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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 153

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (5)

“Big uh uh uh uh!”

A thick liquid mixed with saliva and blood spewed from Leonhard. Someone came forward with a mean smile in front of Leonhard, who had his head drooping after turning sideways from the strong shock.

He is Duke Marcel Schröter, the father of the Marquis Marcel of Uwe.

With the rage beneath the meanness clearly revealed, the duke revealed this as well.

“Yes, young viscount. You didn’t lie.”

“… Sir, you are misunderstanding.”

“Is it?”

The Duke stroked Leonhard’s swollen face once again.

Leonhardt’s head, which had been flung back with a thud, slumped again without any strength.

“Why didn’t you tell me that this human, Ewald Kitska, went to see Uwe?”


A faint voice that seemed to be cut off was forced out of his lips.

“It’s because Yeongsik took all the dispatches.”


“Kitsuka-sama needed a dispatch, and she went to the Marquis to find it.”

The duke laughed incredulously and threw his shards of glass over Leonhardt’s kneeling thighs. Leonhardt’s hairs all over his body stood up at the cool feeling against his thighs.

“You mean he killed Ube just because of his words?!”

And the duke trampled on a sharp piece of glass.


The sound of his thigh muscles snapping terrifyingly erupted.

“Ki, Kitsuka-sama didn’t kill you!”

“Huh, you talk like you saw it.”

The duke rubbed his foot against the shard of glass that had already been lodged in his thigh.

An even more desperate cry erupted from Leonhard, but the Duke with a devilish grin seemed unwilling to stop.

“Okay, I guess I didn’t see him kill it. Then, it seems that the human named Ebalt came straight to meet you with the pabal that he retrieved from Ube. Wasn’t there something strange about it?”

I was in no position to answer.

The pain of his muscle being cut gripped Leonhard and wouldn’t let go.

However, the Duke grabbed Leonhard’s chin with a face that wanted to hear his answer.

“Or did he just not want to discover something strange? It’s not like Ube had a grudge because he took all the parishes from your territory, and he didn’t just let go of whatever Ebalt did.”

“Aagh! No! No, Your Excellency!”

“Are you relieved to know that the ripped to death guy would have come back with a scolding anyway, even if he killed my son?”

“It’s not like that! It wasn’t so, sir! Not really!”

Leonhardt coughed up blood. Only then did the Duke remove his foot from Leonhardt’s thigh.

Leonhardt’s legs, covered in torn flesh and blood, are pitiful.

But the Duke turned around and grabbed a handful of white powder.

It is salt.

The duke sprinkled it on Leonhard’s wounds with a mean face.


Out of breath, Marcel took a step back.

Because of his age, he looks like this even if he continues his vigorous movements for a little while.

However, after wiping away his sweat, Marcel glanced at Jurgen, who was heating his skewer on the stove, and smiled cruelly.

“I will leave the rest to you.”

The man, wearing an iron mask with only her eyes pierced, bowed her head at Marcel and grabbed her skewer.

The tip of her skewer, which slid through the charcoal, emitted red light with a wide piece of metal clinging to it. Raising his head with his disfigured face, Leonhard shivered from the heat radiating from the skewer.

The enormous man named Jurgen very slowly walked toward Leonhard, holding onto the brazier.

He let out a sound that seemed like his whole body would twist as he was grinding against the metal floor supporting the furnace.

With a rattling sound, Jurgen set up a brazier right next to Leonhardt, where red flames gushed out, looked at the skewer, confirmed that the heat had subsided, and thrust it roughly into the brazier.

“Go, sir, I have told you everything I know! I know nothing more!”

With desperate longing, Leonhard lowered his head to Marcel.

But Marcel drew her sneer into her face, wanting to smash her snout, and then he lifted Leonhard’s chin up.

“It’s your fault that you don’t know.”

It’s absurd nonsense.

But now, the one holding Leonhard’s jaw is that cruel Marcel.

“What are you doing. Start right away.”

Marcel, who shook Leonhard’s chin, moved her finger at her Jurgen.

Jurgen bowed his head to Marcel and took out his iron skewer from the furnace.

Jurgen grabbed Leonhard by the hair. Then, very slowly, he moved his red-hot skewer toward Leonhard’s eyes.

“Something… Do you remember anything?”

Jurgen’s hoarse voice came out from behind the iron mask. However, there could be no fact that did not exist.

“What I said… It is everything.”

The exhausted Leonhard let out a voice that almost gave up.

Leonhardt never lied.

Marcel shook her head and nodded, and she opened her mouth to Jurgen.

“Grab it.”

Leonhard lowered his head. He couldn’t bear to see.

But Jurgen pulled Leonhard’s head toward the floor.

Heat came over Leonhardt. Leonhard gritted his teeth at the chilling heat rushing into his eyes. The heat didn’t go away.

Terrible imaginations terrified Leonhard. But no one can help… ,


He opened the door and appeared.

Marcel and Jurgen’s faces turned toward the door.

Even Leonhardt heard the voice out of nowhere and turned his head to where he came from, widening his eyes.

“What are you guys doing?”

Ewald, who dragged the stunned guard by the collar and opened the door, put the guard down on the floor with a very disapproving face.

“Who are you?!”

“… It’s a very stereotypical speech. Yes?”

With a face of no novelty, Ewald jerked his neck from side to side, releasing a terrifying bone-cracking sound, and Ewald released his fingers and opened and closed his fists lightly.

“I asked who you are!”

“Summarize the reason why I have to answer in 150 words or less, and if you politely plead, I will review it.”

Ewald threw those demands at Marcel, and of course Marcel grinned.

Thus, Ewald nodded his head after grasping the situation of Marcel, who had no intention of narrating.

“Well, can I do it?”

Ewald, who smiled, did not take his eyes off Jurgen the whole time.

Jurgen looked at Ewald for a moment when Ewald first appeared, and after that, he had his face pointed at Leonhard.

And that too, with a red-hot torture instrument in hand.

“What are you doing, Jurgen?”

“What do I do, I’m worried that if I stab him, I’ll cut off his head. Can’t you read the atmosphere?”

Ewald let out a growl that bordered on bravado.

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“I’m warning you, it’s better to stay still.”

However, in that growl, Ewald’s murderous spirit was locked in as it was.

And Jurgen tilted Leonhard’s head back.

It is an attempt to stab Leonhardt in the eye with an iron skewer.

“hahahaha, did you put anything in your ear?”


Jurgen soared into the air.

Jurgen, whose right ribs were completely cut in two, could not withstand Ewald’s blow and flew up, but Ewald’s cold face, which had cooled down terribly, jumped up along Jurgen’s path.

Ewald, who didn’t say anything, grabbed Jurgen’s ankle as he flew away.

Jurgen, who had risen quickly from the impact of Ewald’s first attack, stopped in mid-air, and the sound of his thigh bones separating from his hips spread dullly.

However, whether or not his leg was pulled out of the hips, Ebalt threw Jurgen with his face facing the floor.

Come and go!

Jurgen’s upper body was crushed.

Ebalt, who had crushed all the bones anywhere from his face to his belly button, lightly let go of Jurgen’s ankle and stepped back.

“I’m here for a while.”

At the same time, Ewald, who grabbed Leonhard by the back and stepped back, put Leonhard down on a flat surface and quickly turned around.

And there was Marcel, who waddled and ran with a knife pointed at Ewald, not to miss the slightest prediction.

There was not even a laugh. Ewald slammed his fist into Marcel’s philtrum.

Damn it!


“Sounds good.”

Marcel’s philtrum was crushed. Ewald took his eyes off Marcel, who flew far away, scattering countless corn into the sky, and pressed down on the back of Jurgen, who was wriggling on the floor.

“Didn’t you hear when I told you to stay still?”

Ewald, with a look that said he would not make a mistake, turned his gaze to Marcel while pressing down on Jurgen’s back.

Ewald, who was looking at Marcel with a face asking him to move, bent Jurgen’s back with his foot.

The sound of bones being crushed rang out in the distance. But Ewald, with a face that didn’t really care, briskly shattered his unbroken rib on the other side of his yet-to-be.


Jurgen’s head, his pupils turned upside down, fell to the floor.

“This premonition fits amazingly well, indeed. Let’s sell it, too.”

Ewald, who had been reminding himself several times that even once while taking the crew with him, that the feeling of uneasiness had never ended just by feeling, snarled Jurgen very gently and turned to Marcel, who was still wriggling.

Ewald put his foot on Marcel’s lap.



His only bad twist was his patella, and this kind of reaction is embarrassing. With that expression, Ewald looked down at Marcel.

“If you stay still, I will let the other side go.”

After gaining attention from Marcel, Ewald slashed Jurgen’s ankle and threw it away as insurance.

An indescribably terrifying sound erupted from Jurgen’s ankle. Only then did Ewald, who was very slightly relieved, jumped at Leonhardt with a body movement that contained not a single bit of room.

“You haven’t lost your mind yet, have you?”

Leonhardt, who wanted to calm down immediately, nodded his head with great difficulty. Ewald put Leonhard’s shoulders close to him and turned him around.

* * *

Ewald, who lifted Marcel and Jurgen even more roughly on a roughly made stretcher, started dragging the line connected to the stretcher with one hand while holding Leonhard on his back.

Since he had already destroyed all of the duke’s tools when he came down, Ebalt, who had bounced off the duke’s soldiers he hadn’t encountered yet with just one mana, left the underground torture chamber, waving at the people as if he were looking at them like insects.

And Ewald, facing the newly formed crescent moon in the early evening, faced the soldiers on the ground and clicked his tongue just once.

The soldiers, each brazenly armed, impaled their masters and superiors into something resembling a coffin and tossed nutritious letters at Ewald, who dragged along.

Ewald sighed at these ambitious soldiers with a very tired face. But at the end of his sigh, Ewald licked his lips dry.

“Guys, I’m really tired.”

Ewald, who raised his concentration for no reason and helped Marcel and Jurgen, couldn’t overcome the rapidly coming fatigue and scattered his mana while looking at the countless people who were facing him.


As soon as the mana that Ebalt spilled out touched the floor, the flames of hell gushed out.

The nearest soldiers rolled back with their heads scorched, but Balt, not wanting to care whether they rolled or not, moved his tired lips at his soldiers.

“Starting with the number of people who want to live as disabled for the rest of their lives, arrange them in two ranks.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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