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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 53

Mission No.3 Little Devils (13)

“Hey, Fionir.”

“Yes, chief.”

“Are you saying that knowing what the Great Kswice Forest is like?”

In spite of Ewald’s rough expression, Fiornir opened his mouth with a calm face, not much changed.

“Is it because of rumors? If you go in, you will surely die?”


Ewald had to lift one cheek completely and put on a bewildered expression.

“It’s not a rumor.”

“… Captain?”

Ewald let out a laugh with a face telling him to f*ck it up.

“Arthur. Everyone in there will die.”

“Is it that dangerous?”

“Shall we be honest?”


Although he was a little startled by the question he struck back, Pioneer nodded his head and waited for Ewald’s answer.

“I almost beat you when you asked me to go to the Kswice Great Forest.”

At best, they were told to come up with a strategy, so I came up with a plan, so I’m going to beat you. When Ewald brought up a nasty story, Piornir put on a frustrated expression.

“… I don’t understand. There are certainly rumors that the Great Kswice Forest is dangerous, but according to the guide…”

“The Great Forest of Kswice is famous for its endlessly spread old Zweihal trees boasting an age of more than 1,000 years. This primeval forest, which has not been developed or explored for a long time, is full of all kinds of dangers, and because of that, it has become the romance of many adventurers. Moreover, the Kswice Great Forest, also called the ‘Forest Abandoned by Elves’, is a forest full of mysteries and secrets because even the elves, a tribe of the forest, do not live there.”

Fionir’s face hardened quickly.

“… Did the captain write the guide?”

Tired of Ewald’s memory of reciting it without a single mistake, Pionir licked his lips bitterly, but Ewald twitched and cursed.

“I don’t know what crazy bastard wrote it, but do you know how many people died for believing that phrase?”

“Is it that dangerous? You don’t know anything about the distribution of monsters or terrain, do you?”

“Of course I don’t know. ‘Someone is living’ only when there is a guy who came back alive, isn’t it?”

“… Are you saying that everyone who entered the Great Kswice Forest died?”


Ewald scratched his head.

“I don’t know exactly.”

“You don’t know?”

“I don’t know. Whether he is dead or alive I haven’t heard of anyone coming back.”

“But Captain, isn’t that also a rumor?”

Fionir cautiously threw his assumptions.

But at that moment, Pioneer, who witnessed Balt’s face contort violently, stopped breathing without realizing it.

“I sat down and said something like a rumor. Listen up, son.”

Ewald, who had been spitting out word by word with his teeth clenched, almost ended his speech with a growl.

“Fifty people went in and only three came back. One of them went mad, gouged out his eyes and died.”

Fionir raised his head with a puzzled look at Ewald’s sudden talk.

“What, Captain?”

Looking straight into Pionir’s eyes, Ewald spat out a harsh voice.

“And one of those survivors is me.”

* * *

As soon as they got out of the space where all shapes were jumbled together, the two of them stood up.

Amira, who had suffered so much heart palpitations in the passage connecting the spaces, blocked her mouth, but the middle-aged woman grabbed Amira by the arm and raised her up.

“Aggeuk, Dooryeong-nim. I think I will die.”

“If you don’t wake up, you will really die.”

“You didn’t enter the forest, did you, Chief?”

“… Why would you go there?”

Amira looked around her.

It was dark, so I thought it was already night, but seeing that strange stalactites were descending where the sky should be, it must be underground.

Feeling somewhat uneasy, Amira cautiously opened her mouth.

“Then here…”

“The realm of the dwarves.”

At the same time, the middle-aged woman grabbed her short walking stick.

“It is a world of little devils.”

* * *

“However, there is no way to reach the principality in time by land or sea. Even if the captain says he has received a letter from the emperor, there is no way he can do anything unless the kingdom passes it.”

“… I will turn.”

“And if you’re thinking of breaking through the Stett Kingdom, you’d better give up.”

Ewald let out a groan.

“… Know. We can’t start a war just to bring Schheim.”

“So crossing Kswice is the fastest way for now.”

“It’s also the surest way to commit suicide.”

Growling low, Ebalt clenched his fists.

“But Captain, didn’t you come back alive? If you tell me how to do it, I will apply it…”

“If I could stop it just because I knew it, then of course I would have agreed to go through Kswice.”

Ewald’s clenched fists began to tremble slightly.

“Is there really no other route?”

Fionir shook his head.

“If I had, I would have told you earlier.”


“I will tidy up.”

Fionir placed a small model on the map.

“It is estimated that Schheim is currently in the Duchy of Sarmus. Considering the past actions and technological prowess, the purpose of seizing Shuheim from the principality is clearly thought to be the analysis and readjustment of Schheim, and the mass production of Schheim.”

Piornir, pointing out the lines drawn in the kingdom of Stett in the north of the principality, continued.

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“To reach the Principality of Sarmus by land, the fastest route is through the Kingdom of Stett. However, due to the circumstances of Korea and the Kingdom, it takes about two months just for the entry procedure. Even if you travel through the nearest port from the capital, it will take about two months to enter the principality.”

Pioneer, who had been moving several models around and simulating them, shook his head.

“But in two months, Schheim’s analysis will be complete. No, even if we do a raid in two months, there is a high possibility that we will already extract all the information and dismantle Schheim.”

“… Are you saying you’re going to destroy the evidence?”

“If it were me, I would.”

“Well, I’m sure that’s the case too.”

According to the data Marcus gave, it was a principality that already had the technology to mass-produce Schheim 10 years ago.

Although it is said that the technician was sent as a prisoner of war, it is difficult to say that the records and technology were deleted without leaving them.

And above all, the intention to ‘do something’ can be clearly seen in the act of stealing Schheim.

“Therefore, in order to recapture Schheim, which is being held in the principality in the shortest time, we must pass through the Great Forest of Kswice.”

The key was the time it took.

And to meet the arrival time, you must pass through the Great Forest of Kswice.

If you waste two months of your time, you will soon be providing a blueprint to create Schheim that surpasses the second-generation Schheim.

“Of course, this is the worst case, but we can raise a large army and invade the Principality of Sarmus.”

“You can’t kill people because of the stupidity of the upper head. Above all, there is very little justification for starting a war with the principality in a groundless yard.”

“It is true that there is no justification.”

Fionir nodded his head.

“Of course, His Majesty the Emperor would invade first and then find evidence.”

“That’s Kasper, and I’m in charge here.”

“Then what do you plan to do, Captain?”

Ewald’s brain began to spin terrifyingly.

While simulating nonsensical accidents in his brain, including the Great Forest of Kshwice, Balt threw out a harsh curse word that he couldn’t bear to print and lifted his distorted face.

“Going near Kswice.”

“Have you decided?”

“You guys forced me to make some dogged decisions, so listen up.”

Rather than being like a dog, Fionir, who suggested the only way out, gave a slight look of resentment, but Ewald pressed his extremely ferocious face right in front of Pionir’s nose.

“And from there we make a detour to a slightly better place than Kswice.”

“… Where are you going?”

“It will be hard enough to die, but a place where you won’t die.”

Ewald said with a growl.

“So it’s good to prepare your mind to see hell.”

* * *



The woman beckoned her to Amira and raised her finger to cover her mouth.

“What the hell is a little devil’s lair?”

“To the letter. It is a place where small demons gather in groups.”

“Are dwarves demons?”

“In some ways scarier than the devil.”

“Hey. I didn’t know that.”

Amira grinned and scratched her head.

“Then can I just run amok?”

“That’s why I brought you.”

Gradually lifting her mouth, Amira pulled out her knife.

“I must have gotten permission, even if I kill one or two guys!”


The woman tilted her head slightly and smiled.

“Why don’t we start by worrying about surviving, Amira?”

“… Are the dwarves that strong?”

“It’s better to hear it a hundred times than to experience it once.”

A dismal siren echoed through the dark cave.

No matter how much I heard it, the unfavorable sound engulfed the cave and spread far away, and the noise of weapons began to be heard from everywhere.

It seems to have noticed the intruder.

And the two intruders took a combat posture.

“Fight to the death.”

* * *

“About 700 kilometers? I wish I could get a horse.”

That much is possible.

Ewald neatly wrote down the items to extort from Marcus.

“Seven horses. Have you decided on a supply method?”

“To some extent, it has been decided. Because we choose the shortest route, there are few villages where we can supply supplies.”

“I can’t. What is the base station?

“Up to four places.”

It’s your place

It’s painful to have to change pabal only four times to travel 700 kilometers, but it couldn’t be helped considering that the route across two small mountain ranges is the shortest.

“It must be a great forced march.”

“You have to hold on.”

“All right.”

Pionir, who was finally tapping the map with all the routes specifically completed, raised his head with a lightened expression.

“I’ll exchange the last dispatch at Schhattenberg and take the road straight down.”

“Okay, I leave that part to you.”

* * *

Amira’s sword-holding arm surged up.

She slashed down her sword vigorously, emitting a blue blade of light, but her arm ricocheted away with a bang.

It’s a huge reaction force.

Her attack, which had the power to cut the huge tree of Kswice in two vertically, completely disintegrated and bounced into the air.

However, an ax the size of a human torso shot up from under her feet as she hurriedly escaped.

She had to feel the dampness in her temples as Amira pulled her body out before she was completely cut in two.

The leader’s warning was not wrong in the slightest. Thinking that if she had been even a little conceited, she would already be rolling her neck on the floor, Amira wiped away the blood that flowed down her temple.

She has a hard time dealing with even a single Dwarf.

Amira straightened her sword. Her ego is quite crumpled, but she is now turned into a hunk of meat if she argues with her ego.

Amira switched her stance to her defensive form.

“Chief, help me!”

“I’m a bit busy.”

Amira followed her woman’s body with her sidelong glance.

She spurred on with her nimble movements, as if she were really a nobleman approaching old age, and the woman ran along her wall.

‘… Is that possible?’

She lay her body almost horizontally, and the woman ran obliquely along her wall.

A beam of light that she did not know where it came from chased her body, but at a speed that was terrifying to catch up with her, she ran across the wall like a flat surface and bounced off the stone balcony in front of her.

‘It’s enough to run on active duty, really!’

With her nonsensical complaint inwardly, Amira backed away from her, blocking her wrists with the brunt of the shock.

This is a monster What a monster. The monstrous power emanating from a dwarf’s height of about 140 cm was not something humans could follow.

But Amira raised her sword, spitting blood from her mouth.

It was advantageous to fight in a confined space.

At that moment, three dwarves surged up from the left, right, and front.

A brief profanity flashed through Amira’s mind.

There is no way to stop this

Amira turned her sword with the intention that she would kill even one of them.


However, a short, thick, and tremendous shout echoed through the cave.

The dwarves rushing at them hurriedly retreated and grabbed their axes.

Did you live first?

Before she could breathe a sigh of relief, Amira raised her head and glared at the place where her voice came from.

“As expected, you are wise, Meister.”

The dwarf, 150 cm tall for a dwarf and with muscles twice as large as a human’s, wrapped around her limbs, spat heavily and glared at the woman.

The one-armed dwarf, the sleeve of her left arm empty, turned her scarred face to the woman and smiled menacingly.

“Because killing can be done slowly.”

But she didn’t even back down gently.

“Then I must give you the best information.”

“That’s for me to judge, human.”

The woman nodded her head.

“Schheim Youngsik. The Dvahur gas has been discovered.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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