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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 55

Mission No.3 Little Devils (15)

The dwarf, whose whole body was covered with dark blue skin, poured out his sad eyes at the woman. Her eyes alone could kill a person.

“Dvahur was discovered?”

“Okay. Meister Dvahur. That Schheim you stole.”


It was also the name of the dwarf that emits a terrifying eye light, and it was also Shuheim who had been taken away by Ewald.

Dvahur bared his teeth and gnashed his teeth.

“Are you asking me to believe that, human?”

“It’s up to you to believe or not. I am just passing on information.”

The woman shrugged her shoulders and gently touched her chin.

“Whether it’s true or not, I thought I’d say thank you if you came all the way here and gave me information about Schheim. Aren’t the reactions very good?”

“Shut up! You should be grateful even if you haven’t killed them yet!”

Raising his only fist, Dvahur shattered the railing of his balcony. Although his stones protruded in all directions, the woman in front of him did not blink an eye and even painted a relaxed smile.

“This is true. The customer service is poor. I risked my life to tell you the good news, but you shut up.”

The woman, with one hand, slipped her cloak, which was draped over her shoulder and in front of her, into a tiny smile.

“But I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that you should be grateful for not killing me.”

She is a woman who came to Dvahur without a single collar on her collar. Even if she can’t knock her opponent down, she has her skills to not be attacked.

Realizing what she meant, Dva Hour slowly caught her breath and thought about what her woman had told her.

Dvahurr appeared.

“… Is it true?”

“You wouldn’t think she came all the way here to lie, would you?”


Dvahur glared at her woman with her piercing eyes.

She was ready to crush her with an ax at any moment, but Dvahur, who kept his head cool, cursed in one voice and raised his hand to order the dwarves to retreat.

“Is that Ewald?”

Her woman shook her head.

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“I don’t know. Because I just got a report. Ewald is still missing.”

“Where is Dvahur now?”

Again her woman’s head moved to the right and left of her.

“I do not know the location. But I know it’s definitely activated. She came to pass on that information.”

Dvahur shut his mouth.

However, after organizing his thoughts, Dva Hur spat out with the same expression.

“By the way, what do you want, human?”

“Not yet. First of all, I just want you to promise to return us safely to the surface.”

“… Is that all you want?”

“Can’t you take it slow? It’s not urgent.”

An aura of doubt swept over Dvahur.

There is no way that this woman, who knows the identity of Shuheim and the connection with Ewald, does not know what Shuheim means to Dvahur herself. But is it a promise that all you want is to send them away safely?

Turning her sneering undiluted face toward the woman, Dva Hour snorted at her.

“First of all, I will deceive you. I can’t move with the information you gave me anyway.”

“It will still be like that.”

The woman nodded her head.

“So next time I’m going to bring you a way to know Schheim’s location.”


Dvahur’s brow furrowed.

“We’ll talk about our requirements then.”


Confused by the words uttered by this unidentified woman, Dvahur growled in a low tone.

“Okay, if you tell me the location of that Schheim, I’m willing to negotiate.”


The woman nodded and straightened her clothes.

“Oh, one more thing. Either way is fine, so I want you to tell me how to get in here.”

“… What?”

Dvahur tilted her head once and opened his mouth with a ferocious expression.

“You sound funny. Are you saying she broke into this place without knowing how she got in?”

“Because it was a portal. And the portal is no longer available. So, in order to contact you next time, shouldn’t I know the entrance?”

“… Are you asking me to tell you the entrance to the hiding place?”

A sneer crept across the woman’s face.

“Dwarf Meister, do you really think humans will have the ability to invade the dwarf world, or are you afraid of human attacks?”


“It seems that the bravery of the dwarves is a legend written only in books.”

Dvahur’s arm stretched forward. She didn’t even notice when it moved, but a burst of wind came from the ax that had stopped right in front of his nose.

But the woman reached for the axe and stepped aside, smiling the same way.

Dvahur retrieved her axe.

“… All right, reckless human.”

“I like it too. Then, bring the present in exactly one month.”

“Okay, let’s meet in Devaha in a month.”

“… Dvaha?”

As if refusing to take any more questions, Dvahur shouted loudly.

“Cahul! Draha! Tzvahant! Guide these two humans to the ground! Be sure to cover your eyes and throw it away in Dvaha!”

With a short answer, three dwarves appeared.

Dva Hur threw her eyes at the dwarves telling them to get rid of her quickly, then turned her reluctant face toward the woman.

“… Since you came to Kaselheim, you should hear the name of the visitor, right?”

The dwarf, who had been growling as if to kill until now, said he would hear her name out of nowhere. Thanks to that, the woman opened her mouth with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Ah, is that an example of a dwarf?”

“What is your name, human?”

“Deerssen. Jelena Dierssen.”

The woman nodded and opened her red lips to Dvahur.

“You can call me ‘Zelena’ next time, Meister.”

* * *

‘Is it possible to attack without a sword?’

Returning to the tent, Ewald was troubled.

Fortunately, neither Elif nor Eccrine were seriously injured.

Of course, there seems to be some physical circular hair loss, but he didn’t care much. However, Ewald was troubled by Elif, who had a fistfight with Ekryn about the prosecutor.

Certainly, according to Ebalt’s judgment, Elif’s fighting sense was excellent. Giving up his chest – of course, but taking the ribs – the boldness is high enough.

However, his inability to hold a sword is still a fatal flaw. Besides, it took too much time to become a fighter, and it didn’t fit Elif’s personality at all.

‘My sword skills are too precious to raise as a fighter.’

Ebalt scratched his head and smacked his lips.

The biggest achievement of today’s Dalian was that it gave hope that he would be able to use it in real battles, in addition to his ability as a swordsmanship textbook. Also noteworthy is that he picked up a sword, although he never wielded it.

The problem is that that’s all there is to it.

But Ewald shook his head and shook his worries.

After all, if he could lift a knife this easily, he wouldn’t even bother. Rather, the biggest concern right now is how many hours the crew will last.

Then a woman’s voice came from outside the tent.

“Could you excuse me for a minute?”

It’s adele

“Come in.”

Adele appeared, pulling up the tent, and quickly opened her mouth.

“Please train me too.”

“… Huh?”

Throwing out talk like that. Ewald’s eyebrows furrowed at such an absurd request.

“Wasn’t the captain leading the fight between Mr. Karossa and Mr. Kirsch today?”

Adele, whose voice has been removed from her characteristic high and low, calmly continued her words.

“It is, but…”

“There is nothing I can do in this unit.”

Ewald looked at Adele carefully and opened his mouth with a serious tone.

“… Have you ever handled a weapon?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

Adele, who showed her frustration in a very calm manner, looked at Ewald with his drooping eyes.

“Ha, it’s hard to explain in words.”

“It is very difficult for me to understand. Right?”

“But you are the captain. How would you like me to take action?”

Ewald put on a puzzled expression.

“Hey, Adele. It is true that there is little you can do in the unit right now.”

“It’s not less, it’s none.”

“… I don’t have one, but I mean.”

After clearing his throat, Ewald opened his mouth again.

“First of all, you are not a combat force. A support force, to be exact. A support force powerful enough to turn the tide of battle if it explodes properly.”

Adele knew very well that if he could not demonstrate his strength as a bard, his meaning as a support force would be lost. So even to Ewald’s words, she couldn’t answer carelessly.

Ewald’s words continued.

“Therefore, I have no intention of sending you to the front of the battle.”

“I know that much. But…”

Ewald nodded his head instead of answering.

Adele, who had no idea why she was nodding, raised her eyebrows slightly to show her displeasure, but Ewald raised her head with a face that finally understood.

“I’m anxious about being so useless in the unit, is this what you’re talking about?”

“… That’s it.”

Of course, it wasn’t completely useless since there were members waking up to the sound of Adele’s morning song instead of a wake-up call, but Balt scratched his head, judging that it would be a bad month if he took it out of his mouth.

“You are worrying unnecessarily.”

“Is it useless?”

Adele, who seemed very angry but couldn’t read her emotions at all through her voice and expression, clenched her fists.

However, Ewald gave a hiss and opened his mouth again.

“You entered this unit by your own decision.”

“… It was.”

“In other words, you can leave the unit at any time if you have the will.”

Adele shuts his mouth.

“It’s the other guys, but things are a bit intertwined.”

Elif, who is being strongly trained, Shupea, who was taken from Pediem, Ekrin, who was supposed to be married, and Pionir, who wrote a memorandum and was entrusted with it… As a bonus, Continental Spear unit commander Ewald Kitska, who even had Usbel as a guest, raised a finger on Adele’s face, the only one who had joined the unit voluntarily.

“I can beat you up and leave at any time, but is it my will or your will to be here now?”

“It’s my will, but I hope I can at least help the unit…”


Adele’s lips were closed again.

“If I tell you to leave the unit, will you leave?”

“… Don’t you need it?”

“Are you the kind of guy who needs me when I say he needs me, and doesn’t need me when I say he doesn’t?”

“… Yes?”

“Do you have self-esteem or not?”

Ewald stood up with an annoyed face and strode toward Adele.

“Think about it, Adele. You don’t stay because I asked you to stay, you stay yourself.”


“Is not it?”

“… You’re right.”

“Do you remember what you said when you first entered the unit?”

Can’t forget

Adele answered in a quiet voice.

“… I need you.”

“Then I’ll have it until I’m no longer needed.”


“If you roll like Elif or Eccrine and get better, you’ve already rolled. I don’t have the ability to teach a bard that has popped up in the world for the first time in 100 years. But do you know what the biggest problem is for you right now?”

Sharp eyes flew from Ewald towards Adele.

“Don’t pass on to others what you don’t have confidence in.”

Adele bit his lip.

Ewald’s tip, which started with the story of training, hit Adele right in the middle. Embarrassed rather than hurt, Adele lowered his head, but Ewald pushed his finger across Adele’s forehead.

“We are leaving for the principality tomorrow morning.”

Ewald lightly grabbed Adele by the shoulder and smiled.

“I’ll let you play big this time. I’ll set the board properly, so run wild.”

However, contrary to Ewald’s expectations, Adele’s lips opened slightly.


And then Adele’s voice, full of intimidation, came out.

“I’m afraid that even that will fail and betray the captain’s expectations.”

Ewald stepped back with an absurd smile.

Are you afraid that you will fail your expectations?

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“You are worrying for nothing. What if you fail?”

Adele, who was looking at Ebalt with his sharp-focused eyes, involuntarily placed a hand on his chest.

Ewald smiled at Adele and said in a natural voice.

“You can do it again.”

“… Again?”

“Fail until you get tired of it.”

Ewald nodded.

“Because I’ll look after you.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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