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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 206

“why? Aren’t two better than one?”

Marchesh asked in a slightly puzzled voice at Archin’s reaction. At that answer, Arheen let out a laugh as if it were absurd.

‘Honestly, sending a cruise is strange, you bastard.’

Arheen is also a person who puts his body into the filming set. I stayed for quite a long time as a director, and when I add the time I stayed as an actor, it becomes a much longer time.

However, I had never received a cruise on set, and I had never heard of such a thing. The only similar story is that the actor’s individual yacht was moored nearby and used as a private resting place.

Yes, of course it would have helped a lot.

Having convenience facilities on set is inevitably convenient in many ways, and it is a great help to the morale of the staff. Even more so if the environment is as poor as that island.

However… No matter how much it is, renting a cruise ship, and even a whole thing belonging to a fairly high-end axis. It was an idea that could come to mind only when profit or efficiency were completely excluded.

“I don’t think it was like that when I was younger… … .”

Archin muttered in a low voice while searching for old memories for a while. Then he glanced at Marchesi, who was sitting next to him, and added.

“Why did my spending grow so much?”


“okay. In the past, even if I was given pocket money to spend, I would hoard it. I only write when I have to.”

Archin smiles and talks about the nostalgic memories. Marchesi slowly shook his head from side to side.

“Even now, I only use it when I have to.”

“… Are you going on a cruise?”

“That’s when you have to write. Archin, this is a great opportunity to thank the person who healed you.”

“… Huh, true.”

Arheen made a dumbfounded expression as if he was speechless for a moment, then burst out laughing as if he was stumped. However, it seemed that he was not in a bad mood, and he could not hide the corners of his mouth that went up slightly from side to side.

“I don’t know about anything else, but my speaking skills have definitely improved.”

“Since the old days, I’ve been good at speaking.”

“that… That’s right.”

At Marchesh’s words, Arheen nodded slowly as if agreeing. Seeing that, Marchesi smiled and then returned the story to the beginning.

“Then, shall we send another cruise ship in that sense?”

“It hasn’t changed that I’m stubborn about the odd part… … .”

Archin thought for a moment with his arms folded, then opened his mouth in a low voice.

“I can’t.”


“The pier facilities there are quite good compared to the size of the island, but it is not enough to handle two cruise ships. Do you have anything to block the way?”

“… Aha. I didn’t think of that.”

It was not an economic or psychological problem, but a physical limitation. Marchesi nodded slowly as if in agreement.

That doesn’t mean that the feeling of regret will disappear. He spoke in a muttering tone with an ambiguous expression.

“Then what gift should I give you… … .”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to give a present.”

Then Arheen said.

“At least the one I saw, Mr. Kang… I wasn’t the type of person who would be very attached to something like that. I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would do good in the first place.”

“Well what… Yes.”

Marchesi scratched his cheek with an embarrassed expression.

That, of course, is a known fact. Maybe it’s that you can feel the deep age, or that the bowl is wide… Talking with Kang Tae-han, this is something that even a person with no discerning eye can understand.

“But it’s true that I want to do something in return.”

“Hmm… Then why don’t you try to grow the massage chair business even harder? Didn’t I tell you that a royalty is paid to Mr. Kang every time one of them is sold?”

“Hmm… It is.”

“Then, if you make that business prosper, it will help Mr. Kang as a result. In many ways.”

“It will be so.”

“Besides, I don’t know how much this means, but it seems that the team you run has achieved great results… Isn’t this a great opportunity to expand your business?”

That’s not wrong. Marchesi became quiet, as if concentrating on his thoughts, then nodded slowly. The excitement of the team’s victory faded, and slowly the entrepreneurial perspective began to broaden.

That Everton FC uses body care massage chairs.

That’s a well-known fact within the industry.

It was none other than Kang Joo-wan’s interview, and thanks to that, I know that body care’s awareness and overseas sales channels have already expanded quite a lot.

Of course, this is not something officially announced by the club. Literally, it’s nothing more than a word from an individual player, and even unknowingly spit out during an interview.

That alone had such a ripple effect. However, now that the achievements of 3rd place in the league and participation in the Champions League have been confirmed, if you officially acknowledge it and start marketing.

‘This works.’

Of course, the massage chair business is still cruising on its own. When it comes to sailing, there is a fair wind blowing, and it feels as if the sails are going straight forward on their own even with the sails open.

But what if this kind of good news overlaps here?

In other words, you will be able to achieve that level of speed by installing a super-powerful engine and turning the motor.

‘I didn’t intend to start a business like this in earnest.’

When we first decided to import The Meister.

Even then, the value of the product was highly valued and brought in, but there were not so many thoughts of growing the massage chair business itself.

Imported electronics that will simply become fashionable.

It was exactly what he expected. With exclusive distribution, the position of the group’s department store brand has been raised a little, and while giving out condescending gifts, they also manage personal connections.

However, the story is a bit different now.

It became popular as he thought, but the scale has grown too big, and it is spreading not only in India but also overseas.

It’s an unexpected turn of events.

It is an unexpected situation that makes you laugh.

In such a situation, if this good news overlaps, it wasn’t bad to invest a little more capital and dip your feet in earnest. No, it’s not a bad level, but it was a wise choice as a businessman.

“We should have a meeting soon.”

I can already feel the faint smell of Daebak.

His eyes, muttering in a low voice as if talking to himself, were completely different from those of a sports fan to those of a businessman.

* * *

On the other hand, likewise, the enthusiasm and excitement of the arena has faded to some extent as time has passed.

“Mr Gibson, Everton have shown a miraculous performance this league season. As a claim… … .”

“Godwin! You look completely different from last year at the end of the season. Please say something in the mood right now!”

In the space prepared on the other hand, interviews with the players were in full swing.

Perhaps because they were so excited, the players who were still sweating and the many reporters who were drawing a semicircle around them.

Perhaps it was thanks to the performance he showed this season, the number of reporters surrounding him seemed to be more than in the big game of a fairly big club.

“haha… It must have been great that we were great.”

“Hey, don’t do this! Compared to last season, just looking at the rankings, how many steps have you improved?”

Other players gathered in a place slightly away from the site of the interview. Although they did not receive the focus of the reporters, they also had the same new feeling.

It is true that the popularity of a sports team is not unconditionally divided according to game performance, but it is inevitably proportional. No matter what, it’s more fun when the team you root for wins.

Teams that do not perform well naturally become less popular, and teams that lose popularity inevitably lose interest.

Everton FC was just such a team.

It was a team that had its own history and legitimacy, but that’s all. After nearly ten years of sluggish performance, fans were exhausted.

Fans are exhausted, but what about the attention of the media?

There was not much mention of anything significant, and of course the number of reporters who came to interview me after the game was small. After playing against a big club, the comparison made me feel bitter.

But the reporters who came this far.

Of course, they couldn’t monopolize the interview like Joo-Wan Kang, Godwin, and Gibson, but all the players had happy faces, as if their achievements and growing popularity seemed to be directly visible.

On the other hand, even in such a situation, there was a player who attracted the most reporters.

“Many players from other countries come to the Premier League and disappear without being able to adapt. Do you have any secrets unique to Joo-Wan?”

“I heard that you often go to Korean restaurants! Is that perhaps the secret to staying fit?”

It is none other than Kang Joo-wan.

The ace of the team that ran with Godwin as a two-top system.

He has produced good results in the past, but especially this season, he is a player who stands out by performing ridiculously.

In a way, it can be said that it is natural for such a player to be interviewed, but… That wasn’t what reporters were aiming for.

“Mr. Kang! Last time, you mentioned massage chairs as one of your team’s success factors! Is there anything else you would like to mention?”

Information leaked in the last interview!

It was information that the secret to the team’s condition was a massage chair.

In fact, reviews of massage chair experiences by players from other teams started to appear on social media one by one, and it started to spread like a trend among players.

And in any case, if it was a secret of the team, it was something that could be said to be a secret, and it was information that was not originally disclosed.

So, they flocked to Kang Joo-wan with the expectation that there would be a similar remark this time, and that if I kept asking like this, something else would pop out by mistake.

“haha… A lot of reporters came today. Is it because it’s the end of the season?”

And Kang Joo-wan, who was among them, scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. If we stay like this, the interview will not end even if we stay all day. He glanced at the guard next to him.

“Everyone, let’s wrap up the interview at this point. Let the last person take one question.”

Then, the bodyguard put his body halfway between Kang Ju-wan and the reporters and spoke in a heavy voice. Then, all the reporters raised their hands at the same time to answer the last question.

“The person in front of me, I’ll take the question.”

“There is still time left until the Champions League after the league, do you have any plans on how to spend that time!”

When Kang Joo-wan pointed to the left and said, the reporter in question shouted loudly. It was an urgent voice, as if he was worried that Kang Ju-wan would leave at any moment.

“It’s a plan… … .”

At those words, Kang Ju-wan thought for a moment. Perhaps just thinking about it made me smile, the corners of his mouth were slowly moving upwards.

Camp training in Korea.

It’s called training, but the most important part is none other than Cheonma Eyes. It is a plan that was planned and booked two months in advance before the Champions League was finalized.

Although the club supports it, this training is a personal schedule made by voluntary application, not the official schedule of the team.

With the exception of Camille, who decided to drop out because of her son’s birthday during the period, all of the top players decided to participate in this training. Literally, this is the schedule that everyone has been waiting for for two months.

‘I’m already excited… … .’

Is it because of the anticipation and excitement?

While the reporters’ attention was focused on Kang Joo-wan, he stood still for a while without saying anything. Then, belatedly, he recalled the situation and uttered a puzzled voice.

“Ahaha, sorry. Well, the plan… … .”

He gathered his thoughts again, scratched his neck with an embarrassed expression, and opened his mouth.

“It’s a bit difficult to tell you the details, and I think I’ll post an update on my SNS sooner or later.”

This time, it was Kang Ju-wan who did not make mistakes.

* * *

“… good! Cut!”

The set where filming has been going on for a while.

“Ugh, it was long, it was long.”

“Good work everyone, really.”

“You worked hard!”

When the director’s cut sign came out, the staff and actors began to exchange greetings with a sigh of relief on the set, which had been quiet.

The scene filmed just before was the last scene.

With this, the overseas location was finished, and the atmosphere of the scene where tension was lingering was relieved at once, and a sense of relief began to circulate.

“But are the days on this island over? … .”

“A little… No, I’m very sorry.”

one why

Even in the midst of that, people’s faces were showing signs of regret inside. One by one, people’s eyes were turning toward the pier and the distant cruise ship.

“It was good… … .”

Obviously, it was a poor environment when the set was installed, but the environment now is completely different.

An unlimited drink with every sumptuous meal.

From hot water showers that can be used at any time, to air-conditioned accommodations… … .

“It was the best ever, really.”

“Was it a truffle? I ate it for the first time here.”

It was said that it was filmed on an island, but it felt like it was actually filmed while staying in a top-notch hotel. It would be natural to see a look of regret.

“Is there anything I can do here again… … .”

“There won’t be that cruise then.”

“That’s right… … .”

The regrettable thing was that the director was also the same, he stared at the cruise ship for a while and let out a small sigh.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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