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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 205

“Use all of them, what?”

“A lot of massage… They said it was hard.”

Caliber let out a laugh and shook his head.

After the massage was all over, Kang Tae-han, as usual, pointed out blood transfusion and put Caliber into a deep sleep.

Since he had endured the intense stimulation and pain, and the blood flow in certain parts had been completely overturned and made anew, rest for recovery was a necessary procedure of course.

Not only was my body and mind exhausted, but Kang Tae-han gave me strength in the middle, but he also consumed a lot of vitality.

But maybe it was because this time it was worse than usual.

Even so, it was difficult to recover everything with an hour’s sleep. The body itself was overflowing with incredible vitality, but the mental power was still in a state of depletion.

“It’s hard… you?”

Meanwhile, at Caliber’s words, Edwin asked back as if he was dumbfounded. He is the body in charge of the head coach of the Miami Heavy Knights, and Caliber, in particular, was a player who was specially managed separately as he was the ace of the team.

So he knew it well.

It means that the expression ‘hard’, in other words, ‘hard’ does not come out of his mouth unless it is a very tight or nonsensical level of training.

Caliber was one of the most patient and diligent players Edwin had ever seen.

Even when his body was inconvenient due to an injury, he had been steadily participating in rehabilitation training, and it was a part that could be seen just by looking at the people around him rather than making a sound of pain.

But to hear such words come out of Caliber’s mouth.

Of course, he could have just jokingly said empty words, but when he did, it was obvious. Now Caliber’s expression and voice were serious.

And above all, that expression.

How could that expression, as if his mind had been thrashed, made of smoke? If that’s the case, then Caliber has tremendous talent not only as a football player, but also as an actor.

“… You must have suffered.”

“Ahh. I mean.”

When Edwin, who finally understood the situation, gave him deep consolation, Caliber let out a small sigh and stretched out as if stretching.

Even in the midst of that, his body condition was so great, he moved so smoothly that it was colorless to stretch.

“Oh, really… Even if the feeling is unfamiliar, it is so unfamiliar.”

The mind and body share fatigue in most cases. It’s also a part that can’t be separated from each other, and if one of them works or exercises hard enough, the other gets tired too.

But how can it make such a difference?

The body is so light and full of strength, but the mind just wants to rest. This heterogeneous situation was a very awkward feeling for Caliber.

“… Well, if it can be cured within three months, that’s something we’re thankful for.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I never said I didn’t like it either.”

Edwin scratched his head and said as if tossing lightly. To that, Caliber replied as if it were natural. Perhaps it was because she had desperately longed for it, but even in such a lethargic situation, she could feel her desire in her voice.

“So, what are you doing for those three months? It’s not like you’ll recover on your own just by getting a massage today.”

“I said that I had to come in regularly once a week. this… It is a process that is too taxing on the body and mind to finish at once.”

As he was speaking, a sensation from his memory came to mind, and Caliber shook his shoulders slightly as if frightened.

It was partly because I vividly recalled the pain I had at the time I received the massage, and partly because I was afraid of the reality of having to endure the same pain once a week from now on.

One of the most terrifying parts was that I was worried about this painful time and distributed it appropriately.

So, what happens if you do it at all?

I’m not sure, but if he puts his mind to it, he could turn into the world’s best torture technician. At the chilling thought, Caliber shook his head left and right for no reason.

“Anyway, he told me to come here once a week… He also said that you should exercise regularly. They say you need to adapt to your body as much as possible.”

“Adaptation… Are you referring to the rehabilitation process?”

“I asked that too, and it was a little different because it was related to blood flow, but he said it was in a similar context.”

“Blood… … ? What is it?”

“I don’t know. Could it be something oriental?”

Hmm. Edwin scratched his cheek with a puzzled expression, but nodded a couple of times as if he understood.

What is the need to understand what blood flow is and what it is like? The important thing is that Caliber can recover within three months. He thought for a moment, then opened his mouth in a low voice.

“Then I have to change the schedule first. By staying in Korea for at least three months.”

“Yes. That should be it, I guess.”

To receive a massage in Korea, you must be in Korea. Of course, there could be a way for Caliber to make round trips every week, but that’s a waste of money, and it’s even less appropriate in a situation where you have to focus on recovery.

Ultimately, the most desirable thing is to extend the period of stay.

Caliber also had several schedules set in the US, but it was enough to just cancel them. No matter what schedule you have, there will be nothing more important than restoring your body.

“What would the team say?”

“It’s not even during the season, so what’s the matter? In the first place, the owner’s concern for the team’s ace is much bigger than I thought.”

It’s not that there’s nothing to say that it’s not the season, but it’s true that I’m relatively free and tolerant of my personal schedule.

Besides, Caliber is the undisputed heavy knights’ ace quarterback. The ace of the team might be able to participate this season, but no one would object to staying abroad for a few more months.

“Oh, and I mean. Shall we change our lodging here? To the Liner Hotel in this building.”

“A lodging?”

“okay. If you’re going to get a massage, it’s probably better to be somewhere nearby, so this hotel right downstairs is the best. Isn’t it?”

In the meantime, Edwin naturally brought out the thoughts he had been thinking of until just now.

Certainly not a bad idea. Caliber thought for a moment, then opened his mouth slowly.

“It’s definitely a good story for me, but will the coach be all right?”

“Isn’t it because I like it too? I did some exercise and a bath here while you were getting a massage, but aww, the facilities are pretty good.”

It’s good that Caliber is close to Cheonma Massage, and since I liked the facilities of the Edwindo Hotel, it’s not a bad choice. The two nodded their heads almost simultaneously, as if in agreement.

“Then ask the travel agent to look for a room.”

“great. I’m not going to procrastinate, let’s get in touch right now on the way back.”

Edwin took his smartphone out of his pocket and waved it with a satisfied expression.

At first, I just started with a vague hope.

If you come here, maybe you can be of some help. Really such a vague and small hope.

I arrived at this land called Korea, but even that small hope had disappeared. The plan was messed up, so I couldn’t even get a massage in the first place.

So to speak, a trip that has lost its purpose and failed from the start.

I thought I would go back after killing time like that.

… However.

“Ah, since we came all the way here, shall we eat something and go back?”

“I’ll make it with pork belly. Maybe it’s because my mind is empty, so I want to eat something hearty. Even so, the director told me to eat enough nutrition.”

“You ate pork belly yesterday. Aren’t you tired?”

“Then how about gamjatang?”

“What is Gamjatang? Potato noodles, aren’t they potatoes?”

The two of them start walking towards the inn again.

Not too long ago, I thought it was a journey that started and ended, but despite that, the expressions on the faces of the two seemed very happy.

* * *

“Go, go, go!”

“Hit! Just shoot them!”

A football stadium packed with spectators.

With less than a minute left until the end of the game, all the spectators’ eyes were focused on one man’s dribble.

Kang Joo-wan, who once went through a slump due to an injury, but after returning, showed amazing skills and results.

The moment he broke through the side and kicked the ball with all his might.

The ball, which flew in an almost straight line, sharply penetrated the empty space and eventually shook the goal.


“Awesome, Mr. Kang! The best, Everton!”

At the same time, shouts and numerous cheers erupted.

Even so, Everton’s fans occupied more than half of the seats, so the inside of the stadium quickly became a festive atmosphere.

[The game is over! Kang Ju-Wan’s come-from-behind goal that decided the team’s victory in the end! Everton, who shook the league, won the last game and finished in 3rd place!]

“Everton! Everton!”

“We Go Champions! We Go Champions!”

When the match was over, the cheers erupted even louder.

Perhaps it was because of the amazing performance of the team that had been sluggish for a long time, but it wasn’t just the fans who were enthusiastic about Everton. The caster who was relaying the match must have been quite thrilled, and the excitement in his voice did not go away.

[Really, really great, Everton!]

[Honestly, for a long time, it was a team that was at the mid-lower level, even if you hit it well! After showing great skills from the middle of the season, I am proud to rise to 3rd place!]

From a certain moment, they went on a streak of victories, and even destroyed the so-called big clubs and settled in 3rd place.

The consensus among experts is that if the team’s potential had been released two months earlier, it might have risen to second place, maybe even first place.

Thanks to this record-breaking performance, longtime fans who had stopped paying attention to soccer made them move to the stadium again, and in particular, it was an opportunity to newly recognize the team ‘Everton FC’ to soccer fans around the world.

On the other hand, it goes without saying, but at this moment, the most emotional thing was the players who played the game themselves.

“Uh ha ha! We’re third, third in the league!”

“You’re the best, Juwan! great job! haha”

“You too! No, we are all the best! ha ha ha!”

The heat that made you sweat in the stadium just before.

Enthusiasm from the crowd.

The joy of this achievement fills the heart.

The players were enjoying this moment together, hugging each other, bumping into each other, and sharing the indescribably intense emotions.

“ha… … .”

And Tarvin Marchesi, who was watching all of it vividly from the VIP box. He held his face in his hands and took several breaths before speaking in a low voice full of emotion.

“I’m the owner of this team.”

When he first tried to take over Everton FC, there was quite a bit of opposition within the group.

In a way, it was a natural thing.

Everton FC was an intermediate team in terms of skill, popularity, and position in the league. It was a choice that seemed to have little benefit in terms of business, apart from the suddenness.

Still, there was one reason why he forced this.

I just wanted to become a Premier League owner someday. I wanted to grow the team as a man who likes soccer, not as a business approach.

And his heart… … .

Now, it has returned to him with fruit that is sweeter than I could have imagined. I was so happy that I didn’t even think about running amok.

I am simply thrilled.

He was quietly enjoying this joy and emotion, holding his face in his hands.

“Is it that good?”

“Of course, Archin. It doesn’t even make sense to confirm the Champions League, even 3rd place? This is something I have never seen before.”

“That’s right… … .”

Archin Durr, who was watching with him, drank the drink placed on the table with a relatively calm face.

Marchesi was excited and asked me to go watch it, so I came with him, but he was an Indian who liked cricket more than soccer.

“I want to express this joy and gratitude somehow… … .”

“Why, there is an island where Mr. Kang’s lover is now. Send another cruise there.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“… It’s a joke, man. Two is too much.”

When a heartfelt response came out of the joke, Arheen shook his hand in disgust. It was an atmosphere that could really be put into practice if we even agreed to it here.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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