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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 158

“Well, I haven’t seen all of them, but I think all the players who have improved their form lately have visited Cheonma Massage during the off-season.”

“haha. It seems likely.”

Choi Tae-joon nodded at Kim Tae-pyeong’s words.

He smiled, sat back on the sofa, and spoke a few additional words.

“Still, I’m looking forward to this season as well.”

“Hmm… as a team? Or as a baseball player.”


This season, the atmosphere of Hanha was really upbeat. Of course, we haven’t played too many games yet, but the atmosphere is still continuing the explosive potential of last season.

This year, fans as well as players are soaring in anticipation, saying that they can really surpass fall baseball and even win the championship.

“Still, the latter seems to have higher expectations.”

However, aside from the team’s performance and records… Purely, as a baseball player, I had high expectations for this season.

It feels like the players’ abilities have been forged to the fullest.

The performance has been raised, and the tension on the mound is incomparable to before. As a result, the level of the game itself has changed.

Simply put, it’s fun.

After becoming a professional, I had the feeling that I had stopped enjoying baseball, but these days I enjoy standing on the mound.

“… Isn’t it fun to play a little bit these days?”

At Choi Tae-joon’s words, Kim Tae-pyeong smiled and said. It was proof that he also had similar thoughts from the fact that he asked, ‘as a team or as a player?’ in the first place.

“I don’t know, but I think it will be a season that will be talked about in many ways.”

Just like how fans enjoy watching baseball.

It is also a season in which players have an increased taste for playing baseball.

In fact, around the time the existence of Cheonma Massage started to become known to each team, there were some comments saying, ‘Isn’t it like this because everyone gets a massage together and leveled up, so it’s the same as before?’

When it came to a similar situation, even though it was leveled up, the level and fun of the game increased that much, and it became something that I didn’t have to worry about.

“ah… Twisted, twisted.”

Around that time, the break room door opened and a player came inside. It was Lee Kwang-ho, one of Hanha’s representative senior players.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“no… There is a game in Jamsil next week.”

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Lee Kwang-ho tilted his head and scratched his head.

“I remembered that I made a reservation for the teacher’s massage that day, but now I see that I didn’t make a reservation.”

“what. Didn’t you catch up with me last month?”

“Looks like you didn’t do mine… … .”


After replying to Choi Tae-joon’s words, Lee Gwang-ho sighed and sat down on an empty seat on the sofa. Then I started browsing some sites on my smartphone.

“Any seat that has been canceled… Of course not.”

What he is looking at is the reservation confirmation page of Cheonma Massage. This page has been running since last month, and if you click on a specific date, you can see at a glance what course reservations are left at what time.

“ah… I should have it when there is a game in Jamsil.”

After the season starts, the players’ free time is drastically reduced. The schedule is tight, and of course, there is no choice but to have less time to visit Cheonma Massage.

In addition, it is even more distant in terms of distance if they are located in the lower part of the country, such as Daejeon’s Hanana and Busan’s Daeseong.

So, the day when there is a game in Seoul is the easiest and most comfortable day to go get a massage.

It became like a natural thing to schedule a massage in advance for the game. It was taken for granted that the players of the team having a game in Jamsil on the day would meet first in the waiting room of Cheonma Massage, so I said it all.

“Are you anywhere uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s not that I’m in bad shape… … .”

“Then the general course wasn’t bad either. Yogi, this guy. There is only one seat left around lunchtime.”

“Well… okay? Did you receive it from him too?”

“It’s pretty good. The manager there said that the number of people in charge of the artisan course would be increased soon, but I think this person also said that he would be a candidate there.”

Hmm… … .

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Lee Kwang-ho drools softly after hearing Kim Tae-pyeong’s words. After that, he remained immersed in thought for a while with a cautious expression on his face.

* * *


“Come in.”

A professor’s office located on the 3rd floor of the Physical Education College of Pyong-O University.

An elderly man sitting inside answered the knock, and the closed wooden door opened slowly.

“It’s been a while, Professor.”

“okay. It’s been a while, Taehan.”

The person who entered was none other than Kang Tae-han.

When Kang Tae-han nodded in greeting, the man sitting there, Professor So Joo-hwan, smiled and nodded lightly.

He closed the book he had just been reading and took off his glasses and put them into the case.

“Hmm, well, for now… Congratulations on your graduation.”

“haha… thank you.”

Kang Tae-han scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. I didn’t even participate in the graduation ceremony and came today to receive my diploma, so I felt strange for some reason.

“Oh yeah. I haven’t brought out anything to drink.”

Professor So seemed to have noticed then, opened the small refrigerator behind him, took out two cups of coffee, and placed them in front of him along with some small snacks.

‘He’s been a really nice professor since before… maybe.’

Kang Tae-han The grade advisor who was in charge of the class.

It was 60 years ago, so I can’t remember the details, but I still have a good impression.

Of course, you can only know the true nature of a professor until you go to graduate school… Still, from Kang Tae-han’s point of view, he was considered a pretty decent person.

Especially, among my classmates, I cared about Kang Tae-han… … . There was an incident that triggered it, but I can’t remember what it was.

“So, why did the graduate come to the professor?”

“Well, it’s not a big business.”

However, recalling memories is not important right now. At Professor So’s words, Kang Tae-han scratched the back of his head with a look of embarrassment.

“Since you took care of my convenience this semester… Isn’t it human duty to come to say hello once?”

“Whoops. What. Isn’t school a place that helps students succeed, not a place that holds them back?”

Professor So shook his head slowly and said.

“Rather, thanks to you… It feels like the students who were lost have found their way. Are you doing well these days?”

“Um… It’s not bad.”

“To be humble, I already heard it all.”

Sports medicine is a very unstable department.

As the name of the department suggests, you learn sports-related condition management and medical approaches, but to use it as a job, you had to graduate from the Department of Physical Therapy and obtain a related license.

The department itself is quite practical, but in order to utilize it, it is an ironic situation that you have to major in another department and graduate.

As a result, the reality of the department was that it was inevitable that the career path was complicated or opaque, and that only a few could get a job by making full use of their major.

Then, the masseuse license was allowed to the general public.

There was a lot of talk at the time, and it’s still a little controversial, but at least in the sports medicine department, it was as if the life road was pierced.

And it was Kang Tae-han who was the most active and fastest in the department to obtain the license.

Kang Tae-han, who started off first, succeeded this far and showed a positive side… It is bound to motivate students in other departments.

“Seniors like you have to come out often, so juniors can cheer up too. I am also using it as an example.”

“… I’m glad it’s used as a good example.”

Kang Tae-han leaned back in his chair with an embarrassed expression. Professor So continued to speak to Kang Tae-han.

“Not at the level of a good example. Originally, there were a lot of people who were squeamish about masseuse licenses, but these days, they are starting one by one.”

Professor So has been actively recommending it to students ever since his license as a masseuse was granted.

After hearing that, there were people like Kang Tae-han and Choi Seong-hyun who immediately started studying for certification, but… The reality was that most of them did not show much interest.

Because the atmosphere that was like that was turned upside down at once.

It was none other than Kang Tae-han’s influence. To be honest, the story of a senior who is actually doing well is more persuasive than a professor telling you a hundred times.

“Hmm, hmm. is that so.”

At the professor’s praise, Kang Tae-han cleared his throat, perhaps feeling embarrassed. Then I decided to slightly change the topic of the story.

“Actually, I have a business that is slightly related to what you just said.”


“It’s nothing else… I need to hire some masseurs. People who have the basics to some extent.”


Professor So closed his mouth and let out a light saliva.

“Basic, a license?”

“You should take a look at the qualifications and the people.”

“Looking at the atmosphere, it doesn’t seem like they are just hiring a few employees… What is it?”

“I want to expand my business.”

“… Ohh.”

Kang Tae-han’s answer was short and concise, but it was enough to draw attention. Professor So thought for a moment, then nodded a couple of times, then opened his mouth in a hint.

“So, if you have any good talent, could you introduce them to me?”

“yes. Professor, don’t you have some friends with the Massage Association?”

Professor So didn’t deny it, but thought for a moment. The trouble didn’t last long.

“Let’s find out, what.”

He nodded lightly and said.

Even so, the association has often said that the demand and supply of the massage business are increasing, but the number of stable, quality jobs is absurdly lacking.

In the meantime, this offer isn’t bad.

However, Professor So added a question in a slightly lowered voice.

“By the way, can I introduce you among your juniors?”

“What… As long as the professor thinks it’s okay.”

“Great, too. A good senior saves the department.”

At Kang Tae-han’s answer, he gave a short exclamation and a satisfied expression.

* * *

“Hmm… … .”

A foreigner standing right in front of the liner building.

As he walked around the building and looked around, he tilted his head with a disapproving expression.

He is none other than the Fermo Guide’s evaluator.

He is one of the evaluators currently staying in Korea who read Alfred’s strong recommendation and made a reservation right away.

“First of all, the appearance is rather negative.”

The building itself isn’t bad.

From the first floor to the fourth floor, it is a shopping district, so it feels a bit messy, but it is rather advantageous in terms of convenience, and if you do well, it could be an additional point.

But what he’s checking now is whether the hotel deserves a 3-star rating, as Alfred’s report said.

Therefore, the standard of evaluation has no choice but to rise.

After looking around the outside, checking in at the hotel lobby, and looking around the room… … .

His conclusions were twofold.

“One is that Alfred was too tired.”

Hot food eaten when hungry, even if it is cheap oatmeal, gives a great impression and satisfaction.

The same goes for lodging.

If the body is in a tired state, the satisfaction level of the room will inevitably go up.

Of course, Fermo evaluators pride themselves on having the ability to evaluate objectively even under such circumstances, but that doesn’t mean they can’t always be perfect.

But if that’s not the case.

“or… Was the satisfaction level of the massage here overturning all other reviews?”

He muttered as he re-read Alfred’s uploaded report.

This shop called Cheonma Massage is especially emphasized at the end of the report. While emphasizing it so many times, in the part that corresponds to my impression, I wrote only a very abstract and vague expression, saying, ‘Experience the purification of the soul’.

… Well, anyway, it’s a question that will get an answer soon.

It ends when you experience it yourself.

As the report says, reservations for at least a month seemed to be fully booked, but he was lucky enough to book a seat that was canceled last week.

The second Fermo evaluator came.

He headed to Cheonma Massage right on time… … .

That night.

On the Fermo evaluators’ web cloud, a 3-star evaluation report containing high praise for Cheonma Massage was additionally uploaded.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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