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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 2

I’m waiting patiently

“sister! Gotta go fast! They say superhumans are invading!”

“Isn’t everyone hurt?”


“Don’t cry, Lamba. You will be fine.”

“Brother Martin! Wake!”

“Don’t shout, Alice. You might have had a big blow to the head.”

When I woke up to the loud sound hitting my eardrums, I saw a sea of fire everywhere.

‘What is this… … .’

The children who are the cause of my vengeance. Those children surrounded me now, just as they were when I was a child.

‘How did this happen?’

For a moment, the message ‘EX grade privilege’ popped up in my head and confused me, but that was also for a while.

Seeing the desperate faces of the children lifts my spirits.

Knock knock.

I asked, lightly patting the cheek of the child who was carrying me.

“… Is it Tom?”

“what? brother? Are you awake? Guys, brother Martin has come to his senses!”

Children cheering and running towards me with tears in their eyes.

I climbed off Tom’s back and hugged them and stroked their hair.

How much have you been waiting for this scene?

Are you even dreaming?

If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up forever.

“brother… it’s okay?”


If I am a reliable father to my children, Aline is a caring mother.

I lightly held Aline’s hand, who seemed very tired, probably because she was alone with the children.

“You worried me. sorry. Leave it to me from now on.”

“yes… I’m so glad you woke up.”


While reuniting with the children, the situation was roughly finished.

‘Here… It’s a training camp.’

This is where the villains kidnapped and trained us.

Right now, this training center has been raided by heroes.

‘Are you back in the past? … .’

It was such an impressive experience that I remember it clearly.

In the past, when we were attacked by heroes, the inn where we were was on fire. At that time, all the doors of the hostel, which were normally closed, were open, and I was escaping the building with the children to avoid the fire, but I was hit in the head by something that fell from the ceiling and passed out.

When I see my head hurting like this, I think that time is certain.

Once again, the message of ‘EX grade privilege’ comes to mind.

‘Is that what you meant to return?’

If so… … .


I shook my head and brushed off my thoughts.

Whatever the case, this is not the time to settle unanswered questions.

‘I have to get out of here once.’

I looked west and east once.

It is a big turning point that can change my life and the lives of my children.

‘At that time, I went to the east.’

All trainees receive an education close to brainwashing.

-Heroes are hypocrites and cannot be trusted. hate them

Teaching assistants constantly instilled such values in our heads until they took root.

I, too, had been here for several years, and that thought had settled in my head, so at that time, I took my children and headed east, where the villains were waiting.

I have led my children to Hell.

“brother… Aren’t you going?”

Elise grabs the collar with a worried face.

said while stroking her hair.

“From now on, we will keep running this way. Until we meet our heroes.”

The children are terrified when I point west.

“What are you going to do when you meet a hero? They are bad guys!”

“right! We must go east!”

“Heroes will kill us all!”

As we raise our hands, the children’s mouths close.

“Aline, Ellis, Tom, Pierre, Lamba.”

He made eye contact with each of the children who were trembling as if they were anxious.

“Trust me. I will definitely save you.”

As much as this time.

No matter what.

“Okay, let’s go west.”

Starting with Aline, the children clenched their fists and nodded.

I am just grateful for the trust in me that surpasses the villains’ brainwashing education.

“let’s go.”

We started running vigorously in the opposite direction to the other children.

* * *

After about 3 minutes of running, someone blocked our way.

The name of the guy who wears an eyepatch is Kater.

He was glaring at me like he was going to kill me.

“Kater… … .”

“Where are you going? Not this way.”

“We will find our own way to live separately.”

“Are you going to betray me, coward?”

“You are a coward… … .”

I miss you.

At this time, I was still completely brainwashed.

I absolutely hated hurting anyone, and I tried to avoid hurting other kids as much as possible during training.

‘The kids who hated me saw me like that and called me a coward.’

As a result, I didn’t kill a single person during my time at the Villain Training Center, so I wasn’t ashamed of being called a coward.

However, even in such a country, there were children who had to seriously hurt them, and one of them was Kater.

‘It was really poisonous.’

At that time when I was lacking in experience, during sparring, I stabbed him in the eye without realizing it. I still can’t forget the look of that guy who was staring at me with his only remaining eye and shouting.

– Kill me! Or I will kill you!

At that time, Kater was only ten years old.

No matter how much they say that he is a trainee at the Villain Training Center, this guy was a little different from the other kids from birth.

But now,

Carter held out her hand to me with a smile on her face.

“Let’s go back, Martin.”

I didn’t hold his hand. Because the one hand he was hiding behind his heart was caught in his heart.

Instead, I tried to convince him in reverse.

“Kater, you come with us. Villains are not something people can do. If you come with us, you can live like a human being.”

“Have you already forgotten the grace bestowed on you?”

“They were just trying to use us to breed us as easy-to-eat horses. What kind of grace is grace? Calm down.”

At my words, Kater retrieved his outstretched hand and brought out the one he had hidden behind his back.

‘Also… … .’

A dagger was in his hand.

If I had held your hand, I would have stabbed you right away.

Kater glared at me with black eyes and aimed the dagger at me.

“Martin, a coward who was born with a ridiculous talent, but was afraid of killing people and set limits for himself. I hate you.”

I already knew that his hatred for me stemmed from jealousy.

However… … .

“Even if you hate me, shouldn’t you live and see? Lastly, don’t recommend. Come with me.”

“Shut up, coward!”

I let out a sigh of sadness.


I waved my hand at the guy.

“Get out of the way. Let’s just go our separate ways.”

But Carter didn’t get out of the way.

Rather, it rushed at me, exhaling a life force so strong that others could feel it.

Even though I know you won’t be my opponent.

“I will kill you, traitor!”

Huh- Just when I was about to subdue him with a light sigh, there was a child who brushed past me like the wind.


Arlene was charging at Kater with a dagger without the slightest hesitation.


Cater shouts with a stern expression and thrusts a dagger into Arlene’s face.

Arlene dodged the dagger with a slight twist. Then, with one hand on Carter’s wrist holding the dagger and the other hand on Carrère’s side, he immediately turned his body.


A perfect hit-up as if it was squeezed and hit.

Kater, who was lying on the ground, twisted his face in pain, but Arlene’s counterattack was not yet over.


He twisted and broke Cater’s arm.

She followed up with a fist! f*ck! He hit both of Carter’s knees.


Arlene, who had been looking down at Cater, who was struggling in pain, with emotionless eyes, lifted her hand, and magic began to build up in her hand.

is to kill

It was then that I stepped out.


Arlene immediately recovered her magic and walked in front of me.

“Thank you, Arlene.”

“no… … .”

She smiled shyly and went back to the children, and I stood next to Kater and looked down at him.

“Ah! Don’t look at me like that!”

“… Carter, I won’t talk about going with you. You’d better get out of there, though.”

“Kill me! Otherwise, someday I will kill you!”

Saying porridge is a very custom, a habit.

Arlene, who came back to me before I knew it, asked.

“Brother, considering the aftermath, wouldn’t it be better to just kill yourself here?”

I agree with her, but I can’t.

Kater is only 14 years old now. It’s too early to die.

Above all, this child is also a victim like us.

I cannot kill a child who is in the same situation as me.

If necessary, when the time is right, then kill.

“… let’s just go We just need to become stronger so we don’t have to worry about repercussions.”


A year from now before the return, none of us were weaker than Kater.

I passed him, hoping that Kater in this life would also change like me and the children.

* * *

After moving for a long time, avoiding the eyes of the villains, we finally arrived near the scene where the heroes and villains were fighting.

Aline, who was close to me, cautiously asks.

“What now?”

It’s the same thing I’m worried about too.

‘I thought all the villains here would have died or run away by now… … .’

That was not it.

Contrary to my expectations, the strength of the two formations looked very unequal.

“Let’s think about it for a moment. I will find a way.”

While reassuring Aline and the children, she inspected the scene.

‘It’s impossible to break through with force.’

Right now, only me and Arlene have reached 2 stars, and all the other children are 1 star superhumans.

On the other hand, those fighting over there are at least 2 stars, and there are even those that look like 4 stars.

In this situation, taking children to break through the sniper field is definitely unreasonable.

You have to find another way.

I looked around to see if there was no way out.

Supermen are too dense. It seems impossible to take the children through the West Gate without their eyes.

I thought about running away screaming for help, but… … .

‘It won’t work.’

If that happens, the villains will try to kill us, and the superhumans will try to protect us from the villains without knowing anything. Because we are children.

But will it work?

It’s already a tight composition, but you fight while protecting someone? Eventually the balance will fall.

If that happens, we will also be killed by the villains.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to step out myself.’

I took a few steps back and warmed up.

I moved all of my body little by little to gauge the strength of my current body.

“Brother, what are you doing… no!”

Aline looked at her with worried eyes.

Maybe this kid knows what I’m about to do.

I said while stroking Aline’s head.

“I’ll take care of the kids.”

“I go too.”

“Then who protects the children?”

When Arlene was at a loss for words, I reached out to Pierre.

“Could you lend me a dagger?”

When I passed Kater, I saw this bratty guy stealthily pick up a dagger.

“… Did you know?”


“Hehe, it’s a habit… … .”

Seeing Pierre handing over the dagger while scratching the back of his head made me smile.

“I’ll write it well and return it.”

“Are you thinking of helping the heroes?”


“You have to be careful, brother.”


This time I looked at the reliable Tom.

The biggest and strongest kid among us.

“Even if I look dangerous, stop the other kids from moving. Understand?”


He is trustworthy because he follows my words unconditionally.

Alice approached me before I knew it and put her hand on my shoulder and manifested a characteristic.


Alice’s characteristic is assimilation with nature.

It felt like my body was blurring as her mana permeated.

Although it is a characteristic of a 1-star superhuman, it will be of some help in a melee like that.

I stroked Elise’s hair once, then returned to my original position and looked at the battlefield.

‘Who would like… … .’

It would be nice if he stayed close and couldn’t react even if he knew I was coming… … .

‘Five… … .’

It wasn’t long before I found that guy.

A bear-like villain who is competing with a hero with both hands intertwined.

that’s the guy

“I am waiting patiently.”

I laughed at the children and immediately kicked the ground.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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