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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 156

The Fermo Guide has rated it from the beginning to a maximum of 3 stars, and each number has its own meaning that can be called a standard.

1 star, ‘Pleasant rest guaranteed’.

2 stars, ‘Decent accommodation even if it’s far away’.

And the maximum score is 3 stars.

‘Worth a visit and you won’t regret it’.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you simply think that ‘the more stars the better’, but at least among the evaluators, the ratings are given with these criteria in mind.

‘In that sense… … .’

The hotel itself doesn’t deserve 3 stars.

Of course, the level of satisfaction with the auxiliary facilities was very high, and the facilities in the room were also pleasant. However, even if these are highly evaluated and reflected, 1 star is the best.

This is also my own subjective opinion, and even that would be difficult if the evaluations of other evaluators were taken into account.

one… If you include the massage you just received in your rating. No more, no less, if you just reflect your own experience in your rating.

“… It is worth it that you will never regret.”

Alfred, who was going over the details he had written in his notebook, muttered in a low voice, as if reaffirming his conviction.

It’s a little hard to say, but the fatigue accumulated from the trip is not so easy.

Shall we say that it permeates the body like the pigment soaked into a sponge? In the East, this is expressed as travel poison, that is, the poison of travel, and Alfred has long thought of this as a fairly appropriate expression.

And I had been staying in the western part of the United States, and had just come to Korea via Japan.

In terms of distance, period, and schedule, it was inevitably difficult. The fatigue that permeated his body was never at a level that would disappear in a day or two.

But does it dissolve in one massage?

This is an unbelievable level.

‘No, it’s not at the level of relieving fatigue.’

He shook his head as if correcting himself, then stood up for a moment and stretched, rolling his feet lightly.

The physical condition and condition are so great.

I used to be reluctant to stop by the fitness center in the afternoon, but now I feel like going for a jog at least in the middle of the night.

It feels as if I have been on vacation for a few weeks at a resort with nice weather, or more than that, I feel as if I have returned to my body in my early 20s.

Where else can you get this kind of experience?

Honestly, since I’ve been through it myself, this makes sense now, and if I had heard someone else say it, I would have thought ‘exaggerated too much’.

At least if he has something to see in Seoul in the future.

No, if I have something to do in East Asia, not Seoul, and I have room in my schedule, I think I will definitely stay here for a day or so and get a massage.

‘You may need a reservation, but… … .’

Of course, this is a story limited to the Cheonma course.

The only thing he received was the Cheonma course personally handled by the director, and although he didn’t know it well, other courses probably wouldn’t give him this level of satisfaction.

However, the need for a reservation itself is not such a big problem. If it’s this level of skill, it’s natural. Even for the hotels listed in the Fermo Guide, most of them are places where you can visit only by making a reservation several weeks in advance.

‘… No, wait.’

A moment of hesitation appeared on Alfred’s face.

If you think about what you inquired about when you made your reservation, it seemed that you had to contact us about a month in advance to make a reservation for the current Cheonma course.

Well, this in itself isn’t too bad.

It is a law that requires waiting to visit the original attraction.

but… If your name goes up in the Fermo guide here, if the existence of this place is known to many people, and if that makes it known to more people.

… Aren’t reservations going to be much more difficult than they are now?

Maybe, wouldn’t it be better for me to leave it as my own oasis without bothering to report it?

Alfred immediately remembered that thought.

The reason why he took the Cheonma course while making reservations in the first place was because of his own curiosity, but as an evaluator, he would have only taken the general course and finished it.

then… You don’t even need to post a report.

What’s really good is the feeling of wanting to eat alone. At the growing conflict, Alfred frowned and pointed his forehead with a ballpoint pen.

‘… no.’

However, the conflict did not last very long.

‘This store deserves to be more famous.’

Discovering these attractions and introducing them to more people is the purpose of the establishment of Fermo Guide! Alfred suddenly had an idea.

It has been about six years since he worked as a Fermo evaluator.

To be honest, I didn’t have a special sense of work, I just accepted it when I was told that I was going on a trip that I liked and that I was paying for the expenses and even giving me a salary.

but… For the first time, Alfred was feeling a sense of work and duty as an evaluator that he had never felt before.

Alfred writes down the details of the day in a notebook and transfers them back to the notebook. He once again emphasized his rave reviews about Cheonma Massage and sent an e-mail.

* * *

“Aye… … .”

“People are really full of things.”

Taehan Banjeom moved and opened a new store a while ago.

Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim, who had just entered the store entrance, looked around and showed a look of bewilderment. The table was full of guests.

“Hey, guest. I’m sorry, but it’s break time for us soon. Eating seems to be a little difficult.”

“ah… that’s right? haha.”

An employee approached Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim, who were standing awkwardly inside, and said in a polite voice. Then, Mr. Choi let out an awkward smile with a shy expression. Around that time, Kang Ho-yeon came out of the kitchen and made a splash.

“Oh, it’s okay. These are my guests.”

“Ah, are you acquaintances of the boss?”

Kang Ho-yeon gave an answer with a slight nod of her head. The employee said he knew and left, and Kang Ho-yeon looked at Choi and Kim and smiled.

“It seems like the two of you haven’t seen each other in a very long time.”

“is it? I don’t think it’s been a few weeks.”

“Has it been a while?”

At Kang Ho-yeon’s words, Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim looked at each other and tilted their heads.

“First of all, since this place is a nuisance to the staff, let’s move around. There is a separate resting room inside.”

Meanwhile, Kang Ho-yeon points to the inside and speaks.

When the two of them entered, following Kang Ho-yeon, who was leading the way, they found a space that was quite spacious and tidy than it looked, and quite pleasant for a resting room in a restaurant.

“Hey… You got a really good store, Mr. Kang.”

“right? This is the shop my son made. Hehehe.”

Mr. Choi looked around the inside of the break room, then looked through the door again and looked inside the store, bursting with admiration. In response, Kang Ho-yeon boasted of her son and laughed.

“No, what. I already knew the store was good… Didn’t you know there were so many people?”

This was Mr. Choi’s first visit because he was busy with work, but Mr. Kim had stopped by once right after the new opening.

There were quite a few customers back then, but the table wasn’t full… Even though it wasn’t a particularly crowded time right now, there were no empty seats at the table.

“Hey, what? It has continued to increase since Mr. Kim came and went.”

“I thought ‘you don’t have to come because you’re busy’ was a word that was thoughtful of us… Seeing this, it wasn’t that I was being considerate, it was just the truth.”

The time now is around 3pm.

Originally, by this time, the normal lunchtime has already passed, and it is time for customers to visit the restaurant less often. The table is full even at a time like this… Literally, it meant that the store would form a gated city.

“Well, since I’ve been living in the kitchen… It seems like these days have been the busiest.”

Kang Ho-yeon scratched his head with a shy expression and said. I was embarrassed to say it, but it was the truth without any exaggeration.

“Hey… That’s great, President Kang.”

“President Kang’s skill is finally seeing the light.”

“Well, there really isn’t a Chinese restaurant like this one these days.”

The two congratulate Kang Ho-yeon sincerely.

Both of them are regular customers who have been visiting the store for quite some time. There was a reason why they were so-called ‘Jeong’ for their steady visits, but… … .

More fundamentally, it was more about acknowledging and liking Kang Ho-yeon’s cooking itself.

Especially in the middle of last year, after Kang Ho-yeon’s shoulder condition returned and he started hitting again, the taste improved to the point where there was no comparable place in Daejeon beyond this area.

“Well, it’s all thanks to Taehan.”

“Ayu, my son’s pride just doesn’t stop.”

“ha ha ha. Was it a bit harsh?”

Mr. Choi playfully shakes his hand and makes a tired expression. Hoyeon Kang scratched her head and smiled.

“By the way, it won’t be easy to go out with a bowl of jjajang like before.”

In the meantime, Mr. Kim, who was sitting next to me, said that in a voice that was deeply regretful. For him, who had been a regular for a long time, it was a part that he could do well.

“What… It must be a bit difficult when the store is open.”

Then Kang Ho-yeon nodded and said.

It is a situation where so many customers come and hand out number tickets, but it is impossible to say that someone is a long-time regular.

However, as if he had something else in mind, Kang Ho-yeon grinned and opened his mouth as if to add.

“By the way, there’s an old store, right?”

“Are you in my neighborhood?”

“okay. I put it out there to give it a lease… Maybe it’s because it’s a bit out of the way, so I don’t go out very often. So, I’m just going to use it for developing a menu or doing some cooking on my day off.”

“Huh… therefore?”

“Well, on Wednesday, when the store is closed… If you have nowhere else to go and just want to have a bowl of jjajang or something, please contact me.”

I’m not going to be there every Wednesday as it’s my holiday, but… Still, if the situation is right, I might be able to treat my acquaintances to a meal.

“… The regular care is sure.”

At those words, Mr. Choi, who was listening by the side, said with a smile. Then Kang Ho-yeon, perhaps embarrassed for nothing, stood up slowly and said,

“Hmmmm. Anyway, I can’t send you back today on an empty stomach. What would you like to eat?”

It was already over 3 o’clock and it was break time, and the customers at the table were also missing.

“As expected, the jjajang is the best here.”

“Me too.”

“Okay, two jajang. Go alone for now and wait.”

Although he asked, Kang Ho-yeon nodded his head coldly as if he knew that. The location has changed, but the atmosphere between the regulars and the president remains the same.

* * *

A cafe located on the 2nd floor of the Liner Building.

This place is less accessible than the cafe on the first floor, but there are walls or partitions between the tables, so it is a place of its own differentiation.

And a window seat inside the cafe.

Here, Jang Woo-young, honorary chairman of Daecheong Group, and Kang Tae-han of Cheonma Massage were sitting facing each other across the table.

A moment of silence over the table.

It was Jang Woo-young who spoke first.

“First… I’m sorry I’m a little late.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s the timing to say thank you.”

Jang Woo-young said as he put the coffee cup he was holding in his hand on the coaster. Then Kang Tae-han smiled and shook his head slowly.

“Where is the timing for gratitude?”

“If you say so… I am just grateful.”

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Last time, Jang Woo-young asked Tae-han Kang in relation to A-ram Choi. And as a result, Choi Ah-ram was able to walk on two feet, although not as much as before, and regained a bright smile.

Is that all?

Her older sister Bo-Ram Choi has also regained sensation in her legs, and I heard that she and her sister are working hard on rehabilitation training now.

How happy I was when I heard the news.

However, because he was abroad for an unavoidable reason, he was Jang Woo-young, who felt uncomfortable because he couldn’t directly say thank you to Kang Tae-han.

“anyway… As for me, I owe you a debt.”

A word from Jang Woo-young, speaking softly.

Kang Tae-han did not bother to answer and brought the teacup he was holding to his mouth.

“If there is anything you need my help with, let me know. I’m half-retired, but… But I will do my best to help.”

Please tell me anytime if you need help.

It was a common phrase exchanged between acquaintances, but what Chairman Jang Woo-young said had a different weight. He is a man who seldom speaks empty words in the first place, and it was the same in this case.

Of course, if the other person doesn’t want anything in particular, it’ll just blur like common words exchanged, but… Kang Tae-han had no such intention.

“… We haven’t decided when that will happen yet.”

He lowered the cup from which he had taken a sip and opened his mouth softly.

“In the not-too-distant time, we may be able to open a chain of massage parlors. It is because the number of visitors is too high.”

“Hmm… Well, it’s worth it.”

Jang Woo-young, who reviewed it in his head for a while, nodded. Considering the current situation of Cheonma Massage, it was a highly probable choice.

“but… It’s because I don’t have any experience in this kind of thing.”

Although Director Hwang is a talented person with considerable experience and ability in the business field, there is still a limit for one individual to be in charge of everything.

However, Kang Tae-han does not have a wide network of people around him. Even if you need to find someone else or need some advice, it’s not always easy. However.

“If the time comes when I need it, I would like to get some help from the president in various ways.”

Now, he had an opportunity to make use of the personal connections of the former chairman of a conglomerate that ranks in the top 10 in the business world in Korea.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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