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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 65

Mission No.3 Little Devils (25)

“Key, Kitsuka-sama?”

“Ah, Viscount, I’m sorry.”

Ewald jumped off his horse with a look of genuine regret.

“I brought it first, so let’s bring it to the post office before problems arise.”

“Hey, how did you bring this?”

Leonhard stared at the seventy horses with his eyes wide open.

However, Ewald, who had some trouble explaining it, smiled awkwardly and tapped Leonhardt’s arm lightly.

“The Schröter family won’t say anything. I promise you.”

Only the name of the enemy, ‘Ewald Kitska’, would be imprinted in Uwe Schröter’s head, so sparks would not fly to Leonhard.

Well, the moment Ebalt jumps out, he intends to overturn everything, whether it be the ducal family or not.


Ewald didn’t listen, squeezed between his words, and quickly picked out seven waves.

“I’ll take them.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Then have a good night.”

Politely bowing his head, Balt mounted his horse with a nimble motion.

Clutching the remaining six reins, Ewald tapped his horse’s side lightly, and his horses trudged away.


Leonhardt screamed loudly at Ewald’s back, who was moving away.

“Please drop by next time!”

“When the time comes!”

* * *



Amira tried to scream loudly at Zelena, but had to catch her breath when she saw Zelena’s deadly eyes.

In fact, there is a high possibility that trouble will occur if you shout “Dryeong-nim” On the street. In addition, this place is the Principality of Sarmus, which is several steps higher than the Empire in terms of security.

Amira approached Zelena with a shy smile.

“Diryeong, no, older sister…”

“… What?”

My sister really isn’t. Zelena crinkled her brow properly and turned her head.

“… Just call me by name.”

“Ah, yes, Miss Zelena. I have gathered some of the materials you mentioned.”

“Great job.”

“Oh, of course you did a good job. There is no thieves guild here.”

“By the way, is it a bit small?”

How hard was it to collect this? Amira’s face contorted at once.

“Of course not. That’s all you can get by asking.”

But Zelena quickly went down reading her documents.

“Is it strange?”

“Yes? Very strange. It’s completely strange.”

“Is there any magic guild information?”

“… Well, I couldn’t get almost any information from the magic guild.”

Amira continued, scratching her head.

“The guild itself does not open its doors. Does it make sense that the guild has been closed for days on end?”

“See if there is something wrong.”

“But it takes too much time to go and check people one by one.”


Zelena silently turned her parchment over.

“More than 20 missing people?”

Zelena, with her rather surprised tone of voice, looked at Amira, and Amira scratched her unkempt hair.

“Because it is impossible except for interrogation, but in reality it may be more. So she tried to check with the magic guild, but there is no accurate information other than that it fits roughly due to the atmosphere.”

“There are only 20 wizards… Twenty people disappeared all at once.”

Passing all the parchments she was holding to Amira, Zelena pulled her hood over.

“Give me more time. Meet all the people around you that you can meet in four days.”

“I know, but… That is not easy.”

“If it were easy, I wouldn’t have left it.”

“… Do you know that the focus of praising something is off, sir?”

“I didn’t praise you, so don’t get excited.”

“… It’s okay.”

With her face of yes, Amira took her parchment, then she opened her mouth with her face of no.

“Chief, no matter how much we gather information, there is a limit to it unless we have contact with the guild. If they don’t confirm…”

“… It would be hard to say that she was missing.”

“That’s right.”

Zelena nodded her head.

“Then I will be in charge of the guild.”

“… Yes?”

“I will take over the guild.”

“… Are you the head?”

Amira’s face changed seriously.

“No, Chief, you don’t mean to kill everyone, do you?”

“… If you’re just joking, you’re very immature, aren’t you?”

“Oh, isn’t it? It’s just to get some information, but just kill it and that’s not okay.”

“… Stop talking nonsense and go back and gather information.”

With that said, Zelena turned her body around.

* * *

“Are you leaving now?”

“Ah, Viscount.”

Ewald held the reins in his hand and turned his head to where his voice had come from.

There, the young Viscount Leonhard was smiling slightly with a curious face.

“Do you think they are members of the crew?”

Ebalt nodded her head, and involuntarily patted his horse on the scruff of the neck.

“What happened to the Viscount…”

Ewald, who whispered behind his back, “Did you come to see off an SS unit from the morning?” Quietly looked into Leonhard’s eyes.

“Because I didn’t do much compared to what you helped me with.”

Turning to the butler who accompanied him with the horse, Leonhardt passed a package the butler handed over to Ewald.

“It’s a mediocre item, but I think it will be useful for your travels.”

“… I’ve never done anything to deserve something like this.”

Ewald laughed bitterly.

“Well, actually, it’s a bribe to take good care of the Schröter family so that they don’t harm you.”

See this dude Ewald, who grabbed the bundle Leonhard handed over, smiled.

“It’s pretty formal for a bribe.”

Ewald, who passed the bundle to Pionir, tried to get on the horse, but he moved his gaze as if he had thought of something.

“By the way, please take good care of the family who were in Gaihu.”

“… Yes?”

A look of wonder came over Leonhardt’s face.

“The family that ran the restaurant and the inn…”

From noble mtl dot com

Ewald tilted his head for a moment.

“Aren’t you here yet?”

“I haven’t received any reports. Is there anything I need to do?”


Scratching his head, Ewald mounted his horse.

“These are the people who have suffered greatly from Ube or something. I told you to ask for help from the viscount, so please take good care of me.”

“… Okay. If you come, I will take it.”


Ewald pulled the reins of his horse to one side. Starting with that, the rest of the team followed Ebalt and started moving their horses.

Leonhardt, who was staring at Ewald and his party, who were moving farther away, finally turned around.

‘If one day the opportunity arises…’

“Go back, butler.”

“Yes, Bocchan.”

Leonhardt mounted the horse with the butler and began moving toward the castle calmly.

“Is that the famous magic swordsman?”

Leonhardt replied with an incomprehensible smile.

“It looks like that.”

“It is a strange thing.”

He had a lot to say, but the butler finished his remarks with that sentiment and silently drove the horse beside his young master.

The castle was getting closer.

The butler suddenly looked at the horse he was riding and involuntarily sighed.

“I hope the Schröter family won’t find fault with this, youngster.”

“I said Kitsuka-sama would block it, but wouldn’t it be better for us to prepare too?”

“Do you have any idea?”

“Well, because I can’t just sit back and take it.”

Leonhardt smiled with a weak confidence.

But Leonhardt had to quickly retract that smile. It’s because a man from the side of the castle jumped into the eye.

“Viscount! Viscount! It’s a big deal!”

The man who screamed as if her breath would be cut off, reached in front of Leonhard and made her gasp for breath.

Embarrassed, Leonhard quickly jumped off his horse and grabbed her man by the shoulder.

“What is it?”

“Oh, that’s a big deal! It’s a big deal!”

“Speak calmly.”

Sensing a creeping sense of uneasiness, Leonhardt tried to calm the man down.

The sweaty man opened his trembling lips.

“There was an accident in Kaifu!”

* * *

Rotume, the capital of the empire.

On the eastern outskirts of the capital, where Ewald’s friends such as Kasper, Marcus, and Peddiem lived huddled together, a mansion of enormous size was standing.

The morning sun began to warmly beat down on this huge dwelling.

Perhaps because the days were starting to warm up, a human figure appeared in the mansion where all sorts of miscellaneous birds that hadn’t been seen all winter were chirping.

The figure, carrying a small box, began to approach a grumbling servant who was cleaning the large mansion.

“Who… Do you?”

The servant stopped brushing her and looked at the stranger.

But she gave her box to the servant without answering, and the man with the hood pressed down so deep that he couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, only gave her a nod.

At that moment, the servant’s pupils lost focus.

“All right.”

The person who handed the box to the servant turned her around as if melting. Taking her box as if she were right, the servant paused for a moment, pressing down on her hood and watching in the direction the person wearing it had disappeared.

But then, as if possessed by something, the servant moved her body into her mansion, holding her box in her hand.

The servant walked slowly.

Climbing the stairs with a tight grip on the box, he eventually reached the ornately decorated door and opened it without knocking.

A space was revealed behind an ornate door. A bed decorated more splendidly than the door and a desk no less entwined in the hazy light of the morning.

“… Such a reckless bastard.”

And the old man, who seemed to be 70 years old, got up from the bed with a nervous expression.

“Where did the servant go without knocking…”

“Line… Water.”

The old man staggered away from the bed and walked toward the rude servant.

“You’re so freaked out that you’re going to die…”

“Line… It is water.”

Anger crept onto the old man’s face. Approaching that mad servant with an expression ready to tear him apart, he grabbed something that looked like a short club in his hand.

“This madman.”


It was crazy.

The old man approached the servant, who was looking somewhere in the air with his eyes completely out of focus, and shouted with a lively face.

“Yeah man!”

The chattering of the old man filled the mansion.

At the same time the old man struck the servant in the head with the thing in his hand.


The servant’s head turned. However, the servant looked at the old man with a drop of blood dripping from his head.

“Line… Water.”

For a moment, instead of anger, fear visited the old man.

Seeing that there was nothing in the servant’s eyes, who hadn’t screamed or flinched, the old man threw his club roughly to the ground.

“What is a gift, you bastard!”

“… Gift.”

The old man took the box from the servant.

The box was quite heavy, and the center of gravity wobbled as if it contained something rolling.

“Is there anyone outside! Tie this guy right now!”

“Open it now.”

“… You madman!”

But the old man, contrary to his rough tone, began to back away from the servant.

The servant’s eyes, which had lost their light to the extent that they could not be regarded as his living pupils, were looking at him as if looking into an abyss.

The old man suppressed the goosebumps and opened the box.

At the same time, the old man stopped.

Inside his box was the head of Uwe Schröter, covered in blood.

“Right… Beya?”

The old man’s lips began to tremble. His hand holding his box began to tremble as well.

“Ube! My son!”

Prince Marcel Schröther, the sole duke of the Empire, took his son’s severed head out of the box with a look of astonishment.

However, the eyes of the son, who had already lost his life a long time ago, were in a state of stopping the cloudy pupils.

Marcel got down on his knees. Grabbing his one and only son’s head, he screamed in a desperate voice.

“Mind… Russell Schroe… Place.”

However, a voice like grinding iron came out of the servant’s mouth.

Marcel looked up at the servant with his eyes full of rage, and a sneer filled his unfocused servant’s face.

“The gift… I like it… Me?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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