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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 204

“Oh, oh oh, oh oh oh!”

Caliber was unable to comprehend the situation for a while.

Of course, he knew that he was getting a massage. He knew that the massage would hurt quite a bit, and that he had agreed to it.

It’s just that all those thoughts flew away at once.

This pain spreading all over the body. And this intense stimulation that flowed into every corner of his body was enough to turn his head white.

“stop! stop! Please stop!”

Thoughts are gone, all that remains is instinct.

Caliber instinctively struggled to resist the pain. However, his struggle was really only at the level of a slight movement. For some reason, even if he tried to run amok, his body wouldn’t have the strength to enter.

‘How did this happen… … ?’

Although it is the position of the quarterback who throws the ball, Caliber is also very muscular as he is active as a professional in the American football world.

It’s a level that can’t be compared with the general public, and I don’t have experience of being pushed out of power fights in normal times. Of course, in the meantime, my momentum has decreased drastically and I have lost a lot of strength, but no matter how much it is, it is not to the extent that I cannot resist the touch of a man like this.

But what’s going on?

It’s not like I’m being suppressed or being suppressed, but I couldn’t move my body on my own.

‘Hmm. It’s definitely good to have good strength.’

On the other hand, Kang Tae-han burst into small admiration. Originally, he would have been in a situation where he couldn’t move at all, but the fact that he was even slightly moving proved his strength.

“Hey, Mister, Mister… … .”

In the meantime, Kang Tae-han’s hand was resting for a while.

Caliber, who had at least come back to his senses and calmed down, spoke in a low voice. His voice was weak, probably because he had been screaming and struggling for a long time before.

“Why but?”

“Do you have any anesthesia… … ?”

In modern medicine, patients are anesthetized during painful procedures or surgeries. Of course, this is just a massage. However, at least Caliber felt that anesthesia was desperately needed.

Every time his thumb presses on his body, it hurts as if it had been pierced, and his nerves are strangely sensitive, so his senses are amplified.

It hurts enough to bite his teeth with just acupressure, but even his senses were amplified sensitively, so his body was constantly being burned with pain and stimulation as if he had been connected to a 220V voltage.

“Anesthesia. It’s possible, but… … .”

It is possible to simply cut off the senses of the body, or to put it to sleep so deeply that it does not wake up to any stimulation. Hana Kang Tae-han shook his head lightly and said.

“I can’t seem to do that right now.”

“Why, why?”

“Because the pain you are feeling so desperately is the core of this therapy.”

Caliber’s voice was embarrassing and even resentful. In response to that voice, Kang Tae-han spoke the truth in a calm voice.

Although blood flow is generally unrecognizable, it is nonetheless one of the important elements that maintain the vital activity of the body.

Therefore, when there is a problem with blood flow, the body tries to recover it as much as possible, and in fact, in quite a few cases, it can be recovered only with its own regenerative power.

And the moment when that regenerative power is most activated… It’s not different, it’s when the body feels a crisis.

It is not simply a threat, but when it is judged that it is an emergency situation because the body is actually stimulated and there is an abnormality in the blood flow. At that time, the regenerative power of the body is most likely to be maximized.

So now, Kang Tae-han was not doing a massage to relieve Caliber’s body, but to pose a threat to his body.

No, it was a bit ambiguous to call this a massage.

Massage is an act to make the other person feel comfortable. On the other hand, this… Even if there is a separate ultimate goal, if you look at this process now, it would rather feel closer to assault or torture.

‘Because I can’t even do this at an intermediate level.’

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Light stimulation cannot raise the survival instinct.

It certainly raises the regenerative power by applying pain and stimulation, and in that state, it actually boldly cuts off the useless and complex blood vessels.

It feels like severing a tangled knot.

Originally, when a blood vessel regenerates on its own, the goal is to restore it as quickly as possible rather than completely fixing it, so in most cases it is restored in a sloppy or complicated shape, like soldering in a hurry.

Is it a way to block a hole in a hurry or to create a new road because the blockage is not cleared?

It doesn’t matter if this is done once or twice, but if it is repeated dozens of times, the entire blood vessel becomes a needlessly inefficient structure and a problem arises.

However, if it completely devastates the blood flow around it.

It is not that some are cut off and some remain, but if the path leading to a specific blood line disappears altogether.

Then, instead of trying to revive the old blood vessels, the shortest and most efficient blood vessels are created in a hurry.

It feels like something that has been refurbished for a long time is destroyed and a completely new thing is created. It feels like pushing away all the complicated old roads and clearing a clean straight road.

“My pain is the key to therapy?”

“okay. That’s why I can’t give you anesthesia.”

Ultimately, the key to this therapy is to maximize regeneration. And to maintain it, you have to endure a significant level of pain and suffering over and over again.

Because of this, this therapy is not for everyone. I needed stamina to endure the pain, and I needed enough vitality to continue regenerating to the end.

Of course, Kang Tae-han helps to prevent damage or side effects as much as possible, but the fact that it puts a heavy burden on the other person does not change.

“Then, I will give you time to reconsider.”

That’s why Kang Tae-han gave Caliber a chance to choose. He withdrew his hands from his back, crossed his arms, and spoke in a low voice.

“Whether to continue receiving this pain as it is, or to receive a relatively comfortable massage as initially scheduled.”

Normally, Kang Tae-han would have been forced to say to the customer, ‘Don’t act too hard’, but this time it was different. Because this time it was really painful.

Besides, it won’t end if you endure for a while, and it won’t end with this one time. I had to come here about once a week and spend this painful time for about 30 minutes.

Is that all?

In order to quickly adapt to the newly connected blood line, steady rehabilitation training should also be accompanied. Otherwise, the time of three months cannot be guaranteed.

“It’s good to think slowly.”

That’s why you can’t force it.

I couldn’t help it if this was the only way to recover, but even if it took a little time, there was a way to go comfortably. Kang Tae-han slowly sat down on the chair next to him as if to give him enough time to think.

* * *

However, Caliber’s troubles were not long.

After keeping his mouth shut for a while, he opened his mouth cautiously, but with a determined expression.

“… If you endure this, it will be three months, or ten months?”

“When accompanied by steady rehabilitation training, three months.”

“Rehabilitation training, that’s what I was doing from the beginning.”

Kang Tae-han shook his head lightly at Caliber’s question and pointed out the part to be corrected. One more condition was added, but Caliber’s expression did not change. Rather, he said with a smile.

“Let’s do it, little by little.”

“Are you okay? He was in a lot of pain.”

Seeing Caliber talking calmly, Kang Tae-han quietly said a word. Then, after hesitating for a moment, Caliber opened his mouth softly.

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt, but… The reason I screamed was because I was embarrassed. Even so, I didn’t know it would hurt this much.”

“Does it hurt less if you know and get hit?”

“It won’t hurt less, but I have to be a bit more determined. and… … .”

Caliber moved his left shoulder for a moment.

Then he said with a satisfied smile on his lips.

“It’s just a little bit, but I’ve already tasted it.”

It was nothing else, but the part that Kang Tae-han had just taken action. The reorganization of blood vessels was only a small part, but the effect of lightening not only the affected area but also the entire arm was already showing effect.

In the end, his resolve did not change. Kang Tae-han made eye contact with him for a while, then nodded once and stood up.

“Then, let’s keep going.”

“Yes. I wish you well.”

Caliber falls on the bed before Kang Tae-han gestures. Kang Tae-han smiled and put his hand on his back again.

“Ah, I can’t give you anesthesia, but I mean.”

Then, as if it suddenly came to mind, he opened his mouth insinuatingly.

“If you want, I can stop the screaming.”

“You mean screaming?”

“okay. I mean, don’t make a sound.”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, Caliber pondered for a moment. Then, he slowly shook his head and said.

“it’s okay. I think I can stand it.”

“is it. It doesn’t matter if you say so.”

After that conversation, Kang Tae-han’s hand started moving again. I pierce the blood with my thumb, tear through the muscles, and cut the tangled blood vessels… … .

‘… He really puts up with it.’

During that series of processes, in fact, Caliber never screamed like before.

‘I am Caliber… The man, Caliber Smith… … !’

The figure he imagines is like a Chinese official fortune-telling.

He was reminded of the solemn appearance of the legendary official who had played Go until the end while the bones were being cut, and in fact, he was still holding back his screams. but… … .

“Keep it off… Whoops, whoops… … .”

It was just that the appearance on the outside was far more pitiful and pitiful than he thought.

From the tightly closed mouth with the lower lip gently bitten, a moan, though not loud, continued to escape.

* * *

After a while.

“Uh, that’s good, very good.”

Edwin, who came out first, stretched out in front of the entrance of the liner building with a happy expression.

“A bath after exercise… Very nice.”

While Caliber was getting a massage, the place he visited was none other than the fitness club upstairs. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but thanks to the well-equipped facilities and equipment, I was able to spend a quite satisfactory time.

What was even better was what happened after that.

Bath located on the upper floor of the fitness club.

At first, I was reluctant because I had to take everything off, but… As I gazed at the night view of Seoul while soaking in a hot bath, all those thoughts disappeared before I knew it.

Instead, what remains is this feeling of refreshment and fulfillment.

Would you say it feels like a good end to the day?

After sweating through exercise and taking a bath, I was filled with a healthy sense of satisfaction.

‘Shall we move our lodgings to a hotel here… … .’

That level of satisfaction was enough to make me think that it would be okay to move accommodations with just this. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the hotel I was staying at, but there were no bathing facilities where I could see the night view.

I’ve heard that the hotel here isn’t bad either.

If Caliber is okay, it would not be a bad choice to move to this place once. Edwin recalled that thought and looked up and down the building as if evaluating it.

“Oh, Caliber.”

As I was thinking about that for a while, the person I was waiting for arrived. Edwin waved to Caliber as he walked out of the building.

“ah… Coach.”

“… what? Why are you so weak?”

But what’s going on?

Caliber’s energy was drained enough to tell at a glance. It feels like you’ve lost your mind half way.

“Are you okay? If anything strange… … ?”

Edwin looked around because he was worried.

However, after examining his forearm, he was taken aback to the point where he blurted out his words.

‘… Why is this?’

Unmatched, toned muscles.

Caliber had a muscular body from the beginning, but his muscles were slowly losing weight due to a long break.

It was maintained to some extent through constant rehabilitation training, but it is also true that it was flaccid and lost its elasticity like a deflated balloon.

But now this… It’s a really tight forearm.

how to say Would you say it’s full of life? Of course, compared to the days before the injury, it was still lacking, but it was still difficult to think of as a patient’s forearm.

“What are you? You said you were going to get a massage, but where did you get a muscle enhancer from?”

“haha… You know that medicine doesn’t work for you.”

It’s not Edwin asking because he doesn’t know that.

It was just a change that couldn’t be explained unless it was just a strengthening drug. Caliber spoke calmly to Edwin, who tilted his head.

“It turned out like this after getting a massage. My body feels much lighter, and there is almost no trembling anymore.”

“ha ha ha… really?”

Caliber speaks while moving his body lightly here and there.

At those words, Edwin asked in disbelief. The corners of his mouth were rising toward both ears with joy.

“Crazy, crazy! Does this make sense?”

“Iknow, right. According to the director, it will be restored to normal in about three months.”

“Three, three months?!”

Of course this year’s season is impossible, and I thought it would be fortunate if I could return even next year… … .

“Wow, wahahaha! This is a miracle, this is a miracle!”

It’s only three months.

That is enough time to participate in the league this year. Even from the middle, it is a time to participate in team training. Edwin involuntarily opened his arms wide and let out a loud laugh.

There was one strange part from before.

Edwin, who burst into laughter for a while, approached Caliber, who was standing in front of him, and asked in a puzzled voice.

“… But why are you so weak?”

A truly delightful situation.

Normally, this is the timing when Caliber should be running around excitedly. However, he had a smile on his lips, but did not show any reaction.

“Yeah… Because I have no energy.”

To Edwin’s words, Caliber answered with a voice that was still weak.

“I wrote it all before.”

Caliber, who overcame those painful times with sober mind.

Even though his body was healthy, his mind was in a situation where he was shattered like laundry after dehydration.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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