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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 23

First EX

uh… So, isn’t this person a superman with the characteristics of petrification, not the speed of movement?

The inspection staff was stiff enough to think that way.

without even blinking an eye.

“… excuse me?”

Despite my call, he did not answer and continued to stare at my superhuman information.

and then… … .

“Is this a dream? Haha, I said it was a bit strange. It didn’t make sense to say that every kid who came in was a superhuman with A-class or higher characteristics. Hahaha, I have all these dreams.”

Laughing like crazy

I put on Arin, who kept humming, and approached him, slapping his forearm.


The employee who let out a moan that was not good to hear then turned his eyes to me.

“Why, why are you like this?”

“Are you sick?”

“… It hurts.”

“Is this a dream?”

“… I don’t think so. Oh My God! There really was an EX-class!”

An employee making a grotesque expression as he vigorously presses the ball with both hands.

‘I don’t think he was originally like this.’

Anyway, I told him again.

“Please reveal it now.”

“Ji, do you really want to reveal it? uh… This is so devastating… … . Can I reveal this… … .”

mumble mumble.

You said you would reveal it earlier?

Apparently, after seeing the EX level in person, I was very scared.

He said strongly to him who kept getting soggy.

“I said I had already decided.”

“… You did. Okay. The post will be posted by the admin anyway… … . Then I’ll send it to the manager right away… … .”

A good thought flashed through his head, and he grabbed his arm as he tried to manipulate the crystal ball.

“If you just do it, it’s a bit boring, so I’ll take a video and attach it.”

“… You mean the video?”


“What video… … .”

“Take a picture for now.”

If you’re going to do it, do it right.

* * *

A carriage leisurely passes through the front door.

Reporters and countless other people waiting in front of the main gate of the Talon branch of the Superman Association were watching it blankly, feeling like dogs watching a chicken fly over the roof.

“Was there originally a place where a wagon could enter?”

“uh… Since the carriage attack about a decade ago, it has become a rule to walk through the main gate. But what… Aren’t you cheering?”


At that one word, not only Viscount Kaom but also other reporters who were listening nodded. That nickname had that much power and history.

Meltys licked his lips with regret.

“If this is the case, you will come out in a carriage when you come out.”

“Right… … . ha, what The fantasy knights are camped out like that, but they can’t even enter. By the way, what have you been looking at since a while ago?”

“ah! I’m looking around the superhuman community.”

“A superhuman community? Why community?”

“Anyway, there’s nothing to do right now, is there? The superhuman community needs to keep an eye on it… … . what? What is this?”

When Meltis was startled, Viscount Kaom showed interest.


“Did the manager post it?”

“A manager? Isn’t this the first time an administrator posts a post?”

Viscount Kaom also widened his eyes in surprise.

superhuman community.

It is a virtual space that has existed for at least 3,000 years, as it has been known for a long time.

Now, it is a space that anyone can access with a terminal made in the kingdom of magic, but until the terminal was created, it was called a superhuman community because it was a place where only those with magical powers could access.

Manager is a word that refers to the person who is in charge and operator of such a superhuman community.

He was a person whose identity was hidden in a veil as he did not engage in any activities other than essential things such as sanctioning those who went riot in the superhuman community.

Regarding such an administrator whose identity has not been revealed for thousands of years, someone argued that some ancient spirit or something was running the community, and someone revealed suspicions that the administrator was a dark faction that controlled the world behind the scenes for a long time.

As such, the world’s interest in administrators was by no means inferior to that of teenagers.

There are not a few people who even make something called the world’s four mysteries and insert the existence of a manager into it.

But that manager did something he had never done before.

‘The manager posted a post… … .’

Viscount Kaom quickly turned on the terminal and connected to the superhuman community.

As if representing the interest of the administrator, the number of views had already risen to five digits even though it had only been a few minutes since the article was published.

【First EX! Is it a transformation?]


This is a very intriguing title.

Viscount Kaom read the text quickly.

A short text of less than ten lines. However, the content was not unusual.

Viscount Kaom read it over and over again.

‘I’m going crazy.’

To sum it up, it was this:

1. Above the SSS class, which was said to be the best so far, there is actually an EX class, and for the first time, a superman with an EX class appeared.

2. The superman’s true identity is Martin Lamot, the grand duke of the La Motte family.

3. With the advent of the EX grade, we are looking forward to the transformation that the world will face.

4. After a while, with Martin Lamott’s permission, his superhuman information will be released.

‘It’s really crazy.’

I feel like I’m losing my sense of reality.


Viscount Kaom, who had been dazed by Meltis’ voice, regained his senses and asked in a trembling voice.

“Do you think this is true?”

“… It’s the first thing the manager posted, and I don’t think he wrote nonsense.”

“right. that’s right… … .”

Thinking that it had suddenly become too quiet, Viscount Kaom looked up and looked around.

Countless people gathered here have their heads bowed and their eyes fixed on the terminals.

Even those who were conversing with him like Meltys were whispering with their voices as low as possible, as if making a loud noise would cause trouble.

It was as if the sound of the world had been reduced to less than 1/10.

Wouldn’t everyone who read the manager’s writing be like this?

Even in the present generation, it has become so popular that it is difficult to find a person without a terminal.

‘It’s not like they’re the only ones doing this.’

Thinking that the whole world would be no different from what it is now, I laughed for some reason.

He continued to look at the superhuman community.

The posts are coming non-stop.

Unlike the quiet real world, the community was noisier than ever.

Viscount Kaom received many recommendations, so he clicked on the post pinned at the top.

[It’s an EX-class trait… Is the admin’s post really true?】(BEST)

In fact, the grade of EX is not unfamiliar to us.

SSS-class characteristics are not the end. On top of that, there is an EX grade. This was a topic often discussed in the community.

But when that actually happens, it’s a bit embarrassing.

The history of superhumans alone is close to 10,000 years, and I am very worried that the EX grade, which had never appeared before in that long time, has suddenly appeared.

It’s all the more so because the manager is talking as if it’s certain that the world will change with the advent of this EX class.

Is this all true?

-If the admin wasn’t crazy, would you have played a joke on the first post? Of course it’s all true.

└ Since this is my first post, can’t I post it in a more playful way? There is a saying that managers are not people in the first place.

└ That’s what conspiracy theorists say.

└But it is true that administrators are not human. There are a few posts that come up every day, but if someone gets into trouble, they cut them like a knife. I agree with the statement that the Administrator is an ancient spirit.

└ The important thing now is not the identity of the administrator, but the truth of this article.

-Ex class trait. My chest is getting bigger. What kind of trait is it? As it is known, it is said that Hwanseong’s SSS-class characteristics can materialize anything you can think of into reality within the limits supported by your capabilities.

└ Since he’s a fantasy son, wouldn’t it be a similar trait?

└ This is my adopted son. And I think you misunderstood something. Attributes do not receive bloodlines.

└You seem to be misunderstanding that. There is nothing that has a stronger effect on traits than bloodline. Even with the swordsman, yes. Everyone in that family is good at swordsmanship, right?

└ Seriously, the swordsman isn’t a superhuman character in the first place, is it? Why is the sword castle famous? It’s like being a normal superman and rising to the rank of a teenage superman, isn’t it? You are really stupid.

└… How dare you insult me? who are you? Request a duel!

└ Be ignorant. What kind of world is it these days, you talk like a duel.

└ Hey! Who are you, where do you live!

└Don’t fight. The information will be revealed in a while, but why are they fighting over useless things?

-But why does Archduke Martin want to disclose information?

└ It’s the first EX rank, so you’ll want to brag. would you stay still?

└ Of course I hide it. There are so many crazy people in the world, can you even get a good night’s sleep?

└Oh, I misunderstood the question. Bottomless beggars like you have no choice but to do that. By the way, Archduke Martin is said to be the heir to the Duke of LaMotte. Besides, my father is such a cheerleader, so who dares touch it?

└ What? Are you at the bottom? wanna die?

The atmosphere was so hot.

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Glancing to the side, I can see that Meltys is also looking into the terminal while giggling.

I guess I was looking at the same thing.


“Yes, Viscount.”

“I see reporters who are starting to write articles, but don’t you?”

“ah! You have to use it now to get buried. How many articles will there be of the same? I’m going to check the Archduke’s superhuman information first.”

“Hmm… That makes sense. Anyway, when will the information come out… … .”

It was then.

“It’s out!”

Maybe it’s because it’s already a quiet space, but the voice is especially loud.

People’s eyes turned to where the voice came from for an instant, then returned to the terminal all at once.

The same goes for Viscount Kaom.

Martin’s superhuman intelligence was visible in his eyes.

【Name: Martin Lamott

Age: 14

Star: 4

Attribute: Seeker of Zen (EX)]

“crazy… Is it real?”

That kind of sound comes out of nowhere.

The amazing fact that he is a 4-star superman at that age, which should be normal to be shocked, is not even visible.

There was only one word in Viscount Kaom’s eyes, and in the eyes of those watching the same scene.

‘It’s really EX level.’

While exclamations could be heard from here and there, Meltys spoke.

“Viscount, is there an attached video below here?”

“That’s right. Shall we take a look?”

After pressing the play button, a hologram appeared above the terminal.

There was a tall handsome boy there.

“… You are the Grand Duke.”

He is a superhuman with the characteristics of an EX rank.

Although he is young, he is a superman that no one in the world can ignore, even when looking at his fantasy background or individual talent.

Now, he is also the most famous superman in the world.

The reporters nearby focused on the hologram, and those far away quickly manipulated their terminals to play the video.

Martin in the hologram says.

[This is Martin Lamott. I think a lot of people would have been surprised by the EX-class characteristics that they are seeing for the first time.]

It’s a calmer look than you think.

How could he be so resolute at such a young age and possessing such a class of characteristics?

[The reason I filmed this video is to briefly explain my characteristics to you.]

Trait, 『Seeker of Zen』.

It was a tea that Viscount Kaom was also curious about because he could not understand anything with that alone.

“You are someone who knows how to scratch an itch. you’re going to be big No, are you already too old to say that?”

[‘Seeker of goodness’ literally seeks goodness, and conversely, it is a characteristic that does not forgive evil. It’s a very strong trait against evil. I will become stronger as time goes by.]

They are confident as if they are talking about a fact that has already been decided.

Everyone watching the video fell in love with Martin’s words.

[I am constantly getting stronger and stronger, and in the next ten years, I will be strong enough to overwhelm any villain. If the opponent is evil… At that time, I am confident that I will be able to become a disaster worse than my father now.]

Leaving aside if that’s true… … .

Why on earth would you want to take a risk?

The moment that concern begins to settle in the hearts of those watching, Martin in the hologram wiggles his fingers.

[So let me tell you. Villains of the world, if you want to kill me, act now.]

Martin smiled and said the last thing.

[I’ll be waiting for you.]

So the video ended.

It was the moment when Martin’s wide-area provocation spread to the world.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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