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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 18

EP.18 – 17. I started because I thought it would be helpful to my student, but something went wrong?

“It’s just holding hands, only hands.”

“… Got it! okay!”

“Even on the forehead… .”

“no! It’s better to end it with a handshake, just in case!”

In the end, Jade also nodded, saying that she would follow William’s will. Riel’s dissatisfaction with that appearance was very well expressed by sticking out his lips.

‘No, why is a human who becomes a great wizard doing this?!’

Riel’s eyes see many things. That meant that no matter how thoroughly the opponent hid it, it was possible to see the essence hidden within it in Riel’s eyes. That’s why even William’s efforts to thoroughly hide his magical powers were all meaningless. That’s why Riel had no choice but to be wary of William. A human being who became a great wizard was an extremely high being that even the highest human powers had to notice. But since such an existence is acting as if it were an attendant… .

It was a situation full of fear in many ways.

‘Not at all! It’s not scary! Even if the opponent is a great mage, I have the confidence to win! I’m not doing this out of fear!’

It’s not really a lie. But it wasn’t the truth either. With Riel’s skills, he was confident that he would never be pushed back even by a great wizard or sword master at the level of a superhuman. But the problem was then. Humans at the level of superhumans always had a connection with a large organization. As a result, the overwhelming majority became enemies. Of course, Riel can also call the elves, but… . It was a path Riel did not want. So in the end, Riel couldn’t fight a human who was at the level of a superhuman. Fighting doesn’t do anything good.

“… It’s easier to do it with lips on the forehead… .”


“I didn’t say anything!”

In the end, Riel calmly decided to hold Jade’s hand. It wasn’t a big problem because it was the difference between scooping something simple with a small spoon and eating it with a large spoon, but nobody wants to do it multiple times that can be done in one go. However, it seemed that he would suffer more if he wrongly touched that archmage, so Riel decided to put up with a little trouble.

“… start.”

In the end, it had to go back very big, but in the end, Riel succeeded in blessing Jade.


“It is a dream.”

It was not difficult for me to recall that I had come to my senses in the dream world. It wasn’t particularly difficult. I was moving my body according to my thoughts, but I couldn’t feel the slightest sense that I was moving my body. The pinch didn’t hurt at all.

“that’s interesting. It’s in a dream, but I can feel it so clearly.”

Should I say it feels like being in the dream world of a succubus? They say that succubuses create dream worlds to lure human men into and prevent them from escaping. It almost felt like that. However, if this was really the world of the succubus’ dream, it wouldn’t have been such a free atmosphere or feeling at all.

“Obviously, I received something from an elf who claimed to be a ‘blessed elf’ and passed out… . Did you come to your senses in this dream world?”

I was able to finish the situation without difficulty.

“Then this is the result of that blessing… . It’s so different from the image I had in mind of a blessing.”

I thought it wouldn’t be too different from the way the priests do, where the light that flows out penetrates the target’s body as it is… . I never thought I would fall into the world of dreams like this. What the hell does falling into the dream world have to do with blessings… .

It was then.

“Nice to meet you. Human child with a brilliant soul.”

turn your head

A beautiful woman was standing there.

You can tell that the opponent is an elf through the pointy ears and the beauty that is on a different level from that of a human. I had no choice but to recognize the elf, Riel, as I had been watching him a while ago. However, unlike Riel, the woman in front of me was a very mature woman. She was a woman with a very mature charm that would take away the heart and eyes of a human man. But even so, Jade didn’t make a mistake in her gaze.

What should I say… .

It’s definitely attractive, but… .

Because the moment you look into her eyes, you realize.

It’s not an ordinary creature… .

something different

Obviously, she has the appearance of an elf woman, but her essence is something huge… . She was just hiding something huge by covering it up with the appearance of an elf woman. It just comes naturally to you.

“you… . What is your true identity?”

“indeed… . You have a special soul. Do you feel my essence? He’s obviously hiding it perfectly.”

“So what is it? you… . To be honest, I should say it’s a sense of heterogeneity… . I feel like something has gone wrong, so I feel uncomfortable.”

“Excuse me. It’s not like I’m trying to cheat. I couldn’t help it because my true self was so huge that I could collapse under the pressure just by looking at it. I am the World Tree, the being that all elves regard as their parent, and the kind of being that humans mistake for being close to a god, that is me.”

… That’s right… .

Being tied to an elf I didn’t want to get involved in wasn’t enough

Are you now involved with the World Tree, which is said to be a being close to a god? .

What’s wrong with today?


I couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh as I thought about that.


“Damn elf! What the hell have you done!”

“ah. no… . I just bet a blessing with a special order!”

“What kind of blessing did this happen to me!!!”

It wasn’t strange if William shouted as if he was screaming.

It was because Jade was trapped inside the barrier.

Not long after the elves held hands, a huge energy hit this space, and they created a barrier just like that, trapping Jade. William was obviously a great wizard, so he wasn’t just watching. I even used magic to try to stop it somehow. But it didn’t work either. Because I ignored his magic.

‘It’s different from Master’s ‘Anti-Aura’! Literally, the mass of energy itself is different! Enough to lightly ignore my power as a great wizard! So close to God… !!’

“no! I didn’t even think of making such a huge blessing! By the way! Suddenly, ‘Mother’ intervened!”

“mother?! Could it be the World Tree?!!!!”

If it is a world tree, it is possible.

In the first place, it was rather natural that the power of the World Tree, which is said to be a being close to God, was not something that individual humans could control.

But… .

“Wasn’t the World Tree not allowed to come out to maintain the barrier!”

“It can’t be! Fool! dummy! How great is the great mother! Do you think there is anything you can’t do! It’s like humans misunderstanding that we can’t lie! Since Mother never tried to come out, humans just presumed that it was like that!”

“… Keugh!”

Why is the world tree protruding from here?!


“ruler. Shall we share a cup of tea?”

“Outside… . So, is my body okay?”

“Yes, since I am just in contact with my will, I have to keep a barrier just in case. There are no big problems.”

“I think you would be quite surprised if the world tree’s barrier suddenly appeared?”

“Maybe that’s why the human mage tried hard to stop it. I couldn’t stop it after all. Whoops.”

“… … .”

When I heard the story of the world tree as a child, I definitely drew such a noble image in my head that all elves are very serious and can embrace everything as much as they take care of them as mothers… . No matter how I looked at it, the woman in front of me didn’t fit that image.

‘To think it’s strange just because you draw your own prejudice and don’t fit it. Even when I think about it, I can only think of it as ‘it’s on its own.’

Feeling a strange sense of guilt, I decided to follow the will of Mr. World Tree.

“The tea is delicious.”

“Yes, because we are from my body.”


“ah. I said it in case you misunderstood. My real face is a tree. It’s not strange.”

“… Isn’t that on purpose?”

“I want you to see it as a cute prank. Whoops.”

“… … .”

Even if I wanted to be angry, I couldn’t bear to be angry at that elegant, even sacred figure. Was I a man who was weak in front of beauty like this? I don’t think so… . Or maybe the world tree would curl up in front of a gigantic being. That’s because such a thing is called a being close to God. Doesn’t it make no sense for a mere retired mercenary to endure?

“You are amazing.”


Why am I being called great by the World Tree?

“What are you talking about?”

“The more you have a special soul, the more this world will never let you go. Trying to ruin it somehow. As if that was the meaning of their existence. Therefore, no matter how special souls are born, most souls eventually fail to overcome it and fall. There are no exceptions to that. All souls did. From the distant past to today, there is only one truth that never changes, absolute equality. Until the exception is you.”

“… It seems that you are packing me in something very grandiose. I am not a particularly great person.”

I said this to clear up a misunderstanding, but the world tree just shook its head with a meaningful smile. It was a chilling moment down my spine as I felt something more misunderstood and ominous.


The World Tree couldn’t help but admire the human man with a brilliant soul in front of him.

If you had such a brilliant soul, surely the world would have done everything possible to taint that soul. He would have had to lose his parents brutally, no one would have reached out to him properly, and the path he had walked would have been full of disappointment and despair. But in spite of that, that human man endured. No matter how much the world tried to corrupt him, no matter how much he despaired of himself, he did not lose his essence. did not lose It was even greater than a superman who reached the level of a sword master wielding an aura blade, or a great wizard using great magic.

After all, it’s just that a person with original potential can handle the talent that suits him as perfectly as possible and reach that level. Compared to that, it is a completely different thing to keep one’s innocence in a situation where there is only loss, frustration, and despair.

That’s why the brilliance shown by the human man in front of him was more valuable and precious than the superhumans who were praised as great in the World Tree.

‘That’s why it can be said that it was a natural conclusion that the hero child chose this human as a resting place.’

To a soul full of scars, this radiant soul would have been so attractive that it would have felt like a paradise, and it would have been.

The world tree is not a being close to God, and it was a human misunderstanding.

She was clearly a being close to God.

Therefore, she knows.

the only one in this world

The truth that the hero is unable to escape from the vicious cycle of returning

she knew

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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