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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 146

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (18)

Ebalt slowly opened his closed eyes while receiving a chill rising from the floor.

The earth shrouded in his mist came into Ebalt’s eyes.

The floor is full. It wasn’t cold enough to make his mouth go round, but the chill wrapped around his body forced Balt to stand up.

He seems to have had something important, or something very dangerous…

His head was dizzy. Holding his throbbing head, Ebalt carefully recalled his memories.

Apparently an angel capo…

“Wow, wow! Did you really do this? What are you doing?”

“Now, wait a minute, you crazy demon king!”

“This is the first time I have been treated with divine power! It’s my first experience! It’s strangely warm, but it tickles and makes me feel dirty, anyway!”

“No, talk. Hey!”

The image of Usbel hopping around Shupea came to Ewald.

Seeing them running around like that, it seems that the Demon King hasn’t appeared yet. Ewald nodded his head involuntarily, but jumped up from his seat when he noticed Speaa walking towards something.

In front of Shupea, Eccrine, who was horribly burned, was lying down, breathing heavily.

Only now did reality come to Ewald.

‘sh*t! Capo!’

The battle with Capo, which was like a huge despair, came to mind like a nightmare. And as evidence of that, Eccrine, her whole body burned to black, was lying in front of Shu Pea.

First of all, Ewald looked around and immediately went into battle.

It was then.

“Now, Valquier-nim, let’s go for the third one as well.”

‘… Is he crazy?’

Even in a state of crisis and tension, Ewald recalled an honest impression.

However, Ebalt, who had noticed the brilliance rising from Shu Pea’s hand, lost all his attention to Shu Pea, forgetting that he had even entered into combat readiness.

The light that radiated from Shupea softly and kindly embraced Eccrine’s entire body.

The divine power generated by Speaa spread gently to the extent that warmth and kindness were transmitted to Ewald across space.

“Wow, wow! Did you do anything good? Did you even do something? How much do you have to pay for that to happen? Can’t you teach me too? Can’t you, kid?”

Furiously, Usbel hopped around Shupea. I don’t know how severe it was, but at the end of Ebalt’s severed memories, there was no mention that Shupea could use healing power.

What the hell happened while you were down?

Ewald, wondering if he was still dreaming thanks to this, trudged toward Speaa. She patted Ekryn’s body lightly and gave her a refreshing smile.

She said, “All right. Wake up, crap.”

“What the hell is this…”

Eccrine, who was not in Ebalt’s field of vision due to Shupea’s obstruction, groped her body and lifted her upper body.

Ewald’s eyes widened.

Clearly, Eccrine, whose whole body was burnt black by the capo’s attack, remains like an afterimage in my head. But, let alone his scars, the moment he saw Ekryn standing up with an immaculate face without any scars, Ewald stopped moving.

“Master, Master!”

Usbel, who found Ewald, came running. Looking at her bright face, Ewald, unwittingly disarmed from her battle stance, looked at Usbel with a bewildered expression.

“Are you okay? Are you all right?”

“… I know?”

Perhaps his memories hadn’t returned yet, so Balt recalled vague memories.

She remembered that Shupea was cut off halfway by Capo’s attack, and Ecrin was engulfed in Capo’s flames while attacking Capo.

Then, it slowly dawned on her that her capo’s attack, powerful enough to crush her whole body, had pierced her.

“… I’m sorry.”

“Yes, Master, Master.”

Ewald scratched his head and opened his mouth.

“Who can explain clearly?”

* * *

Shupea’s explanation was over.

However, it was too short an explanation for her Ebalt.

“After I was hurt… You that…”

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Besides, it was an explanation that didn’t make any sense at all.

“What did you say? Valkier?”

“Ha, so…”

A simple explanation fell from Shupea’s lips.

“Valkier-sama took an angel who was said to be a capo and told me to heal the injured.”

“… Did you dream?”


But Balt knew that it was definitely not a dream.

It is a stark reality that Eccrine’s wounds were healed by emitting the divine power of healing right in front of his eyes.

Moreover, despite Ewald’s adventurous wanderings, he had never seen a healing technique that healed his burnt flesh.

But now, oddly enough, Ekrin was caressing her cheek, which was more plump than when she started from Kaselheim.

Ekryn also had a dumbfounded expression. However, Eccrine, who was gently touching her skin with his palm, recalled an expression of satisfaction for some reason.

Clearly, my skin has improved noticeably.

Ewald couldn’t believe it, but he sorted things out.

I don’t know what or how Shupea did, but he defeated Capo, and as a bonus, Val Kier appeared and allowed Shupea to use the divine power of healing.

‘… It’s crazy, but.’

However, upon reflection, Ewald decided to roughly agree, since he had met Tosaf with Spea, Elif, and Adele.

The important thing is that the capo, which was poised to turn the world upside down while talking about judgment time, has disappeared.

Although there was no explanation as to whether or not it was referee time, Ebalt scratched his head wildly, convincing himself that it was better not to listen to such an explanation.

“To put things in order, the angel was caught by Valkier after being a jerk. The world is at peace. End.”

It was a simple and neat arrangement.

“Is this it?”

“… I want to bet on something else, but I don’t know where to bet.”

Shupea pursed her lips and grumbled properly. Then, recalling Val Kier’s last message, Supera hid his lips inside his mouth.

“Anyway, God intervened and took his child home.”

Ewald, who interpreted the incident from a different perspective, let out a short sigh.

“Why is God interfering in my life these days?”

Following Tosaf, this time it is Valkier.

Ewald, who thought that there were roughly 10 gods, so he couldn’t possibly meet all of them, licked his lips disapprovingly.

“Are you sure everyone is okay?”

Wanting to confirm the most important thing, Ebald opened his mouth. At once, the gazes of Usbel, Shupea, and Eccrine returned to Ewald.

Thinking that this wouldn’t matter, Balt nodded his head.

But Usbel put his face in front of Ewald with a face that said that was not all.

“Master, Master, I think you should take a look at that.”

“… What?”

“That one, that one.”

Usbel extended his finger towards Ewald’s back. Ewald turned his head to where Usbel’s finger pointed, and immediately spotted Theron.

Wearing that sleeveless dress, she sat down and quietly picked up something, just like Ewald’s first discovery.

But this time, Ewald also found ‘something’ she had picked up and contained.

Small pieces of light.

She picked up the dim lights one by one with her fingers and collected them carefully.

Even if you say it’s a piece of a star, you can’t believe it’s a shiny thing.

Ewald glanced at Theron, who was gathering them one by one, and stood up involuntarily.

The appearance of Theron picking up something right in front of Ewald’s eyes was so pitiful.

Balt slowly approached Theron as his heart began to tingle at the loneliness.

Ebalt also quietly looked at Theron, who silently picked up fragments of light from where she could reach if she stretched out her hand.

However, after a long time passed, Ewald opened his mouth small.

“… Mr. Theron.”

“Ew… Mr. T?”

Theron then raised her head and looked at Ewald.

Theron, whose face had until now not even recognized Ewald’s approach, hurriedly snapped his wrist and brought it to his eye.

Turning her back on Balt, Theron rubbed her eyes, but Balt caught exactly what she meant.

There were big tears in her eyes.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Hey, I was in the Capoteron, so what can I do to hurt you?”

Theron sniffed her nose, looking at the distant mountains on the other side of the Ewald for no reason, letting out a small sigh of hers, barely audible.

But her sighs were mixed with tears.

“What are you picking up?”

Ewald asked. But Theron just sits still, with her back turned to Ewald.

Ewald just stared at Theron, who stared at her mist for a while.

And she hesitantly let out her voice as Theron, who had been looking away from her for quite some time, seemed to be crawling.


Theron stood up from her seat and she turned to Ewald.

“… And she was picking up memories.”

As she turned to Ewald, Theron’s face was covered with her tears.

Theron gently looked down at the countless grains of light piled up in the space that made her dress hollow, shed sparkling tears as she received the light, and she turned her eyes to Ebalt.

“This… It’s the memory of the first time I was locked up in Capo Teron.”

Theron lifted the tiny grain of light with her finger and smiled sadly.

“This… Let’s see. The memory of when Radvan freed us from Pargonia.”

Theron’s tears fell as grains of light.

“And this… So this…”

As soon as he was born, the fragments of the faint memories of Theron, who had been imprisoned for the rest of his life with Capo, shone in Theron’s hand.


But the capo who shared those memories was no longer here.

“hahahaha, why can’t I remember?”

Theron’s face collapsed as she tried to laugh with all her might.

Theron sat down in her seat. He fell down

“Only me…”

Theron’s shoulders shook.

Even though he complained every day, the only being who would understand him had disappeared before his eyes.

Facing that reality, Theron collapsed helplessly.

“I am the only one left.”

Theron knelt down, his voice full of sorrow and sobs.

In the wind, the fragments of light collected in the hem of his clothes rolled down to the floor.

But that couldn’t stop Theron from crying.

“Mr. Ewald.”

For a moment, Theron lifted his face.

Clear tears hung over her face at the end of an even clearer smile.

“You said you would destroy Capoteron.”

… Oh my god.

Ewald sensed something beginning to emerge beneath Theron’s sad face.

That coming up on Theron’s face in her was a miserable anticipation.

Destroying Capo Theron will kill her as well as Theron herself.

With that one clear fact in her mind, Theron managed to put her sad, beautiful smile on the tips of her lips that she couldn’t describe.

“There is a cliff that destroys everything in the Chehabil Mountains…”

“It’s a mess, spilling things like this so that it doesn’t look like a star.”

Crouching down in her seat with a grunt, Ebalt picked up the kernel of light that had fallen from the hem of her Theron’s robe with her fingers.

Theron, who had cleared her vision, which had been blurred for a long time by her tears, by closing her eyes tightly, stared blankly at Balt’s back, which seemed too wide.

“Please don’t spill things like this in the future.”

“… Yes?”

A brilliantly shining egg of light was caught at the tip of Ebalt’s finger.

Ewald dropped the light onto Theron’s hem. A clear, snapping sound flowed out from the place where fragments of light, fragments of memories, and fragments of memories met each other.

“I thought it was a memory.”

At Theron, who looked at herself with her dazed face, Ewald had to hand a smile that couldn’t help but smile.

“Then you should take good care of it.”


Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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