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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 66

Mission No.3 Little Devils (26)

“What? Are you back already?”

Amira, who was sitting in front of a small desk and organizing materials, suddenly opened the door and found Zelena entering and stood up.

But instead of answering her, Zelena put one of her bags in her hand on her desk and took off her hood.

“… Head?”

“The magic guild has been closed.”

“… What is closed?”

Sarmus is famous for having the most wizards per unit population.

Besides, the magic guild with the longest history on the continent has been closed?

Amira smiled awkwardly with her wry smile.

“Isn’t the guild not opening the door?”

“No one is here. It looks like no one has come in for at least a week.”

It was a story that made no sense.

It was incomprehensible that wizards did not find a magic guild for over a week, which was a city of visiting wizards from not only the two kingdoms adjacent to the Principality of Sarmus, but also the empire from afar.

“Did everyone go on vacation?”

“It looks like all the wizards have disappeared in the city… It’s not that they’re missing, they’re all gone.”

Wizards are rare, but the Sarmus Magic Guild, which is famous for having the most wizards per unit population, has over 50 registered wizards.

But have they all disappeared?

It could only be seen that he left the demon lord subjugation as a group or was put into something that required a large amount of magicians.

But I had never heard of an event of that magnitude.

Above all, since she had not received any information that a large number of wizards were needed, Amira began to look down at the documents with a dumbfounded face.

“Has someone kidnapped you?”

“… It wouldn’t be impossible. If only I could subdue it before casting magic.”

Zelena picked up a document with a stiff face.

“But it’s not normal if Yannick Gerhardt is also kidnapped.”

If Yannick, who is considered the only wizard to stand against Frederick Henrich of the Empire, is kidnapped, there will be around 100 people in the world who will not be kidnapped. At the nonsense, Amira dropped her jaw.

“Are you the guild master?”

Amira, whose faint smile had completely dried up, let out a low voice.

“That old man isn’t someone who can be easily kidnapped.”

“The same goes for Mirnes Pepic.”

“… Is it the deputy guild leader or is that man gone too?”

Zelena nodded her head.

“I don’t know if it was kidnapping or what. But if they’re the ones who can kidnap those two, they’re not normal guys.”

It was natural.

Amira sighed involuntarily and sat down in her seat.

“Have you been kidnapped?”

“The chances of abduction converge to zero, but that doesn’t matter. The problem is that everyone disappeared, and the bigger problem is why they disappeared.”

“I wonder if something happened that requires a lot of wizards.”

“That is a reasonable inference. And if the wizards disappeared without rumors like this, it would be fair to say that they were mobilized for something that cannot be revealed.”

She didn’t formally ask for help from the magic guild, and the fact that she stole away the wizards one by one was clearly saying, ‘A wizard is needed for a job that can’t be revealed’.

That was seriously offending Zelena.


Amira’s gaze returned to Zelena.

“The wizard we were supposed to receive support from Stett also lost contact with Sarmus.”

* * *

“… Arrived.”

Ewald, who had been feeding the horse potions to the brink of poisoning, looked back in sincere respect for Pavalma’s endurance.

The crew members, who spent the last night in pure white, were mounted on horses with crazy expressions, and their faces shook from place to place just before their souls left due to accumulated fatigue from Schhattenberg.

I’m sorry but there is no answer.

Ewald, who had a tight schedule, finished the bargain with the innkeeper in an instant and sent all the crew to the room.

But this time too, Usbel, who had a perfect match with Ewald’s monstrous stamina, sat down on the opposite side of the table where Ewald was sitting, laughing heartily.

“Master, Master.”

“… Aren’t you tired?”

“No, no. I’m not very tired, but there’s something that really bothers me.”

It was a bit uncomfortable to say such a thing with a wide smile, but Ewald responded to Usbel’s words with sincerity.

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“What bothers you?”

“Master, master, are you sure you want to go through that forest?”


“Yes yes!”

A normal crew member would have told them to stop worrying and rest, but the opponent was Usbel, a demon.

It’s a very ambiguous position to be called the Demon King now, but at least Usbel once came down to the middle world with the title of the Demon King.

Ewald carefully licked his lips and opened his mouth.

“We need to get close.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, master. I hope you don’t go to Kswice.”

“… So do i.”

“Do you know what kind of place Kswice is?”

At the sudden question, Ewald nodded his head.

But what did he think? Ewald raised his head slightly.

“Do you know what Kswice is like?”

“Of course it is. It smells similar.”

“Smells similar?”

“It’s a forest created by magic.”

Isn’t it an enchanted forest?

Ewald tilted his head at that question.

“Magic created it?”

“Yes, yes. It smells very similar. With that place in the demon realm.”

Is it a demon this time?

Ewald, who had little information about the Pandemonium, frowned slightly involuntarily.

“If you explain it like that, of course you won’t understand.”

“Ummm, I mean.”

Usbel put on a slightly troubled expression, then clapped her hands lightly and smiled brightly.

“It smells similar to sub-world.”


At that word, Ewald’s eyes suddenly changed.

* * *

“… What a great Schheim.”

An older-looking man was looking up at Schheim with his neck tilted back.

Felix, who came to the side of the man, gazed at the place where the man was looking.

“Dvahur. It is spiritual.”

“It’s spiritual…”

“Do you know why I brought Gerhard-sama?”

“I get it now. So that’s what you did.”

Yannick Gerhardt, the guild leader of the Sarmus Magic Guild, nodded involuntarily.

“Look at this permanent magic circle. Isn’t that great?”

“That’s right.”

Felix smiled for no reason and agreed with Yannick’s words.

Yannick, who had been running rampant even during the kidnapping, was looking everywhere in Schheim with an excited face like a child.

“Go inside and you’ll see something even more rare.”

“Is that so? This is great enough.”

Yannick, who was looking at Felix with a face full of curiosity, was ready to enter Schheim’s interior at any moment.

“But before that.”

Felix restrained Yannick.

“I want you to investigate something.”


Felix nodded his head thoughtfully. Then he passed the thick wad of paper to Yannick.

“Please investigate this first. You can use any number of people here. If you finish the investigation as soon as possible, I will give you the opportunity to study this Shuheim freely.”

“I, really? On my own?”

Felix smiled lightly.

“That’s right. Of course, you should be here during the investigation period.”

Yannick laughed heartily and nodded his head.

“Even if I move here, I will investigate. Then can I start working right away?”

“I hope you will.”

“Okay, I’ll show you my skills.”

“I look forward to it.”

After a light nod, Felix withdrew from Yannick.

Leaving behind the huge cavity, Felix locked the door and climbed to the ground.

Soon a little girl came up to Felix’s side.

She was a la harp.


“It’s not the lady, it’s Rahaf?”

A cruel gaze flowed from Rahaf.

Felix quickly turned around and fell on his knees, bowing his head.

However, Rahaf threw out a sticky voice.

“Looks like things are making some progress.”

“That’s right. I think we will be able to extract biometric information within the next two weeks.”

“Okay, proceed as quickly as possible.”

“Has your body improved a lot?”

Laharp raised his right hand.

She nodded her head as she moved her hand, which was clearly her girl’s, as if looking at someone else’s.

“There is no objection now. Great job.”

“Fortunately, the.”

The girl’s hand twitched. At that moment, her girlish hand turned purple and claws similar to those of her beast extended out.

Felix, whose back of his head felt chilly, quickly looked up at Lahalf, but Lahalf’s eyes, which had already turned into demon pupils, were coldly glancing at Felix.

“You’d better do your research quickly.”

“… I will risk my life to make it happen quickly.”

“It doesn’t mean that.”

Raharf grinned wickedly as he brought his sharp claws to his mouth.

“The other guys are starting to move too.”

* * *

“What are all these places?”

Superea was glancing at the grotesque forest spread out in front of her with her trembling face.

Elif paced around her restlessly, and Usbel ran all over her like her mad child. Adele, Eccrine, and Fiornir, who were at least slightly sane as adventurers, sat down in their seats, checking the items once again.

Looking up at the eastern edge of the Kswice Great Forest, where the boundaries were drawn with a ruler, Shupea made a displeased expression.

“Mister, are you going here? Were the rumors vicious?”

Ewald did not answer. Instead, he was perched on a rock scattered throughout, gazing quietly at something.

For some reason, Ewald, who was creating an indescribable bizarre atmosphere, soon ended his reminiscence by drawing a small smile. Then he grabbed the ring he was holding in the palm of his hand.

“The preparations are complete, Captain.”

Fionir reported the progress.

Ewald nodded and packed his things.

“Now, pay attention! From now on, I will take the shortcut to the principality. Everyone eats up and gets nervous.”

“Hey, hey, hey, boss. Are you really going to pass here? Know how dangerous this place is…”

“Don’t go here. I will go to a less dangerous place.”

Ewald checked his backpack and nodded with a chuckle.

Fionir put on an expression that he didn’t know at all, but he licked his lips, recalling once again that Balt was in charge from here to the principality.

However, the words of Ewald’s ‘a little less dangerous place’ keep floating around in their heads.

“Stand in line. Because we have to go in one by one. Ekryn stands at the front, and the rest line up.”

“Can I take the lead, sir?”

Ebalt nodded his head.

“If you see something strange, attack it unconditionally.”

“… Are you serious?”

Ewald, who knew exactly how good Ekryn was, attacked unconditionally.

But Ebalt wiggled his fingers around his strange glove, then opened his mouth again.

“I will give you one piece of advice. There is a high chance that the attack will bounce, so it is better to prepare for a chain attack from the beginning, thinking that the first attack will fail.”

After putting the strange glove on his hand, Balt made a popping sound as his fists clashed.

It’s a good hand taste.

“There will be a little time distortion, so don’t panic if the people following you come a little late. Don’t cut your comrades.”

Ewald took one of his rings to the tip of his finger with an involuntarily satisfied look on his face.

“Hide unconditionally except for the swordsman. Stay still until I tell you to move.”

“Isn’t it creating an atmosphere of fear, mister?”

“I’m still less nervous. Listen carefully, Archie.”

Shupea looked at Ewald, who was smiling, with a blank expression.

“From now on, we will go to Kazelheim.”

“… Yes?”

Most of the crew blinked blankly, but Fionir screamed at Ewald with a completely bewildered face.

“Are you insane, Captain!”

“… Are you less crazy than you who said you were going to go through Kswice?”

Ewald, who was still laughing, even gave a wink to Pionir, who was burning red.

“Are you planning to go to the dwarf den?”

“Then do you want to go through Kswice?”

“No, that is nonsense! You mean Casselheim?”

“Noisy, really. I heard that Kaselheim is 391 times safer than Kswice.”

After a moment of laughter, Ewald pointed a finger at Peonir.

“You talked about it. It’s good to be prepared to see hell.”

Fionir kept his mouth shut.

“Don’t worry too much. It’s okay if you don’t get caught.”

“There’s no way I won’t get caught…”

“You just need to be quiet.”

With those words, Ewald, who had stopped Pionir’s speech, let his last words out of his mouth.

“Going through the portal can make you a bit dizzy, so don’t just throw up.”

Chuckling, with a face that looked like it would leak out, Ewald held out his ring and threw out his magic word.

“Opna hliðið.”

The twist of mana that started at the fingertips. The Distortion, which started trivially, was embodied in space as a dark blue sphere in an instant.

As soon as the elongated oval sphere appeared, the ring in Ewald’s hand split into two pieces.

Ewald quickly put the ring fragment into his pocket and shouted at Ekryn.

“Go in!”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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