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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 54

Mission No.3 Little Devils (14)

“Are you feeling okay?”

Elif, who was warming up in the backyard, groaned and straightened her body with a much lighter face.

That’s a good expression.

“It’s okay. I like it better than before I went to the tower.”

“Okay, then we can start.”

“Yes? What?”

Elif, who was staring blankly at Ewald, who had just started talking about everything, saw a large woman in his field of vision.

Ekrin, who bowed her head slightly to Ewald, aimed Zwei Hender at Elif with terrifying speed.

Elif, who looked back and forth between Ebalt and Ekryn with her brain bleached, raised his finger and pointed at her Ekryn and then at his own breast.

Ebalt nodded her head.


“Yes, Mr. West.”


“What, what do you start with? Yes? For a moment! Wait a minute!”

Ewald turned around. Sensing that it was only for a moment and that it was not the time to communicate, Elif began to step back, but it didn’t take long before he realized that his back was blocked by a wall.

Elif, who had only watched from afar in Zendwig Thum and had not directly participated in the battle, let out a giggle at the sense of intimidation emanating from that gigantic woman in front of him.

Above all, that ignorant-looking Zweihender was truly a masterpiece.

And Ewald’s eerie word came out.

“Do not kill.”

Ekryn lightly nodded her head.

“Captain! I’m the captain! Where is this!”


Ebalt, who turned around and waved his hand over his shoulder, moved away from the two of them.

And Eccrine’s feet moved.

As much as she uses a huge sword, Eccrine, whose distance control takes up most of her swordsmanship, sprints with her ridiculously long legs at her already tall height.

Ekryn’s sword was thrown wide behind her head.

This is cut.

As soon as Elif caught Eccrine’s arm movement, he twisted his body.

A clean down cut across the top right to the bottom left.

From Zweihender, a terrifying blast of air that could not fly emanated.

The twisted body of the elf deflected Ekryn’s attack by just a few centimeters.

However, Eccrine’s sword, which gained momentum, was not enough to cut through the air, so it returned to Eccrine’s left.

Eccrine’s body, which turned the rotational force that was leaning to the left with her waist, rotated terrifyingly with her right foot as the axis.


A clean kick landed on Elif’s abdomen.

Elif bounced back with a thumping sound and, regardless of whether he was wearing armor or not, slammed into the wall.


Ekrin, who had taken her left foot, still could not handle the remaining rotational force, moved the returned Zweihender with her left hand, and left the sword to gravity while drawing a graceful curve. Zweihender, who moved like water, made a snapping sound and splattered sparks on the floor.

Ewald, who had been watching Eccrine’s attack from the side of her eye, simulated her attack in her head and shook her head.

It’s a clean continuation no matter how you look at it.

And Ewald calmly kept his eyes on the battle between the two.

‘If the elf had blocked the kick, he would have attacked again without disturbing the rotational power left in Zweihender.’

The way to put weight on the sword, the attack of formidable power released from it, the sense to move on to the next attack without using up the remaining power after an attack, and the distribution of power concentrated in the right place.

Everything is a close-to-perfect Zweihander operation method.

Eccrine clearly shows why the Chapeones are the best mercenaries on the continent.

‘Wow, your knife skills are really crazy, crazy.’

It would be perfect if he had social skills even if it was 1 penny instead of 10 percent of his knife skills.

Eccrine’s attack was an attack that could not be relieved even if it was avoided once. Eccrine, who didn’t lose sight of her opponent for a moment, moved back toward the elf who bounced off the wall and fell to the floor.

Elif hurried up from her seat and reflexively took out her knife. My stomach throbbed when I was kicked, but if I lay face down, I would be slaughtered. He said not to kill, but this is, well, just the momentum to kill.

Elif, whose mind was dominated by the need to live, grabbed his sword with trembling hands.

However, Ekryn raised the sword in his left hand whether or not Elif trembled.

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Eccrine, who held the sword that rose vigorously above his head, cut a huge semicircle with that momentum.

Bow woo woo.

A thrilling feeling of blood rushing to Eccrine’s fingertips as she pointed out the path the knife was supposed to take was transmitted. But Elif gritted his teeth and avoided her attack again.

Ekryn’s gaze, which did not take her away from Elif even for a moment, met Elef’s.

‘What kind of women are there!’

Elif’s gaze moved to Ekryn’s leg. At the same time, Ekryn’s left foot began to rotate with the power of the previous attack.

After confirming Eccrine’s movements, Elif leaned over to her right. This time I intend to kick her with my right foot.

However, her Ekryn’s right foot landed two steps away from Elif’s body. A feeling of staggering struck Elif’s brain, but Eccrine’s hands were already moving her sword from above her head in front of her.

Rather than pulling it down with force, it was a movement that seemed to follow the trajectory of the sword.


The posture has already collapsed.

Elif threw his left arm behind his back and twisted his body further to the right.


Something caught on Ekryn’s fingertips. A certain sensation passed through the sword and into Eccrine’s hand.

At the same time, unable to even scream, Elif turned around.

As soon as his armor covering his chest soared high into the sky with a roar, Elif, transferring all his torque to his right foot, stretched out his foot in perfect posture.


A dull pain shot down Eccrine’s side.

With the sound of the padded armor clashing, Ekrin took three steps back and pulled the dangling Zweihender forward.

But Elif was half a step faster.

Elif, stepping on the tip of Ekryn’s huge Zweihender, bounced up at a tremendous speed and kicked Ekrin’s jaw, which was caught while pulling on the Zweihender.


Eccrine’s jaw was properly turned. Ekryn’s head, which had been fully tilted back, was bent at an angle to make sure it wasn’t broken, and Elif prepared to land while slightly floating in the air.

However, Eccrine’s left hand grabbed Elif’s collar, and it put his weight on it and rolled forward.


The air in his lungs was blown out, and Elif was pinned to the ground from the back.

His sky turned yellow, but Elif gritted his teeth and wrapped his arms around Ekryn’s neck.

Then the dogfight started.

Elif, who held Eccrine’s ponytail with his right hand, began striking Eccrine’s chest with his left hand, and Eccrine, who grabbed Elif’s hair with his left hand, slammed Eccrine’s chin with his elbow. Started grinding

“It hurts! It hurts, you rotten b*tch!”

“Neither do I!”

Elif, who doesn’t drag his words out when cursing, mercilessly shook Eccrine’s hair from side to side, and Eccrin also shook Sera Elif’s hair back and forth.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Head! Yah! Won’t you let go?”

“Who speaks! Won’t you let go?”

“I’ll bite you!”

In the meantime, the two of them turned their chins to each other amicably, and never let go of the other’s hair even when tears were stinging.

The two women, whose hair had already been plucked out in clumps, continued their dogfight while her nose was bleeding.

… I can’t call it sparring anymore.

And Ewald took his hand to her face, understandably.

“… Haaa!”

“You fight according to the rules, master?”

“Shut up, hold on to Elif.”

“Yes yes!”

Ewald had to work with Usbel to get her two mad dogs off. The two women, who had become completely sporadic, kicked in the air, eating and drinking, but a fight that could not be called sparring could not continue.

“You are dead! Hey! Hey!”

“Do you want to die!”

Even in this situation, you always use respectful words. Ewald gave a hissing sound and tightened his arms around Ekryn’s waist.

“Whoa whoa! Now stop.”

“But, Mr. West, what I want!”

“Hey b*tch, you can stop too.”

“Let go of this, Grandma!”

Supera, who had been watching the chaos in the backyard, sighed heavily, tossed one of her silver coins at Adele, and took out her cigarette.

“Supea, call the priest!”

“I’m a priest too?”

“… A priest who knows how to use healing arts.”

Without making a sound, Shupea, who took out her cigarette and lit it, grumbled and disappeared in search of the priest.

In the meantime, Ewald yelled at the two growling at each other like dogs on a leash.

“They said sparring, who told me to fight like this!”

The two women, who had stopped struggling now, glared at each other with an expression of chewing on each other, then quickly turned their heads.

Ewald sighed and looked at Elif, thinking that things might be getting organized. However, as soon as Elif’s empty chest caught his eye, Ebalt turned his head around with his face heating up.

“… Hey, Elif.”

“Why, Captain?”

“… Hey Usbel. Cover me up.”

“… Yes?”

Elif suddenly turned his face away and stared blankly at Ebalt, who had a red-hot face, and felt a cool breeze in his chest.

Why is it so cold

Then, Usbel’s hand stammered up on Elef’s stomach.

“Ha, grandma, what are you groping for…”


The warmth from Usbel’s hand was felt on Elef’s left chest.

Elif, who lowered her head with her face slowly draining blood, found her armor and top torn apart, and exploded with a bang, but Usbel, who was safely covering her chest, He rubbed Elif’s chest with his hand and exclaimed.

“Are you okay? Are you there?”


“You’re a traitor, you’re a traitor!”

Her today’s training ended with Elif collapsing as she embraced her chest with both of her arms.

* * *

“Think on the good side. It’s better than having her breasts cut off, are you a traitor?”

“That, that, stop talking about that!”

“It was quite, quite weighty, bad girl.”

Accusing her of being a bad girl, Elif blushed and buried her face in her pillow.

hehehe, now we are all married.”

“It will be fine, it will be fine. You only came out on the left. It was a beautiful chest. If you have to, you can use it to target men. The first time is hard, the second time is easy, right?”

“Stop it!”

Usbel took her little hand to her chin with a serious look on her face and spoke her words out with a grunt.

“Then, in order of Shupea, me, Adele, and Elif?”

“Yes, yes?”

“In small order.”

I heard the sound of her furniture flying.

“Crazy Demon King b*tch! Why do you think I’m shorter than you?”

“Don’t look back, don’t look back. If anyone sees it, they’ll think it’s gone.”

Usbel, who was avoiding the objects that Shupea threw her, smiled and put another dagger into her chest.

“Did you write the front and back on your clothes?”

Shu Pea’s cursing and swear words flew at Usbel, who healed her wounds with her bright face.

“You and I are similar, stunted!”

“Shall we see? Can you see?”

Shupea’s face turned red.

“What’s the matter, you crazy b*tch!”

“Why why? Do you think you will lose? Do you think you will lose?”


I’m dying. Ewald turned a ferocious face at Shupea with just that expression.

“Stop it, Shupea.”

“What! Do you think I’m shorter than you right now?”


Ewald clicked her tongue once and informed Shu Pea of ​​the reality.

“Usbel knows how to use shape-shifting magic.”

“What did you say?”

Usbel, who had a cute smile on the frantic Shupea, clapped his hands and called Shupea.

“A priest, a priest, what is that?”


“A cup.”


“Rain cup.”


“Mr. Cup.”


Usu Bell smiled cutely as she returned her breasts, which were swelling up and growing more and more, back to normal.

“Would you like to donate?”

She mentally murdered Shu Pea.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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