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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 3


As soon as the target was set, action began. I can’t let that struggle of strength go away by wasting time.

He drew all his mana and focused on his legs and waist.


A body that jumps right out.

It’s incomparably slower than before the regression, but for now, this is the best.

So, in order to get out of the sight of the other superhumans, I ran at the maximum speed I could with my mana stored.

As I get closer, I see the villain flinching as he was showing his back to me. He must have entered a gap where the 『Fairy Tale』 that Alice had given him wouldn’t work.

The eyes of the hero, whose face was red from fighting him, were also directed towards me.

I shouted at him without slowing down. I’m afraid the hero will be wary of me and retreat.

“Please hold tight!”

Did my sincerity work?


The hero, who had been quietly struggling with strength, even raised his spirits and held onto the villain’s hands.

“Hey, let this go!”

The bear-like villain kicks back in embarrassment.

like a horse

Although compared to a horse, each of his kicks has the power to break bones and rupture organs in an instant.

But I didn’t slow down.

I could see where his feet were going and where his next kick would be.


That was my talent that Kater was so jealous of, being able to graduate from training camp without killing anyone.

It is also the strength that made it possible for me to endure for more than ten years alone while being the enemy of the world.


Villain’s foot lightly brushes the ball.

I jumped with all my might only after I got that close to the villain.

In the extremely short amount of time approaching the villain’s back, with a high degree of concentration, everything around slows down as if time passes slowly at first glance.

Inside, I moved the mana concentrated in my waist and legs at high speed. The magic power concentrated in the hand rides the handle of the dagger and passes to the blade.


Unrefined power instantly coalesces and creates a spark.

‘This is enough.’

Villain’s star rating is 4 stars.

Originally, he wasn’t the one to be attacked by me. However, he is currently using most of his power in strength contests and kicks.

so… … .


Even a dagger with 2 stars and improvised magical power could pierce it like this.


The villain whose heart was pierced by my dagger died with a short scream, followed by a groaning sound. It was the sound of the two hands of the villain holding the hero facing each other.

The hero’s eyes turned to me after looking at the villain scattered around as a corpse for a moment.

“you… … .”

Pupils swaying wildly as if in confusion.

I shouted without giving him a chance to speak.

“Knapped! Please save me, hero!”

ah… Still, his body has been called the worst villain in history, but now that I talk about it, this feels weird.

Still can’t help it.

I can’t just give the hero a sense of incongruity.

“kidnap… … ?”

“Yes Yes! There are so many kids like me here!”

After looking at me for a moment, the hero looked around with hardened eyes as if he had decided to believe.

Then he turned to me and asked.

“Where are those children?”

I pointed to an alley in the distance with a wink in case the other villains saw it.

“excuse me.”

“okay… follow me at once I’ll take you to a safe place.”

“Then what about my younger siblings?”

“I will take some of my comrades with me to guard them.”

“You can’t do that!”

“… … ?”

What kind of idiot are you talking about, trying to disperse power in a situation where even if you defeat the villain with all your might, now that the hero is a little more victorious by reducing one 4-star villain?

I’d rather help, so I was going to tell him to put an end to the villains first and see him.

“You bastard!”

If I hadn’t seen the villains who found me come running to this place, I’m sure it would have been.

“Back off!”

The hero quickly pulled me back and ran towards the villains.


I moved my aching body around and checked my mana.

All three villains were blocked by the hero while running towards me.

‘Two three stars, one two stars.’

Normally, a 4-star hero would be able to handle it alone, but the situation is a bit different now.

Even considering the secrets of the training camp, those villains will prioritize killing me over dealing with heroes.

I shouted at the hero who was busily moving to beat the villains.

“Send the weakest here!”

You can see the hero’s back figure flinching.

Even though I was shown killing a 4-star villain by emitting magical power, I am still a child.

I can understand the hesitant hero.

So I shouted loudly again.

“I could! believe!”

Only then did the hero nod, spread his arms wide, and ran towards the two 3-star villains.

The villain left alone comes to me spewing out his life.

“You have too much confidence, Trainee #33.”

Then he reached out his hand and spread his index and small fingers.


Two fingers slowly turning clockwise.

it was a hint

The kind of suggestion that makes the trainee go crazy.

If it had been another trainee, he would have lost his will to fight just by looking at it now, and would have languished.

But what about me?

The body is a child, but the mind is a person who has been called the worst villain in history.

There’s no way that such a crude suggestion would work.

“You asshole, that doesn’t work for me.”

At my words, the villain stopped moving.

“Uh, how… … ?”

Now, as if he is slowly grasping the situation, he can see his eyes trembling.

I approached him who was standing still.

“Didn’t you like playing with the kids like dolls with those fingers?”

As I approached, he backed away.

Although I have the nickname Coward, it also means that I am strong enough to subdue other children without killing them.

As the instructor who was in charge of our training, he seemed to know very well that he couldn’t deal with me even with the same 2 stars.

I walked quickly towards that guy and said.

“I’ll cut it off so you can’t point fingers again.”

I was about to run towards him, but then I stopped.

It wasn’t my will that my body stopped.

‘sh*t… … .’

Suddenly, the strength of the whole body is released, and the sight in front of the eyes becomes distant.

There is nothing wrong with the body and magical power, so there is only one thing I can think of right now.

‘Awake in this situation… … .’

I just lost my mind and collapsed.

* * *

A dark night sky with stars twinkling in all directions.

I am now in such a space.

Maybe it’s because this isn’t the first time, I’m not as embarrassed as before, but I’m worried about the outside.

‘It’s just a matter of timing… … .’

Although the time flow in this space is said to be faster than outside, it is not stationary.

Moreover, since I was facing the villain one-on-one, I couldn’t help but feel more impatient.

‘Come quickly.’

After waiting for a while, a shining star appeared in front of me.

It is the ‘Awakening Star’ that governs the characteristics.

The star trembled and let out a voice.

[Welcome, Martin. I am called the Star of Awakening.]

“I know, let’s do it quickly.”

[…] I will start blooming traits.]


The star of awakening began to shine brightly.

The dazzling light quickly filled the surroundings and engulfed my body before long.

[The trait has bloomed.]

At the same time, a message comes to mind.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

It steals the karma of the evil one.』

I glanced at him with a sense of urgency and said.

“I checked.”

[Did you see it correctly?]

“I saw… … .”

I was about to say ‘I saw it!’ but I shut my mouth.

I just discovered that something has changed.

“The Seeker of Zen… … ?”

‘Seeker of Good’, the complete opposite of the previous trait ‘Seeker of Evil’.

I can’t help but be dazed.

[Would you like to leave?]

“… no!”

No matter how busy I am, I have to ask a question.

This is not a place where you can come whenever you want to.

[Tell me what you’re curious about.]

I had a hunch that that star of awakening knew that I was coming here for the second time.

‘I guess that’s why I told them to look at it properly.’

So, with that in mind, I asked.

“Why is it different from before?”

[This is because the awakening background has changed.]

I still know



“Background… … .”

Two things have changed from before.

The time of awakening and the disposition of the person who killed it.

Previously, not at this time, but several years later, he awakened by killing the hero the villains had kidnapped.

Even now, seeing that I came here as soon as I killed a villain, the conditions for me to acquire the characteristics are self-evident.


You have to kill someone, but you can bloom your characteristics.

And when you put all of this together, one thing emerges.

“Is it because the first person I killed this time was an evil person, so the ‘seeker of evil’ was changed to a ‘seeker of goodness’?”

The star of awakening shone brightly.

It looked like a smiling face to my eyes.


“… Say it.”

[There is no fixed fate.]

It reminds me of myself screaming at the end of my previous life.

-Am I just born to die like this!

face is burning hot

“Were you listening to me?”


“Then are you a god?”

The Star of Awakening didn’t respond to my words, and instead said something else.

[There was only one thing I prepared for you.]

“… What is it?”

[Qualifications of investigators. But that was it. Whether you would be a seeker of good or evil depended entirely on your actions. Nothing was decided.]

In the end, am I the one who decided which side to go between good and evil?

[Even if you became a seeker of evil, you wouldn’t have to use that trait for revenge.]

That’s not wrong.

[Because you have a talent that no one else has.]


Because I have “penetrating eyes”.

Even if I hadn’t accepted the “seeker of evil,” I might have been able to complete my revenge one day.

[Even if you didn’t kill people all the way? He might not have become a seeker. Isn’t it?]

In principle, that is correct.

But that’s the end result anyway.

I also had something to say.

“I didn’t know anything.”

[No one knows what the future holds. All humans live like that. Isn’t it?]

“… … .”

There are no words to answer.

[So, don’t blame God this time, and find the path you need to go on your own. We always support Martin.]

After those words, the star of awakening disappeared, and soon the space began to collapse.

I groan at the feeling of wasting decades of time.

“sh*t… … .”

In the collapsing space, a message announcing the end of awakening comes to mind.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 10』

‘It’s 10 points… … .’

In the future, it will be an insignificant score, but it is a very big point for me now, who is only a 2-star superman.

‘Shall I think about how to use it?’

So I got ready to go out.

However, I realized that there was no need to worry about the appearance of the present world sneaking through the collapsing space.

‘Notified… … ?’

I told him to hide well, and suddenly he came out and protected me, facing another villain, not the one in front of me.

A dangerous look that looks like it’s going to collapse any minute.

What worries me more is that I can clearly see that she is trying to cross the line I set for her.


my heart rushes

“Let me out quickly!”

I waved my hands here and there in order to collapse the space as quickly as possible, converting the karma obtained by killing the 4-star villain into power.

“Converts 10 karma into combat power.”

Watching my appearance in reality change, I quickly plunged into the present world.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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