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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 17

give me

At first, I thought I was seeing and hearing the wrong thing.

My body was in such a bad condition that it wouldn’t be strange to see and hear false things.


[Can’t you hear?]

Hearing the child’s voice again, he clearly realized that it was not an auditory hallucination.

‘Why did he say it was a bit strange?’

This magic treasure obeyed me with its own will from the beginning, and it could only speak, but it clearly expressed its intentions through vibration.

It was too strange to see it as something an A-class magic tool could do.

Tung- Tung-


My body, which bounced off without rest, stopped only after breaking a large rock and entering it half way.

But strangely, it doesn’t hurt.

[I took temporary measures.]

The magic treasure read my thoughts and replied, but I wasn’t surprised.

Because he and I are already connected by soul.

However, it was surprising enough that he voluntarily took some action to prevent harm to his armor.

‘What action?’

[Can you look at your arm?]

As the magic treasure said, looking down at the arm, you can see that the magic treasure has expanded to cover the fingertips.

Just in case, I touched my face, and it was also covered with something. What was surprising was that there were no restrictions on my field of vision that I was unaware of.

‘… What the hell are you?’

[I am an armor born from eating a part of Keshin’s inner hem and soul.]

What else are you talking about?

Isn’t Keshin a renowned Dwarf craftsman?

‘Did the dwarves have anything like this? This is the first time I’ve heard such a thing?’

[A dwarf? Keshin has the appearance of a dwarf, but he is not a dwarf. It is a much greater existence than that!]

A great being… … .

There was something that suddenly came to mind.

‘You mean Keshin, is it a dragon?’


‘Also… … .’

Legends about dragons are written in ancient books that are often found.

It is said that ancient dragons permeated the world by changing into the desired form using magic called polymorph, rather than being a huge body.

‘It seems that’s been going on until now.’

I nodded and got up.

Thanks to the appropriate measures taken by Mabogu, I didn’t get sick at all.

No, on the contrary, I am in better shape than ever. Because the empty heart was filled with magic power.

‘Did you put magic on it?’

[yes! I took the first step in the judgment that the master’s magic scepter could be damaged if left as it is!]

‘Where did you get your magic again? It must have been almost empty before?’

[The demonic power has been purified.]

It’s ridiculous.

‘Is that possible?’

[Is that what Kesin created me to do in the first place?]

‘So you’re that… Do you mean that it is a magic tool exclusively for the great devil?’

[The power I can absorb is not limited to that of the devil.]

After revealing his real face, something seems to have changed drastically.

I activated ‘Eye’ without further explanation.

It was a situation where there was not enough mana and it overflowed.

『Dragon Lord, armor (SSS) exclusively for foreign species containing a part of Keshin’s soul.

In addition to mana, it can absorb foreign powers such as demonic energy, musical instruments, and divine powers.

It can be used by converting the absorbed power into magical power.

Keep it clean.

It has self-healing abilities.

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Growth is possible according to the capacity of the user.』

‘… It’s crazy.’

That’s crazy armor.

All kinds of ridiculous features are attached to it, and it’s even a growth type!

‘Isn’t this enough to be an EX level rather than an SSS level?’

It’s an armor that’s crazy enough to make you think that way.

I’ve never heard of rich villains I killed in my previous life having armor like this.

‘Where the hell did that lesser villain get such a great thing?’

[The human passed by and picked up what Keshin threw on the ground.]

‘Why did Keshin abandon you?’

Did you grind your own soul and throw it away?

For what purpose did you do that?

[I don’t know. After talking to a human woman for ten minutes, she suddenly abandoned me there.]

Are you suspicious?

‘Do you know who that woman is?’

[I don’t know. ah! I used divine power.]

Suddenly, a woman came into my mind.

‘Is it a saintess… … .’

If she is a saint, and if she has seen a certain future, then the reason for her sudden action of throwing away her magic treasure can be explained.

I shook my head to get those thoughts out.

‘Well, there’s no guarantee that she’s a saint.’


That villain is also very pitiful.

If I was that lucky, I would have succeeded in anything, but the job I chose was a villain, and the person I met was me.

[That’s not the problem now, Master! There are things that need to be addressed right away!]

At Mabogu’s words, the spirit that ran away comes back.

That’s right, the fight isn’t over yet.

A magical demon that can even give you advice like this… … .

Is it unique?

‘Okay, let’s solve that demon first and talk about it later.’

[yes? What do you mean by that?]

‘… … ?’

[You must name me!]

Oh, was that something that needed to be addressed right away?

I guess I overestimated this magical treasure.

‘Anyway, it’s a name… … .’

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Glancing at the demon, its black form is torn, crushed, and twisted by something that continues to flash.

It is horrible.

It’s like a disaster befalling only him.

That’s why I’m not in a hurry.

I wished he suffered a little more.

‘Well… I think I had plenty of time to name them, but do you have any suggestions?’

[…] Are you asking me to recommend my name?]

‘It’s your name, but I hope you like it too.’

[I can feel the Master’s sincere concern. really too much… … .]

I feel really sad.

Only on the subject of magic!

‘Mi, I’m sorry.’

He pretended to think for a moment, keeping his eyes fixed on the devil, and then quietly came up with an opinion.

‘How is Keshin?’


‘I heard that you also have Keshin’s soul in you anyway? Then wouldn’t it be okay to build it that way?’

[That can’t be done!]

Be assertive.


[A name has power. More than anything, I don’t like Keshin.]

Hmm… … .

It’s pretty tricky, this one.

[If it’s hard to decide, just give it a name similar to the person the Master cares about the most.]

‘Is it okay?’


After thinking for a while, he spit out his name.

‘Let’s use Arin, how about it?’

[scale… like. I can feel the Master’s affection.]

That must be the case… … .

‘Okay, I’ll call you Arin from now on.’

[Yes, Master! Thanks for the name!]

‘Then shall we finish the devil soon?’

[yes! It looks like you’ve already lost all your powers, but I’ll be prepared just in case!]



I kicked the ground in a state of refreshment, as if I had just woken up.



I arrived in front of the devil at once.

‘Oh my gosh… … .’

No matter how many repetitions of extinction and regeneration, the human-like form was flowing like a liquid.

“Why haven’t you gone yet?”

[I keep my promise.]

“promise? what… Aha!”

I said I’d give you a gift if I stopped him.

He had promised to risk his existence.

Is this a declaration of defeat?

“So what gift are you going to give me?”

[that… sh*t! human! I’m not going anywhere, just come down!]

A demon suddenly shouting at the sky.

I tilted my head in puzzlement.

because there was no one there

However, the area presumed to be the devil’s face was still pointing toward the sky.

[I never dreamed that there were people in Roden who could handle chaos so well. It’s an amazing talent.]

There was even a little reverence in the demon’s voice.

Who the hell is this person who is so great that even the devil can admire it?

As I looked up with interest, after a while, someone appeared in the middle of the empty sky.

He was a very familiar person to me.

‘what? father?’

It was my father who possessed the crazy talent that made the devil admire.

Stealth that cannot be seen even with evolved “eyes”!

I was honestly a bit surprised.

Slowly – A part of Arin covering my face disappears.

I waved at my father, and he descended and came beside me, his hand still outstretched toward the devil. Then he patted my cheek and asked.

“Are you okay? Are there any injuries anywhere?”

“father… … .”

It makes me cry somehow.

It feels so good to have someone to rely on.

I also want to be a place where children can lean on at any time.

like father

“When did you come?”

“I came when you were blown away by that monster. What is that?”

I briefly explained to my father what had happened.

“So you’re saying that’s the demon from that legend?”


“Hmm… no wonder.”


Even seeing an ancient demon, this is the only reaction.

Even in the middle of that hectic time, I was extremely surprised.

“Are you okay?”

“Amazing. But I already knew that such a being would appear.”


“There was a prophecy from the saintess.”

“ah… … .”

Because of the saintess’ prophecy, I suffered a lot in my previous life.

Because of that bastard’s foreknowledge, heroes are swarming everywhere, so I can’t sleep or eat properly.

The appearance of a 9-star superman was unreasonable.

“Well… How do you handle that?”

“Can’t you get rid of your father too?”

“Holding is the limit. If that was the main body of the devil, I wouldn’t be able to hold it like this. I only saw a small part of it, but the power was incredible.”

It is a fact that cannot be seen even with “seeing eyes”.

‘As expected, father!’

In some cases, I realize that my father’s ‘eyes’ may be more useful than my ‘eyes’.

“Why are you looking at me like that again?”

“I am proud of you. Do you see through everything the moment you see anything at the level of cheering?”

“Heh heh, he’s so… … .”

My father turned his head away in embarrassment, as if he didn’t hate my sincere flattery.

I asked the devil in the gap.

“What is that?”

[…] What are you talking about?]

“The one attacking you right now. Like lightning.”

[…] It is a punishment given to those who break the law.]

“Did you break the law by using your power on me?”


said the demon who giggled.

[I don’t know if you’re the author, but you’re a weak mortal who can be torn to pieces with just one gesture of my hand. It’s not that this damn thing is bothering me because it’s attacking you… … . After- done.]

Why do you stop talking?


“Who makes those laws and who enforces them?”

The devil laughed.

It was a face where no part of the eyes, nose, or mouth could be seen, but somehow it felt like that.

“Are you laughing at me now?”

[Ask about that after taking off the human womb. Well, by that time, you’ll know it naturally even if I don’t teach you.]

“Can’t you tell me something right? Okay, if you don’t want to answer, give me a gift.”

[Is there anything you want?]

“Yes. But I don’t know if you can give it to me.”

[Say something.]

I went near him and muttered what I wanted.

Then the guy screamed.

[No! Unacceptable!]

“Then continue to suffer here. Are you okay, father?”

With a slight wink, my father sat down on the ground with a solemn face.

“Whether it’s for one year or two, it’s fine.”

[These uncivilized things dare to threaten me… … .]

“Threat? He says something funny.”

I wiped the smile from my face and looked at him.

“I will tell you my plan. Father will keep you here for as long as possible. He said it was for a year, but if you set your mind to it, ten years would be enough.”

Of course it’s false.

How busy my father is, how can he watch the devil here for ten years?

But he doesn’t know us humans, he doesn’t know his father.

“And I’m going to tell the whole continent that there’s a demon here right away. Many people will come to see you. The people you treat as bugs will look at you like a zoo animal. how is it? Don’t you think it would be fun?”

The demon’s black shape trembled.

[How dare you threaten this Mr. Morton… … .]

I was not afraid of such a demon and tapped my cheek with my hand.

“This is a threat. Got it?”

[You bastard… … .]

I immediately fell a few feet away from the demon.

It’s not because he’s scared.

It’s because I’m afraid that the lightning-like thing that is still roasting and roasting him will strike me as well.

“Now decide. What are you going to do?”

I smiled brightly at the troubled devil.

After all, he will have no choice but to give me the gift I want.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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