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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 154

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (6)

“… Where the hell are you and what are you doing?”

Shupea sighed as Ebalt dragged the three bloodied men through the inn door.

How the hell did you bring it here?

“Did your uncle do this?”

“I did not do the person on my back.”

“Ha, I’ll prepare a seat.”

Before they knew it, the crew members pulled down the bedding on the first floor of the inn and began preparing a space for the three to lie down.

Ewald, feeling rewarded with his usual training, carefully laid Leonhard down and lined up the other two.

Shupea, who was looking down at the injured people, opened her mouth in an uneasy tone.

“… You’re breathing right?”

“Can’t you see I’m resting hard?”

“No, it’s not strange that Molgol is dead.”

“… Start with treatment.”

Supea, who looked at the iron mask dripping with blood as if she would die of shock at any moment, cut his head and shook his head.

“I have to treat this person first, Lord Valkier.”


Only when he used his healing magic, Shupea, who kneeled down on his knees and prayed while holding the angle properly, moved his hand to Jurgen’s chest as soon as he felt the warm energy coming together with his fingertips.

“Wow! This person chose only places where he wouldn’t die and screwed them up. Are you a professional?”

Shupea, who immediately stretched out her healing hand toward Leonhard, completed his prayer with a pitiful voice.

In an instant, Leonhardt’s body, surrounded by pure white light, began to recover quickly.

Ewald smiled slightly, thinking that he was now reborn as a really useful priest, but when Spea’s hand moved toward Marcel, Ewald smiled.

This is Uwe Schröter’s father, Marcel Schröter.

And Ewald saw Uwe’s living corpse in Mugan.

“I don’t know who it is, but please take care of this big-headed grandfather.”

Through the same process, Marcel’s body healed quickly.

Shupea, who treated the three messed up people really simply, straightened his knees with a grunt. Uthbel, who saw that there was a space between Ewald and Speah thanks to this, quickly dug in front of Ewald.

“What are these people? Who are you?”

“The far right is Leonhard Pelut. I don’t know who is the acting ruler of this county, and who wears an iron mask on the other end.”

“Then what about the middle?”

Supera, whose big head was especially annoying, pulled his chair and leaned her chin on the backrest of the spectator mode.

Ewald’s calm voice came out.

“Marcel Schröter.”

“Shurro… Thur?”

Elif tilted his head slightly and brought his finger to his mouth.

“Could this grandfather…”

Adele turned her gaze to Ewald, furrowing her brows slightly as if she noticed something, and Ewald moved his lips with a brief nod of his head.

“It’s Duke Schröter.”

* * *

“Shu, Shu, if you’re Duke Schröter, you’re the Emperor’s right-hand man!”

“Where was that guy’s right arm?”

“Daejangnim, what the hell did you do?”

“… Kids sleep Don’t be loud.”

Ekryn, who had little interest in worldly affairs, stayed the farthest away, rummaging through her foodie guide and sipping her beer, but Elif and Supea looked at Ewald with dismay.

Besides, Adele, who was of an aristocratic family in her own right, began quietly withdrawing, fearing that Schröter would notice her.

Of course, Usbel, with a bright expression on her face today, measured the size of Marcel’s head with her hand and compared it to her own. As if that seemed fun, Lafon also joined Usbel in the game.

“I’m not making fun of people’s appearance.”

“Master, Master, but this is beyond common sense. It went way beyond that.”

Usbel, who had a clear smile that would make a purring sound if done well, was looking down at Marcel with her mysterious face.

“Wow, wow! Look how little space is left on her shoulder. Wow, wow!”

Ewald almost burst out laughing at the sudden sound, but shook his head and pulled the cloth Leonhard was lying on from the other two.

Jurgen’s fist twitched.

“Are you awake?”

Ewald took a quick look at it without missing it again, and calmly opened his mouth while examining Leonhard’s condition.

“Just lie still. The owner doesn’t like it very much when blood is splattered in the inn.”

I wonder if there is anyone other than the owner of the arena who likes to splatter blood in the business area, but the innkeeper, moved by Ebalt’s consideration, nodded his head and brought hot water.

“Ayu, adventurer-sama, this is…”

“Oh, thank you.”

But before Ewald’s hand could reach, the innkeeper, who pulled the glass slightly, spoke cautiously.

“Give it to our Viscount.”

After a moment of dazed expression, Ewald accepted the glass passed by the innkeeper with a pleasantly absurd smile.

“Wake up this friend and feed him this.”

After passing the glass to Usbel, Ewald stood up and strode toward Jurgen. As soon as Jurgen confirmed Ewald’s movements, he desperately tried to run away even while lying down.

“Lie down some more. Only the wounds have healed, but the physical strength must not have recovered yet.”

However, Ewald was not very interested in Jurgen.

“Should I make you no longer have the strength to move?”

“… No.”

After catching his breath at Juergen’s answer, Ewald found something else in his backpack. It was a really small glass bottle.

After holding it in his hand, Balt turned the lid slightly and fell off the glass bottle with a frown on his face.

Then Ewald, who brought the glass bottle around Marcel’s nose, slapped Marcel’s wide forehead.

At the same time, Marcel’s face contorted sharply. Marcel, who was twisting her body in agony, opened her eyes for an instant and raised her upper body.


Ewald retrieved his vial with a gruff expression and slinked back.

“Ube! My son!”

He’s awake, but doesn’t seem to have come to his senses yet. However, Ewald quietly pulled a chair and placed it in front of Marcel, and sat down.

“Are you feeling a little better now, Mr. Schröter?”

Marcel, who was looking around her in all directions as if he was looking at nothing, fixed her gaze on Balt’s face and put on a cold expression that couldn’t be better.

“You guys…”

“Nice to meet you.”

Ewald politely opened his mouth.

“My name is Ewald Kitska.”

* * *

“Are you the one who killed Ube?”


Ewald’s expression immediately distorted. Was it such a misunderstanding?

Ebalt shook his head lightly at a situation where he could roughly understand it without having to listen to Leonhardt’s explanation of the situation.

Finding out that her son Uwe was dead, Marcel sent someone to Count Pelute, where Uwe was, of course, and tortured Leonhard when there was no proper evidence.

Of course, that expectation was far from reality.

Ewald calmly opened his mouth.

“Mr. Marcel Schröter.”

From noble mtl dot com

Seed? Marcel, who was about to shout at the duke with a face asking if he dared use such a title, quickly shook his head. In any case, it didn’t matter much whether that person called himself Mr., Mr., Or Bastard.

“First of all, I’m sorry about your son.”

“… What?”

Marcel’s face hardened. However, he was in no position to say anything else for Ewald.

Ewald never killed Uwe.

No matter how angry Marcel was, he had to keep his mouth shut for a while at Ewald’s reaction.

“… Right before Ube died, he has testimony that he last met you.”

Ewald’s eyes twitched.

“Did he die so early?”

Faster than expected.

Realizing that if Marcel’s remarks were true, Uwe could never have died in Kswice, Ewald folded his arms and sighed.

“… Driving me crazy.”

Ewald stared into Marcel’s twinkling eyes and licked his lips.

Marcel instinctively opened his lips.

“If you know anything about Uwe’s death, tell me right away.”

“For a moment. Do some tidying up.”

Holding out his palm to Marcel, Balt crossed his arms again and leaned back in his chair.

Although it was complicated, Ebalt tilted his head to the side with an arrogant expression after finishing the arrangement.

“I think it was fitting that he died from the demons.”

At Ewald’s words, Marcel growled in an instant.

“What are you talking about?”

“I will turn away. Why did you kill him?”

“Yeah man! I asked what you were talking about!”

Ewald sighed again with a face that showed no sign of sarcasm and looked straight into Marcel’s eyes.

“Mr. Schröter, you may find my words a bit far-fetched. But I’m going to tell you what I know, so will you listen? I will give you plenty of time to ask questions, and I will ask you questions too.”

Ewald’s words pouring out calmly, Marcel’s face is embarrassed.

However, as Marcel watched Ewald’s expression completely become serious, he began to wonder what this man was saying.

Above all, isn’t it about his son Ube, who died?

“Can you hear me?”

“… I will listen first.”

In affirmation, Ewald nodded his head in sympathy.

“I first met Ube here two months ago. I was on my way to the principality to investigate Schheim at Kasper’s request, but when I stopped at the post station to change horses, a guy named Ube took all his staff and disregarded all the rules and took all the bags, right?”

Kasper guy?

Marcel furrowed his brows, but when the story of Uwe came out, he just kept his mouth shut and listened to Ewald.

“I needed a horse right away, so I went to a village that is open only during the fox hunting season. Are there too many words? However, I heard a woman screaming on this floor of the inn, and when I went up, Ube was afraid of the woman…”

I need to remove this part

“He said he was going to do something bad… He hit me a little.”

“… Did you hit me?”

Ewald nodded his head.

“I hit you ten times more than I hit you.”

I am proud.

But whether Marcel believes it or not, Ewald listed the facts.

“I stopped some of the subordinates on the first floor and hit them with both sides and bows, then I took all of the haircuts and gave them to Viscount Lee, and that was the first and last time I and Uve met.”

Ewald slightly turned her head away from Marcel.

“… While alive.”

Marcel’s fist trembled at her. Now Balt’s story is that it was the first and last time he saw it while alive, so he said he saw it again after he died.

Eventually, Marcel exploded.

“If you said you definitely didn’t kill Ube, how else could she see the child?”

Ewald’s lips opened without the slightest hesitation.


Marcel’s lips parted slightly. But no words came out of those lips. Marcel, who was just staring at Ewald with slightly open eyes, opened his lips meaninglessly.

Ewald pressed his thumb and middle finger between his eyes.

“First, just listen. There was a time when I went to Tosaf’s realm, but there was Mugan down there, right? But there is Ube.”

Marcel was looking at Ewald with a completely blank face. Thinking that the explanation was a bit lacking, Ewald said with a reluctant face.

“What is that inhumanity? …”

“A place where souls who did not go to the underworld are confined to the body and rotting…”

Marcel said in a cracking voice. For a moment, Ewald sent a sharp glance at Marcel, but Marcel seemed unable to afford to care about Ewald’s gaze.

“Do you know Mugan?”

Marcel, who lowered her head as if to break at Ebalt’s question with her embarrassed voice interspersed, opened her mouth in a gloomy tone.

“Was Ube killed by her demons?”

Sparks flew from Ewald’s eyes.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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