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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 18

Which family do you come from?

There are twelve knights in the ecliptic.

One of them, the White Tiger Knights, received an order to catch the villains and was eagerly running to the west plain outside the imperial castle.


At the call of the staff, the leader glanced away.


“A new order has just come from headquarters.”

“New instructions?”

“I told them to take a detour and go somewhere other than where the fog appeared.”

“Go somewhere else?”

“yes! The situation is already over. Go to the place instructed and punish the escaping villains or capture them alive if you can afford it.”

“I don’t understand. Did the other knights already go? Didn’t we say we were closest?”

“It’s not the Knights, the cheers have gone.”

The captain didn’t talk about him any more. I just asked, intercepting the map the staff member was holding.

“Where are you going?”

“Hey, here it is.”

“Let’s go. You have to catch at least the remnants to stand up.”

As long as the cheers go, the villains there are already over.

The leader was well aware of that, and thanks to that, the White Tiger Knights did not walk in vain.

* * *

Eventually, the contract was concluded.

Looking at the devil who was annoyed with his face distorted, I couldn’t be that cool inside.

I got the gift I wanted, and Morton, the devil, went home(?) unable to control his anger.

As soon as Morton disappeared, my father’s and mine’s eyes turned to the same place at the same time.

“Leon… … .”

He was sitting next to the fallen Kumalai, weeping endlessly. He cried so bitterly that neither I nor his father, who came close to him, could bear to call him.

Then, suddenly, a message pops up in front of your eyes.

I put the message away.

I didn’t want to read that now.

Knowing how sad he must be now that his loved one is alive or dead, he wanted to comfort Leon, who could be called a comrade at this moment.

So we just stood by him and watched over him.

Time passed like that and after a while.

When Leon saw us, he was startled and tried to get up, but stumbled back to his knees.

It doesn’t look like a master.

It must mean that he was mentally distressed to the extent that he didn’t even know we were by his side.

He pressed his shoulder hard to keep him from getting up.

“I’m just sitting.”

At my words, he lowered his head.

“sorry… … .”

“Sorry, are you okay?”

I was lucky to get Arin, but Leon suffered internal injuries as a result of overdoing it and pulling it out until the day of the heart check.

I can’t even stand up, but there’s no way I’ll be okay.

Even so, Leon made an effort to put on a nonchalant expression and nodded his head.

“Thanks to the young master and the lord, my life was saved. thank you.”

“… How is Mr. Kumalai?”

“I’m not dead yet… … .”

It means that you can’t guarantee that you can live.

I looked at my father. Likewise, my father, who looked at me, nodded his head slightly.

He must have entrusted the treatment of Kumalai to me.

So I asked Leon directly.

“What do you want to do?”

I want to do whatever Leon wants.

Because I am a person who believes that trust and affection for someone take precedence over anything else in the world.

Leon, who was in agony, looked up at me and said.

“I know you have no shame. still… Please. Can you spare my death penalty? Even if I am punished later, I want to save him for now.”

A sincere request.

I also want to do his favor.

But as of right now, I can’t give you an answer right away.

I don’t know if there is any karma, but right now my karma is exactly 0.


Fortunately, there is someone here who can solve this problem.

‘My father would do something for me.’

Even if it’s not necessarily individual ability, it’s rather rare that you can’t do it if your father’s wealth (fú) and network.

I turned my head to my father, but hesitated for a moment.

It was because he suddenly remembered the message he had put away earlier.


I closed my eyes and remembered the message.

‘I don’t get any karma because I can’t kill… … .’

Thought so, I was a little hopeful.

just in case you don’t know

And I opened my mouth wide at the message that soon appeared.

『You have defeated the demon in the semi-advent state.

Karma is paid.

Possession Karma: 1,000』

‘Does this make sense?’

That’s 1,000 points.

Advent wasn’t complete, and he didn’t even kill him, he just kicked him out, but he got a karma similar to when he killed an 8-star superhuman in his previous life.

With surprise, you realize one thing.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

It steals the karma of the evil one.』

‘I didn’t necessarily have to kill him.’

Certainly, there is no word in the text of the Awakening Window to kill and steal the opponent.

Of course, this does not apply to humans.

I know because I’ve been through a lot.

Humans never give up karma unless they die.

‘Are you saying that devils are a bit different?’

Of course, since this is the first time, it could be that he gave him special karma.

But maybe not.

I had a hunch.

‘The devil is the answer!’

body trembles

Suddenly, I wanted to go to hell where demons live.

Wouldn’t that place be like a gold mine without an owner to me?

Of course it would be very dangerous.


I looked at Leon. Then he smiled as comfortably as possible towards him and said.

“It will be what Leon wants.”

doo doo doo-

I hear the sound of horses galloping, so I turn around and see two nice carriages coming in the distance.

After a while, the carriage stopped and two people got out of it.

James and Arlene.

My heart sank when I saw Aline.

How long have you been here since you almost died and woke up?

What if we were still in battle!

“you… … .”

“Hehe, brother.”

I can’t say anything when I see her smiling with a white face.

He seemed very worried.

“… Let’s talk later.”

“yes… … . I’m glad your brother is okay.”

“okay… … .”

We split into two wagons and boarded.

Me, my father, and Aline rode in the same carriage to go to the children waiting for us inside the imperial castle, while James and Leon took Kumalai, who seemed to be in critical condition.

‘For now, I’ll go as far as I can and use Karma when there’s no other way.’

Sitting in the wagon and looking at the peaceful outside, I finally realize that the battle is over.

“You’ve worked hard, Martin.”

“no. I gained a lot thanks to my father. Thank you.”

If my father hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been able to squeeze my belly like that in front of the devil.

Even though I made threats that weren’t even funny, he was a real scary guy.

“Aren’t you sorry?”

“yes? What?”

“A gift. Wasn’t it an opportunity to get something that couldn’t be seen in the Human World?”

There is nothing to think about.

I immediately shook my head at my father’s words.

“I only want one thing.”

“What is it?”

“My family lives safely and happily. Villains have fathers and Sir James, so it doesn’t matter, but things other than those devils are different, aren’t they? You have to prepare for them too.”

I met a demon I hadn’t seen in my previous life in just a week after returning.

I feel that something has changed a lot.

‘We are ignorant of otherworldly devils.’

There is a legend that there was a time when such things roamed this land a long time ago in the Age of Mythology, but no one knows the specifics.

So, the gift I wanted was information.

‘Good job.’

I asked him to let me know in advance if the devil was going to descend on this land like today.

No more, no less, only ten times.

In a way, that was tantamount to betrayal of the other demons, so Morton couldn’t help but go on a rampage like that.

But getting a thorn under my fingernail hurts more than getting someone else’s arm cut off.

As if the devil was no different, Morton accepted my request in the end. Apparently, he didn’t want to end up like a goblin behind bars.

Also, here’s one more of my goals.

I hope that through this contract, discord will sprout among the demons, and eventually Morton, branded as a traitor, will fall completely into my hands.

‘I’ll make sure to make it that way.’

I looked at Aline with that promise.

Now it’s time to meet the other siblings.

* * *

Hwangseong’s center distance.

There is a famous bakery here that has been going on for 50 years.

Hanson Bakery is always crowded with people because there are so many different types of bread, from cheap basic bread to top-notch bread, and delicious food!

Such a Hanson Bakery had an unprecedented ‘Closed’ sign on the door today, a weekday.

The reason is because of the four children sitting at the round table inside the bakery.

They were Tom, Ellis, Pierre and Lamba.

There were so many breads on the big table, from baguettes to cakes, but the children just looked at the bread and didn’t touch it.

In silence, Elise opened her mouth.


“Ugh, older sister.”

“You must be hungry because you haven’t eaten lunch, but you can eat first. No, let’s all eat together.”

Thanks to her positive and cheerful personality, she always took care of and led the children when Martin and Aline were not around.

Alice said that because she felt sorry for 7-year-old Lamba, but Lamba shook her head without holding the fork.

“I’m not going to eat.”

“Are not you hungry?”

“Gopaa… … .”

“But why aren’t you eating?”

“We have to wait until Martin and Arlene come. My older brother said let’s all eat until our stomachs explode.”

This is what Martin had said the night before.

-The first meal in Hwangseong is all together! Let’s eat until our stomachs explode!

Thanks to this, the children came here without having lunch.

Elise smiled and stroked Lamba’s head.

“Is our Lamba special?”

“Ugh! Ramba can stand it!”

“Okay, then let’s wait a little longer.”

A bakery that falls into silence again.

However, this silence was not as long as before.

Because the man standing in front of the glass door approached the children.


“Yes, Uncle Deron.”

He was Daeron, a 6-star superman and the leader of the third group of the Phantom Knights.

Daeron said with a bright face.

“The head of the household, the young boy, and the first lady will arrive soon.”

The faces of Ellis and the children all lit up at once.

“Isn’t there a big deal?”

“Yes, I heard that.”

If there was a problem, I would have gone to a place like a treatment center instead of coming here.

Alice smiled and said.

“Thank you, uncle. That’s really good news.”

“You’re welcome. Then, I hope you enjoy a little more comfortable time.”


Deron walked back to the door, just as the atmosphere was about to become friendly.

thump thump-

Through the glass door, I could see someone knocking on the door and screaming loudly.

Deron opens the door. There stood a boy about Elise’s age and a grown man.

“what happened?”

I asked the adult man, but the answer came out of the boy’s mouth.

“What else are you?”

Daeron, who sighed quietly so as not to be seen by them, pointed to the ‘Closed’ sign and said.

“The shop is not open today. Can’t you see the sign here?”

“Then what are they!”

“They are not guests.”

At that, the boy grabbed the man in front of him by the laugh and shook it.

“Tell all those beggars to come out! I must eat bread from Hanson Bakery today!”

“Gosh… I will.”

“hurry! hurry!”

“sure. I’ll take care of it quickly, Bocchan.”

The man who appeased the boy said with an arrogant expression as if ordering Daeron.

“This is the young boy of Count Colling. So tell them to leave quickly.”

Count Calling.

It could be said that it is a very powerful family.

Unless the opponent was the Duke of Lamot.

Fearing that the children would be frightened by any chance, Deron revealed his identity and tried to have a good time.

But there was a voice that came out before that.

“Get out of here, you pig! You’re more like a beggar! It smells!”

It was Alice.

Suddenly, she came to Deron’s side and was shouting with her hands on her hips.

The boy suddenly confirmed that the shouter was a girl with a smaller build than himself, and for some reason the boy’s face flushed red and rushed at Elise and shouted.

“How dare you say that to me because I have a pretty face? Do you want to get scolded!”

The boy who tried to push Alice.

But boys are mates! Quack with a clatter! and went back

He was slapped on the cheek by Elise and fell down.

“Do, young boy!”

The man, who had never thought that a mere girl would attack the young master, became enraged and raised his magic power.

“This dare!”

However, his body soon hardened.

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Magical power emanates from Alice’s body.

From Tom, from Pierre, from 7-year-old Lamba.

It means that every child in front of you is a superhuman.

But that wasn’t the reason the man’s body hardened.

Deron, a man who thought he was an ordinary store employee, was grabbing his head with his hands while standing behind him.

Daeron whispered in the man’s ear.

“You dare to kill the children of the Duke of Lamot?”

“Ra, Lamot!”

Deron asked the frightened man in a bleak voice.

“So, which family are you from?”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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