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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 16

Can you hear me

In my previous life, I had never heard of something like a demon appearing in the world.

I don’t know if it was someone controlling the information or if it didn’t really show up, but it was anyway.

‘It definitely has changed.’

Suddenly, the last message I saw before returning came to mind.

『The destruction of the world of Roden is confirmed.

EX grade privileges are activated.』

At the time, I didn’t care too much about it.

At that time, I was focused only on the imminent death.

But now, with the advent of the devil in front of us, I am very concerned about the word ‘destruction confirmed’ at that time.

The world won’t be destroyed just because villains and heroes fight against each other. If so, wouldn’t the destruction that the message spoke of be caused by these devil-like beings from the other world who are about to descend before me?

And if my guess is really right, it gets a little tricky for me.

With the message that destruction has been confirmed, the reason for the EX-class perk being activated becomes clear.

‘mission… … .’

Wouldn’t it mean to prevent the destruction of the Kim who returned?

Needless to say, the title of the attribute is also 『Seeker of Zen』.

It fits perfectly.

‘But why me?’

I was covered in blood in my previous life, so can’t I live a little more comfortably?

Atonement or something like that?

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Goosebumps all over.

but it’s kinda weird

How can I have these thoughts now?

I’m sure my fist flying toward Kumalai isn’t slow.

The moment I realized that, the space was distorted.

Obviously, the place I am is in reality, but what I feel instinctively is a different world.

Should I say that only the soul escaped and came to another place?

extreme temporal disparity.

‘The space of awakening was like this.’

Suddenly, a being appeared in the empty space.

It was a monster with four horns on its head.

‘Is this the devil?’

It looks bizarre, but the atmosphere it exudes is more heterogeneous.

Even just looking at it, my body instinctively shrinks.

But I struggled to shake off my fear and straightened my shoulders.

Looking at me like that, the devil asked.

[How did you get here?]

“I do not know.”

I didn’t even open my mouth, but I just thought about it and the words came out.

[Interesting. Was there anything like you besides dragons in Roden?]

“Is there a dragon?”

[This is why you guys have been able to be safe until now.]

“… I didn’t know.”

I heard that dragons all disappeared a long time ago.

[So, dear, will you stop me?]


[That’s a bad idea.]

I remembered something I wanted to ask.

If you happen to see these demons, there is one thing you really want to ask.

“Why on earth are you so anxious not to attack the other world?”

have something to eat

But again, the devil’s answer is spectacle.

[Break it or make it mine. Either one. There is no such thing as a reason. I, we were just born that way.]

It’s an answer that leaves you speechless.

“… I know one guy like you.”

It’s called Cater.

“You bastard who is tired of bullying others, don’t bully the harsh world for no reason and leave. If you don’t want to get hit by the holy fist and die.”

I said it in my own way, but the devil drew a rotten smile on his mouth as if he was having fun.

[You’re saying something funny about a mere mortal.]

“So you demons are all immortals?”

[Not everyone is immortal.]

But it must mean that he is immortal.

This is pretty scary.

“Also, you haven’t fully come over to my world yet, have you? Then the restrictions on power must be enormous?”

[It’s a matter of time.]

With this, I confirmed that his descent was not perfect and that there was a limit to his power.

“Then I will stop you.”

‘you can do it.’

At that moment, the devil flashed his eyes and said to me.

[Try it somewhere. If you can stop me, I’ll give you a gift later.]

“You promised? Have no regrets.”

[I bet my existence. But I don’t think I’ll regret it.]

He said that and shook his hand, and at that moment I felt like I was being thrown somewhere.

‘ah… … .’

The resistance of the air felt in my fist makes me realize that I have returned to reality.

It feels similar to the devil I saw earlier, but my fist goes towards the heart of an incomparably weaker one.

The eyes of a guy who moves quickly even in slow time.

It was only when the movement of those pupils stopped that I could instinctively know that it was the moment when he would end his descent.



My fist lightly touched his chest.

It’s a completely different feeling than when you only put magic power on it.

No explosions are heard, and no explosions actually occur.



A beautiful light that makes you cry just by looking at it starts from the fist, wraps around Kumalai and my body, and continues to spread past us.

‘This is divine power… … .’

I’ve seen paladins in my previous life, but this divine power is somehow different.

much deeper and purer.

[this! How can a mortal gain the power of the Source… … !]

the devil cries

I closed my eyes as I heard the devil’s voice revealing the emotion of ‘surprise’ for the first time.

The divine power was warm enough to remind me of my mother’s arms, which I had never felt before.

So I thought this fight would end here.

But that was too hasty a judgment.


A devil who suddenly laughs like a madman.

In an instant, goosebumps rise.


I woke up with a strong sense of danger.

The blurry form of the demon began to look a little darker.


An ear-piercing resonance spreads out, and the demonic form overlaps and settles on Kumalai.

I had a hunch that Devil’s Descent hadn’t yet failed. But, there are still opportunities.

‘I just need to finish it before it completely descends.’

I added the power of magical power mixed with divine power to the fist raised on his heart.

and even shouted


Luckily, Leon wasn’t stupid.

He also came straight to me as if he had noticed that the current Kumalai was not his death penalty.


I feel a strong force with great heat from behind.


If it’s a demon that has been weakened even a little by my holy power, wouldn’t Leon be able to slit his throat?

That was when I was thinking about it.

“Re… On.”

Suddenly, Kumalai opened his mouth.

I wanted to oops. I wondered what kind of trick this bastard was going to do again.

However, what Kumalai said next was a bit beyond my expectations.

“Jeongsu-ri… … .”

Leon asked in a trembling voice.

“What do you mean, brother-in-law?”

“Jeongsuri… devil’s… Passage.”

“Are you saying the devil is coming in through the crown of your head?”

“okay… so… stab… … .”

It means that the most vulnerable part for him right now is the top of his head.

Now he looked like a Kumalai, not a demon.

‘I can’t understand.’

“Through Eyes” clearly told me that Kumalai’s soul was consumed by demons.

How could he escape from the devil’s hands?

There was something that immediately came to my mind without thinking about it.

‘Divine power?’

Did the divine power turn him back? But the devil’s power is still there? So, is that an image created by the devil?

It is impossible to activate the ‘Eye’ in a situation where mana is in short supply. My heart aches at not knowing the truth.

Whatever it is, the important thing now is Leon’s heart.

Originally, Leon, who would have attacked Kumalai without hesitation thinking that he was possessed by the devil, should be viewed a little differently now that his personality has been revealed again.

‘f*ck… … .’

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think Leon can kill him.

Even if it were only me right now, if Aline was doing this right in front of my eyes, I would never stab her. If there is no way, I will find it and wait.

‘Is it the devil’s trick… … .’

Just as I was grinding my teeth, Kumalai spoke again.

“wealth… widely.”

The air waves from behind are getting stronger and stronger.

It seems to instinctively avoid me and emit power, but the aftermath alone makes my body stagger.

Soon, Leon’s voice was heard.

“This is the first time you’ve asked me for a favor.”

“Second… mi… not.”

“… The death penalty is right.”

It seems that Leon also went through the verification process in his own way.

That was the real Kumalai.

Leon’s words follow with a deep sigh.

“I will grant you that request.”

The waves that had been raging here and there became calm in an instant.

It’s not that the power has weakened.

That means Leon is in good hands.

Then, a calm, but deep, sorrowful voice is heard.

“Go in peace, brother-in-law.”

“thanks… … .”

The moment I saw Kumalai’s distorted smile in my eyes, I heard a pat behind me.

A shade falls over your head.

When I raise my eyes, I see Leon, who is as extraordinary as a bird, falling down with his sword held high in the sky.

A sword that cuts slowly and vertically.

As the sword descends, Leon blurs. No, the sword blurs.

The boundary between the sword and the body disappears.

It is a level that I could not reach when I was in the 7th star.

‘Sooner or later I’ll get another star.’

I was happy, but I sympathized with his pain, so I gave my last strength to my hands.

The best way to comfort Leon would be to do it all at once, with as little pain as possible.

Chow ah-

The sound of something invisible cracking at the top of the crown of Kumalai is heard.

Its identity is probably the passage Kumalai spoke of.

Leon’s sword stopped right in contact with Kumalai’s hair.

[Kuaaa! These bug-like bastards!]

The demon’s tearing scream echoes.

As if I wasn’t the only one who heard it this time, Leon stumbles and vomits blood. Maybe it’s because I used too much force.

But I didn’t mind.

As rumor has it, divine power seems to be in conflict with demonic power.

‘after… It kills timing.’

The divine power invested with 60 points finally completely disappeared to protect me from the devil’s scream.

“it’s okay?”

I wanted to help Leon, who had collapsed without even dropping his sword, to raise him up, but I couldn’t get close to him because my legs were trembling right away.

I turned my eyes to Kumalai, who was standing with his eyes closed in a daze.

He doesn’t even have the magical energy to activate the ‘eye’, so his condition is unknown.

‘Am I still alive?’

then you must kill

I picked up Leon’s sword off the ground and tried to pierce his heart.

But that was just then.

[Mortals who use the power of the source… … .]


A voice full of malice, never heard before or after returning, was heard.

It wasn’t Kumalai, but a black figure that appeared in front of him without any sign.

‘Isn’t it over yet?’

The moment he hesitates and raises his upper body again,

[I will kill only you!]

A black figure lunged at me.


But I was in such a bad state of mind that even that was unavoidable.

“young master!”

Seeing this, Leon screamed and tried to get up, but he staggered as he vomited blood again from his mouth. suffering serious internal injuries.

In the meantime, it crawled towards me even as it was being torn and crushed by some lightning that raged around it.


Something came out of the dark shape and headed for my heart.

I was staring at what was supposed to be an arm, but there was nothing I could do.

The moment I intuit death like that,


Suddenly, the magic treasure vomited vibrations.

“What… … ?”

I thought I knew what the magic treasure was trying to say.

‘Leave it alone.’

The Magical Noble Phantasm surely sent me such thoughts.

‘Yes, I got it.’

There is no way to avoid it anyway.

I believed in the magic treasure and stood proudly waiting for the demon’s final blow.

And finally, the demon’s attack arrived.


A huge explosion erupted from my chest and at the same time I was thrown back.


Surprisingly, I didn’t die.

Even consciousness was fine.

‘What is this… … .’

Just as it flies off the ground, bouncing like a water swallow, a message flashes in front of my eyes.

『If the conditions are met, the ‘superhuman armor (A) made by Keshin’ will reveal its true form.』

Then I heard a child’s voice in my ear.

[Can you hear me?]

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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