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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 61

Don’t be alarmed!


At that word, the black disc that we had been avoiding because we had no way to respond stopped.

What’s surprising is that I know the owner of the voice who did this.

Three years ago, after defeating the Skeleton King, his father, who had reached various agreements with Earth, had disappeared saying he needed training.

He took the communication tool, but I never contacted him, and my father never contacted me because I thought I shouldn’t interfere.

It must have been so focused on training.

It was about six months after that when my father returned home.

Not much has changed in appearance, but a lot has changed.

The two eyes, which were originally deep, seemed to see those of a sage, and on the outside, as if they were seeing ordinary people, there was no trace of magic.

At the end of my previous life, so at this point, my father 20 years later wasn’t like this either.

I asked, thinking that he must have crossed his limits, but he laughed and said:

– The ball has already started rolling.

– Even if you don’t have to try hard, you will reach it someday.

-It’s a matter of time.

Not only his eyes, but also his way of speaking had changed like that of a sage.

Even now it’s this amazing, but what will happen if you cross the limit?

I really couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Is that why? In my excitement, I did something that was not like me.

will throw a party

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Gathering everyone I know and having a party all day from morning to evening.

When the party was almost over, my father came up to me and said to me as I was watching the night view from the balcony.

-I can do it now.


– To break the devil’s chains.


I forgot.

There must have been a lot of work during that time.

But it seemed that my father had not only forgotten the matter, but had also found a solution.

A week later, the saintess and Arias came to my house after I contacted them, and we headed straight to Arias’ realm.

There are two seals.

The first was the wall blocking access to the four-horned demon horn.

The treatment of the wall was easy.

Because Arias just had to break it by force.

It wasn’t because I lacked strength in the first place, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t know how it would affect Horn.

Breaking down the wall wasn’t too difficult for Arias once he knew Horn was on our side.

The problem is the second chain around the horn.

Even Arias, the dragon, couldn’t handle it, and it was something that depended solely on his father’s ability.

My father said he was there, but he didn’t start working right away.

Because it was a very powerful four-horned demon horn, I had to put on a safety device first, so the contract was concluded under the mediation of a saint entrusted by the god Roden.

1. Horn does no harm to Roden and me unless it is attacked first.

2. When I request it, Horn will help with all my heart, unless there is a very unreasonable reason.

3. When I have the ability to annihilate Horn, proceed with immediate annihilation according to Horn’s request.

4. If the above contract is violated, Hoorn and his father will suffer endless soul pain.

I wanted to be the person in clause 4, but my father’s name was eventually put in because of my father’s insistence.

The father’s work began only after the soul contract was successfully concluded.

The seal made by the ancient warrior Lamune, who is a transcendent one, is solid.

The seal, which I had never dared to touch, was lifted by my father in just one hour.

After all, a talent to the extent that the sound of cheers comes out naturally.

The moment Horn regained his freedom, I was a little nervous.

Just as Ramune was a transcendentalist, Horn is also a transcendentalist.

It was to the extent that I could see the image of an ancient colossus in the figure of him slowly rising while warming up.

Horn, who became free, wandered the continent carrying only the communication tool I gave him.

He returned only after a month.

In that short amount of time, he looked around the continent roughly and told me. He said he came back because he thought it would be more fun to learn about me and my father than seeing the changed continent.

Horn seemed particularly curious about his father.

I used to feel proud when the transcendent and demon admired the talent of my father, a mere human.

Anyway, thanks to my father taking care of the Horn, I was able to freely train and roam around the dungeon.

But I’ll meet you like this


It was Horn, the four-horned demon, who stopped the darkness created by Arryn’s doppelganger.


[How are you, warrior?]

“How did you know this place?”

[My eyes are always on you. Didn’t you know?]

I didn’t know.

“… why?”

[Because someday you have to kill me. If you die before then, it will be very difficult for me.]


[Anyway, for now, that person… No, I have to deal with that first.]

When Horn beckoned, my body floated up and moved behind him.

[Come forward, monster.]

The moment Horn spoke, I saw something like a haze blooming from his back.

‘What is that?’

Watching the haze makes my heart race.


The middle of the stopped darkness opened, and Arin’s doppelganger came out through it.

Arin’s doppelganger, who was glaring at Horn with a hard face, opened his mouth.

“Transcendence… Why is there a transcendental person in a place like this?”


“I am a dark spirit! Not a monster!”

[The spirit of darkness is a divine being. You are just a monster with his thoughts.]

Even though it was just words, Arin’s doppelganger shook wildly.

The doppelganger, which was cute like a doll, becomes transparent like a ghost and then returns again and again.

The curious thing was that in the midst of that, another haze could be seen behind Horn’s back.

I had a hunch that that haze was the source of Horn’s power.

I wonder if that can only be seen with my own eyes.


The haze disappeared at the doppelganger’s cry, and at the same time the doppelganger returned to normal.

Breathing doppelganger.

Horn, who was staring at it, turned his head to me.

[What are you going to do?]


[That’s it. Shall I kill you?]

As I was about to nod my head without thinking, Arin suddenly screamed.



[Can I absorb that?]

‘… Wasn’t it originally only able to absorb power?’

[ah! It’s not that I’m absorbing that guy, I’m absorbing his memories.]

‘Speaking of the memories that doppelgangers have, wouldn’t they all belong to you?’

[As the devil said, he has thoughts. As you can see, I know how to deal with karma. You will know more about me than me.]

Arin’s voice reveals the earnestness.

But I couldn’t help but hesitate.

Seeing that even that Horn calls him ‘him’, there is a high probability that Arin was originally a noble divine being. But even after he regains his memory, will he still try to stick by my side?

But in the end, I realized I had no choice but to listen to her.

Because it’s Arin, not anyone else.

If she, having regained her memory, says she wants to leave me, I will have no choice but to let her go.

‘Let it be.’

[Thank you.]

‘What is gratitude? So how do I absorb it?’


Arin transformed the armor and covered my palm.

[Please put your hand on his body.]


asked Horn.

“Can you hold it down a bit?”

Horn nodded and opened his mouth to his doppelganger.


The movement of the doppelganger stopped, as if time had stopped.

Even the eyes don’t move, it’s like a doll.

I approached that guy and, as Arin said, put my palm on it.


Light emanates from the palms.

However, the light soon faded, and instead black smoke came out and was sucked into my palm.

It’s like pulling out the doppelganger’s darkness.

[Ahh… … .]

I can hear Arin moaning as if I am recovering my memories.

For some reason, I felt my heart throb.

Woo Woo Woo-

When the darkness finally dissipated, Arin’s doppelgänger turned to dust and began to scatter.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 33,810』

Even though I gained more than 2,000 points at once, I am not happy at all.


I raised my head at the touch of a hand on my shoulder.

I must have kept my head down without realizing it.

When I turn around, Horn is looking at me with subtle eyes.

“… why?”

[Don’t worry. It will be fine.]

“It will be fine?”

[Yes, whatever you want.]

to be comforted by the devil

Come to think of it, this has happened before.

Even then, Horn comforted me and helped me to gain enlightenment.

-Don’t force yourself to do something you can’t do. Don’t worry. you have talent Today is not the only day, come and kill me someday before you die. That’s it.

When I think of that time, I smile.

“Yeah, I hope it goes well.”

The dungeon that lost the monster began to collapse.

clear the dungeon

* * *

What greeted us after coming out of the dungeon was a huge siege made up of hunters.

“… Why are they doing that?”

“I don’t know. It was like that when we went in.”

Then a man sneaked up on us.

Looks very restrictive.

He seems to be an employee of the Hunter Association, but why is he doing that?

“Yo, are you the hero?”

don’t you know my face

Anyway, I thought there must be something, so I nodded my head.

Then the man confirmed the identities of everyone in our party who had entered the dungeon, starting with Kim Jung-moon and ending with Colsen.

Seeing the action, I can’t help but ask.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Suddenly, the dungeon’s grade has been upgraded to triple S.”

“ah… … .”

It seems that it happened because of Arin’s doppelganger.

I feel once again that signing a contract with Horn was a godsend.

Anyway, now this man seems to suspect that we are the doppelgangers who escaped from the dungeon.

“Has everything been okay inside?”

I replied with a cold smile to the man who cautiously asked me.

Licking your lips with your tongue.

“A few humans came in. it was yummy.”


The man foamed and passed out.

“… … .”

* * *

“Big! Big! ha… big!”


“Yes, Nenep!”

“If it’s funny, just laugh.”

The ignorant Colsen laughed to his heart’s content when he told him to laugh.

‘You… Let’s see.’

Now that you’re a superhuman, you can roll as much as you like.

“Guy, he was very playful.”

Even the father who says so clearly seems to be holding back his laughter.

“I didn’t know you would pass out.”

I don’t know how someone so timid can do the job of the Hunter Association.

“Anyway, it didn’t matter, so it’s okay.”

As the employee collapsed, the hunters tried to attack us.

However, it went well thanks to Elis summoning the bow and clearing up the misunderstanding.

‘But why is he doing that again?’

Horn has been licking his lips since earlier.

It’s embarrassing for people

Did you feel my gaze?

He also looked at me and said as if making excuses.

[The fear that human felt was real! It was delicious.]

Was it delicious?

You’re imitating me, right?

The moment I was about to say something with a fever in my head, my father opened the fantasy door.

“Let’s go back now.”

“… yes.”

* * *

I had an appointment with Tom in the evening, so I went to a hotel near the headquarters of the association and lay down with the intention of resting until then.

But my heart is empty and I can’t rest properly.

“… … .”

It’s probably because I can’t hear Arin’s voice, which is always chattering when I’m alone like this.

‘What will happen.’

With her memories back, will she leave me?

It would be a shameless thought to want her, a divine being, to stick with me, saying that she would act as an armor for me, a mere human.

I’ve been with Arin for several years, and I think I’ve built up a lot of affection without even realizing it.

“Eh… … .”

If you see only sighs coming out like this.

30 minutes of staring blankly at the ceiling.

I got up to do something because I thought I was going to get depressed at this rate.

But just then, a voice came into my head.


ah… … .

It’s a cheerful voice, nothing different from usual.

The feeling of being blocked.

While enjoying that feeling, Arin’s voice continued.

[do not be surprised!]


Darkness flows from Arin’s armor.

“What, what?”

Arin’s doppelganger, no, Arin appeared in front of me.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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