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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 60


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Germany. Berlin.

A man is working hard in this place where no one lives because the phoenix, one of the three major disasters of the earth, is sleeping.


A splendid magic circle appears momentarily, then breaks and melts into the air.

The man wiping the sweat from his brow as he lifted his hand in the air was Pedro Lamot.

[Is it the end?]

Pedro nodded at the question of the deeply robed man waiting behind him.


Pedro made a huge cage for the phoenix by splicing hundreds of magic circles together.

Even if Martin fails in the raid that will take place some time later, the Phoenix will never be able to escape this place.

[It’s really amazing to complete three magic circles of this scale on a human subject without a single mistake.]

At the man’s words, Pedro smiled happily.

“I heard all the compliments from you, it’s nothing special.”

[It is a feat worthy of praise. But do you think the hero can catch it?]

Pedro’s eyes raced through space and saw a red egg at a distance that the human eye could not see.

firebird eggs.

The power he felt there was not under the Skeleton King.

“I will be able to catch it.”

[It’s an egg now, so after it hatches, it will be incomparably stronger than the one you called the Skeleton King.]

“I can still do it.”

[You have great faith in the hero.]

Pedro painted a smile on his lips.

“Because he is my son.”

[is it. Well, you won’t have to worry about the hero dying.]

It means you won’t let it happen.

“Thank you.”

[The contract will be kept no matter what. By the way… … .]

The man’s head swung back and forth.

[Why is he here?]

Pedro asked, surprised, that this great man was a person who used honorifics.

“What do you mean?”

[An existence that existed before the planet Roden was created. A person who disappeared long ago. But you became half-sized.]

“Please explain in detail.”

[Now is not the time to explain. The hero could be in danger.]

The place Martin went today was, at best, an S-class dungeon.

For Martin, who has recently become an 8-star superman, a dungeon of that level is a place where there is absolutely nothing dangerous.

But Pedro, who knew that men were not meant to talk nonsense, frowned and asked urgently.

“Where is it?”

[It’s not too far from the gate.]

Wei Ying-

A phantom door that opens near the gate in an instant.

Pedro shouted, pointing his hand at the fantasy portal.

“Take the lead!”

* * *

“I am a dark spirit that has existed since the beginning of time. I will get out of here, kill Keshin and disappear. So don’t stop me.”

‘So that’s Arin, you?’

[I think so.]

To say that our Arin was a dark spirit… … .

‘It’s a bit of a shock.’

An attribute that absorbs everything, darkness.

Could that be why Arin was able to absorb Apollo’s divine power?

While I was nodding my head in my own understanding, Arin’s doppelganger floated in the air and began to approach me.

“Hey, stop.”

I didn’t expect to really stop, but surprisingly, he obeyed my words.

“Are you going to stop me?”

“I have to stop it.”

“You said you would kill Keshin and disappear, so why are you trying to stop me?”

“Keshin is the Dragon Lord of Loden.”


“So what is it? It’s a being that shouldn’t die at a time like this. Let’s ask one more thing.”

“Tell me.”

“Why do you want to kill Keshin?”

His cute eyes turn to my clothes.

“I was insulted by a mere creature of Roden. Of course you have to kill him.”

At least in Loden, it was an extremely low-key way of saying that the dragon lord, who could be said to be next to God in rank, was extremely lowly.

What the hell is a dark spirit?

“Do you know that you are your doppelganger?”

“It would be correct to say that you were a doppelganger a while ago.”

I heard that once a doppelganger changes, it doesn’t recognize that it was a doppelganger like it was in the first and second phases, but he says it as if he knows everything.

The power he felt was also strong, not suitable for an S-class dungeon.

‘He’s a dangerous guy.’

I thought it would be better to subdue it, so I instantly activated ‘Magical Concentration’.


Magical power that moves to the right place with the strong pumping of the heart.

Even though I’m an 8-star now, I can move to the level of a 9-star superhuman for a while.


He approached him in an instant and punched him.

A fist cuts through the air in the slowed vision.

It bothered me a little that his eyes were looking at my fist, but I continued to think about the next attack, assuming that this attack was blocked.


Where my fist goes, a black disk appears in front of his body.

I couldn’t stop because it was so close that my fist touched the black disc and was sucked into it.


In an instant, you see stars in front of your eyes, and everything you see is distorted.

Just as I felt the pain in my jaw, I felt something passing over the sides of my face and over my head.

Shook- shook- shook-

In turn, they were arrows shot by Apollo, spears fired by Kim Jeong-moon, and swords fired by Leon.


The black disk reappears.

Three this time.

The attack from the three is sucked into the disc, just like my fist did.

And soon the feeling behind me knew what had happened to me.

bang! bang! bang!

Hearing three explosions in succession behind me, I stepped back.

You see three discs disappearing near where Alice, Kim Jung-moon, and Leon were standing.

“Are you all right, lord?”

He nodded at Leon’s question.

“it’s okay. you guys are?”

All three answers are heard at the same time.

“it’s okay.”

“If I hadn’t seen Martin suffer, I couldn’t have avoided it.”

“It’s all right, lord.”

Vision is back to normal, but the inside is still not good.

I feel like I’m going to vomit blood any time soon.

‘It’s stuck right in the chin.’

It was none other than my fist that shocked me.

The black disc of the doppelganger that looked like a fantasy door.

The black disk he created sent my fist into a newly created disk in front of my chin. that hit me in the chin

If Arin hadn’t quickly pulled up the armor to cover my chin, my jawbone might have been completely crushed.

‘It’s a completely crazy ability.’

The reason our party attacked him at the same time was probably to save me, but also to see if the doppelgänger could make multiple disks at once.

But he didn’t even lift a finger, and he made three discs and sent the attack back.

It was an ability that was not enough to be called absolute defense.

‘Should I use Apollo’s palace?’

If I shot that bow with the ability to shoot, wouldn’t it somehow pierce the black disc and hit it? don’t you want to

Just when I was thinking about it, he opened his mouth.

“Don’t stop. You cannot stop me, and I do not want to kill you.”

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Goo Goo Goo-

The dungeon trembles.

tremendous pressure.

It wasn’t like this even when Apollo was strong in the body of Alice.

‘It’s amazing.’

I know for sure that at least the four of us can’t beat him.

“… How the hell did someone like you get caught by Keshin?”

I can’t believe Keshin was strong enough to defeat him.

And, again, there was a reason.

“At the time, I was in a bit of a dangerous state. Lost consciousness and karma, it was so broken that even if you attacked, you couldn’t resist. Keshin took me and sealed me in his armor.”

‘I lost karma?’

Was Arin originally a transcendental being or a divine being?

If so, the problem becomes even more serious.

‘How can I stop this guy?’

I can’t remember how

It’s to the point where I even think that this guy might be the one who will destroy the earth momentarily in the future.

But just then, I heard Arin’s angry voice.


‘yes? A thief?’

[Now I know! That guy stole my karma!]

What else do you mean by this?

[That’s me, so it’s a bit much to say I stole it?]

‘Tell me properly.’

[When the doppelganger changed, that guy had no power.]

‘But why is it like that now?’

[I only found out now, but there was karma gained from meeting the Master. He’s taking it and using it now.]

You said you got karma while meeting me?

‘No, is it possible to use the karma of another being?’

[It is possible. with me… That guy is one.]

It was only that the target changed from me to Arin, and the current situation was the same as what I thought was the worst case.

That’s why, I thought that the karma written by the doppelganger could be cut off from my karma points.

[That’s why he can’t maintain his existence for long. After I use up all my karma, I will return to my powerless doppelganger.]

‘They say that enduring is the answer.’


‘How long should I last?’

[About an hour.]

It was then.

“You talk a lot about the dregs.”

Arin’s doppelgänger held out his hand, embracing death.


A black disk appears in front of him.

What is different from before is that the disk continues to grow.

Soon after, the black disk filled one side of the room.

“I will not end with words. There is no end to this darkness, so if you don’t want to be eaten, leave on your own.”

As soon as we heard his voice from beyond the disk, the black disk began to approach us.


The arrow shot by Elise goes into the disc.

However, as he said, this disc had no exit, and the arrows did not come out anywhere.

“Let’s step back for now.”

We started back the way we had avoided the discus.

‘How long do I have to endure now?’

[About an hour.]

Well? does that make sense?

‘Shouldn’t the maintenance time be reduced if I use that much power? That’s all used as karma.’

[Karma won’t be consumed just because the Master moves his body.]

So that crazy ability that we have no way to deal with is nothing more than a normal movement to him.

Enough to make me laugh out loud.

But something is a little strange.

‘Why does such a great guy bother to walk past us? That one is similar to the fantasy door, but can’t we just make a door and go outside?’

[It’s because that guy’s archetype is the monster in the dungeon. You can’t break the rules of the dungeon.]

‘You mean you can go anywhere right away once you leave the dungeon?’

[Right. perhaps… … .]


[It might make the gate between Roden and Earth unusable.]

‘No matter how great it is, is that possible?’

It is said that gates are created by providence, so even gods cannot touch them.

Several gates that brought crises to Roden in the past were also blocked by killing demons that protruded from within them, not removing the gate itself.

[Even if you can’t get rid of the gate itself, you can just cover the surface with darkness.]

‘… Does that mean the darkness remains even if he disappears?’


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Goosebumps all over.

That means no one from the ruined Earth can cross over to Roden.

Just when I thought, “I can’t possibly go that far,” I heard a voice from the other side of the disk again.

“That’s a good idea.”


I felt it from the time I said something about the dregs, but I’m sure I’m reading Arin’s thoughts right now.

I quickly sent my thoughts to Arin.

‘From now on, don’t think about anything.’

[yes… … .]

As I frantically retreated, I passed the space of the second phase before I knew it.

‘What should I do?’

Looking at it now, it seems that Arin’s doppelganger didn’t just have malice toward Keshin.

That would be more than enough to harm Roden itself, which Keshin is protecting.

‘Never let them out.’

If so, should I use karma?

But what ability should I use to stop that?

I continued to ponder while stepping back, but the answer did not come even while passing through the space of the first phase.

‘I’ll have to try using Apollo’s palace like this.’

You should try everything you can.

I immediately tried to summon Apollo’s palace from the bracelet.

But someone grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

‘I didn’t feel the presence at all.’

Just as I was getting goosebumps, I heard a voice from behind.

“Calm down.”

It is a soothing voice.

“… father?”

Then another voice is heard.


Unbelievable in that voice,

woo woo woo-

The black disc stopped.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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