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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 24

From Villain to Hero

Martin’s video generated a lot of buzz.

“Is this the duke’s eldest son?”

“Because it is. Even though he’s only 14 years old, he’s already a 4-star superhuman and has the EX rank. An unprecedented superhuman.”

At Martin’s age, it’s not like there aren’t people who have reached 4-star superhuman status. Although they do not reach Martin’s “seeing eye”, those who are endowed with extremely rare superlative characteristics also appear steadily, albeit little by little.

But Martin met both, and was the first and only Superman to receive an EX rating.

– Villains of the world, if you want to kill me, act now.

– I’ll be waiting for you.

Therefore, his declaration had no choice but to have an extraordinary ripple effect, and the general public and heroes who saw it all cheered Martin but showed concern.

Because there has never been an era where powerful villains were lined up like this time.

The position of the villains was roughly divided into two.

Most of the lower ranks looked down on Martin. Because the current Martin was just a 4-star superman.

So those villains insisted that Martin use his EX-class characteristics to catch and kill him before he grows up.

On the other hand, the villains who were located in high places and built a solid power did not take Martin lightly.

First of all, I tried to study Martin’s characteristics, and I tried to use low-level villains for him.

The more Martin fights, the more you learn about his traits.

and now here

Among the numerous villain groups, ‘Swamp’, one of the top 5 groups, was in a difficult situation in many ways.


The swamp villain’s cheek was torn and blood splattered.

But the villain couldn’t even lift a finger.

It was because the superior sitting in front of him was clamping down on his body with magical powers.


“Yes Yes!”

“Did you see that too?”

Martin’s image appeared where the boss’s finger pointed.

“I saw it!”

“Speak small. Your ears hurt.”

“I’m sorry.”

In fact, blood was flowing from the boss’s ears.

That’s because he was also beaten by a superior just like he was beating a subordinate.

As such, assaults were continuing in the ‘swamp’.

“That guy. Yes, he said his name was Martin.”

“Yes, yes.”

“You said it was originally ours? Did you say trainee number 33?”

“… That’s right.”

“No matter how urgent you are, do you leave a treasure like that and run away?”

The subordinate had something to say.

‘At that time, I couldn’t even develop my traits!’

Of course, I heard that he was the overwhelming No. 1 even without the characteristics.


It’s best to keep your mouth shut for now.

His subordinate knew very well that even if he tried to make excuses, it would only be raising falcons.

So I lay down and bowed my head.

“A sick bastard.”

The superior, who looked down at such a subordinate and clicked his tongue, twitched his fingers and released magic.

Then, as if he were a doll, the subordinate raised his body to match his fingers.

“This time, none of our children who went to the alliance with the Sword Demon came back.”

“… I heard.”

“I heard that Talon had made up his mind, and he turned three knights around. Why do you think that is?”

“I think it’s because number 33 became the son of Hwanseong.”

“right. Out of the 5 heroes, he is on the weak side in terms of military power, but his influence is the best. That’s what cheers are for. Thanks to that, things got very complicated.”

The subordinate cautiously opened his mouth at the boss’s grumbling tone.

“Anyway, the ones that were consumed this time can be replenished as much as you like. Don’t worry too much.”

“I’m not worried about that crap. The problem is the sword.”

“You mean Carseden from ‘Black Sun’? Why is he?”

“Except for one he excommunicated a long time ago, he has three disciples. One of them joined the fantasy knights, and one was taken away after being defeated by Martin this time. And they say that the great disciple disappeared somewhere in the middle of a fight.”

“Then isn’t it a good thing for us?”

The superior narrowed his brow.

“Are you okay?”

“… Isn’t it?”

“Think about it. How do you think the Sword Demon who lost all his disciples will come out?”

The subordinate understood what his superior was trying to say.

“You mean you can attack us instead of shouting?”

“Even though Sword Demon is tied to the same villain as us, he is a strange guy who hates other villains just as much as the hero. I ate it from heaven. They will try to prey on us on this occasion.”

“As far as I know, even if a war breaks out between the 5 villains according to the agreement between the 5 villains, the master cannot step forward. He can’t even come forward himself, so what can he do after losing all his disciples?”

The supervisor looked at the subordinate for a moment and asked.

“How long have you been in the swamp?”

“If you fill this month, it will be one year now.”

“You’re still a kid. What star is it now?”

The subordinate answered confidently.

“Seven stars.”

6 stars are referred to as masters.

His underlings are 7 stars higher than him, and he is a superhuman who deserves to be treated wherever he goes.

He deserved to be proud enough.

Of course, he was like a child in front of his superior, who was an 8-star superman and was in charge of one of the only five dans in the ‘swamp’.

“Then how many guys like you do you think are in ‘Black Sun’?”

“uh… Is it a lot?”

“No, less than us.”

Then there’s no problem.

The superior said to the subordinate who tilted his head at the thought.

“But a 6-star superman will be twice as many as us. Four times 5 stars? Can I not speak below that?”

The subordinate felt goose bumps.

“How can you have so many villains in one place?”

“Is it otherwise the sun?”

The sun shines everywhere, and the ‘black sun’ exists wherever the sun shines.

If you simply count only the number of heads, ‘Black Sun’ was the best among the 5 villains.

It is a place that can be said to be strong enough even if one considers 8-star superhumans such as Huper and Kumalai.

Confronting Karseden, the owner of such a group, was not something to be taken lightly even as the ‘Swamp’, the same 5 villain group.

If a war breaks out between the two, there will immediately be problems with food and supplies.

If the most terrifying superman among the 5 villains was Yeomma, the place to avoid the fight the most was the ‘black sun’.

“Above, I am concerned that if this happens, even the Villain Agreement will be broken.”

The hard-faced boss pointed at the desk with his finger.

“He is the cause of all this.”

There was a picture of Martin in his trainee days.

“Can’t we just kill trainee number 33? Then the Sword Demon will feel better too.”

“Kill? Who will kill him?”

“Yeah I… … .”

“Are you the only one who’s going to break through the fantasy knights and kill that guy?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way? Assassination or… … .”

The boss snorted and said.

“Arthur, baby. In that field, the other side is several times higher than us. The Phantom Knights are not as fair and fair as rumors have it. Especially the general manager, James… If you look at it except for the power, he’s on the same level as the 5 heroes.”

Even the power of falling is the target of comparison because it is the 5th hero, in fact, it was one of the best supermen who reached the end of the 8th star.

The superior grabbed his throbbing head from the ‘black sun’.

“It really hurts.”

But he didn’t know.

That the ‘Black Sun’ isn’t their only enemy.

And the owner of the fantasy knights, Hwan-seong, who said it himself, is grinding his teeth at them.

It was a ‘swamp’ that seemed to cause a lot of headaches in the future.

* * *

Declaring war against the villains, he became the most famous superman in the world at this moment.

But I didn’t forget my condition.

‘I am weak.’

At least a 4-star beginner.

I can’t guarantee that even if I pour all my 1,000 points, I’ll get one more star.

‘It’s just an ambiguous time.’

A 4-star is a really strong and strong star.

Of course, I have a unique possibility.

The body that is growing in full swing will approach its prime as time goes by, and mana will gradually build up.

So I was saving karma.

I should invest in combat power to some extent, but I don’t intend to pour all my karma into combat power like I did in my previous life, even in non-urgent situations.

Of course, the more karma, the better.

I will accumulate as much karma as possible.

So, when I filmed the video, I left out the truth that you can get karma by killing the bad guys.

I’m afraid that the high-ranking villains will control the villains below and prevent them from coming to me.

‘That shouldn’t happen.’

What if you sell your face and throw a bait, but there is no bite?

oh wow, that’s terrible

Of course, I don’t think the bait will work right now.

Because right now my father and the fantasy knights are by my side.

Unless you’re a bunch of empty-headed guys or something like the 5th villain himself, you wouldn’t think of attacking me through my father and the Knights.

But I won’t always be with my father, and the day will come when I will face the villains one day.

Today’s declaration was for that time.

I am your enemy So if you see me, don’t hesitate to come in.

I threw that message to the villains.

‘I wish I could leave the house sometime soon.’

I want to kill the villains freely.

Just as I was nodding my head, thinking that I should look up the number of cases, an employee handed me something.

“Take it.”

“Five… … .”

It was super authentication with my information embedded in it.

‘I feel strange.’

Looking at my picture embedded in the super authentication, I fiddled with it.

“When you see it at a time like this, you look just like that age.”

When I looked at him at the employee’s words, he grinned and smiled.

Does it look like I’m thrilled?

‘What… Isn’t it wrong?’

Super authentication is also called heroism in other words.

This means that the villain cannot be accepted.

It was true that my heart was soft, perhaps because I had received a super-certification that I hadn’t had in my previous life.

“Hmm, that sounds a bit odd.”

“Haha, I understand. When I first got super certified, I just cried.”

… am i not that good?

“Anyway, congratulations on being a hero.”

“thank you.”

I am a hero now

After looking at him for a while and laughing, I left the examination room.

* * *


“100 million!”

As soon as he came out, he was smashed in the back by Ellis.

Why are the little guy’s hands so hot?

“brother! I’m sane now!”

“Well… sorry.”

“Ughhhh… uh… If I get sick, I will die.”

He approached Elise, who was good at controlling her anger even on her own, and stroked her hair.

“sorry. You did it because you had a thought too, so would you understand?”

“Ugh! My sister and the kids worried a lot. My father did too.”

In a word, it means that everyone in my family was worried about me.

This doesn’t feel bad.

“brother! Are you laughing now?”

The way Ellis looked at me and talked was so lovely that I hugged her tightly.

“thank you. I’ll be careful not to worry.”

It reminds me of when I heard the news that Alice had died in that strange vision.

‘It was terrible.’

Promising that I would never let that happen, I approached each and every one of them and expressed my apologies.

The last time I saw my father, my mouth suddenly started tickling.

“Hey Father, I have something to tell you.”

“It doesn’t seem like a light topic.”


“Then let’s go back and talk.”


For some reason, I believe that my father might be able to tell me why the vision I saw happened and what it means.


“Come in.”

My father allowed me to enter the room, and a man entered and bowed politely.

“It’s been a while, Duke.”

At the man’s greeting, the father also greeted him with a generous smile.

“It’s been a while since we’ve met in person like this again, branch manager.”

“I mean.”

The identity of the man with his sharp eyes was the head of the Superman Association’s Talon branch.

‘Is it the right way?’

There are numerous branches of the association in the world, so I thought it would be no big deal to be called the head of the branch, but this man is a bit different, perhaps because he is in charge of the branch here in Talon, the heart of the empire.

‘It’s at least 7 stars.’

I think it might be an 8-star superman.

“Yeah, I don’t think I just came to say hello. What’s the matter with you?”

“Well… There are people who want to see the Duke and the Grand Duke.”

“Me and Martin? Who is that?”

Before the branch manager could even answer, a loud voice was heard.

“older brother! That’s me! Ha ha ha!”

And soon, a large man bursts into the waiting room.

“No, you!”

His father’s face lit up when he saw him.

On the other hand, I had to lower my head because I couldn’t manage my expression for a moment.

‘To see the author here… … .’

It’s a familiar face. It is an unforgettable face.

Cedric Lou holding hands with his father.

‘That’s what it was… … .’

From that look, I

Suddenly, in my previous life, I could understand why my father had come to catch me.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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