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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 59

Are you my daughter?

The decapitated doppelganger disappears in smoke.

Colsen, who had become a superman, bowed his head in front of him and shook his shoulders.

‘guy… … .’

How bad was the heartache?

Seeing him cry like that, how can I say, my heart… … .

“Ha ha ha ha!”

‘You weren’t crying, were you laughing?’

I approached him with a smile and stopped walking.

He was obviously smiling, but tears were flowing nonstop from his eyes.

“… … .”

After a while, the guy stopped laughing and wiped his face with his hand before coming to me and bowing deeply.

“Thank you, Master!”

“… Good job. great job.”

Unknowingly, I was messing with his hair, but I stopped my hand when I suddenly felt his gaze.

Kim Jung-moon, Alice, and Leon were looking at us with the same faces.

“It’s okay, let’s go to the next space.”

I hate to look at you like that.

* * *

The path to the space of the second phase was similar to the first.

Only weak monsters that a 2-star superman could easily deal with stood in our way, and then I took the lead and beat them to death.

Karma honey!

Not long after that, we arrived at the second space.

As we all entered the space, the doppelganger in the form of a white mist began to transform.

“That’s me.”

After the transformation, the doppelganger was changed into Kim Jung-moon.

Kim Jung-moon, who was looking at the same figure as himself, frowned and asked me.

“Should I?”

Colsen, even if I had to, I can’t hand this over.

“I’ll just do it.”

Kim Jung-moon smiled lightly as if he was happy.

“It was like killing a young man because he looked just like me.”

Just as I was nodding my head to understand his feelings, a hesitant Alice came into my eyes as if she had something to say.

“What’s wrong?”

“ah… Apollo-nim told me to report to you.”

“You were quiet before, but why now?”

“Apollon-nim originally hates Achilles-sama.”

Come to think of it, Kim Jeong-moon’s constellation name was Achilles.

“Didn’t I say that the Constellation belongs to the same place?”

“Even in the same place, not everyone is close.”

Well, it’s the same as the human world.

“I will do it anyway.”

“Yes, Apollo-sama told me not to do that even while falling for Martin-sama.”


Certainly, he seems to have matured a bit since he was beaten by Roden.

As we walked toward the doppelganger, the doppelganger who was standing still raised both arms and shouted.

“Constellation Achilles! Give me the power to ride the wind and a spear that can pierce everything!”

“… … .”

Nothing happened.

-In my case, I’m using the power of the constellation Apollo, so my doppelganger won’t be able to imitate it. The same principle applies to Jeongmoon.

It’s just as Alice said before coming here.

“… Can I come in?”

“sh*t… … .”

I leisurely approached my doppelganger, and the figure in the form of Kim Jung-moon looked up at the sky and muttered, not even thinking about avoiding it.

“Damn Achilles.”


The doppelganger who collapsed with his head exploding from my fist.

I felt a great joy in the text window passing in front of my eyes.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 31,210』

His karma has finally exceeded 30,000.

* * *

With the space for the last phase in front of us, we decided to take a break while eating snacks.

Five… Find a comfortable spot!

When I put my butt on the flat stone, Colsen, who had followed me, started talking to me as if he had been waiting.

“It’s a bit strange.”

“What else?”

“Because my talent is called ‘Fighter of Evil’?”

“By the way?”

“When I was working for the association, I saw data about this dungeon. But no matter how you look at it, the doppelganger didn’t look like an evil monster.”

The reason Colsen is saying this is probably because his doppelganger has never killed a hunter challenging a dungeon.

The Hunter who was defeated by the doppelganger was simply thrown out of the dungeon.

“But why does my body soar when I meet my doppelganger?”

Colsen didn’t seem to understand that his doppelganger’s traits defined him as evil.

“That’s what good and evil are.”

Should I tell them that they are divided due to the karmic tendencies of the target?

‘I think it’s going to be needlessly long.’

This guy will definitely ask what karma is.

“Think of it as evil because it’s just a monster.”

“yes? It seems like he was just about to say something… … .”

“Oh, it’s annoying. Just do it.”


As he noticed me and slowly moved away, this time Ellis approached.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Yes, that fire bird.”


“what if… I’m really saying this just in case, but if I don’t catch it, it might turn into a huge disaster.”

That’s what I know.

It is said that the Demon Beast Phoenix burns everything just by touching it, so even if you just run away from us, it will turn everything you pass into a sea of fire.

But I’m not worried.

“Did I say I prepared for three years?”


“Actually, I wasn’t the only one who prepared that.”

“yes? then… … ?”

I just grinned.

You’ll find out sooner or later anyway.

“Now, after resting, shall we go to the last phase?”

At my words, everyone rose from their seats.

‘Who will the doppelganger of the final phase imitate?’

In fact, it doesn’t matter who it is.

After all, no matter who you imitate, you are less than a master.

However, the reason I had such a break was because of the strange feeling I got when I listened to Elise’s briefing.

I’ve been thinking of the worst case.

1. A doppelganger imitating me appears.

2. The doppelganger writes karma.

3. The karma written by the doppelganger is deducted from my karma points.

Kya! I’m going to get really dizzy if this happens.

Of course, even if a strange guy like that appeared in our power right now, we wouldn’t lose.

The problem is that it could make my efforts of the past three years completely in vain.

If that happens, I think I will be really angry.

In that sense, I was the first to enter the room.


I went in late on purpose… … .

The guy standing in the middle of the last room looked at me as soon as I entered. And soon the transformation begins.

‘this… … .’

Attacks don’t work while transforming, so I’m going crazy.

Is it really the worst case I thought?

isn’t it?

It shouldn’t be!

“This time.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to me.

No one seems to be as nervous as I am.

“Tell me.”

I was going to say ‘If that thing turns into me, please kill me first’, but I just changed my words.

“Kill him as soon as possible.”

Even if it becomes the worst case I thought, there will be no time to use karma at all!

Our good party members tilted their heads but told me that they knew at first.

After a while, his transformation was over.

But I couldn’t move.

that’s the case with others too.

“Um, what is that cute creature?”

Colsen’s question is probably the one we’ve all been thinking about right now.

“I know… What is that?”

It wasn’t me, Ellis, Kim Jung-moon, Leon, or Colsen.

It means he’s not our doppelganger.

It seems to resemble me, but also resembles Aline.

I think it’s a woman, but her hairstyle is quite similar to mine.

‘Are you my future daughter?’

Of course that makes no sense.

Because a person’s head can never be bigger than his body.

What’s more, Arlene and I have become siblings!

At that time, when I was so confused, the doppelganger who was staring at me opened his mouth.


“Yes, I am Martin…” huh? master?”

In an instant, my heart sank.

‘Anyone who can call me Master… … .’

[Hehe. I guess that’s me.]

Yes, there is only our SSS class Arin.

But why are you here

No, did you imitate the original doppelganger not being human?

‘Hmm… … .’

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Anyway, that’s not Arin, but a doppelganger imitating her. It’s just a matter of killing it.

I’m glad I’m not a doppelganger imitating me.

“I’ll do it.”

Kim Jeong-moon, who was holding a spear before he knew it, sprinted toward Arin’s doppelgänger, putting the magical energy of the faint source of power into the tip of the spear.

* * *

Even after Martin and his party entered the dungeon, the crowd outside did not disperse.

Because it was obvious that it would break out soon.

“I want you to come out and do an interview.”

“You won’t?”

“There are rumors that the dungeon won’t run for a while.”

“Aren’t you going to do it anyway?”

“Firebirds really get out of hand if you mess with them, but shouldn’t you give them an interview before catching them?”

“I will do it before going into the raid. Won’t you do it today?”

The reporter looked at his assistant shooter who kept acting negatively with annoyed eyes.

“Then why are we waiting here?”

“Isn’t it enough to write an article just by taking a picture? And no one knows what will happen in the original dungeon.”

“What’s the matter with you?”

“no… It just says so.”

When the assistant shooter quietly averted his eyes, the reporter smiled.

“Think of the people who entered. What will happen?”

Two teenage hunters, the warrior of Loden, and the knight of the warrior entered.

It’s not S rank, but it’s power enough to clear SS rank without difficulty.

Even if something unexpected happens, it will be dealt with safely.

“You tend to see everything so negatively. the world… … .”

The reporter was about to begin his long speech, but the assistant shooter interrupted him.


“… why?”

“Here, there. Look over there.”


The location pointed by the adverb is where the grade meter is located.

The letter ‘S’ written there is blinking.

“Is it broken?”

“Is that broken too?”

“I know. I’ve never heard of a grade meter broken.”

Now, as if others had discovered it, a rumbling began to rise.

“Isn’t it true what you said?”

“Is that so?”

It was then.


The ‘S’ written on the grade meter has disappeared.

And the ratings that reappear momentarily.

That was ‘SSS’.

“… Has it become an SSS-level dungeon?”

There are often dungeons whose ranks increase if left alone.

However, there has never been a situation where someone went inside and the level went up like this.

When everyone was staring blankly at the grade meter as if time had stopped, an employee of the association shouted.

“Gate level has changed!”

In order to handle SSS-level dungeons, at least 10 hunters, and two of the top ranks are required.

If the dungeon break exploded and the doppelganger, now an SSS-class monster, came out, it would be the end.

“Everyone please get out of here!”

Everyone started moving away from it.

* * *

Poof- Poof!


The movement of Kim Jung-moon and the speed at which he throws his spear.

‘It seems to be faster than before?’

After breaking through with Roden, the superhumans of Earth became stronger, and I feel that here.

Anyway, Kim Jung-moon’s spear made a huge hole in the chest of Arin’s doppelganger.

What I was worried about ended so easily that it was futile.

‘There are times when my senses are wrong.’

Anyway, good is good.

Now that the monster in the dungeon is dead, the dungeon will soon disappear.

When I get out of here, I’m now 9 stars!

‘I have to start with the phoenix and catch them all.’

I smiled contentedly, then felt a little strange.

‘Why don’t dungeons disappear?’

Just then, Alice shouted.

“Put down the window and step back!”

Apollo, the constellation of Elis, is both the god of archery and the god of prophecy.

Kim Jung-moon, as if aware of this fact, immediately left the window and stepped back.



Something black formed on the chest of the doppelganger, which had been wide open, and sucked in Kim Jeong-moon’s spear.

‘what… … .’

The doppelganger that I thought was dead opened my eyes.

In its eyes, I can feel the power of the source that Kim Jeong-moon had.

Arin absorbs external forces and converts them into magic.

Arryn’s doppelganger appeared to use that ability.


Magical power emanates from the doppelganger’s body.

That magical power far exceeded the limits of a doppelganger that Elise had said.

That is by no means a power less than a master’s level.

‘Is it about the same as me in my previous life… … .’

The doppelganger, who had become stronger than a teenage superhuman, slowly approached and opened his mouth.

“I am the spirit of darkness that has existed since the beginning of time.”

The eyes that are full of living things connect the words.

“I will get out of here, kill Keshin and disappear. So don’t stop me.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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