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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 19

Do what you do from today


The first disciple of Karseden, the 5th villain, and Leon’s brother-in-law, he had no doubt that Leon would one day return to his hometown, the arms of the ‘Black Sun’, like fate.

But today that trust was shattered.

‘That guy is the problem.’

The one who declared that Leon would serve him as his master in the future.

So I tried to kill him. Because I knew Leon would change his mind once he died.

But, unexpectedly, he was beaten by the young man.

The young one suddenly created something similar to that phantasmagoric gate and sent me to this unknown place.

Even though his movements weren’t slow enough for the young guy to see and avoid them.

‘Is it an innate sense… … .’

Looking at his excellent senses, he seemed to have the potential to become Leon’s master.

But that’s it.

Having talent and being strong now are two different things.

Even lions can be killed by dogs when they are young.

The guy was still a baby.

Just looking at it right now.

Aren’t you embarrassed because you opened the door and couldn’t close it?


If it’s not now, you won’t be able to kill it later.

That intuition stirred.

So, Whiper stepped toward the door. Even if the door closes right now, I have the confidence to go over in that instant.

The young man’s death was already considered a fact.

But, suddenly, a strange thing happened.

The body would stop abruptly.

It is not because of some external force.

It just had to be.

He saw the entity that made him that way standing next to the illusionary door.

‘I’m going crazy.’

It feels like a frog with a snake in front of it.

My eyes are dizzy and my whole body is numb.

Huffer knew the moment he saw that the person who gave off this presence was the latter of the giant and the girl with her eyes closed.

‘no way… Is it her then?’

I saw it only once a long time ago, but I will never forget it.

The memory of that time was so deeply embedded in my brain that I couldn’t be mistaken.

Whether it’s the face or the closed eyes. Even the clothes she was wearing were the same as they were decades ago.

The girl seemed to be living in a time that had stopped.


A fantasy gate that suddenly began to disappear.

Surprised, Whiper urgently shouted.

“Priest Kumalai! I’ll leave that to the priest! Please solve it well!”

Before coming here, it reminds me of Kumalai, who smiled and said that he had gained new strength.

I hope he can bring Leon back with that power. also believe

When the illusion door behind them disappeared, the girl and the giant had already moved to the back.

The giant, Cedric tilted his head as he looked at the extremely nervous Whiper.

“What are you? Do you know who I am or who this is?”

“I don’t know who you are. But I know who he is.”

The girl stepped forward.

“Do you remember me?”

I’m not asking how you know, I’m asking if you remember.

That means that she, too, remembers herself.

Huffer cautiously nodded.

“I remember.”

“It must be quite old by human standards, but you have a good memory.”

“How could I forget the Queen?”

About 40 years ago, Karseden was not known as one of the top 5 villains like he is now, but he was known all over the continent for his strength.

The girl took the victory after one-sidedly pushing against such Carseden.

Absolutely overwhelming strength!

Even at the time, Huper, who was Carseden’s disciple, had clearly watched the confrontation from beginning to end.

Then, a thought naturally came to mind.

‘monster… … .’

Nothing more suited her than that word.

It was the first time I met her after 40 years.

Whiper swallowed his saliva in the rising tension and asked.

“Were you waiting for me here?”


I didn’t ask how I knew and waited.

She is a being who would not feel strange at all even if she looked into the future and waited for her here.

“Why did you wait for me?”

“To save the child.”


A boy’s face flashed in Huffer’s mind.

‘That little boy… … .’

The face naturally hardens.

“What do you have to do with that child?”

“Nothing yet. But it will happen soon.”

After all, a monster wants to recognize a monster.

“… okay. So are you going to kill me here?”

Without giving an answer to this, she began to say something else.

“You guys aren’t that bad of a villain.”

“… Is that so?”

“You raise awareness of human heroes. As a result, the heroes continue to develop.”

“Aren’t all villains like that?”

“You are different. You are powerful, but not so evil. It was because of that that I saved Carseden back then.”

“… Why are you saying this all of a sudden?”

“Don’t cross the line. You guys just do what you have to do, as you have always done.”

Her closed eyes open.

Looking at those obsidian-like eyes made me choke.

She looked at Whiper, whose face was gradually turning pale, with indifferent eyes for a moment before opening her mouth.

“I heard that Carseden after his arm was cut off is no longer the same good man he used to be. That you are touching something forbidden.”

“… … .”

“Did you know that the victim has already come out because of that?”

“… victim?”

“Yes, your priest. Did you say your name was Kumalai?”

Whiper’s eyes widened.

He screamed, so excited that his fear flew away for a moment.

“What do you mean! What happened to my priest!”

Her eyes went somewhere.

There was only a wall there, but Huifer thought she was looking somewhere beyond it.

“Don’t get excited. Because Kumalai lived. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now I’m alive. Don’t you want to know how Kumalai lived?”

“… … .”

“The same child you tried to kill just now saved your priest.”

“… what?”

Whiper couldn’t understand anything.

Why was the priest suddenly in danger of death, and why did the child save the priest who was no different from an enemy?

“It all happened because of Carseden. The guy was too greedy. The only one who had to deal with that was your priest. It just happened to explode.”

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“The path Carseden is walking now is a path that could lead not only him to ruin, but everyone else as well. So go and tell him. If I don’t stop here, sooner or later you’ll see me. And when we meet again, I will not stop either.”

“How did my priest… … .”


Without finishing her words, Whiper disappeared through the black hole created by her hand gesture.

Cedric, who had been listening to the conversation between the Queen and Whiper, blew his whistle.

“That is very dizzy. I’m going to have a hard time.”

The queen closed her eyes again and turned her head to Cedric.

“We have to go too.”

“… Simple right now? Are you going to see him?”

“No, I will see him tomorrow.”

“Well, I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

Both soon disappeared from the cavity of the Kadar Mountains.

* * *


I looked ahead at the sudden voice and saw my father looking at me with a hearty smile.

I stared at him suddenly, wondering what he was saying, and my father said.

“I think so too. So, never lose that heart that puts your people first.”

It seems to be the answer to the saying that all I want is the safety and happiness of my family.

I replied forcefully.




My father, who was looking at us happily, looked out the window and asked.

“Didn’t Martin say that the Hwangseong was the first?”


“Then see.”

Father pushing a button on the front of the wagon.

Then, with a jing sound, the wagon lid disappears.

“Wow… … .”

I couldn’t help admiring the place where there was a ceiling.

‘I’m not kidding… … .’

There, the endless walls of the imperial castle stretched from end to end.

After a while.

The carriage entered the imperial castle.

The guard who was inspecting the carriage in front of the castle gate was so surprised to see his father that it was a lot of fun to see him.

“There are so many people. There are many buildings.”

It was the first time I’ve ever seen buildings stacked together like this. Because in my previous life, I had never come to the continent’s largest metropolis because I was fighting and running away.

10 minutes along the road enough for five wagons to run side by side.

The carriage slowly came to a halt.

“Let’s get off.”

After getting off the carriage, I couldn’t help but tilt my head.

This is because the place we got off was a residential area lined with luxury houses.

“Didn’t the kids say they were meeting at the bakery?”

“Tsk, shouldn’t you at least wash your face?”

“The face… ah!”

clothes are clean Because our SSS-class Arin’s cleanliness maintenance function was working.

But what about the face? Looking through the window of the carriage, there was no other beggar like this.

There are sweat marks, dust, and even the blood of the villains I killed.

If it was like before, there would have been no problem if we just met like this, but as the environment has changed, I think it would be better to wash and meet.

“Go in, wash up, and come out.”

“Whose house is this?”

It is an incredibly large and stylish mansion.

The fence is pure white, as if there is no dust on it, and I don’t know how it was made, but it’s topped with a smooth, streamlined roof.

All around them were luxurious mansions, but this one stood out among them.

What kind of people live in this house?

Wouldn’t it be possible for at least a relative of the imperial family to live in a house like this?

I thought so… … .

“Does it look good?”

“Absolutely. I never thought I would have a house like this.”

“Then do yours from today.”

I heard something I hadn’t thought of.

“That word… You mean this house belongs to your father?”

“Hehe, then I would have told you to go into someone else’s house and wash.”

The father, who smiled, said to the attendant who had approached before he knew it.

“Did you hear? Transfer your name.”


It can’t look that bright.

‘Ah, is that a halo behind my father?’

It was the first time I had a house in my name after wandering without a home.

* * *

After briefly washing my face in the bathroom of the mansion that has now become my home (actually, it’s so fancy that I don’t even know if it’s a bathroom), I get on the carriage again.

We moved through the central street of Hwangseong.

The street was so splendid that my eyes could not rest for a moment and went tight.

“Martin, you’re going to lose your eyeballs.”

My face heated up for no reason at what my father said while looking at me as if he was having fun.

‘You look too nerdy.’

Feeling ashamed for nothing, I glanced at the side, thinking that Alin might be the same as me, but Aline wasn’t even looking outside.

It was only then that I remembered that Arlene grew up in the imperial castle when she was young.

‘I said I lived as a beggar… … .’

As the nobles lived together, the perception of beggars would not have been good, contrary to their wealth, and Arlene would have suffered tremendously.

Reflecting on my carelessness, I held Aline’s hand tightly.

‘Let’s forget the past and live happily.’

Arlene smiled at me as if she had read my mind.

nice guy

After a while, when I arrived at my destination and got off the wagon, I saw a fairly large bakery in front of me.

【Hanson’s Bakery】

Even this bakery is my father’s.

He said that his father’s main business was not related to food, but this bakery was once made by his father’s mother, who is my grandmother’s grandmother, under his grandfather’s name, Hanson, so he did not dispose of it even if it did not make a big profit.

‘I said it was a bakery set up to distribute bread to poor children… … .’

This is the part where you can feel the good character of your grandparents and grandparents.

“Let’s go in.”


When I went inside through the door opened by the attendant, I saw my lovely younger siblings.


He must have been hungry, but seeing that he hadn’t even touched the bread made me feel a little sorry.

I struggled to control my expression and shouted.

“We are here!”

“uh? brother! I have a sister too!”



The children ran towards Arlene and me.


While stroking each of them one by one, I suddenly found something strange.

‘What is that?’

At the table where the younger siblings were sitting, a child I had never seen before was sitting alone and working hard on something.

Looking at the child, I frowned involuntarily.

‘What is this dirty feeling?’

It feels strangely familiar, as if we had met before.

I approached the child.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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