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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 25

the strongest species

It was a long time ago.

I haven’t finished my revenge yet, but I can see the end soon, and it’s been a while since the heroes have selected me as their target.

Crying – the giant coughed up blood and told me.

-I heard that he was going around with only one of the 5 biggest villains, so he was a guy with that kind of power.

I won, but I, who was just as unwell, told him as I put my broken ribs together.

-If I was fine, you would already be dead.

-That’s right.

He didn’t deny me.

I am well aware of the difference between my skills and myself.

Even if it’s the same 9-star superman, the class is divided again within it.

I looked at him quietly and said.

– Of course you won’t keep your promise, right?

The promise he received by provoking him before fighting him was something he could never listen to.

I naturally assumed he wouldn’t keep his promise.

But his answer was different from what I expected.

– keep

-… really? will you help me? If that happens, don’t you know how the world will see you?

-know. However, as promised, I will not attack the hero with my own hands. The only thing I deal with to protect you is the villain.

The promise he and I made was simple.

If he wins, I will surrender to the hero’s side, and if I win, he will stand by my side and help me avenge myself until I clear the ‘Swamp’.

Of course, this is just a promise without any force.

He must have made that promise because he thought he would be able to win against me, who was already exhausted, and even if I lost here, I had no intention of giving up my revenge from the beginning.

The promise between him and me meant nothing, at least to me.

But I guess he wasn’t like me.

‘Can someone like that exist?’

Doesn’t it make sense that there are people who are trying to throw away everything they’ve built up in order to keep their promise in words?

At least among the characters in my common sense, such a person did not exist.

So I couldn’t help but be suspicious.

-Why do you want to do that?

He replied as if asking for something obvious.

-Is it a promise to keep by looking at this and that? A promise a boy made once must be kept even if his head is broken.

-A boy… … .

I thought at the time that there could be no expression that suited him better.

Since then, he has faithfully fulfilled his promise.

My enemy, ‘Swamp’, had another 9-star superman besides me as an enemy, so my revenge went much easier than before.

Cedric’s situation, on the other hand, was grim.

The heroes treated Cedric, who accompanied me, as a traitor. Even though he thoroughly avoided fighting the heroes.

If Count Lu’s family hadn’t been a prestigious family in the north, he was pushed to the limit, to the point where he didn’t know what would have happened to his family.

In the end, Cedric was killed in a pincer attack by the elders of the ‘Swamp’.

However, thanks to him, I was able to meet Krishnar alone, and finally succeeded in revenge by tearing the enemy’s throat.

Although our time together was short, he was a benefactor and colleague to me, who had been fighting a lonely fight until I met Cedric.

I couldn’t share my heart, but he was a man I could trust enough and entrust my back to.

And seeing the way he treats his father now, he also seemed to have a close relationship with him.

‘Is that so… … .’

Not another hero, I wondered why my father, who had nothing to do with me, led so many heroes to visit me and tried to kill me while risking his life, but now I understand.

My father was just avenging himself.

Revenge on me, the culprit who destroyed Cedric.

‘All ties are newly established.’

This is why life is so much fun.

He doesn’t have gray hair on his head like he did back then, but his muscles look the same, and he strides up to his father and shakes his hand.

“How long has it been since, bro?”

“Say that. It’s been a long time.”

“I’ve been listening to the news of my brother.”

“I heard the news too. I heard that the Northern Army is doing great.”

“Haha, no.”

Cedric smiled awkwardly and turned to me and the children.

“The ladies and gentlemen here are the children of rumors. He’s really tall because he looks like his older brother!”

“Haha, a real person.”

With a pleasant smile, my father introduced me to Lamba in an excited voice to Cedric.

And vice versa.

“This is Count Cedric Lou, my sworn brother. He is a general and a superman who is also called the Guardian of the North. You can call me Uncle.”

“Haha, what a grandiose introduction!”

He smiled broadly, then turned to the children and waved at them with an inappropriate mischievous look.

“nice to meet you-.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

While everyone was at a loss for words, only Tom bowed at a 90 degree angle.

“Hello, Uncle!”

Come to think of it, the two do seem a bit alike, don’t they?

“Hmmmm, thank you.”

He approached the children, greeted them one by one, and finally reached out to me and held out his hand.

“You are the rumored grand duke. Nice to meet you.”

I also reached out and took his hand.

“Nice to meet you too.”

The word ‘benefactor’ was swallowed down the throat.

Instead, I decided to save his life at least once in this life.

“So what is your brother doing here? I heard you came to see me and Martin.”

“ah! this… I was happy to meet my older brother and made a mistake. I have a group of people who came with me.”


It was then.

The closed door opened again and a woman entered.

A girl with a strange feeling.

With her eyes closed, she gave off a very foreign air.

Her face turned to her father.


“… Was it the Queen who wanted to see me and Martin?”

It seemed that she and her father had already met each other.

“It’s Cedric who wants to meet you, and I have business with Martin. how have you been doing?”

“Good job. I have children like this.”

“congratulation. You deserve happiness.”

“thank you.”

The conversation between the father and the girl was bizarre in many ways.

Obviously she looks young. At most, to the extent that he looks a year or two older than me?

Still, she spoke comfortably to her father, one of the continent’s five heroes and a duke of the empire, and he took it for granted. Even to the extent that I could feel ‘respect’ for her in the tone of speech.

‘Is it a high-ranking person?’

Come to think of it, my father called that girl the queen.

Of course, I still don’t understand.

Even if he were an emperor, he wouldn’t be able to show that kind of attitude in front of his father.

‘Strange… … .’

I must have seen it somewhere I feel some unknown familiarity in her.

Her face, still closed, turned toward me.

“At that time, I was just saying hello.”

Saying that, she waved her hand at me.

I had seen something like this not too long ago.

“ah! Then in the Kadar Mountains… … .”

“right. I was waiting there to prevent Whiper from reaching you.”


A person’s name comes to mind naturally.

‘Is it a saintess… … .’

A person of such high stature that even my father would be wary of it, and a person with foresight to the extent that he knew in advance where I would send Whiper and was waiting for him, wouldn’t it be only a saint?

But she shook her head as if she had read my thoughts.

“I am not the child you think I am.”

“That child?”

“I mean the saintess. Normally, when I talk about Wisdom, I think of a saint.”

That’s it.

“Of course, the saintess is amazing. For me, all I can do is see the undetermined near future, but the saintess can see the definite future as well. Well, the appearance of that child resembled me in my human form.”

A certain future? human form?

I have no idea what the hell she is talking about.

‘So what’s the identity?’

I immediately activated ‘Eye’.

However… … .

‘what’s this?’

Like Kumalai, when the devil tried to descend on her body, her information window was full of question marks.


I cautiously took a step back from her.

Then she raised her hands and said.


“… What are you sorry about?”

“In this state, I instinctively block out information.”

She also seemed to know that I had used ‘eyes’.

“I’ll release it, so would you like to see it?”

“… no.”

It’s a bit embarrassing to come here now.

“I was going to give you all the information except personal information anyway.”

“Then please speak.”

“It seems that the information we can see is still limited.”

“Do you know anything about my ‘eyes’?”

“Has it been a thousand years? Back then, I saw a human with eyes like yours. He grew steadily, and later, even our people couldn’t hide everything in front of him. His eyes were amazing.”

I think I heard something strange… … .

‘Did you just say a thousand years?’

He said it as if he had seen it himself.

At this point, I get a sense of who she is.

“Are you… … .”

When she gently raises her hand, her mouth closes on its own.

Her presence, which had nothing to do with magical powers, made it so suddenly.

Her appearance strengthened my guess.

“This is not a good place.”

Well, we weren’t alone here.

Even if you say it’s family, it’s a bit like making the staff listen.

‘But why did he do that again?’

The branch manager was looking around with a bewildered face.

She told me why without me even asking.

“I have been preventing them from hearing our conversation. However, the branch manager is an 8-star superhuman. A person who has the capacity to feel any sense of incongruity. So that’s what it is.”

“I see… … .”

“In that sense, I’d like to move to a quieter place, how is it?”

I glanced at my father.

My father nodded as if he could believe it.

“Then I’ll be back, Father.”

“Don’t go home with the kids first. Let’s talk slowly and come.”

“yes. guys, see you later Go ahead and have dinner with your father.”

He smiled at the children and looked at her.

“Let’s go.”

As she raises her hand, the area beneath her and my feet blackens.

“It might be a bit dizzy.”

Still expressionless, but with a playful face at first glance, she lowered her hand and said,


My body fell to the floor.

* * *


My body, which had fallen rapidly, landed lightly on the ground.

‘What was it?’

I thought it would be dark because it went down to the floor, but the world I passed through was a very mysterious space filled with colorful lights.

Moving so fast through such a space makes my head dizzy.

I can understand why you said it might be dizzy.

“it’s okay?”

“… Yes, by the way, where is this place?”

“The place where the hero met his end in the distant past.”


“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later when I get a chance.”

“What… All right.”

I was curious, but I nodded my head.

Because that didn’t seem like a dragon.

“Should I introduce myself first?”

She opened her eyes, which had been closed the whole time.

And the moment I met those eyes, I was shocked.

It feels like all the blood is draining out of your body.

My body is out of my control, I can’t even breathe properly.

I knew the word for these feelings I was experiencing.


I, who even regressed just by making eye contact with her, felt fear.

And hereby the conjecture was confirmed.

Did you call this a ‘peer’?

There is probably only one race in the world that can intimidate opponents just by looking at it.

Roden’s strongest species.


Why the hell did this ancient being find me?

body trembles

It was not out of fear or fear.

excitement and anticipation.

That was the identity of what filled my heart and head.


It’s the first time I see her smile.


I think I laughed too.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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