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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 67

Mission No.3 Little Devils (27)

After passing through the portal for the last time, Ewald felt his sight darkening and closed his eyes, silencing all sounds. He had to adapt to the dark as quickly as possible.

“There is no one around.”

In a low-pitched voice, Ekryn reported the situation. At that voice, Ewald nodded and opened his closed eyes.

“I lead the way. Usbel follows from the rear, and everyone keeps their distance.”

Ewald, who quietly clenched his fists, moved to the head of the group. And Usbel, who had been glancing around her with a bewildered face, opened her mouth with her twinkling eyes.

“Wow, wow! That’s great, Master.”

“… Quietly.”

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Like Uthbel said, the scene unfolding in front of Ewald’s party was truly amazing.

A vast underground cave.

Caselheim, where the colossal heights of pillars created by nature and various rocks create an unrealistic sight, revealed its magnificent appearance to the party.

If you came here for sightseeing, you should be in awe of this amazing scenery, but Kazelheim, where extremely warlike dwarves were infested, was never a friendly place for humans.

Moreover, this is where Dvahur, the one-armed dwarf who created the ultimate Shuheim spirit-style Dvahur, whose ownership Ewald transferred decades ago, is still alive with his eyes open.

If Dvahuru gets noticed…

‘The sword strike will be fine. It’s almost impossible to pass unnoticed, but let’s not run into each other.’

As the name Machine City suggests, Kazelheim, where a large machine whose purpose is unknown, thumps and emits steam, was immersed in a dim shadow.

But far inside, brilliant lights shot up toward the ceiling.

The place where the light is concentrated is the center, so this place where the party is is the outskirts.

Ewald made a happy face, then ducked and walked forward.

“Quietly follow me.”

It was a space in which directions could not be distinguished. Of course, I couldn’t figure out the east, west, north, south, and the exit was an underground cave that seemed even more difficult to find.

Although it was wrapped in a dark shadow, at least enough lighting was placed here and there to be able to see the outline of an object, so Ewald carefully looked around.

However, Ebalt glanced at the machine tower in the distance, and he made a face full of frustration.

“… Driving me crazy.”

Ebalt involuntarily sighed as he realized that to get to that exit he knew he would have to pass through the tower of the great machine over there.

It was fortunate that he hadn’t fallen around the central building, but Ebalt raised his hand and clenched his fist, predicting that he would have to walk for at least thirty minutes to clear the exit from his current position.

The crew stopped in place.

“Adele, stay close behind me.”

“… Me?”

Adele, who still answered in a low-pitched voice, walked behind Ewald without a murmur.

“Superea, behind Adele.”

“To? Me too?”

“… Don’t nag, hurry up.”

Ebalt, who was in formation, lowered his body as much as possible and began to move.

Seeing Ewald so nervous for the first time, the members of the crew, of course, quietly followed Ewald without making a sound.

Because of the careful movement, the movement speed dropped significantly.

For almost thirty minutes, they moved in a manner similar to those of a horseman until they reached the top of the machine that stretched all the way to the ceiling.

I’ve come this far without being noticed.

Ewald let out a sigh of relief and opened his mouth.

“I took a break here…”

“To Fuetzhu!”

Usbel’s energetic sneeze burst out of nowhere.

All the crew members turned their heads to Usu-Bell at the rear with a heart-sucking face, and Usu-Bell began to pray for his hands to become his feet.

“Oh, oh, lord. Sorry.”

“… Shut up!”

At that very moment, the machine’s tower began to sound a tremendous alarm.


In an instant, the muffled voices of the dwarves were heard from all sides, and even the sound of weapons colliding with each other began to be heard.

And Ewald turned his completely distorted face toward the tower of the machine.

“… Oh, I’m going crazy.”

* * *

“Who is it!”


Even though it was shot at a speed that could not be seen when it jumped out, Balt put his fist into the belly of the dwarf who jumped out first with tremendous power.

The dwarf was blown into the tower before he could scream, but Ewald slammed his knee into the dwarf’s stomach as it slammed into the tower.

The feeling of breaking bones was transmitted from his knees, and the dwarf, who vomited black blood, fell violently.

Ebalt, sitting on the floor, focused his attention on the sound of running down the stairs.

More than two, three, roughly five.


Ewald, who quickly looked back and ordered to spread out, flung himself into the entrance of the tower. Along with him, Usbel, who committed the great sin of sneezing without understanding the atmosphere, jumped up the tower after Ewald.

Dwarves started to come out of the entrance of the tower. Their pale red eyes flashed, and as if they had caught the sight of Ewald and Usbel, they immediately flirted with their weapons.

“It’s an intruder!”

Dwarfs with physical abilities incomparable to humans rushed at Ebalt at a fierce speed.

However, Ewald is also a monster far from human.

He let go of the fearsome full swing of the dwarf running ahead by a few centimeters, grabbed the beard of the dwarf who had lost his balance slightly, and pulled it out with all his might.


I didn’t want to imagine how much ignorant force it would take to pull out that thick tuft of hair all at once.

However, the Dwarf, who had been completely shaved off, clutched his chin and rolled on the floor with a rejuvenated appearance.

When he threw the lump of his beard in his hand, Balt entwined several strands of mana and turned it into his fist.

Since the Dwarves would only resist half of them if they used magic, it would be more effective to deal with them ignorantly in hand-to-hand combat.

Feeling the flow of mana starting from his shoulder condensed at the tip of his fist, Balt struck the next dwarf’s left face with unrelenting force.

At first glance, the Dwarf, who had lost five or six teeth, rose feebly into the air.

However, Ebalt, who stunned the dwarf with that blow, kicked off the wall full of machines and headed for another dwarf at breakneck speed.


Before he even thought about how he could wield an ax the size of a human torso with such terrifying speed, Ewald’s fist was thrust right into the dwarf’s face.

This was the only way to lead a dwarf whose neck was thicker than his face to a concussion.

The dwarf, whose nose was completely down, collapsed on the spot.

“Yap! Yay!”

As Ewald ran up the stairs, he heard such a cute sound in his ears. But mixed with that cute voice was the sound of something breaking.

By the time the sound of bones breaking gloomyly entered Ewald’s ears, an urgent dwarf’s thick voice burst out.

“Oh, where can I touch… !”

“Aw, gross, gross!”


There was the faint sound of something exploding.


“… Oh my god!”

Suppressing the goosebumps, more intense than ever, welling up both of his arms, Balt quickly came upstairs as he felt his groin go numb.

Usbel, who had a very uncomfortable face at the expression that he had touched something he couldn’t touch, jumped as soon as he saw Ewald coming up.

“I cleaned everything up there, I cleaned it up.”

“… Did you blow it up?”


Uth Bell wiped his hand on his clothes with a helpless expression and shook his head.

“I left one, I left it.”

Of course, the dwarf, who had become a seedless dwarf in an instant, passed out with foam at his mouth, and Ewald moved downstairs to him in heartfelt condolences.

“Valkier, help me!”

Did you miss one?

Spea’s clear voice hit Ewald’s ears.

Ewald jumped off the stairs and rushed to the entrance of the tower in an instant.

“Here too! Here too! Me too! Oh, you know!”


Shupea, who instantly covered all of the Dwarf’s attack routes with a shield, followed the Dwarf’s movements with her terrifying dynamic vision.

However, the multiple shields were being shattered by the Dwarf’s powerful blow.

Wait a moment.

Ewald left the entrance of the tower with that feeling.

It was then.

“Binda upp!”

Fionir’s magic language was completed.

The most basic magic of the 1st class, which holds objects tightly, was stuck in the dwarf’s beard.

Pionir glared at the dwarf’s beard, which stood upright in an instant, and sprayed the magic word again.


A practical magic that allows you to hang objects in the air without a hook was superimposed on the dwarf’s beard. Was it the magic you use when you don’t have a hanger? Pionir raised the Dwarves into the air without an inch of error with his unique and elegant mana management.

Moving the direction of the mana and lifting it into the air, Pionir fixed the mana with terrifying concentration.

Thanks to that, the dwarf’s head was completely tilted back.

The stocky dwarf with a beard stood up straight up into the air as if someone was pulling him, screaming and struggling with both legs, but Adele rushed at the dwarf.

As if being carried on the dwarf’s back at high speed, Adele went back and put her face close to the dwarf’s ear and sang a song of hell.

“If you don’t faint right away, I’m going to burst your eardrums.”

As he jumped down, even Balt felt his head spinning, so he stopped his feet and plugged his ears.

‘Wow! Wasn’t it impossible to distinguish between blood and blood!’

Hearing Adele’s song for the first time in her life, Eccrine almost swung her sword at Adele, but she stopped her ears before he did so, preventing her from killing her comrade.

But the poor Dwarf, who had been hit directly by Adele’s song from the nearest place, had his beard hanging in the air and his eyes rolled up.

Ewald frowned at the close-up fight.

However, Speah’s protective shield, which put in the right amount of divine power in the right place, Pionir, who stopped the Dwarves with only 1st class basic magic, and Adele’s pincer attack, which struck the last blow with Mandragora’s voice, Ebalt sincerely admired. Vomited.

“Hey, you crazy bastards!”

However, Ewald’s relaxed face was immediately covered with uneasiness.

If you can’t hear Adele’s voice from before, you’re not a dwarf. There was no way that a dwarf, whose hearing was many times better than a human’s, would miss such a murderous voice.

In addition, it is inside a cave where the sound resonates exceptionally well.

Adele’s voice instantly spread to every corner of the cave, causing dwarf heads to sprout all over the place. You could hear the footsteps of the Dwarves from far away.

‘One performance is really unnecessarily great.’

“Sir, something is coming.”

“… Look good.”

It would be a lie if the earth shook, but the grand echo created by the overlapping footsteps was clearly conveyed to Ewald and his party.

There are too many to count. That’s for sure

Ewald, who had been contemplating whether to cause a major earthquake with magic, even if it was only for a moment, stopped thinking about it because he was afraid of what would happen next.

Stealing Shuheim only needed Dvahur to solve it, but destroying the dwelling would incur the wrath of all the dwarves. If that happens, his life is over.

At this distance, he could somehow get away…

“Adele, let’s do that.”

Fionir rolled up his arm and stepped out.

Ewald put on a puzzled look at the embarrassing situation, but Adele nodded his head without answering, then moved to Pionir’s side and took a deep breath.

At that moment, the urgent warning of Pionir exploded.

“Everyone close your ears!”


Adele’s crazy voice,

“Snúa upp!”

Pionir’s sound amplification magic mixed and exploded.

“Are they flocking like dogs and making a fuss!”

Ewald plugged his ears to live.

But even so, Adele’s voice under Fionir’s magic made his heart thump and pierce his ears.

“Get out of here, you short dwarfs!”

A sight that he would never want to experience again as long as he was alive unfolded before Ewald and the others.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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