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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 1

EX class privilege

The last remaining hero coughed up blood and shouted.

“Demon King! Worst villain ever! Did you think you would live forever!”


At my plain reply, the hero hesitated a bit, as if taken aback, then shouted again in that strange tone.

“Although our 152 heroes, including me, will die today, their names will be remembered forever as the warriors who killed the demon king!”

“… That would be nice.”

“When people talk, they take it seriously… … .”


Its body could not handle the power emitted by the magical energy spreading in the air and exploded.

“f*ck… … .”

Now, only I am left here.

The body of a superhuman who has reached 9 stars does not die easily even in such an extreme environment.

“How did I come here… … .”

If you think about it, it all started from the moment I got my first kill and acquired a trait.

『Evil Seeker (EX)

It steals the karma of a good person.』

Only by killing good people can you gain strength.

Isn’t it a trait that seems to force you to become a villain?

Even knowing that, I had no choice but to use this trait.

At the time, I had a duty to resolve the grudges of the children who died following me, and I needed strength to do so.

Moreover, at that time, I did not know the weight of life. He knew that someone’s life was something that could be destroyed at any time by order and necessity.

I was so brainwashed.

So, he accepted the characteristic without hesitation. He moved only for revenge. I didn’t care about anything else.

True to its EX rank, 『The Seeker of Evil』 was a trait with great potential.

The karma I gained from killing the good people became my strength, and thanks to that, I was able to become stronger than anyone else in the world.

Having grown so strong, I was able to complete my vengeance less than ten years after I acquired the trait.


It was around that time that I realized that I was at a point of no return.

Worst villain ever.


Before I knew it, the world was calling me that way.

Heroes defined me as the worst enemy that must be eliminated, and even villains like me were wary of me.

I feel like the whole world is after me.

I, who had been chasing my enemies, was now being chased by the world.

At that moment, I felt I was at a crossroads.

die or live

The choice I made then was not death.

I’ve lived a life where I had nothing to say even if I died right away, but I still lived.

If someone asks me if I wanted to live that way, well… I’m still not sure.

I just somehow managed to survive.

And my survival, inevitably led to the death of those who would kill me.

Ten years passed like that.

During that long time, I saw the world and realized my mistakes. But he was still alive because he couldn’t die.

After living like that, from some point on, I couldn’t control myself.

In order not to collapse, I forcibly searched for a target to resent.

I was so weak and evil.

“Am I just born to die like this!”

Like everyone else, the object of their resentment that they sought and reached was eventually God.

I shouted to tear my throat, but as expected, there was no response from God.

My voice just echoed emptyly in a huge cavity that was about to collapse.

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Goo Goo Goo-

A joint shaking with a sudden cry.

It sounds like I will also be sent to the side of death.

No matter how much I am, I can’t survive the loss of my legs and fall into the lava hell that awaits under this cavity.

‘Anyway, they’re terrible guys.’

Let’s catch me, the heroes who spread rumors that I had no choice but to come here all over the continent, completely emptied the area of a radius of 100 km, dug countless traps and waited.

Even though they all died, the purpose of killing me was achieved anyway, so they will be able to laugh even when they die.

thud! thud! thud!

The cavity shakes violently, and rocks the size of houses fall from above.

The magical energy that the heroes made by giving their lives was activated.

Cuckoo coo-


My back feels empty and my body sinks endlessly.

the land is gone

I twisted my body and looked down to see the hellish lava spread out as wide as the sea.

“It is spectacular.”

I didn’t close my eyes until the end.

I want to capture that beautiful sea of lava in my eyes even a little more.

‘Are there still lingering attachments to life… … .’

I finally found out my truth.

Even at this point, I still wanted to live.

But since that is impossible,

In the red lava everywhere, I made a desperate wish.

‘If there is a next life, please live a peaceful life…’ … .’

But that was just then.

『The destruction of the world of Roden is confirmed.

EX grade privileges are activated.』

Messages passing by with slowly blurring vision.

Before I had time to understand it, I lost consciousness.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Villain want to be happy.


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