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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 62

Regained Power

A doll-like entity blinks in front of me.

A look exactly like the doppelganger I saw in the dungeon.

I couldn’t help but ask her as she smiled and shook her head.

“scale… Right?”


“What happened? what else does it look like? Did you get your memory back?”

In fact, only the answer to the last question was important, and I didn’t really care about anything else.

[I couldn’t remember.]

Arin lowered his head with a sullen expression.

“… okay?”

That moment,

It could be called selfish, but I was greatly relieved to think that Arin would not leave me.

[yes… … . Instead, I learned things like dealing with karma. That’s why it can appear like this.]

“Didn’t I say that karma would keep flowing out of me like that?”

[That doppelganger was like me, but also not me. So revealing your existence consumed karma. But I’m revealing myself, so there’s no problem.]


It was a laugh that I tried to hold back even though I was relieved.

Using Arin’s developed condition as an excuse, I smiled coolly.

I’m honestly sorry.

It’s even more so because Arin is also smiling at me.

“So how much karma do you have?”

Judging from Hoorn’s reaction, I don’t think Arin was a decent god… … .

Doesn’t that just mean you have hundreds of thousands?

[That’s a bit strange.]


[I can’t quantify karma like the Master.]

“Is it because you lost your memory?”

[I don’t think so. I think… I’m normal, and I think the Master is a bit unusual.]

Well, I’m an extremely exceptional being who deals with karma on the subject of mortals.

It’s not strange to say that I’m the only one who writes karma numerically.

[Anyway, I think I will be of some help to Master in the future. Hehe.]

cute guy.

“Can you collect karma?”

[No, I don’t know how to do that yet.]

“Then try to save it as much as possible.”

[yes! Hehe.]

The boy and I looked at each other and laughed.


It worked out really well.

* * *

When it was dinner time, I put a hood over my head and met Tom.

Tom said he had a restaurant he wanted to introduce me to, and I gladly followed him.

Tom’s taste was trustworthy.

“Are you here?”


It is a small, shabby restaurant that is not very trustworthy.

“Let’s go in. After you eat, you will want to come again.”


Come to think of it, I said that there are many restaurants like this in the world, especially in Korea.

I went into the restaurant with him.

“Two pieces of spicy jjamppong! Very spicy, please!”

Tom orders without asking me.

When I look at it with a curious mind, the guy smiles and says.

“Spicy jjamppong is good here.”

“… okay.”

After a while, the jjamppong came out.

It is a food that I have eaten several times since I came to Earth.

It wasn’t bad.

But the owner of the restaurant says something strange.

“There’s a bathroom over there, so if you feel like coming over, do it there.”

What do you mean?

“Brother, eat quickly.”

Tom looked at me with bright eyes and urged me to lift the noodles with my chopsticks.

Suddenly, with a strange feeling of stabbing the nose, a cough is about to come out.

‘… Is it poison?’

But is there anyone else eating next door?

Tom can’t poison me.

I sucked the noodles I was holding.


3 seconds later.

Your mouth starts to tingle.

Feeling paralyzed!

At the same time, the pores are out of my control and wide open.

‘Tom… … .’

what did you feed me

“Is it delicious?”

“… … .”

I can’t say that it’s delicious.

Tom didn’t expect my answer, so he just grinned and inhaled the noodles.

I eat well… … .

“Tom… … .”


“Why did you feed me this?”

“I heard you’re going to catch a phoenix soon?”

“… therefore?”

“Take a taste of the fire beforehand!”

“… … .”

Suddenly, it dawned on me that sending Tom to Earth might not have been such a good idea.

* * *

The kingdom of magic is a country with many peculiarities in many ways.

A country so small that its area is only about one large city in the kingdom.

A country that has endured for thousands of years, blocking all countries from invading such a small subject and even destroying them conversely.

A country that values freedom and equality, where elves, dwarves, and beast tribes freely roam the streets, and the country itself has a university character.

That is the magic kingdom.

In addition, the king of the kingdom of magic is not connected by lineage, but is elected by the country’s supreme council once every 20 years.

And this is the year to elect the king.

Kramune, an elf who is the current king of the kingdom of magic and also aspires to become the next king.

He found a small weapon store in the central street.

The dwarf, the owner of the weapon shop, shook his head as he looked at Kramune, who had already visited several times.

“Why do you keep coming? Didn’t our dwarves say they would support you?”

However, that was not the purpose of Kramune’s visit this time.

“Give me the warrior’s sword.”

The dwarf’s face hardened.

“That is something you cannot have.”

Kramune, who had been looking at the dwarf for a while, opened his mouth.


“… … .”

Kramune was an elf who knew Keshin’s true identity.

“I am the only one who can have the warrior’s sword.”

At his words, Keshin’s momentum changed.

Although it is in the form of a dwarf, inside it is the Dragon Lord, the guardian of Roden.

The majesty he displayed now was beyond words.

“You don’t deserve it.”

“With that sword, the kingdom of magic can survive the crisis to come.”

Kramune speaks confidently.

He had his own reasons for saying that.

But Keshin still refused to acknowledge him.

“You are not him.”

“I have inherited more of his blood than any other member of my clan.”

“Even though you are his descendants, his true power is manifested only in humans. There is someone else who will inherit his power.”

Kramune knew who Keshin was talking about.

“The kind of family that wasted thousands of years just trying to light a fire without accomplishing any feats! He is only an heir there, but he cannot be called the true heir of Mune! Moreover, he is not called a villain even among humans!”

Keshin’s eyes lit up as he looked at Kramune.

“You don’t know about him. He protected this world more diligently than anyone else in the shadows. I’m not the type of person you dare to ignore. And the fire you ignore is the symbol of true ramune. Rather than that sword. I don’t think you can inherit his power if you ignore it.”

Kramune shouted in anger.


“… … .”

“We are the true descendants of the warrior Ramune. like humans… … .”

Keshin raised a hand to stop him.

“Something like a human… … . Those words are not suitable for the king of the kingdom of magic.”

“… … .”

“And it looks like you forgot, Lamune is a human, not an elf.”

The warrior Lamune got one child each from a human and an elf.

‘Elf Mune’ are those who originated from elven children. Therefore, it was as if they were mixed with human blood.

Because Ramune was always human.

When Kramune, the current head of such an ‘Elf Mune’, said something disrespectful to humans, Keshin didn’t want to mix it up any more.

“Go back. I will not reap your support. Be quiet and play the role of a king.”

“I’m not done talking yet!”

“Didn’t you hear me tell you to go back?”

Those words didn’t come out of Keshin’s mouth.

The image of a girl with her eyes closed came into Kramune’s eyes as she slowly turned her head.

“Queen of the Earth.”

Arias opened her eyes.

A powerful peer that made even the same dragon instinctively step back attacked Kramune.

However, Kramune only calmly opened his mouth.

“I’ve heard rumors that you’re doing the aftermath of a fake hero. What are you doing here?”

“A fake hero?”

“Were there any warriors who did not reach transcendental status? Not to mention, that kid couldn’t even reach 9 stars. How can such a person become a real warrior?”


At Arias’s disrespectful remarks, a mixture of mana and life emanated from Arias’ body.

However, Kramune took it all without backing down. Its strength and momentum were not at all inferior to Arias.

“You are still young. Don’t let my hand break the dragon.”

“You haven’t seen the dragon’s power yet.”

Arias tries to attack Ramune with a sneer on his lips.

Just then, Keshin’s low sighs filled the room.


“Go back, King of the Demon Kingdom.”


When Keshin snapped his fingers, Kramune’s body was enveloped in enormous magical energy.

“I’m not done talking yet!”

Kramune hurriedly shouted from within the sphere of magical power surrounding him, but Keshin snapped his fingers again and his body soon disappeared with the light.

“… … .”

“The building will collapse.”

Arias, who had been glaring at the place where Kramune had been before, turned his head while recovering his mana.


“… Why don’t you call me father?”

“I am not your daughter ever since you locked an innocent spirit inside your armor.”

“A spirit without sin… … .”

Keshin smiled, and Arias frowned at that laugh.

“What is funny?”

“not. Rather, what are you doing here?”

“Lamune’s sword.”

“There are many people looking for his sword today.”

“Are you not here?”

“Why are you curious about that?”

“That sword is a demonic sword.”

“By the way?”

“It’s not a sword that humans can control carelessly.”

Keshin looked into Arias’ eyes for a moment before speaking.

“… It’s the one who knew everything. right. Did you say swordsman? I gave that human a warrior’s sword.”

“What are you going to do by giving such a demonic sword to a human?”

“He was no ordinary human being. It looks like you can control a demonic sword well enough.”

“I should have given it to the hero!”

“Martin… … . Yes, that child could have used it better than the Sword Saint.”

Arias bit his lip.

“But why!”

“Wouldn’t it be too harsh for that child and for everyone else to stake the entire fate of Roden on that one child?”

“I don’t understand what the hell you are thinking.”

Lord Keshin smiled lightly at his daughter’s words.

“I… I am just doing my best.”

“… I’ll go.”

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Let’s go eat.”

“That’s Okay. ah! I will retrieve that sword.”

Keshin, who was looking coldly at the back of her daughter as she headed outside, exclaimed.

“The swordsman is on Earth right now, so looking for it will be useless!”

* * *

After eating the spicy jjamppong, I entered the training room at the headquarters that I had reserved.

Now it’s time to become a 9-star superman.

[Is there anything I can do to help?]

It reminds me of when I became a Master.

At that time, Arin immediately removed the dregs that came out during the metamorphosis.

But this time nothing like that.

“It won’t take long.”

[Aren’t you nervous?]


To me, 9 stars is not an unknown territory.

Since I have already been there once, I do not have any special expectations.

It’s just that I’m a little happy that I’m going in much sooner than I was in my previous life.

“Then let’s begin.”

[yes! Good luck!]

‘Convert 30,000 points into combat power.’

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 3,810』


The heart beats loudly and slowly, and the magic hall expands.

oh oh oh-

The sound of the magic passage expanding that only I could hear.


In terms of magical power, the difference between an 8-star superman and a 9-star superman is very large.

Originally, they should expand little by little over several years or decades, but they increase in size in an instant, and the pain is indescribable.


With the heart beating loudly, the magical powers that departed from the magic hall, which had almost doubled in size, rushed through the magic passage that was much wider and tougher than before.

Scan every nook and cranny from head to toe.

Duduk. Duduk.

Magical powers that pass through everything that humans can touch.

The pressure of the powerful magic power penetrates even the places that were previously blocked and did not pass through, and the magic power enters.

“after… … .”

All the pain disappeared as if washed away, and the body became light as if it had been reborn.

It took 10 seconds for this whole process to end.

‘This is… … .’

In the present life, less than 4 years have passed since the return.

I finally regained my former strength.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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