the candidate candidates… . Wrong. But why didn’t you ask that question?”

“Because it doesn’t make any sense.”

“It doesn’t make any sense?”

“Whether my disciple was a hero or not, the fact that he is the most precious disciple in this world to me does not change. No, on the contrary, I long for it in my heart. ‘I hope that child is not a warrior.’ That way the child’s path will be a little less painful. But the talent he has… . When I saw it, I think it belonged to a warrior. So I don’t want to know. The moment you confirm that the child is a hero… . It seems that even I will see that child as a hero… . I am just afraid of that.”

If there’s an existence you can’t trust the most in this world

it is yourself

The thing I was most disappointed and despaired in this world was because there were many cases about myself more than anyone else. With excuses and excuses that I can’t help it, I’ve made choices that I regret over and over again. Many times, dozens of times, hundreds of times… . That’s why I know better than anyone else. The thing that doesn’t get my way the most in this world, and betrays my heart more than anything else, is always myself.

That’s why I always guard myself.

Beware of your own indolence, curse your own patheticness, and hate your own powerlessness.

It’s scary at that age.

The moment I realize my disciple is a warrior

I fear that even I will see him not as a child but as a warrior… .

No matter how convinced I was of ‘I can’t do that’, I couldn’t be sure if I would really keep that belief without betraying it. Just like the me in the past, the future me can betray my expectations as much as I like.

That’s why I decided not to ask.

It would be the most reasonable way not to give birth to anxiety in the first place.

“… That’s amazing. I did not expect to receive such an answer.”

“So can you answer my question?”

“I don’t think I can be of much help. That would be the answer I can give you.”

“… Why?”

Even for the World Tree, the destruction of the world would not be a good thing. It was hard to think that if the demon king ran rampant, even if it was the barrier of the world tree, it would survive.

“Or is the world tree’s barrier able to withstand the demon lord’s attack?”

If that’s the case, I think it would be better to run away into the barrier of the World Tree rather than letting Sera fight too hard to the point of losing her life.

In the first place, the empire arbitrarily labeled Sera as a candidate for a hero and made her a scapegoat, but there is no reason the child should be sacrificed. What did the world do to that child in the first place? What did the Empire do to that child? For the sake of the world and the empire, there was no reason for that child to shoulder everything and risk his life to fight.

If there was a way to escape, I was a human full of heart, willing to tell Sera to run away that way. There may be people who point fingers at me like that, but it doesn’t matter. They will overflow with hearts telling you to count, fight and die for them. In a situation of confrontation, it is only resolved when the other side breaks, but I have no intention of breaking, so it is only natural that we have no choice but to go to the end in the end. So I didn’t care about them at all.

“Unfortunately, I can’t stop the demon king’s fire even with my own strength.”

“Then why wouldn’t you help?”


‘… That way, the demon king will fall into the poison of conceit.’

For the demon king, who has no power of omniscience, there is only one way to approach that omnipotence. This is the reaction of the world tree. From how the World Tree moves, the Demon King can guess what the World Tree has circulated. The Demon King knows that, and the World Tree also knows it. As a result, the World Tree did not always fight.

Even if it was a world tree, it didn’t mean he didn’t do anything. Although she does not have a perfect regression like Sera, she was able to leave knowledge to her ‘next self’, so she tried to create a chance of reversal among many opportunities like Sera did in her own way. But it all came to nothing.

No matter how hard I tried, it all became meaningless. In the end, everything was because there was no way to get out of battery. Rather, he almost made the demon king notice the possibility of the hero’s ‘return’ because of himself. Each time, the hero committed suicide without hesitation by cutting his own throat. It was because he thought that the worst ending might come if he, who was closer to God than anyone else, knew the possibility of returning.

In the end, the World Tree could do nothing.

There was nothing I could do but despair.

Because of her ability, omniscience, she could do nothing but despair, despair, and collapse. Looking at himself like that, the demon king was always sure. It is said that the battery predicted his victory. That’s why she planned to die by the fire of the terrible demon king again this time.

She did not experience it directly, but she knew only that it was the most terrible and brutal pain in the world, as many of them left it at the last moment as the knowledge of how terrible it was. However, by burning himself to death in that terrible fire, the demon king will not be able to imagine the possibility that the battery is broken. That’s it, that’s it. The world tree thought.

That’s why the World Tree couldn’t tell Jade.

That your earnest heart toward your disciple reached your omnipotence, and because of that, your battery was shattered.

“I think of myself as being close to God, but I’m just an imitator. It’s the ability called ‘battery’. I can know everything. But that’s all you can do. After all, I don’t have ‘omnipotence’, so I’m less than half compared to God. It is a weak existence that can only know and accept it. It is impossible to cause a great miracle as you think, and it is impossible to stop the demon lord. After all, I am just a tree. A being close to God? It doesn’t fit at all. I’m just a humble existence with nothing to do but know and exist, that’s me.”

‘this… . I didn’t mean to say this.’

Maybe it was something like resentment that had accumulated without even realizing it. And it may be that what was hidden was revealed due to the emergence of hope. Even a world tree that has existed for a long time and has experienced all kinds of things would naturally blush.

‘But… . Yes. Will this make me hate that brilliant soul? That would be a proper ‘punishment’ for me.’

It may have been what I was hoping for. To the self who is said to be close to God and can’t do anything… . It may be that he wanted to be angered in the way of ‘Why can’t you do that?!’, ‘Are you still being called an existence close to God?!’ Even if you do that, your sins won’t be forgiven… . Even so, it would be better to be rebuked at least a little from this unforgivable sin… .

By the way… .

“Hmm. Was it like that too?”

“… … ?”


“As expected, things in the world don’t come easily. Mmm. I thought it couldn’t be easy, but it hurts my head to know that it’s difficult.”

“I… .”

“Yes? Why?”

“That. Is that the end?”

“… … ?”

Looking at Jade’s reaction as she tilted her head as if to say something, the World Tree could see that it was sincere.

“… … .”

In response, the world tree had no choice but to look at Jade with a face that was difficult to explain.


ah… . Is it roughly like that?

The face of the world tree is a face that has been seen many times.

Yes, this is the expression often seen on the battlefield of rookie knights who think they have become something. It is the kind of expression he makes when he realizes the reality after thinking that he has become something, and that the war will end if he steps forward. Of course, it wouldn’t be like that, since the World Tree is an enormous existence that can’t even compare to such a rookie knight. But I’ll do something similar.

Isn’t that why the world tree was praised and praised as ‘a being close to God’? So it wouldn’t be strange to say that I had a will to respond to it. In addition, it was said that the World Tree has a special ability called ‘battery’, so it must have been like that.

“Are you sure you think it’s your fault?”

“to… . That… . For now, I’m called an existence close to God… .”

“Did you say that you were close to God?”

“That. It’s not… .”

“Or did the World Tree summon the Demon King? Or did you even help being summoned?”

“I never did!”

“Then, what is the World Tree’s fault here?”

“That… . Couldn’t you save the world?”

“World Tree.”

“Yes… ?”

“Are you God?”

“Yes? oh no.”

“But why is it the World Tree’s fault that we couldn’t save the world?”

“… … .”

It’s a trap that can easily fall into. Hasn’t anyone who has been expected to do so because he wanted to meet that expectation? A normal person would say ‘Oh! I give up soon after realizing that it’s impossible for me, but… . The World Tree was a very special existence. As a result, even though he was doing too much, he had no awareness that he was doing too much. As a result, even though he knew he wasn’t a god, his illness got so bad that he felt guilty for not being a god.

‘Maybe it’s because of the ability called ‘omniscience’.’

Originally, the more you know, the more confident you are, isn’t it? It’s good to see a lot because you know a lot, but on the contrary, if you know too much, it becomes complicated. Even simple problems can seem difficult. It’s like wizards wasting money and time doing strange research all the time. It’s the same with human wizards, but if it’s a world tree with ‘omniscience’, the power of God, the world looks and feels more complicated, so it’s no wonder that even simple problems become too complicated to answer.

In times like this, it’s easy to solve it if you have a friend with a bad brain next to you. Is there any stupid friend who could do that to the world tree? As a result, he must have fallen into a vicious cycle and abused himself like that, blaming himself, blaming, and blaming himself.

‘Mmm. Do you feel that the distance has suddenly become closer?’

rather this is better

Because earlier, I felt so desolate and distant that I was going to get motion sickness.


i am at this moment

What I want to say most to the World Tree

decided to tell

“It is not your fault.”

“… … !”

“It is not your fault.”


The moment he heard that, the World Tree realized.

your own sincerity

one’s own truth

himself… .

It was wanted.

Because anyone is fine… .

please… .

it’s not your fault

it’s not your fault

it’s not your fault

He wanted to say something like that.

But I couldn’t dare to wish for it.

I am an existence that is said to be close to a god, and in fact, I am a special existence with the authority of ‘omniscience’… . Since the special self did nothing, it is their own fault and deserves to be punished… . So I gave up. That’s why I didn’t dare to have such a wish. You are not guilty, and there is no reason for you to be punished… . There won’t be an existence that can talk to you like that, and you don’t have the right to dare to wish for it. That’s why I didn’t even think about the possibility, and I always cut it off before I even conceived it.

But… .

there was.

it’s not your fault

It’s strange that I, a non-god, feel guilty because I didn’t become a god.

the one who says so

People… there was

No matter what anyone says, it’s for the world tree

It was a ‘miracle’ itself.

That’s why the World Tree clung to a ‘miracle’ that he had never experienced in person even though he had lived for so long since he was born. Just like a born child clinging to its mother’s arms… .


‘It’s difficult… . This is dangerous!’

I couldn’t help but lend my arms as it was because I was crying so sadly… .

‘Why is it a dream and it feels so vivid and vivid?!!!!!!!’

Even without this, I knew very well that I was a man… . More and more, I felt like I was going crazy because something like a beast inside me started to rampage… .

Turns out, this was all a dream world created by the succubus queen? In an instant, I almost nodded my head, saying, ‘It’s really persuasive!’

The many things I felt from the World Tree to that extent were enormous… . Go to sleep, something like a beast in me! Please! Please read the atmosphere!!!!!

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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