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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 64

Mission No.3 Little Devils (24)

“Marquis, it looks like you’re working hard, right?”

“It’s the spirit world, so I don’t know.”

The males, who had been throwing out all sorts of obscene language, let out lewd laughter.

“Ibosch, Master! It’s good to wish my daughter-in-law to get pregnant! The Marquis is kind to pregnant women!”

Again mean laughter broke out from the people.

The owner tried to run out of the kitchen with a contemplative face, but before he knew it, the men who stood in his way threatened the owner with knives.

It was then.

Strange noises from the second floor began to be heard one after another.

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

All eyes in the restaurant were focused on where the sound had come from. And after a while something big started rolling down the stairs.

Tung, Tung, Tung!


Marquis Uwe Schröter was covered in blood and fell to the ground.


“Stop moving.”

A tall man trudged down the stairs where Ube had fallen.

It was Ewald.

“Master, are you there?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Take your family and staff and go upstairs.”

“… Yes?”

“Hurry. I’m taking care of my daughter. It didn’t happen, so don’t worry too much.”

Even at Ewald’s words, the man closest to the owner, who was paying attention to the surroundings, pulled out a knife.

At that moment, Ewald, who was fired at the guy with the knife, grabbed him by the collar, returned to his original position, and slammed it into the wall.


The man who penetrated the wooden wall without even screaming fainted with his lower body drooping.

People couldn’t even follow with their eyes when Ebalt moved.

However, Ewald nodded to the owner and continued.

“Go up and go to the first room on the left.”

The owner didn’t even answer and took his people and ran up the stairs. But this time, no one could stand in the way of the owner’s group.

Ewald, who threw a bright smile at such people, spat out a plain voice.

“Come on, everyone! Everyone involved or not, get out! Hurry!”

Ewald, who was talking in a high-pitched voice like a teacher leading kindergarten children, splashed ink on his bright smile after confirming that no one was moving except for the owner and his party.

“So you’re all these pigling subordinates?”

“Yeah man!”

“Last talk. Those who want to feel unfair if they are beaten because they are not related, leave now.”

Of course, no one left.

From that point on, Ewald’s smile became completely evil.

“Then let’s get right.”

“You crazy bastard!”

The first potential victim jumped at Ewald.

Ewald grabbed his opponent by the nape of his neck with a very grateful face and slammed his face down with his forehead. With just two headers, his man’s nose went down.

But Ewald, unsatisfied, twisted his opponent’s right arm up and threw it behind his back.

Come on!

The sound of his upper arm and shoulder blade splitting resounded eerily.




With a sound she couldn’t bear to imagine where she had broken, her first man knocked her out and fell to the floor.

Ewald, quickly letting go of the weight of the limp human, raised his hand towards the rest of the crew.


I’m sorry.

Another victim whose presence had been erased before reaching the ground fell to the ground.

After a few breaths, Ebalt, who sent the two into the goal, bent his neck from side to side, creating a bone-crackling sound.


No one rushed this time. However, Ewald took one step down the stairs. He stepped back as if people were being pushed away in an instant.


It’s easy to say.

“I have no stomach, no guts, and I am the only enemy, so why are you so scared?”

Ewald put a smile on his face that was made from a single sneer.

“Besides, this side doesn’t even have a weapon. Ah, are you really trying to demonstrate chivalry by not carrying a weapon?”

It would be embarrassing to attack an opponent without a weapon, but Ebalt, who had properly polished his male pride, grinned around his cheekbones with an uncontrollable, provocative smile.

“Are you going to come out like that?”

Ewald nodded his head.


When he turned around and went up one flight of stairs, Balt kicked Uwe in the back, where his face was swollen.

“Hey, hey, pig. It’s time to wake up.”


“Get up.”

Ewald, who had slapped Uwe on the cheek, grabbed Uwe by the chin and moved toward the people.

“Look. There are 30 people here? Are they all your men?”

“… You bastard is going to shut up here.”

Ube was so beaten that his pronunciation leaked.

Is your tongue swollen? The tooth is not broken, but why is the pronunciation like this?

Ewald interpreted Uwe’s words after going through filtering once.

“I know. But your kids don’t seem to want to kill me.”

Ewald smiled properly and put his face right next to Uwe’s face.

“Even if I lay a mat on the floor to fight, the kids don’t seem to want to save you. My heart hurts because I feel betrayed, hey.”

“… Nenomun is going to die.”

“I can hear you well, but your men don’t move very much, so maybe they’re deaf, so talk a little louder.”

“What are you doing, you bastards! Kill this guy right now!”


Still don’t run Ewald sighed as he watched the people wince.

Ewald stroked Ube’s head with a pitiful face.

“You have no influence either.”

“Everyone, shut up, you bastard!”

“No matter how much you say that, it’s only natural for at least one person to attack you.”

“You rotten bastard.”

“Didn’t you pay the kids’ salaries?”

Ube, who had no strength from being beaten so badly, spat out harsh words while eating.

Of course, Ewald, who was just cute in appearance, swiped Uwe’s hair clotted with blood.

“I will leave you alive. So keep an eye on those pups who don’t move even when you’re in danger, and sever them limbs when you get back to Rotume. Or go to Dad.”

“… Ba, I will definitely kill you.”

“That’s no fun, point it out. Who do you think will be the first to run to your rescue?”

“You prick, kuheok, you guys to kill! If you can’t kill him, you’ll be ku-huak! I will kill them all!”


A man in the middle of the crowd raised his sword high above his head and charged at Balt.

Like someone’s miracle, the man who appeared among the crowd split left and right and thrust his sword into Balt’s throat with terrifying momentum.

And Ewald’s knee went into the opponent’s philtrum.


Auto Dog!

The crackling of corn could be heard in the distance, and the brave man let out his teeth.

The man who floated backwards tried to lose consciousness by giving himself to gravity, but before he knew it, Ewald’s foot slammed the man’s abdomen to the floor.

Blah blah!

The sound of something exploding faded into space.

However, having already withdrawn his attention from his opponent, Balt pressed her face against Uwe with a very pitiful expression.

“… What to do You said so much, but only one ran into it, one. Oh, isn’t this serious?”

Ewald, who made a face full of sympathy, desperately began to comfort Uwe.

“I wouldn’t have gotten to this point if I had met a few people on a regular basis. That’s what they call subordinates. Huh? Seeing that the Marquis is just gazing across the river whether he dies or not, I can only conclude that our Ube life was wasted, so I feel sorry for him.”

Ewald made up his mind.

“Looks like Abby went crazy believing that she was a duke. Oh, what can I do, this useless life. Eating something and gaining weight… Are all your fingers bent?”

They intend to kill Ube by rupturing the blood vessels in his brain.

“Can you touch your knee with your hands if you bend at the waist?”

“… It will be shook.”

“Yes, yes, I will be waiting for you, so come and kill me later when you have time. I will respond well. Anyway, I’m taking a break for a while.”

Ewald slowly rose from his seat. Ebalt, who had been putting on a pitiful expression until then, turned towards the people, erasing the expression from his face in an instant.

“Because I think I have something to say to your men.”

“… Your bastard… What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’ll tell you when it’s over.”

Together with him, Ewald gave Uwe a delicious slap on the back of the head, and he rose from his seat.

The people who had only seen the weapon twisted flinched back.

However, Ewald’s face, which had been smiling until now, was completely cold.

“You buggy bastards.”

Ewald clenched his fists.

“I wouldn’t do this sh*t if I had even the smallest amount of loyalty to that young pig. Cowardly bastards.”

From noble mtl dot com

By the time that gloomy voice pierces people’s ears,

“Because if this piglet leaves me, I think I’ll kill everyone who stayed still.”

Ewald snapped his knurled finger.

“I’ll treat everything equally.”

Forest of red foxes. The door to the small restaurant at the edge opened.

And a tall man came out the door whistling.

She politely shut the door and the man came out into the darkness, whistling a light tune as she approached the stable built next to the building.

The man, who had connected the reins of seventy horses together over a period of thirty minutes, blew the same whistle and rode on the back of the first horse.

So Ewald caressed her horse’s neck, changed the tune of the whistle to a leisurely tune, and took a piece of bread tucked under her cloak in his hand.

I wonder if the crew are still eating.

Thinking that we could share a beer together if we get back quickly, Ebalt kicked the side of his horse with a relaxed expression.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Then the restaurant door burst open.

Thinking that there might still be someone who could move, Ewald looked back, but the owner of the restaurant and a girl full of freckles appeared as they opened the door.

“Now, wait a minute, hero!”

You’re a warrior

“… Hero, retired.”

“Please wait, hero.”

Feeling sorry to move after calling him so anxiously, Balt pulled the reins lightly and jumped off his horse.

Perhaps it was a restaurant run by a family, and people who all looked alike walked out of the restaurant in a row. Among them, the man who seemed to be the owner and the girl who was about to get into trouble were staring at Ewald with expressions almost crying.

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“… Mr. Master.”

Ewald responded to the words of gratitude.

“Go to Schhattenberg before that Marquis starts f*cking again. Go and ask the viscount to protect you.”

“All right. I will do as you say.”

I have nothing more to say.

Ewald, who couldn’t even smile at the victims’ families, only nodded.

“How should I repay this favor…”


“… Yes?”

Ewald mounted the horse in quick motion.

The cloak fluttered in the wind and unfolded behind him. And Ebalt took a bite of the bread he was holding in his hand and painted a neat smile.

“You did a good job on this.”

* * *

“Wake up, you stupid bastards!”

Perhaps he had calmed down and the swelling subsided, and Ube ran wild with his clear pronunciation.

Looking back, Ube, who was hit the least, vented his anger by stepping on his men.

Ube, who was running wild with the momentum of stabbing him to death at any moment, staggered toward the door of the restaurant.

“Ewald Kitska! I, Ube, will kill you no matter what!”

Madness overlaid Ube’s eyes filled with miasma.

But in Ube’s eyes, he saw a person walking.

A man wearing a long brown hood that covered his whole body and pulled it down to his nose was lightly walking towards the restaurant.

Ube rubbed his eyes, thinking he was looking at something, and narrowed his brows.

However, the person approaching him brought his face close to Ube’s as if looking down.

“… What are you?”

“What you said earlier, say it again.”

It’s a woman’s voice It is also a very harsh voice.

Ube blinked as if possessed by something.

“Eh, Ewald Kitska, I’m Uwe… What number…”


The woman gently tucked her hood over her head behind her head.

And the yellow eyes of her black masturbation radiated light.

“I found it.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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