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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 63

at the bar

About 30 minutes to be intoxicated.

I opened my eyes.

The vision of a 9-star Superman was so clear and bright.


‘thank you.’

From now on, at least if the opponent is a human, there will be no deaths without knowing that I will die.

That’s what a 9-star superman is.

‘Still, I’ll need some time to adapt.’

I took that time as a week.

In a week I will catch the firebird.

“Shall we go out now?”

The training ground is located in the basement of the association headquarters.

Adapting to his body, he slowly climbed up the stairs.

Even though it is late at night, close to 11:00, many people are busy walking around.

And some of them I knew.

‘What is he doing here at this hour?’

It was Colsen.

As I look at him, an interesting thought suddenly comes to my mind.



‘Shall I surprise him? Pretending to be a doppelganger.’

[Hee hee, I think it will be fun!]

Slowly- Arin, who appeared in front of me, floated like a ghost and approached Colsen.

Colsen, who was looking at documents while walking, looked at Arin and said,


It made a strange noise and stopped.

“What, what!”

[I am a doppelganger. i will eat you kuaaa-]

oh wow… … .

‘Why is he cute even when he pretends to be scary?’

But in Colsen’s eyes, Arin didn’t look as cute as he did.

The guy thumps! He slammed his ass on the floor with a groan.



Unknowingly, I burst into laughter and got caught.

“S, Master?”

“Hmmmm, what are you doing when you’re not sleeping?”

“Yeah, that’s not the problem. Here’s your doppelganger… … . uh huh Where did you go?”

Like an idiot.

It’s already in the armor.

“Did you see anything?”

“Oh no! I saw it for real!”

“What are your characteristics?”

“… yes?”

“Doesn’t your characteristic become stronger when you meet monsters like that?”

“you’re right.”

“So how was it when you met your doppelganger?”

The guy who was in a daze woke up after hitting his head.

“I must have seen the wrong thing.”

“Don’t forget your character. You are now a superhuman with special characteristics.”


Today, I am giving a lesson to an ugly disciple.

“So what are you doing at the association at this time?”

“I am also a superman now.”

The boy smiles shyly and continues.

“I won’t be here anymore, but I have to finish what I was doing.”

“… You are surprisingly sincere.”


“So you want to go back to Loden tomorrow?”

“I’m going to go back after seeing Master catch the phoenix.”

“Anyway after catching it, the video will spread all over Roden in a few days, so what are you doing?”

“Ah~ But as a disciple, you have to look at those things quickly.”

“Well, do whatever you want.”


When I asked if we would go into the hotel together, he said he would go in after finishing work, so he came out first.

Leon, who had been waiting for me, looked at me and bowed his head.

“You have reached 9 stars. I will reduce it.”

“Well… thanks.”

“Probably the master is the first and last superhuman to reach 9th grade at the age of 17 in Roden.”

“Haha, is that so?”


Well, it would be even more strange if I, who had ‘EX-class traits’ and ‘regression’, couldn’t even do this.

“Then shall we go in soon?”

“Yes, lord!”

I walked the night road with Leon.

There are quite a lot of people even though it is late at night.

“Hey, let’s have another drink and go!”

“Do I have to go to work tomorrow?”

“Leave tomorrow’s work to tomorrow’s you!”

“Yes, Kazuah!”

Anyway, the earthlings, especially these Koreans, seem to have a lot of fun.

And excitement is contagious.



“Do you want to have a drink after a long time?”

“Then my lord… .”

“Hey, I can eat snacks.”

“All right. I will tell you to prepare.”

I tried to stop him from putting his hand in his arms as if he was about to take out his smartphone, and took out a card and shook it.

“Let’s just eat outside today.”

After thinking for a moment, Leon nodded.

“No, I will guide you today. If there is a place that attracts you while passing by, let’s go in.”

“All right.”

While wandering around a place called Let’s Eat Alley with Leon, I found a shabby shop, and for some reason I was drawn to it.

“Let’s go in.”

“Would you like to go to a place like this?”

“Don’t you know that a place like this is a real restaurant?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of something like that.”

“Trust me.”

I opened the door and went inside.


People are buzzing.

There are no seats so I have to go out on the road.

This makes me think that I must eat here.

But that was just then.

Someone sitting in a corner seat raised a hand at us and shouted.

“I see!”


He acts as if he has promised to meet me here.

But it’s a bit familiar.

‘Who was it?’

Then Leon whispered in my ear.

“I am Kim Hyungmin.”

“Who is that?”

“I am the son of Kim Jong-moon.”

“ah… … .”

I remember.

‘At that time, the Hunter who was teased by the Skeleton King.’

Moreover, when I met Kim Jung-moon, I saw it together.

‘But how did you recognize me?’

Aren’t I wearing a hood and a mask right now? It is a situation that cannot be recognized.

As I was tilting my head at this strangeness, Leon spoke to me.

“I think you recognized me.”

“Aha! Leon was also there at the time, right?”


“I don’t have a seat, so that’s fine. Let’s get together.”

walked to his seat.

He must have drunk quite a bit already, the bottle was hanging down, and the man across from him was asleep.

As we approached, Kim Hyung-min quickly moved to his seat and moved the kwilla to the side to make room for us.

“Come on, sit down. I was surprised that Leon-nim came to all of these places.”

“haha. Today is the first time. By the way, the person next to you… … .”

“ah! This guy is my friend, never mind. He drank a lot because he broke up with his girlfriend today. It will probably happen tomorrow or later.”

Kim Hyung-min, who says that and looks at me.

I took off my mask and greeted him.

“Long time no see. I saw it with my father then.”


He lost the glass he was holding and had to quickly put the mask back on.

‘It’s because the superman’s body control is so poor.’

I was staring at her in awe, so he quickly lowered his head and apologized.

“I’m sorry. Stop being so surprised… … .”

If you don’t want to see people flocking here, don’t do it.

* * *

One bottle, two bottles, three bottles.

When I eat, the disease increases rapidly.

Of course, I eagerly picked up snacks and drank cider, and since I was doing so, Leon hardly ever drank alcohol.

Kim Hyung-min looked at me with a ripe face red like a tomato and said.

“I mean. It is my dream to become like a wild horse.”

“Is it your dream to become a villain?”

“No, no! It’s a dream to become strong like a wild horse… … .”

Certainly, a lot of Roden’s information was released.

Anyway, Yeomma is someone I haven’t seen yet.

‘Come to think of it, this person handled fire.’

then it’s acknowledgment

“I received a notice that the raid will be held in a week.”

“It was.”

I set the schedule like that because I needed time to adjust to 9 stars.

“Can I go too then? I will do anything.”

“Hmm… Shouldn’t you be asking your father, not me?”

“Father… The Phoenix Raid said it was impossible for me… … .”

“Then you must be right.”

“I still want to go.”

“Why do you want to go?”

“I recently picked up a sword.”

I want to know what this is again.


“That sword keeps whispering.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“He wants to eat the fire of the phoenix. and… … .”

Were you crazy?

“I-I’m not that crazy!”

Judging by the expression, I don’t think I’m crazy… … .

“Where did you get such a strange sword?”

“I picked it up in a dungeon I went to recently. It looked shabby on the outside, but just in case, I brought it home and tested the rating. By the way.”

He leaned over and whispered softly.

“This means that it was an SSS-class sword.”


If it’s an SSS-class weapon, it’s on the same level as our Arin.

I heard that there is no SSS-grade equipment on Earth right now, but you picked it up in a dungeon?


‘Aren’t you drunk and talking nonsense?’

When I looked at it with strong suspicion, he opened his smartphone and showed me a picture.

“Please look at this. It was taken at that time. By the way, it is absolutely not manipulation.”

Look at that picture… I couldn’t open my mouth in shock.

『Sword of Darkness (SSS)

In addition to mana, it can absorb foreign powers such as demonic energy, musical instruments, and divine powers.

Read at noblemtl. com

Growth is possible according to the capacity of the user.』

‘crazy… … .’

『Dragon Lord, anti-foreign armor (SSS) containing a part of Keshin’s soul

In addition to mana, it can absorb foreign powers such as demonic energy, musical instruments, and divine powers.

It can be used by converting the absorbed power into magical power.

Read at noblemtl. com

Growth is possible according to the capacity of the user.』

They are exactly the same except for the ability to convert absorbed power into magical power.

Is this really a coincidence?

I don’t think so.

[It seems like a sword that has something to do with me!]

‘Is not it?’

Isn’t it already a dark sword that reminds me of Arin, a dark spirit from its name?

I straightened up and asked.

“Where is the dungeon where you picked up that sword?”

“Do you believe me?”


I can’t help but believe

“It was just an ordinary A-rank dungeon. I cleared it and now it is gone.”

“Is there anything special about the dungeon?”

He answered right away without thinking.

“There was.”

“What is it?”

“When I entered the dungeon, most of the monsters were dead.”

“… Who went in first and killed only the monsters?”

Kim Hyung-min tilted his head and replied.

“But that again… It was a little strange that the monsters were dead.”

“How strange was that?”

“The monsters didn’t die from being directly attacked by someone. Well… Like dying in the aftermath of a fight? It was anyway.”

Kim Hyung-min is an S-class Hunter.

There will be at least an eye to see the traces of a fight.

“Above all, the inside of the dungeon was completely bruised. It was the first time I knew that a dungeon could be broken like that.”

“It means there were signs of a battle.”


Fighting is not something you can do alone.

‘At least that means there were two or more of them.’

Then one of them dropped his sword.

But no matter how urgent the situation is, does it make sense to throw away the SSS-class sword?

I feel like my brain is getting tangled up.

Then Arin said.

[I want to see that sword first!]

‘Yes, that must be right.’

I asked Hyungmin Kim.

“Can I take a look at that sword?”

“Well… that is… … .”

Yeah, you don’t want to show it.

The country seems to be like that too.

But the reason he was hesitant wasn’t that he didn’t want to show it.

“Not now.”

because I couldn’t show it.

“… You keep whispering.”

“There is no sword, but I can still hear its whispers.”

“You want to eat the fire of the Phoenix?”

“There are more.”

“What did you say?”

“The sword told me that it wanted to eat the fire of the phoenix, so I would go first and wait.”

“will wait?”

“Yes, when I woke up the next day after picking up the sword, it was gone.”

‘Definitely strange.’

At this point, the situation itself becomes suspicious.

“Do you usually come to this bar often?”

“no. This is my first time.”

“Then did you come because your friend who was sleeping next to you asked you to come?”

Kim Hyung-min’s eyes tremble.

“… no.”

“Then how did you come here?”

he lowered his head.

“… I do not know. How did you get here… I can’t remember.”

Somehow, when we arrived, they raised their hands as if they were waiting.

‘It must have been hinted at.’

Not only that, me too.

‘It’s strange, I wanted to come here.’

Someone hinted at me and Kim Hyung-min and artificially created the current meeting. in the form of some mental interference.

that’s my conclusion

However, I can use the ability to block any psychic attack with near perfection.

‘Let me know who you are. immobility.’

Let’s use karma

The things you see are beginning to change.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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