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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 82

Mission No.4 Reunion (12)

Even Ewald, an adventurous man with strong bones in adventure, is a monster he has never seen before.

Ewald had roughly memorized all the monsters, but he couldn’t figure out the identity of the monster that appeared in front of him.

That’s definitely a lifeform that shouldn’t exist in Middle-earth. Besides, to say that there was such a monster here in Cotru Nouvo meant only one thing.

It is a monster that was created during that incident 30 years ago.

“… Has the seal been broken?”

Apparently, 30 years ago, Ewald himself sealed this cave. I still have vivid memories of completing the magic ceremony after spending several days.

However, that monster rolling its yellow eyes in front of him was telling Ewald with his entire body that the seal had been broken.


Ebalt turned mana around his body. A significant amount of mana instantly escaped from the mana core and began to circle around Ewald.

However, the monster in front of him growled as if in response to the mana drawn by Ewald. No, he clearly followed the flow of mana with bright yellow eyes.

Ewald tilted his head with a bewildered expression.

‘How can he even sense mana?’

Obvious hostility emanated from the monster. However, the monster didn’t rush right away, as if Ewald’s expression was bothering him. Instead, the monster began to creep towards Ewald, measuring the distance.

Ewald put on a tension that was almost the same as when he was dealing with Jaskia, and once again took Usbel in his arms.

“Today, I had a very good fight suit…”

However, a trembling voice came from behind Ewald’s back.

“Ah. It’s not possible. Please. Oh God.”

It was Selena.

Before Ewald could understand what the hell she was talking about, Zelena let out a screaming voice.


What are you talking about? Unable to understand why Zelena was screaming at her in her daughter’s name, Balt turned his attention to the monster.

Ewald then found another head hanging around the monster’s neck.

“… Holy dog ​​X!”

Zelena’s daughter, whom Ewald grabbed by the slender wrist and pushed into the cave 30 years ago.

Alina’s face embedded in the monster’s body was shedding endless tears.

* * *

“Mom… Mom!”

Ewald was about to go mad.

“Ewald… Mister?”

I felt my legs stiffen. But Ewald gritted his teeth and took his feet away, staggering backwards.

It’s not scary.

He doesn’t want to go crazy.

However, the monster with Alina’s face did not change a single expression, and slowly turned her body to face Balt.

Alina’s head rattled.

“… Mister?”

“… Please stop.”

Alina, dangling from her monster’s neck, turned her eyes to Ewald, then to her face thirty years ago, then to Zelena.

Zelena, already in a state of panic, trembled all over her body.

I didn’t come here to see you like this.

I did not come all the way to this cave to see a monster devouring its children.

I didn’t come here to see the good boy’s head that remained in Ewald and Zelena’s memory clinging to the body of that hideous monster and shaking uncontrollably.

“My dear, Alina…”

“Zele… Me.”

A completely cracked and subdued voice came from Ewald.

But Zelena, unable to handle the already overflowing tears, shook her head frantically.

“Alina! Alina!”

Ewald gritted his teeth at Zelena’s scream.

But Ewald couldn’t contain her. She pressed Balt down in a situation that even she could not contain.

But Ekryn held her Zelena’s waist from behind her and pulled her forcibly away from her monster.

Zelena called Alina’s name several more times, but Ekryn pulled her with her strong arms.

“… Usbel, give it to me.”

This time it was an elf.

Elif, who had come to Ewald’s side, suppressing his fear of the monster, quickly took over Usbel from Ewald and staggered back.

She realized that there was no room for Elif to intervene in this fight anyway. And Eccrine felt the same way.

Superaman, who would be the only help in this fight, approached Ewald with a nervous face.

“Ah, Mister, are you okay?”

“… Not really.”

Can it be okay Ewald struggled to swallow the words behind him and then took out a knife.

Although the sword was nothing special, Ewald’s sword, which reflected the bloody brilliance emitted by the red sunset, was terrifying.

At that momentum, the monster let out a scream as if it had risen from hell.

Ewald pointed the point of his sword at the monster and turned his head slightly towards Zelena.

As Zelena, her face completely bereft of reason and only her tears coming into her eyes, Ewald contorted her face at the feeling that her breasts were being cut off.

But now we have to deal with that monster. The sad face of Alina, shedding tears, is a miserable figure that seems to be engraved on the retina, but now I have to pick up the knife.

In response to that fact, Ewald quickly worked out one of his magic formulas.

At that moment, the monster flew towards Ewald.

Ewald’s incredible speed nearly distracted him for a moment, but a small shadow came between Ewald and the monster.

It was Supea.


A radiance spread in front of Shupea.

The monster wielding its huge arm smashed the shield, but pulled it back with only a squeak.

This time, Ewald flew up.

The magic formula that had just been completed rubbed against Ebalt’s wave-filled mana and made a terrifying sound, and Ebalt slammed his left foot on the floor and shouted his magic words.

“Eldingar spjóti!”

As soon as ten spears made of light were created behind Ewald’s back, they shot at the monster.

The enormous attack power contained in each spear pierced the monster’s entire body, but only two spears of light were embedded in the monster. After confirming the enemy’s damage, Ewald’s pupils widened rapidly.

Eight unpierced spears were held in both hands of the monster.

‘Catch the magic?’

Ewald’s left foot kicked the ground. I had no way of knowing what was going on, but now I have to cut off that monster’s head.

Ewald lowered the sword with unreasonable strength toward the monster’s head.


A strong reaction was transmitted to Ewald’s hand.

It didn’t feel like cutting it off with ease.

Ewald’s attack was blocked.

It also blocked Ebalt’s sword by crossing the magic created by Ebalt.

At that moment, Ewald’s sword broke.

‘… Crazy.’

Before Ewald’s thoughts were over, the monster’s hand that had turned the spear of light rose toward Ewald’s neck.

Ewald scattered all the mana he had reflexively injected into his magic.

The magic disappeared in an instant, but the monster’s hand couldn’t.


In Ewald’s field of vision, for some reason, the expression of a monster that looked like a sneer came into view.

Blah blah!

Ewald’s body sank to the floor mercilessly.

The agility that was unthinkable for someone of that size completely baffled Ewald. It was clearly felt that it was broken in several places.

However, while lying down, Ebalt had to watch his monster’s paws fly at his head.

“f*ck it!”

Superea’s divine power was released.

The monster’s foot, which flew a few centimeters in front of Ewald’s nose, faced the protective shield that Spear had hastily created.

However, just before the monster’s feet touched it, Shupea’s protective shield sharply stretched out in a thorny shape.


A deformed shield lodged itself in the monster’s feet.

As if kicking a huge hedgehog, the monster pierced through the shield screamed madly and limped, but Speaa extended the shield.

The protective shield in the form of spears stuck in tightly tore the monster’s feet apart with its momentum.

A hellish scream erupted from the monster. My eardrum hurts.

However, without blinking an eye, Superea recovered his divine power and spread his hands wide to place the monster in his hands.


A protective film of enormous density formed around the monster.

Ewald, who staggered to his feet, couldn’t imagine what the hell Speer was doing, but Speah screamed out of nowhere as soon as Ewald stood up.

“Uncle, get out of the way!”

Reflexively, Ewald pulled his body back.

At the same time, Shupea raised his hands above his head with a scream of excitement or something.


Shupea’s arms trembled.

Along with him, the monster that was wrapped in the protective film began to rise toward the sky at high speed.

The monster with an obviously bewildered face slammed the shield and struggled, but Shupea gnashed his teeth and endlessly breathed divine power to lift the monster higher and higher.

In an instant, the monster climbed dozens of meters with a protective shield.

Then, Shupea spurted his two hands toward the floor, raised high above his head.

“Get lost!”

The monster fell to the ground with terrifying momentum.

Supera, who followed the monster’s path with fierce eyes, recovered all of his divine power just before the monster hit the ground.

The monster sank to the floor making a terrible noise. It was to the point where boulders protruded from the rocky floor.

Ebalt dodged a stone flying at his face and fired his body up.

It’s a novel attack method, but it wasn’t a monster that would fall to this level of attack.

Ewald wrapped his mana around his fist and converted all mana flows into brute force. Then he threw a mighty punch at the monster’s side as it lay on the ground.

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Ewald frowned.

What he felt in his hand was not the monster’s skin.

It was land.

Before Ebalt’s attack could reach, the monster bounced off the floor and swung his hand with claws the size of a human forearm toward the defenseless Shu Pea.

“I am the man!”


As soon as the shield was created, the monster’s blow exploded it.

However, with the logic that if one explodes, two can be made.

“My nickname is manma!”


“The turtle has a shell!”


“You son of a b*tch!”

Shupea is crazy. Despite the fact that a monster more than twice the size of himself, and one that even blew away Ewald in one shot, was running amok, Supea, instead of backing down, took a step closer to the monster.

Every time the shield exploded, he could feel the wind pressure hitting his face, but Shupea, whose eyes would grind monsters, stepped out with his wind-blown hair scattered.

The monster backed away, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the momentum or feeling that further attacks were pointless.

Only then did Shupea stop creating any more shields and calmed down.

The monster stopped backing away and looked back and forth at Ewald and Spea. On the twilight hill, the monster’s eyes glowed terrifyingly.

Ewald took out the gloves from his waist and quickly put them on. As long as there is no sword, he must be crushed with his fists.

As soon as Ebalt’s glove was wrapped around his hand, it made a strange sound and changed his shape.

“Are you confused with Alina’s face?”

Ewald’s face, which had cooled down, was swarming with life.

Now he didn’t want to be swayed or embarrassed any more. No matter how much Alina’s face rattled, it was enough to bite her lip once and taste the blood.

Instead, Balt slammed his fists together with the momentum to return them tens of thousands of times what had been done.

“I’ll give it to you, you son of a b*tch.”

The monster turned towards Ewald and blinked its bright yellow eyes just three times.

“To begin…”

At that moment, the monster’s body shrunk like wind.

The drastically reduced appearance of the monster wriggled and blew all the monster-like figures into the air.

A yaksha-like rage rushed across Ewald’s face.

The monster that appeared before Ewald’s eyes was,

“… Damn it.”

It was exactly the same as Alina, who Balt held her by the wrist and locked her in her cave 30 years ago.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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