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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 83

Mission No.4 Reunion (13)

Ewald got goosebumps.

It was natural that the girl was a monster rationally, but when the girl appeared in front of him in the form of Alina, Zelena’s daughter, Ewald panicked.

‘It’s not Alina. She said that’s not Alina. She’s just a freak It’s a monster!’

Balt bit her lip as he muttered that he wanted to replace Alina in front of him with her monster, close to his brainwashing. The skin burst at once, and the fishy smell of blood touched Ewald’s tongue.

However, as if to crush Ewald’s efforts, he had endless thoughts of himself 30 years ago, dragging that child by the wrist and pushing him into the cave, ‘leaving him to die’.

* * *

Alina called her Ebalt’s name with her screams and begged that her hands be her feet. The little boy’s wrist snapped with a terrible sound.

Zelena lost her temper and went on a rampage at the sight of her daughter being dragged away by her.

Ewald clenched his teeth so hard that a couple of his molars were crushed.

Zelena called her daughter by name like her beast.

Alina looked back at Zelena like a young animal, whether from the pain in her wrists or from fear that she would die.

But Ebalt, who turned away from her Alina while shedding bloody tears, pulled her Alina’s elbow, imprinting her pain intact as the knife was stabbed into her chest.

Finally, the innermost part of the cave was revealed. If you go there, you will never see the world again.

Perhaps because of that, Alina bent her tender legs and brought her hands together as she knelt down to Balt.

But because of her broken wrist, her hands couldn’t be put together. The girl, clenching her teeth in an attempt to somehow fit her hands that were limp on one side and did not fit together, bowed her head to Ebalt.

-Sorry. Sorry.

Alina, who had done nothing wrong on her part, put her hands together in her terrible agony and bowed her head in prayer to Ebalt.

She begged and begged.

Little Alina came into Ebalt’s field of vision, completely clouded by her tears.

Ebalt, without even thinking to wipe her tears, grabbed her Alina’s body and pushed her into her cave.

Alina’s scream, Ewald’s moan as he rolls a huge stone, and Zelena’s scream.

Unable to even feel the pain in his lower lip right before it broke off due to how much he had been bitten, Ebalt slammed his fists on the floor and screamed.

To an innocent girl.

To a woman who cries for the loss of her daughter.

Determined to take on all his sins, Ewald swallowed the unforgivable sin.

* * *

The scene at that time pierced Ewald’s head as if he could catch it in his hand.

No matter how hard he tried to stop thinking, the emotions that had already burst completely ran through Ewald’s head.

The girl’s mother, Zelena, slumps into her seat.

And the monster turned her pitiful face to Zelena.

“… Mom.”

Oh my god!

Ewald let out a grinding sound from his jaws.

“Zelena! Wake! That’s not Alina!”

But even Ebalt, who was encouraging Zelena, her fingertips trembled.

Besides, Ewald is indebted to that girl.

It too was a huge debt that had to cost her life.

Her Zelena’s shoulders started to shake violently. She covered her face with both hands and could not even meet her eyes with the monster in the form of Alina.

“Mom! Mother!”

Ewald was going mad.

However, Ewald’s body stiffened and stiffened.

Was Alina so wrapped up in guilt that she couldn’t even move her hand, even though she knew it wasn’t Alina?

But the bomb exploded on Zelena.


Zelena spurned her seat and stood up.

Her eccrine frantically tried to stop her, but she had already pulled herself up and leaned forward with the momentum of her run.

And Lafon blocked the way.

Her bright green hair, blown in the evening wind, made her look mysterious, and she threw the little body in front of Zelena and spread her arms out to either side of her to block her.

Lafon, who moved her head slightly from side to side, quietly opened her mouth while receiving everyone’s attention.

“You must come to your senses!”

Lafon threw her determined gaze at Zelena.

“How can you see such a monster as your precious child? That’s a monster no matter who sees it!”

It would be strange to see that girl as a monster unless you recognized that she was already a monster, but Lafon didn’t understand at all.


With her words, Lafon handed something to Zelena.

She pointed at the strange-looking object, and Lafon gestured at her eyes before turning back.

“Perhaps everyone except me sees the monster in a different way. I can’t help but feel sorry for you.”

With her trembling hands, Zelena took the device her Lapon had handed her to her own eyes.

A strange sight appeared on the other side of her device.

At that moment, a clear voice burst from Lafon.


Kamache quickly swallowed Lafon.

Her kamache, which had grown to almost Ewald’s height, radiated a sharp mechanical sound and took a combat stance.


Zelena’s voice trembled. However, Zelena’s voice continued so quickly that even her slightest tremble was gone.

“That monster can’t be my daughter.”

What came into Zelena’s eyes was the monster she had first seen.

Hearing Zelena’s voice, Lafon jumped out in front of her, causing her to explode.

Her various instrument panels and strange light panels appeared in Lafon’s field of vision. However, despite being inside her machine, no machine could be seen from inside her. Only the wide field of vision spread out in front of Lafon.

And where Lafon ran, a 4-meter-tall monster began raising its huge arms with a grotesque face.

Lafon’s body moved slightly to the right.

At the same time, a strong repulsive force erupted from the left, and Kamache began a sharp turn to the right.

She was a Kamache who rushed at great speed, but Kamache, who kept her speed and returned, twisted to the left of the monster in an instant and flew away.

The monster turned her sharply and pursued Kamache’s torso.

It was reflected in people’s eyes as the girl Alina slightly turned her body, but Zelena, who was watching the scene through the device Lafon gave her, was able to clearly confirm the situation.

That’s a monster from hell.

As soon as Kamache’s right arm was engulfed in the power of the orb in a bright blue light, a sharp burst of air rips out in all directions.

At the same time, a small cannon fired from Kamache’s right arm.

It was a small gun, but huge energy bullets aimed at the monster.

Presumably sensing the danger, the monster twisted its face fiercely and pulled its body back. However, Kamache’s main gun slammed into the ground, sweeping the monster’s legs that he had not been able to pull out.


There was a great explosion and flash.

Ewald unwittingly raised his arm to cover his face, and stones and debris flew in all directions. Together with him, Kamache made a sharp turn with a distinctive maneuvering sound.

“Do you think I will let you run away!”

Kamache chased after the monster’s body, spewing unknown fire behind it. It’s cheap to die anyway if you get hit by a clumsy main gun attack like that.

Lafon’s gaze moved to the monster’s abdomen. At the same time, numerous blades erupted from Kamache’s fists and tore the monster’s stomach apart.


Bodily fluids mixed with flesh, organs, and bone fragments flew into the air. Lafon frowned at the monster’s body fragment, but clearly followed the target’s face with his eyes.

At that moment, the monster’s face was replaced with Alina’s in an instant.

‘… Does that really tell me?’

Lafon hurriedly turned his gaze elsewhere to set the direction of his attack. But sooner than that, the monster’s arm struck Kamache’s side.


A huge impact along with the sound of the machine crushing swayed Kamache. Intense pain crept into Lafon’s side, who was boarding inside. An instant shot up his throat, and before he could feel the blood filling his mouth, the kamache that wrapped around Raffon bounced.

It was such a powerful attack that the Kamache, who had slashed the ground once and bounced up, was pinned to the rock behind it.

Strange sparks and steam rose rapidly from the machine.


Ewald’s head quickly turned toward Kamache.

But Ebalt was unaware that some strange shadow was running toward the monster.

Just as quickly and stealthily, Eccrine’s body moved to the left of the monster.


Ekrin’s arms, bent over, fell to the floor, dragging the huge Zweihender.

Ilseom (一閃) completely eliminated the idea of ​​stopping.

Ekrin’s Zweihender, who passed through the target completely, hit the stone with sparks. Then something hot and wet landed on Ekryn’s face.

At that moment, the monster’s strange aura disappeared, and the monster’s shape was revealed from the girl’s body.

The monster, whose left arm had been neatly cut off, literally screamed, but the monster’s arm, severed and blown into the air, hadn’t even hit the ground yet.

Ekryn bent forward and threw herself as her instincts dictated.

At the same time, the monster’s remaining arm cut through the space where her upper body had been.

The monster’s body, which failed to hit, quickly lost its balance and began to stumble.

The monster struggled to keep her balance by pushing her left leg forward, but Ekryn, who rolled forward, bounced and slashed Zwei Hender over her head with only her strength.

Something caught on Ekryn’s fingertips. At the same time, the range from the monster’s collarbone to its armpit leaped into the air.

A fatal blow that would have killed a human immediately.

However, even in the situation where the death god was standing around in front of his eyes, the monster followed Eccrine with its eyes and opened its mouth with its ugly teeth.


The monster’s upper body, which was about to bend toward Eccrine, stopped abruptly.

The bright yellow monster’s eyes blinked at her, not even feeling the pain of something digging into her stomach.

A dagger was embedded in the monster’s chest up to the hilt.

And a bleak voice spread through the crew.


On the other side of the monster, Ewald threw an elbow-length dagger with sprawling hair like a goblin, and when he found Zelena repeating his catch, he swallowed dry saliva.

I forgot.

Zelena is a member of a clan of assassins who can control her life as if she were breathing.

And that’s the best killer among the assassin family.

And Zelena’s eyes started to emit bright red light.

In Ewald’s memory, Zelena is a half-demon who will follow her prey to the pits of hell, and at the same time,

“That is mine.”

She was her mother who lost her daughter to this monster.

* * *

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Felix put his left hand on his stomach with a pained expression on his face.

The warm, soggy blood began to soak into Felix’s cloth. Obviously, no matter where it is torn, it looks like it was torn big.

Felix, whose face was severely drained of blood, stepped forward with a pale complexion.

“Gwa, are you okay?”

A man approached Felix with a worried look on his face.

Felix still had one arm wrapped around his stomach, his face contorted in pain, but even then, he firmly gripped the object he was holding in his right hand.

It was a lump of stone that emitted a faint light.

Felix seemed to be more concerned about the stone than the wound on his stomach.

Seeing that, the man supported Felix’s arm with a serious expression.

But Felix pushed the man’s arm away, quickening his staggering steps.

“Felix-sama, if you don’t treat it right away, you’ll be in big trouble. That is dangerous.”

“Fine… It is. Let’s go back soon.”

“Take care of your wounds nearby.”

Felix shook his head.

“I have to go back…”

“It’s not possible. I need to rest. If you keep doing this, I will force you to rest.”

Felix lowered his hand from his stomach.

And Felix’s sword was thrust into the man’s chest.

Felix’s knife, which pierced the heart, took the man’s life in an instant.

The man who couldn’t hear her scream properly once fell back.

Felix caught his breath and threw the knife away from him.

Then Felix started to let out a little laugh.


Felix let out a laugh that quickly turned into madness until his lungs exploded, then raised his maddened eyes into the air.

“I can kill you now!”

Felix’s light resonated in the deserted wilderness.

“It means that we can save Rahaf-nim!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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