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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 157


At Kang Tae-han’s words, Jang Woo-young scratched his head for a moment. Then he said in a slightly playful voice.

“Are you talking about money or people?”

“Of course it’s the latter.”

“Am I too old to do business with you?”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that, but… If you want to participate, how old do you have to be? For me, it’s something to welcome with open arms.”

Jang Woo-yeong tried to change the direction of the conversation here and there, pretending not to understand, but Kang Tae-han replied deftly without a hint of embarrassment. In response, Jang Woo-young smiled and leaned his back on the backrest.

“Of course it’s farm work.”

“That’s true, but I do feel a bit regretful. The welcome is sincere.”

Taehan Kang smiled and shrugged lightly.

Jang Woo-young was looking at it with a deep impression.

It’s a new idea, but Jang Woo-young sometimes wondered if Kang Tae-han was really a young man in his twenties. He is such a person that you can hardly get to know him even if you almost want to ‘know what kind of person he is’.

I often feel as if I am conversing with my peers rather than with a young person, and not with a babble, but with a person who has gone through everything.

‘Similar to what I just said.’

We look forward to your business help when expanding your business.

Just now, Kang Tae-han put those words into his mouth as if he had been waiting. It seemed to me that he had already been thinking about asking this kind of request for a long time.

That means… That he had predicted that he would come up with these words in the first place.

Since when?

From the time I sat at the cafe today? Ever since you made an appointment? Or, from when he accepted his request? Jang Woo-young put the coffee cup to his mouth and thought for a while.

‘… It’s been a while since I’ve been greedy for people.’

Rather than calculating, I feel like I get what I get.

And what you’re asking for is also quite reasonable.

Of course, Jang Woo-young has a lot of high-quality personal connections, both business and personal. The infrastructure of a decent business is at a level that can be formed immediately with only close acquaintances.

Kang Tae-han asked to make use of that network.

It seemed like he was asking for something vague, but he was asking for the most efficient and practical part that could not be obtained anywhere else. In other words, it is not a fish, but a fishing net and a fishing boat to catch the fish.

I only knew him as a person with a deep heart, but I feel that he has a fairly wide field of view in the business field.

And to Wooyoung Jang, it felt very attractive. If he had not yet retired and was running a business, he would have tried to bring him to Daecheong Group somehow.

“The more I look at Director Kang, the more amazing it is.”

“Is that so?”

“okay. It’s hard to explain what part it is, but… Do people call this three-dimensional? haha.”

Wooyoung Jang laughed and took a sip of coffee. Then he spoke in a low voice as if muttering.

“It’s a chain store… … .”

He slowly put down the coffee cup he was holding. It was only a matter of thinking for a moment, but the answer itself was fixed from the beginning.

“If there is anything I can do to help, I will do my best to help. Just talk.”

“thank you.”

Jang Woo-young answers with a pleasant voice. In response, Kang Tae-han slightly bowed his head and expressed his gratitude.

“Isn’t it just a way to return my favor to you who did my favor in the first place? I am more grateful.”

In response to Kang Tae-han’s reaction, Jang Woo-young shook his hand and said. Then, suddenly, he thought of something, he asked cautiously as if adding.

“by the way… Are you thinking of getting an investment?”

“Hmm, well.”

A massage parlor franchise created by Kang Tae-han.

Of course, what we’re talking about now is a simple chain store, but later this could become a nationwide franchise.

Apart from the crush on Kang Tae-han, it is considered a very interesting investment in itself. However, Kang Tae-han shrugged his shoulders and replied to Jang Woo-young’s words.

“When the time comes to make the business bigger than it is now, I will speak to you.”

“… That’s right.”

I wish I could tell you.

Jang Woo-young added that, and drank the remaining coffee in the cup. His face, covered by a coffee cup, had a hint of regret.

* * *

New Age, one of the department store chains in India.

It is operated by an affiliate of Elephant Industries, a large energy-related group, and is a famous department store chain with branches in major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

However, it is true that recognition within the department store industry is somewhat behind, and there is a strong feeling that it is an ambiguous position in many ways… … .

Recently, people flocked to New Age Department Store, regardless of where it was located.

Even if you estimate the number of visitors per day, it has increased by more than 50%. And where those guests flock… It was not a place like a luxury goods store or a special planning corner, but a furniture and electronic product corner that was relatively rarely visited.

“Those who come to experience massage chairs, please come here~ Get a numbered ticket and wait!”

“This is the experience line, this is the purchase consultation line! Please refer to it and wait in line!”

What brought them together was none other than the newly opened body care massage chair corner.

The people who gathered went to the front of the body care and took a number ticket as if it was natural, and the number of people on the waiting list showed no signs of decreasing over time.

“Uhhhh… … .”

“Certainly, good is good… … .”

If you have to wait for such a long time, the level of satisfaction is relatively low as expectations have risen.

All the people sitting in the massage chairs in the experience corner were making faces as if they were soaked in pleasure. It feels like performance art that expresses the concept of comfort through the body.

As a result, body care’s massage chairs have reached a level that leads to foot and foot sales.

Elephant Industries’ New Age department store was also showing interest and sales at an unprecedented level. Even if it is a customer who came to see a massage chair, there are not many customers who just buy it or go back after seeing it.

“Hahaha, that’s really successful.”

and the headquarters of Elephant Industries, located in New Delhi. Marchesi, who was sitting in the president’s office and looking through the documents, burst out laughing happily as she put the documents she was holding down on the table.

“It feels so good to see it go the way I thought.”

In India, The Meister, a new body care massage chair, started to become popular at Marchesi’s birthday party.

At that time, rumors slowly began to spread in the social world, mainly from upper-class people who participated in the party and used the massage chair themselves.

Every time they met people, they honestly told their experiences, and even though the stories gave the impression that they were ‘exaggerated’, they were enough to arouse people’s curiosity.

In addition, as Marchesi presented massage chairs separately to key figures in the social world or rented them out for several events to increase exposure, it became fashionable as if it was almost a necessity from some point on.

This is how the upper class first became fashionable.

Even in the middle class, there is bound to be an interest in ‘What the hell is that about?’

If the performance of the object itself is ambiguous here, it will simply attract attention and end with an unusual craze, but the performance of The Meister goes without saying.

As the number of people experiencing it increased, the rumor spread more and more, and in the end, it became the current situation.

It is not a local trend or a temporary phenomenon that only happens in a few regions, but a situation that can be called a national syndrome has occurred.

[The craze for massage chairs in Korea spreads to India?]

[Daecheong Group won not only large-scale construction projects in India. A wave of K-massage in India.]

[Massage chair A Korean massage chair that stood tall in the barren land. From the position of importing technology to the position of leading the market.]

Since this kind of trend happened so big, naturally, articles dealing with it started to come up one by one in the Korean media.

“Hey, at first they said it was K-massage, so I thought, ‘It’s a bit over the top’… … .”

Meanwhile, Choi Seong-hyeon was sitting at the restaurant table waiting for the food to be served. While browsing through Instagram, he tilted his head in a voice mixed with admiration.

“I did?”

“Looking at it, this post was posted about two days ago… I think this is enough to call it K-massage.”

When Kang Tae-han replied lightly, Choi Seong-hyun showed Kang Tae-han the screen he was looking at. The screen showed posts from celebrities he was following.

A post with a single photo attached.

There was a picture of four foreigners sitting side by side on massage chairs, languidly languid.

It was none other than Everton FC’s Kang Joo-wan who posted the post, and the foreigners sitting in a row in the photo were all famous players playing for Everton FC.

And the massage chair they are sitting on is The Meister of Body Care. Kang Tae-han, who was looking at the photo, scratched his head with an embarrassed expression, then flipped through his smartphone.

Somehow, I thought that this would have been an article, so I looked for it, but sure enough, three or four articles were already posted with the same nuance as [K-massage that penetrated the British Premier League?].

“Kang Tae-han, how are you feeling right now?”

In the meantime, Choi Seong-hyun imitated the reporter’s tone and reached out to Kang Tae-han. Kang Tae-han smiled involuntarily and asked.


“This is what the developer of The Meister said.”

Umm… … .

Upon receiving the question, Kang Tae-han crossed his arms and leaned back on the backrest for a moment. Then he tilted his head and opened his mouth.

“… Are you expecting some royalties this quarter?”

“ah… Honest reply, thank you.”

Only then did Seonghyeon Choi withdraw the hand he had held out like a microphone. Around that time, the meal was served and came up in front of the two of them.

Suyukgukbap simmering in an earthenware pot.

Silence passed between the two of them for a while, perhaps because the topic was vaguely cut off or because they were concentrating on their meal. Was it like that?

“… By the way, how much royalties do you get if you sell one massage chair?”

Choi Seong-hyun, who seemed to be in trouble from before, eventually couldn’t overcome his curiosity and carefully put the question into his mouth.

* * *

The Korean professional baseball season starts again in April.

This is the time when people come to the baseball field, which has been out of business for a while, and the surrounding commercial districts start to become lively again.

As the season starts again after a break of more than a few months, it is also a time when many fans visit the baseball field and expectations are high… … .

This season, the expectations were particularly explosive.

[Ahn Tae-gyeong, you hit! An exploding hit!]

[At the beginning of the 2nd inning, a situation where a runner entered from the beginning of the game to 3rd base! Will I be able to overcome this pressure?]

[It’s a home run! A three-run home run from the top of the second inning! Following yesterday’s game, this is Hanha showing off his cool performance this time too!]


The commentators shouted in a raging voice, and explosive cheers erupted from the audience at the scene. It was to the extent that I could hear the sound even when I watched the relay through the camera.

“Crazy, Hanha!”

“Let’s go to fall baseball this year!”

Following the end of the season when he had a winning streak last year, Han-ha is showing outstanding performance this season as well.

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Last season, because the grades in the early and mid-season were so bad, I still couldn’t go to the postseason, but the expectation that this season would go to fall baseball was spreading among fans.

However, it wasn’t just Hanha’s fans who were enthusiastic about this season.

“Hey, don’t you feel like watching this year’s season for some reason?”

“I know. Does the game itself feel a bit more refreshing?”

“right. It’s worth coming and seeing the stadium.”

Not only Hanha, but also the skills of other team players have improved overall. It feels like the level of professional baseball itself has gone up a notch.

Sometimes there have been moments when I thought that the performance itself was deteriorating because of mistakes… This season, at least until now, I’ve never felt that way.

“Brother, look at this.”


Meanwhile, Choi Tae-joon of Hanha was waiting in the break room ahead of the game. He said to Kim Tae-pyeong, who was lying next to him, as if he had seen something interesting.

“This is a post posted on the community. Professional baseball players have all gone through hell training together.”

Although there are differences depending on the team, the players’ skills have improved significantly compared to last season, and the performance has also improved accordingly, so this reaction came out. Kim Tae-pyeong tilted his head at what Choi Tae-joon read.

“Rather than training hell… We all received the Cheonma massage.”

Memories of meeting players from other teams in the hotel lobby or massage parlor waiting room. Recalling those memories, Kim Tae-pyeong let out a smile.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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