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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 19

EP.19 – 18. It turned out that she was the disciple’s close sister?

Sera did everything in her power to save the world. I really tried every way I could think of every way I could think of.

One of them was the World Tree.

close to god

She might be able to do something.

I believed so.

But it was a very big misunderstanding and misunderstanding.

She was obviously close to God, but only because she was close. As a result, she lacked omnipotence in ‘omniscient omnipotence’. As a being close to God, he had the power of ‘omniscience’, but he did not have the most important ability of ‘omnipotence’. So, as a result, she was just an omniscient being.

There was a time when I believed that even if I wasn’t ‘omnipotent’, I could become a great enough power with just ‘knowledge’. However, it wasn’t long before Sera realized that it was a big mistake.

‘To be omniscient’ was the same as not being able to do anything because it was omnipotent.

She knows the past, present and future. As a result, the present and the future are only fixed for her. She knows best that what she knows will only go on and come to an end accordingly.

If she foresaw the destruction of the world, she just knew it. nothing more and nothing less If she foresaw the future ruined by the demon king, she would only end there. She thought no more about what to do with the demon lord, how to fight, and how to win. This is because the moment she becomes omnipotent, it becomes the end of the story for her.

In the end, Sera had no choice but to give up accepting cooperation from the World Tree. It was not an easy decision for Sarah. No matter how insignificant she was, she was the only one who could understand her. No matter how much she could not be a source of strength to her, the only person in the world who could know her truth, talk to her, and share her understanding was an existence that was so attractive to Sera. However, the omniscient being only omniscient, and there was no way to escape from it. She always just stood there and met her end.

so that

Sarah couldn’t understand.

“The barrier of the world tree… .”

“My lord, how can it not be with ‘Anti-Aura’?”

She had no intention of returning to her place of rest until she had grown into a woman enough, but after hearing an urgent report from William, who suddenly appeared with her space-shifting magic, Sera ran right away. And as William reported, the barrier of the World Tree was imprisoning Jade.

“I can’t do this… .”

If the World Tree was the only understanding for Sarah, it can be seen that Sarah was also the only understanding of the World Tree.

I can’t do anything because I’m full.

I could do nothing but despair to return.

The two of them had things that other people evaluated as strengths or strengths, but rather, they despaired of it and felt it as a curse.

That’s why it’s incomprehensible.

It was because at this moment, the world tree should have known the future of the demon king and despaired that there was nothing he could do.

To think that such a World Tree is standing in front of Master… .

‘I don’t think the World Tree would do that with malice, but… .’

No matter what, what kind of heart is it to imprison someone else’s teacher like that?

Sera eventually pulled out her sword and tried to cut the barrier with ‘Anti-Aura’. This is because no matter how much the world tree is, there is no way it can withstand the power that blocks and annihilates everything. It was possible because the authority called ‘omnipotence’ did not exist for her.

-Oh dear. Sarah is still impatient.

At that moment, something vaguely appeared, like a spirit. It was familiar to Sera and Riel, so Riel exclaimed urgently.

“uh. mother! What the hell is this?!”

-ah. Riel. sorry. You must have been surprised by my sudden interruption. Before giving the blessing, I felt the need to have a little conversation.

Sera, who was glaring at the World Tree, intervened.

“Give Master back.”

-oh. Won’t you call me sister?

“When you say something nice, give it back, Master.”

– Whoa. How did my little brother get so strayed? Every time I saw it for the first time, I thought ‘World Tree! He was a cute kid who said, “Please lend me your strength!”

“I hope you don’t speak as if you were the person who experienced it yourself, even though you are not the person who experienced it yourself. Because I feel bad.”


The world tree is omniscient.

That’s why I know what I went through with Sera in the infinite return. But that’s just ‘knowing’.

It’s not that I experienced it myself, felt it myself, and sympathized with it myself. I just know that it happened. Even the emotions that were there were never vividly remembered intact. That was the real reason Sera eventually distanced herself from the World Tree. If it hurt more to be in the middle, it was the incompetent omnipotence of the World Tree for Sera.

-… Yes, it must feel like a wound for me to do this. But know that I never did it out of malice. To you, I’m sure to feel a little bit different, but to me, it’s all the same.

“That’s the story. Give Master back immediately.”

– Uh huh. Can this be done to me? What if I bet a moderately ambiguous blessing rather than a very good one?

“Why did you do this in the first place? Isn’t this the time to be omniscient about the demon king and shut up in despair?”

-Yes, during this period, I always omnisciently pursued the same thing, always saw the same ending, and always despaired in the same way. I did the same thing this time, and saw the same ending.

“But why are you doing this?”

– Mmm. Worried about your sister’s eyes on men?

“… Shall we burn all the roots?”

-a. It’s a joke, a joke. don’t be so Because everything is good for Jade.

“… Seed.”


“Call me Mr. Jade. Don’t call me by name like you’re friendly.”

-… … .


Why are you here?

It was a difficult question to answer as a World Tree.

Seeing how a hero who fell into despair regains hope and tries to save the world? Of course, that wouldn’t be the case either. Because the World Tree was well aware of how much despair the hero had fallen into due to ‘battery’. However, the World Tree was surprised when he saw him holding the sword again after escaping from the swamp of despair. It was because even the world capital could not escape the swamp of despair.

But the biggest reason is… .

It would have been the birth of a being that surpassed its omniscience.

It was Jade.

A noble choice made by the master because he wanted his pupil to survive

It was special in itself, but the noble choice had to feel very special to the World Tree in that it was the result of the World Tree not being omniscient. The World Tree knew what the hero wanted with a battery, but the battery said, ‘The hero will not be able to obtain a second Aura heart.’

Yes. With her batteries, the hero shouldn’t have been able to obtain the second Auror Heart. And that was proved by Sarah’s numerous failures. Sera was never able to obtain a second Auror Heart in those countless regressions. That’s why I shouldn’t have been able to get my hands on it in the future. In this way, his battery should have been completed without failing this time as well.

It was Jade who destroyed it.

I tried to contact Jade to find out the reason for that.

As a result, the world tree was known.

The moment I saw the light of that brilliant soul, I couldn’t help but realize it.

That astonishing human man was temporarily “touched by the power of ‘Almighty’”.

An omnipotent was just an omnipotent, but omnipotence was omnipotent. It was only natural that no matter how battery cells were used, if the omnipotence intervened, gaps would be created and the result of the cells being removed from the cells would occur. Because omniscience was a law that existed to support omnipotence after all. It could be said that it was a natural consequence that the battery collapsed by omnipotence.

‘Among human emotions, the emotion of love is truly special. I thought so, but… . Could it be that the teacher’s caring heart for the student, and the teacher’s earnest desire to help the student in any way would cause ‘omnipotence’ to arise. … This is very exceptional… . Only Jade can do it.’

Since he was born with the light of a brilliant soul, the world would have given him all sorts of trials to corrupt his soul. I must have been frustrated countless times, despaired countless times, and cried countless times, blaming God. But the man did not fall even then. It would have been easy if I had fallen… It didn’t. Even though it would have been easier if I had despaired and let go of everything… It didn’t. And in the end, he gave his most precious thing for his disciple and earnestly for his disciple.

‘Wouldn’t it be more correct to say that ‘Almighty’ responded to him, rather than saying that he had reached ‘Almighty’?’

There is a possibility that what humans often say, ‘if you pray earnestly, God will answer’ is not just a vain wish of humans, but a real one. It was a result that made me think that even though the world tree himself knew best how absurd it was because of the battery. What Jade had done to make the all-knowing being believe the nonsense was truly amazing. Literally, even if you use the expression ‘miracle’, there is no hand color.

The many miracles that humans talk about, all of them were just coincidences in the eyes of the World Tree… . The world tree could not find any words other than miracles for what Jade had accomplished.

‘… You shouldn’t tell Sarah about this. No, no one should know.’

His battery has already been destroyed.

But no one can know that.

Even if it’s the Demon King, I don’t know. He’s obviously closer to a god than anyone else, but he doesn’t have a battery. Then, in this world, you are the only one who knows that your battery is broken. And this will be the poison that will choke the demon king. The demon king would be optimistic seeing himself looking frightened.

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Jeonji also admits his victory, saying that he will soon be able to become a god. The future where the sword of the hero is stuck in the neck of the demon king who is so proud… .

Even though the battery was not used, it seemed to be clearly drawn in the head of the World Tree.

‘Demon King, be proud. Be proud and come burn me. I will gladly burn in your flame and be extinguished. Smile to your heart’s content, confident of your victory by killing me. Your victory does not exist in that future, but laugh like a clown without knowing anything. Because there will be nothing but your blood at the end of it. Enjoy a moment of happiness to your heart’s content, then fall into hell. I’ll be happy to greet you with a smile.’

The world tree smiled with a genuinely happy smile.

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Just like the world tree is the mother to the elves.

To her, the elves were her children.

If his own death opens a way for those children to be saved,

It was a blessing, not a pain for her.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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