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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 81

Mission No.4 Reunion (11)

The smell of her flesh being burned and the smell of blood stung her nose mercilessly, but Ewald held Usbel in her arms and opened her tightly closed eyes.

But the vision was dark. Then, strangely, above Ewald’s head, something cracked.

He feels like he’s stuck on something. However, Ewald, who even felt the sense that this confined situation was protected from something, had to feel a chill run down his spine.

At that moment, several thin strands of light were revealed in the darkened vision.

And everything fell apart.

Ashes, blood, and flesh.

Something black and burnt collapsed.

The creature that surrounded Ebalt and his crew was unable to breathe even its last breath and collapsed, covered in magic.

Koo Goo Goo!

Ewald, who covered his eyes with his hand from the sudden beam of light, saw bits and pieces of flesh, veins, and bone shattering and falling to the floor.

Could it be that what surrounded them was life? However, at the moment when he realized that he had never seen such a gigantic creature and, above all, that he had never entered a creature, Ewald felt something empty in Usbel, who was holding her in her arms.

“… Usbel?”

The pieces of life that surrounded the party completely crumbled and scattered to the floor.

A creature that Usbel summoned her own severed left arm as a sacrifice.

A scapegoat obtained by permanently damaging a part of the body.

No one knew what struck them on their behalf, but Usbel closed her eyes with a faint smile.

The crew stood up one by one with bewildered faces, but no one seemed seriously injured. Thankfully, it’s 10 million.

However, when he turned around to check his back, Balt’s face was completely distorted.

Shuheim, which was filling the space, disappeared without a single drop left.

“… Does that mean you used transfer magic and attack magic at the same time?”

It’s not just Jasquia.

Zaskia bought time by fighting Ewald, and taking advantage of that gap, Ewald, deciding that someone else had done this, gently pulled Usbel out of her arms.

“Usbel! Wake! Usbel!”

“… Master.”

The area around her Usbel’s arm was empty. The girl’s body in her arms was lighter than before. There was nothing left below her left shoulder.

Usbel, who was covered in her blood, struggled to open her eyes.

But for some reason, her face was filled with a strange satisfaction.

“How come…”

There is no point in asking now.

Ewald shook her head vigorously and gently wrapped her Uusbel around the back of her head to calm her excitement.

Demons are, first of all, demonic creatures.

Within Ewald’s knowledge, a way to mend this wound flashed to his mind.

No matter how much the body is cut off, if there are parts left over, it can be attached.

Thinking that far, Ewald calmly opened his mouth.

“Let’s treat the wound first. Where are her arms?”


At Usbel’s words, Ewald’s heart sank.

Sacrifice. And a creature that wrapped the party in its body and received magic instead.

If so, she had no idea that Usbel must have used a part of her body to summon her meat shield.

“… No way you, sacrificing her arm to summon this…”

Balt’s voice trembled as he couldn’t finish his words.

She hoped with all her heart that Usbel was in such a state of panic that her words were in vain.

However, Usbel nodded with a clear smile that did not suit him.

“… hehehe, did you do well?”

Ewald’s heart began to thump with misery.

For some reason, he had no idea why this child was following him this far.

Ewald hugged this lovely child tightly.

However, Ewald, who realized that he could never get Usbel’s arm back again, had to endure the tears in her eyes.

In an instant, Balt raised his head and looked at Shu Pea.

However, Ewald turned his head back faster than he could have looked at Shu Pea.

Even if Shupea could use healing magic with her divine power, she couldn’t use her healing magic against her demon, Usbel.

All of her divine powers are deadly poison to her demons.

But surprisingly, even in this situation, Ewald rolled all the possible variables in his head. There was no time for Ewald to be frustrated and down.

And a word popped into Ewald’s head.

Court Nouveau.

For an instant, Zelena’s face overlapped with those words, but Ebalt shook his head roughly.


“… Talk.”

“I’m really sorry, but I have to leave here.”

“… What are you thinking?”

Ewald’s teeth were grinding.

“We have to go to Cotrunuvo right now.”

A subtle expression appeared on Zelena’s face. However, most of the expressions on his face were of bewilderment and anger.

“… I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why is Cotrunuveau appearing all of a sudden?”

Ewald lowered his gaze to Usbel in his arms.

“It will still be there.”

“… Ewald.”

Ebalt, whose eyes were somehow filled with sadness, moved his gaze back to Zelena.

“You’d better not go with me.”

Ewald, who knew better than anyone else what Cotron Nouveau meant to Zelena, opened her mouth.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible, so I’ll be waiting nearby…”

“Wait in the principality that sentenced me to death?”

A slight sneer crossed Zelena’s face.

Normally, Ewald would have teased him about how he lived his life and was sentenced to death, but this was absolutely not the case now.

“… Are you okay?”

Instead of answering, Zelena’s relaxed smile covered her sneer, and Ewald had to give her a nod.

“Let’s move.”

* * *

Ewald, who started to lead the way out of the building, went up one floor after another, almost kicking each wall.

The crew members seriously resented that they had such crazy physical abilities, but they kept their mouth shut when they thought of Usbel passing out in Ewald’s arms.

If it wasn’t for Usbel, these members would have been checking personnel in the underworld by now.

Entering the building when the morning sun was shining, Ewald frowned slightly at the sun passing directly over his head.

However, after checking the soldiers surrounding the building in layers, Ewald’s slightly frowning face had changed to that of a yaksha.

“Stop! You are surrounded! If you surrender right away, your life will be saved… !”

“I really want to kill you, so close your mouth.”

Ewald’s voice mixed with mana.

The low-pitched voice was greatly amplified and spread in all directions, transforming into a murder that even the most insensitive person could feel, sharply scratching the eardrums of the soldiers surrounding Ewald.

Balt, who had once again taken Usbel, who was completely limp, into his arms, slowly stepped out of his way.

It would be nice if he jumped out at once, but if the soldiers reflexively start attacking, it won’t end with one or two dying.

No, even if he could finish it, Ebalt didn’t have the confidence to hand it over gracefully.

The crew members who had been panting and coming up behind Ewald flinched when they witnessed the absurd confrontation, but hurriedly lined up behind Ewald at Ewald’s insistence to stick behind him immediately.

Ewald’s body was suffocating and suffocating.

It was Ebalt, who shouted with his whole body that he would throw away a piece if he touched even one of them.

The soldiers hesitantly retreated back.

Although the number of personnel were elite soldiers equipped with weapons dozens of times, they did not have the courage to face Ebalt, who had an atmosphere that could be believed even as a devil.

Thanks to that, Ewald was making his way step by step without any hindrance.

However, one soldier, who was so frightened, took up his weapon and began to tremble without being able to back down.

The soldier who directed a scene where he seemed to be dealing with Ebalt alone because his comrades had completely retreated, eventually met Balt’s eyes.

Ewald’s eyes began to glow bright red.

“… Move.”

Fear engulfed the soldier who stood in the way.


Ewald’s expression was mercilessly distorted.

The soldier completely lost his mind and stabbed the weapon he was holding towards Ebalt.

It happened in an instant, but Ebalt recalled exactly six types of magic in his mind.

However, no matter what kind of magic he uses, that soldier who runs towards him will be sliced ​​into chunks of meat.

Ebalt locked the mana and raised his hand. At the same time, the spear that reached up to his chest split into dozens of pieces.

The soldier, who had been in a neat stabbing posture through repeated training, felt his hand feel empty, but before the feeling disappeared, Ewald violently grabbed the soldier’s collar.

The urge to break his neck at any moment filled Ebalt’s head.

However, he held down his heart that if he did, there would be slaughter against these personnel, and Balt no longer gave his strength to his hands.

The soldier who had blocked his airway struggled as if in agony, scraping Ewald’s hand with both hands. The soldier’s fingernails scraped Ewald’s hand sharply.

However, Ebalt pulled the soldier right up to his nose without tightening or removing his hand.

The soldier who faced Ewald’s bright red eyes eventually fainted.

Ewald set the drooping soldier down on the floor and began dragging him while holding on to the dresser.

And none of the soldiers moved.

* * *

“Okay, let’s go a little further. Cheer up everyone.”

A procession of dozens of people followed.

And Felix, who was at the forefront, was encouraging people with a grinning face.

It was only because I had been on the move for two days with almost no rest.

“Hey, are you really coming?”


With that, Felix pointed to the hill on the other side.

From noble mtl dot com

“If you go over there, it’s a cave.”

People’s eyes moved beyond the extension line Felix’s hand was pointing at.

The destination is within visible distance.

Felix clapped his hands lightly and turned to the crowd.

“Ruler. Let’s go a little further. Have a big drink tonight.”

* * *

‘There is no time.’

As long as Usbel’s severed arm had been sacrificed and disappeared, time could not be wasted.

Ewald had been running toward Cotrunuvo at a speed close to sprinting since leaving the castle.

Because the speed was so fast, the members who ran by relying on Pioneer’s lowest-level acceleration magic could feel with their whole body what a sweet smell was coming from their mouths.

After running for almost two hours, Balt eventually slowed down his running speed.

Even so, the duration of the acceleration magic started to disappear, and the members of the crew lined up behind Ebalt with a clicking sound from their necks.

In particular, Zelena somehow overcame her falling stamina and bent her upper body with her hands on Ewald’s back.

“… You can wait here.”

Ewald, who ran without acceleration magic but didn’t breathe much, looked back at Zelena with those words.

But Zelena shook her head and lifted her upper body.

“Okay, it’s okay. Are you okay. Whoop, whoop!”

Recalling that it was Zelena who was two-top with him for stubbornness, Ewald slowly nodded her head and quickly turned to look at the crew.

The place Ewald is about to enter is a place where you don’t know what will happen. You should bring as many people as possible. It was better to take a moment to breathe.

However, Ewald, who only provided a break of about five minutes, moved his body again.

The crew shook their heads and followed Ewald.

“From now on, be nervous and follow me.”

“Here… Where are you?”

Elif, with a very anxious voice, looked around as it began to get dark.

However, Ebalt was unable to give a hasty answer to Elif’s question.

Instead, it was Zelena who answered.

“Courtune Nouveau.”

Anxiety crept over the heads of the crew.

“This is where my daughter Alina is buried.”

Thirty years ago, the place where a crazy black magician conducted an experiment that humans couldn’t bear to do with children, and the place where Ewald pushed the children into a cave.

Ewald took heavy steps without a word.

But Ewald had to stop his feet for a moment.

People’s corpses lay in front of him.

Then, the 4-meter-tall monster turned its bizarre body towards Ewald and his party with its back against the setting sun.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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