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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 155

Mission No.8 Warrior, rest in peace (7)

Marcel’s tone completely changed.

“… Exactly?”

However, Ebalt was taken aback by the sudden change of mindset more than the tone of voice, but did not put out the sparks in his eyes.

Marcel clearly knew something.

“… I think Ube was probably killed by her demons.”

“I guess so.”

An air of abandonment permeated Marcel.

Weird. Ewald couldn’t take his eyes off Marcel because of that strong feeling.

But Marcel did not move, her eyes fixed on the floor as if she had given up further conversation.

“Mr. Schröter?”

“… I heard you well.”

Marcel rose from her seat. She staggered once as if she was dizzy, but she stood up on her two legs and walked towards Balt without looking at Jurgen.

It was only then that Ewald was able to see Marcel’s face.

Only frustration remained on Marcel’s face. But she wonders what Marcel knows, and Ewald, who is about to go mad, stands up, blocking her Marcel.

“I haven’t asked any questions yet. Are you going to just say what you want to say and leave?”

“… I’m sorry.”

Slowly Marcel shook her head.

“I can’t really answer right now.”

The figure of a man who had lost everything was staggering in front of Ewald.

The demon-like figure that had been torturing Leonhard had already disappeared.

“… Hey.”

“I’m sorry… Now I can hold my son’s funeral.”

Ewald had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

Marcel is a father who has lost a child. Of course, that didn’t represent the legitimacy of torturing Leonhard, but Ewald, who had similarly beaten Marcel, ate his lips. And Ewald, thinking only that far, silently opened the way for Marcel.

Marcel began to take her weak steps again. But she took a couple of steps, and Marcel slowly turned her around.

Marcel’s gaze, which passed by Ewald and moved further, reached Leonhard, who was lying on the floor.

Marcel, who had a gloomy expression for a moment, walked up to Leonhard with his lower back straight.

Ewald thought for a moment whether he should stop it or not, but he couldn’t get anything from Marcel other than frustration, so he just watched Marcel.

Marcel knelt beside Leonhardt.

“I’m sorry, young man.”

Oh my god. Ewald opened his mouth involuntarily at the sight of Marcel, who was completely different from when he was tortured.

Words of apology flowed from Marcel’s mouth.

“I’m sorry.”

After those short words, Marcel staggered back to his feet.

Ewald couldn’t help but watch as Marcel passed him and left his inn.

However, Marcel, who was getting out of the inn, turned around and headed for Ewald.

“I am Duke Marcel Schröter.”

I know, but Ewald listened to Marcel in silence.

“If you have something to come to Rotume, please come to my house.”

Ewald nodded his head towards Marcel.

“Let’s discuss the details then.”

* * *

“Marcel must know something.”

Ewald muttered that while staring at the dinner table under the guise of an emergency meeting.

However, unlike serious Ewald, the members are chewing, biting, tasting, and enjoying the food Leonhard serves.

“I will, I will. You know exactly what it is. Souls who did not go to the underworld are incarnated… Oh, the soul… So, you have bones and flesh, but that’s where it rots? Did you? I feel bad because you seem to know more than me, but the meat is delicious. Finish it.”

Usbel mumbled, biting down on the meat that could only come out of a cartoon.

Even though Ebalt is not well versed in theology, it is only recently that he has learned that he is invincible even with the knowledge of an adventure lover.

“But I knew too much, mister.”

“… Then why don’t you tell me?”

“I just knew there was such a thing, so I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know the details. The Valkier Church does not recognize injustice. Because I didn’t know that detail.”

It’s useless knowledge.

Ewald was immersed in trouble as he passed the information on Speaa.

“By the way, Kitsuka-sama, how did that Marquis Schröter die?”

Leonhard chewed on a piece of meat similar to the one Usbel was holding and looked at Ewald.

“… Call me Ewald instead of you, just.”

Anyway, I don’t know why Leonhard is here.

However, Leonhardt, who was tearing at the meat with a lively look typical of a young person, set the large bone down on a plate and turned his sparkling eyes to Ewald.

“I’m living, so eat as much as you want, Ebal…”

Recalling that he had been told not to call him ‘sir’, Leonhardt tilted his head.

“How exactly should I call it?”

“… Let’s make it Mr. Ewald.”

“I guess that’s a bit disrespectful.”

“Let’s do something, Viscount.”

Leonhard clapped his hands and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Then, I guess you can call it Commander Ebalt.”

“… Ah yes.”

“Anyway, thank you for saving me.”

Ewald, who had suddenly become a lifesaver, gave Leonhard a shy smile and fell into thought again.

Of course, I thought about Marcel, Uwe, and Mugan.

“Hey, viscount, viscount. Can I order more of that lamb?”

From noble mtl dot com

Usbel shook her bone and smiled brightly at her.

After pondering for a moment whether he was a child who lacked something, Leonhardt answered while stroking Usbel’s head.

“As much as you like, little girl.”


The bone of the sheep that Usbel was holding touched Leonhardt’s wrist.

At the same time, Usbel raised one of her lips to her chilled face and spat cold words at Leonhard.

“The reason you dare to put your hand on Demon King Usbel’s head and still live is because you are the landlord.”

Goosebumps started at his wrists and traveled up Leonhardt’s arms to his shoulders. But Usbel brushed off that expression in an instant and smiled brightly.

“Then I will eat well, I will eat well.”

Usbel, who doesn’t care about food, generously forgave Leonhard and pointed his finger at the wall.

“And let’s order everything on the top row of the menu while being told to. Let’s do it all.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Leonhardt, who was completely overwhelmed by Usbel’s spirit, blinked his eyes in bewilderment, then smiled shallowly.

“Shall I order the lower row as well?”

“Um, uh uh, watching you eat. Report.”

Leonhardt, who was looking at Usbel happily as he forcibly tilted a beer glass larger than her face and gulped down the contents, turned his face to Ewald and asked a question.

“Are you your daughter?”

Ewald sprayed beer.

* * *

“Is that so! My dear, give me the evil, whoever it is, is it the Dewch who makes that defense shield?”

After going to the bathroom for a while, as he mercilessly choked Usbel, who had been pouring alcohol into Rappon, Balt sat down in his chair, suppressing his pounding head.

“Strange, strange. If you like snacks, you won’t get drunk, but you won’t get drunk.”

“… In the first place, why did you drink alcohol to a boy whose head is steaming after three sips of beer?”

Ewald sighed as he watched Lafon, who was stumbling around cutely, but was quite difficult to deal with, as his tension rose to the limit.

“Are you Viscount Nimushe?”

“Ah, that’s right, Ohisa-sama.”

Besides, Leonhardt nodded to Lafon with a flushed face.

“Aok ho oh oh, don’t call me Ohisha, give me Rabhorn Rakkof*ck.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Lapon.”

You can understand that twisted tongue very well. Ewald gave Leonhard a look of sincere admiration.

However, he soon decided to leave the manor even tomorrow when the preparations were finished. It was Ebalt who decided to go after a couple of days off anyway, but he doesn’t want to see this for two days.

“Young rat is very sick.”

“I am very honored that you like it.hahahaha.”

Ewald made up his mind that if his clothes were thrown off at that rate, he would quickly collect them and separate them in the room.

And almost an hour later, Ewald went out the door of the inn to get some fresh air.

The summer night air entering midnight seeped into Ewald’s lungs.

Balt took a deep breath thinking that resting like this would be fine since he had been running nonstop since waking up in the Corridor of the Dead.

The first summer after waking up. But Ewald laughed at the thought that he had never felt summer except for the heat. Even though he was tough, he lived too hard.

“Uh? Wasn’t he going to the bathroom?”

With a cigarette in her mouth, Shupea smiled and walked over to Ewald.

Come to think of it, Jarne’s trail was like that, and this Capoteron was like that, and Spea, who had been wandering around like Ewald, lit a cigarette and stood next to Ewald.

“Sorry for the smoke, mister.”

“It’s okay, man.”

Ewald, who lightly punched Speah in the back of the head for no reason, tousled Speah’s hair with a rough hand.

Normally, Spaa would have removed Ewald’s hand, but strangely, she still felt Ewald’s hand and quietly looked up at the sky.

“It’s very strange.”


“It’s about healing.”

Pulling the cigarette smoke deep into her lungs, Shupea slowly exhaled purple smoke.

“When I begged for it like that, they didn’t give it to me, but out of the blue, they just gave it to me.”

“… Is the subject Valquier by any chance?”

“Then I must be a member of Rauspe?”

Her content was harsh, but Shupea replied in a voice that lacked the usual sharpness, and for some reason, looked at Ebalt with a bright face.

Seeing that strange face, Ewald stopped stroking Shupea’s hair.

“Uh-huh, stop your hands.”

“… Did you take poison?”

“Oh, little. Try stroking it hard when you’re still.”

What do you mean

However, Ewald began stroking Shupea’s hair.

“He doesn’t stroke my hair well.”

“Isn’t there a good opportunity for that?”

“Why? Is it because I’m not cute?”

“It’s not about drinking expensive alcohol and talking nonsense.”

Ewald also smiled and replied to Shupea’s story.

“Anyway, the other priests are just spewing out crazy holy power, and when that happens, I can’t do anything… I was annoyed.”

Shupea, who was blowing out cigarette smoke, threw out those words.

However, the afterword did not carry over from Shupea.

Of course, Ewald is just waiting for the story of Spea.

Eventually, Shupea gave a slightly bitter smile and shook his head.

“… No. Compare and do not do that.”

“I don’t have anything to compare.”

Shupea looked at Ewald with a ‘hmm?’ Expression, and Ewald stroked Shupea’s hair and continued.

“You can compare the self of yesterday with the self of today.”

“… Aren’t you living too hard, uncle?”

“Did you know that now?”

It was just a shot, but Supea had to keep his mouth shut at Ewald’s smile.

Master of class 8 magic – most of them lean towards offensive magic – and even earning the title of Sword Demon, Shupea could not ignore the remarks of this captain.

“Then, have you ever compared yourself to someone else?”

“You don’t have to?”

After answering Shupea’s question with a question, Ewald stroked Shupea’s hair one last time and gently pushed her hair aside.

“I’m a bit of a crooked person, so if I compare myself to someone who’s worse than me or someone who’s better than me, I’d be ruined.”

Looking at the sky for no reason, Balt secretly lowered his gaze to Shu Pea and opened his mouth embarrassedly.

“It’s more comfortable to just live without comparing them in order to be ruined like that.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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